most awkward dance ever


The most awkward video ever but hopefully helpful to those looking to improve their leaps! Let me know if you guys like it, I will be making one for turnout and toe height soon (with my head in the shot lol)


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (AU Damerey)

Poe as Mr.Darcy.

Rey as Lizzie Bennet.

In this video, I am going to tell you a story. A story of a wedding. A painful wedding. Where a man and a woman were forced to dance together because of some stupid binding tradition that should be banned for all time! So if you haven’t guessed yet, yeah, I caught the bouquet. And guess what stuck up, pompous prick caught the garter? Yeah. My name is Lizzie Bennet, and this is the story of the most awkward dance ever!

Based on this web series.

Dear taylorswift
My name is Mariel KacyClavecillas…. I’m a swiftie from the Philippines. I have been a swiftie since I heard the song teardrops on my guitar on the radio and approximately im a swiftie for about 7 years..I listen to ur music every day and I listen to holy ground like 20 times a day and im not exaggerating things,, in the morning I would wake up and search for my phone to play ur songs bc I just really love hearing your voice in the morning and when shake it off is playing I would dance the most awkward step ever made in the history of dancing..,, ur music had help me through my hardships in life ..I kind of grow up with ur a kid u are my inspiration and now that im 15 I still look up to you.. we haven’t met yet(I still plan on meeting u someday but I don’t know how)  but I really wish I could meet u because u hold a special place in my heart and meeting u would really make my dreams come true (though I kind of doubt that I will meet u because 1. I am from the Philippines and u are from New York and the distance between our hometown is a thousand miles 2. Concert tickets are expensive and I can’t afford to buy a VIP ticket because I don’t have that amount of money that can afford front row seats..( I only rely on promos and raffles but unfortunately I hadn’t won any promos and raffles )…. knowing that u interact with ur fans in tumblr by #Taylurking makes me so happy because at least I have a chance to get your attention (though the probability of u seeing this post is like only  5% because of the other swifties calling for your attention, but I’d take any chances just for u  to notice me..  every day I would check my tumblr if u finally notice me but still no luck so I will keep on mentioning u in my post until u finally notice me…. I’ve got a couple of friends who support me on my mission on getting u to notice me and I love them for it, they are always there for me and they always support me…  one of my biggest regret in life is not being able to watch the red concert live..  I have watched it in youtube a couple of times now… but the first time that I watched it tears were pouring down my cheeks bc rly want to watch the red concert live bc I rly want to see u perform live bc u are such a great performer and bc seeing u perform live would fulfill my dreams ,and bcI love all ur songs(btw I love all ur ALBUMS especially 1989) …. But now that the 1989 tour is coming up im really curios if Philippines is included in the tour dates bc so far I hadn’t seen any single date in the Philippines for the 1989 tour…. U said in ur concert while u were in manila that u have been in the Philippines twice pls make it thrice and add a date for the Philippines  for ur tour.. im sure a lot of Filipino swiftie would be so elated if they find out that u will again perform in our country… pls tell me taylorswift if the Philippines is included in the dates forthe1989 world tour bc  if u will come back here I better start saving some money so I can afford front row seat  and be able to see u live…. I LOVE U SO MUCH taylorswift ….. if u notice me im pretty sure that it would take years for me to recover….. again I <3 u taylorswift … pls notice my blog…..

sorry for the bad English and wrong grammar 