most awesome cousin ever

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♥Annabeth Chase.

♥- Family headcanon


  • Annabeth definitely has an amazing relationship with Magnus (it’s canon so…..)
  • One of my fav headcanons I have with Magnus and Annabeth is that they always talk about their crushes and their boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Annabeth talks endlessly about Percy but Magnus doesn’t know his real name cuz she always calls him “Seaweed Brain”. (I know this isn’t what happened in the books but shhhhhhh)
  • So literally when Annabeth shows up with Percy saying “This is my boyfriend,” Magnus is like “Seaweed Brain?” and while Percy looks very confused, Annabeth steps on his foot.
  • Magnus likes to talk about his life in Hotel Valhalla
  • He talks about everyone. His hallmates, Alex, Blitz and Hearth, Alex, Sam, Alex, dying, Alex…..
  • He talks about Alex a lot tbh
  • Annabeth is like, very smart and she figures out that Blitz and Hearth are dating before Magnus even considers it and knows he has a crush on Alex when he says he doesn’t
  • She keeps mentioning Alex and saying he should ask her out, and he’s like, “R U CRAZY????? I THOUGHT U WHERE SMART?????”
  • (This is after Magnus comes to terms with his crush and shows up to whatever random place Annabeth is, soaking wet and begging for help) (OOOOOH FANFIC IDEA!!!!!!!)
  • Literally thou the first time Annabeth meets Alex she goes “Ooooh this is the girl you say looks pretty Magnus?” And Magnus steps on her foot.
  • “Actually it’s guy to–day….” Alex says, automatically. He falters at the end, realizing what Annabeth said, then shoots a confused look at Magnus and Magnus stares at Annabeth furiously
  • Annabeth plays matchmaker and gets them together by the end of her visit (cuz she’s awesome)
  • Okay but enough of Annabeth and Magnus (the most amazing cousins ever)
  • I don’t remember a lot about her family but I think that while she goes to school in a normal school her dad keeps begging her to babysit her step-siblings.
  • So finally she gives in and calls Percy and they babysit together
  • And Percy is literally amazing with children and he brings his little sister too and all the little children are playing happily (and Percy may or may not put on a water show for the kids)
  • And Annabeth is kinda just floating around, making dinner and getting the older kids to do their homework
  • But then the youngest one comes up to her and pulls on her sleeve, asking her to play
  • They get out legos
  • The kids are giggling as they help Annabeth build an exact replica of the statue of liberty
  • After Annabeth gets a picture of them all with it (everyone flashing toothy grins) the little children knock it over and legos spill everywhere
  • Annabeth pretends to be mad but she laughing and her yelling doesn’t work
  • And the children fall in love with her and are hugging her
  • And she so shocked and it feels rlly good and she squishes them all in a hug (”C’mon Percy ur part of this family too”)
  • When the adults come home the children don’t want Annabeth to leave
  • Like they are latching onto her legs and begging her to stay
  • She tells her dad and stepmom that she will babysit anytime
  • And ofc her parents are those ppl that overpay their children for babysitting and she gets a ton of money that she uses for her and Percy to see Finding Dory or something idk (oooh maybe Fantastic Beasts bc Annabeth definitely is a potterhead)
  • And ye idk