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Hi. I'm new here and wanted to ask what crystals would you reconmend?

Any you can get your hands on!

Seriously. Crystals are super fun and incredibly pretty, and also a tangible manifestation of the awesome (true meaning of awesome) powers of nature that effortlessly create things human can only marvel dumbly at.


They can also be expensive, rare, and some of them only ever come from a specific place around the globe.There are very many different views on specific magical properties of crystals, because this stuff depends on culture and folklore.
And your personal preferences are the most important anyway. No matter how many books tell you that [crystal X] is good for peace of mind, it won’t be good for your peace of mind if its colour and texture remind you of that time you broke your arm.
And it won’t be good for anything but making you feel bad about yourself if you find you can’t afford one or live in the wrong part of the globe for the one someone tells you you need.

Go ahead and rock any crystal that speaks to you, personally. One that you see and think, well hi there, shiny rock, how you doin’.

Bonus koroit opal from the Land Down Under

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Preparing for the USMLE Step 1 exam

“How do I prepare for the USMLE Step 1 exam?” -The most requested post ever!

The essentials - Kaplan videos & notes (for basics) + Goljan book & audio + uWorld + First Aid is the general way to go for most IMG students.

Kaplan videos and notes: They are a good start. If you are time restricted, you may want to skip stuff, fast forward through it.

Pathology: Do Goljan and Pathoma. Know them cold. I had studied Goljan really well. I wish I had the time to complete Pathoma as well. The videos and concepts are awesome.

uWorld: Do it really well the first time. You are gonna get bored doing it the second time so get the concepts in the first go. Take your time if you have to.

While doing it the first time, the 2 blocks per day and 20 days scheme didn’t work for me. I got frustrated with the time constraints I had put on myself. The best I could do was 1 block per day. So give yourself 45 days, just in case you are slow with uWorld like me.

I did it in random just because I assumed studying subject-wise would get too monotonous. Subject-wise goes faster. I did it timed. You may do it untimed, tutorial, subject-wise. It doesn’t matter. Do what you are comfortable with.

First Aid: It’s your quick review book. Write uWorld notes all over it. Make it messy, draw diagrams on it. It’s the only book that’s gonna stick with you till the end of time.

NBMEs: Give as many as you can. But do them only for feedback, not for learning.

Other stuff you can do -

BRS behavioural science: I highly recommend it. You can easily do important chapters like stuff on defense mechanisms even 20 days before the exam. There are good quality, minimal in number, doable questions at the end of every chapter.

Be flexible: If you find yourself weak in any random subject, quickly Google for good sources and review the doable ones. People advice not to look into new resources a few days prior to the exam but that’s bull. Your old sources are obviously did not help you and that’s the reason you are weak in the subject… Look for new ones! I did BRS behavioural science 20 days before my step and it is one of the best decisions that I made. I tried ANKI flashcards for brain stem sections a week before. As long as you keep a balance, new resources won’t hurt you.

Flashcards: Download or make your own flashcards. It helps you revise frequently.

Other Qbanks: Yes, I had done bits of Kaplan Qbank and USMLE Rx. I had time when I started them, they helped me get what the questions are like and I did make a few notes. They did freak me out (since I got most of the questions wrong) and hence, helped me study more early in my preps. But they are not essential if you are out of time.

Doctors In Training: It’s very boring. But the worksheets do help you memorize and revise. I don’t recommend it, but I did review some of it once upon a time.

Random advice -

Be attentive during rounds: Because the USMLE will have questions on clinical stuff. If you have done your core rotations, it’s not an issue. But if you are in your basic sciences years, the only way you can get these right is by being attentive in rounds. There are very simple common clinical questions like urge incontinence on Step 1 which are not covered in First Aid. You can easily get them right. Read x-rays, especially the fracture ones.

Don’t forget to revise Kaplan and Goljan: Read a little bit of Kaplan and lots of Goljan even in your busy 2 block per day + First Aid schedule. The bain of knowledge is to forget.

Revise as much as you can before the exam: I remember antidepressants and antipsychotics being a bit foggy in my head during the step. I should have revised properly and in a more organized way before the exam.

Solving questions: The questions are scary. I made a lot of silly mistakes during the preps. I agree that the margin for error is small. You miss one word and the question goes wrong. The exam seems hard before you take it and easy after you’re done with it. Keep going. All you can do is give your best :)

Don’t delay dates too much: I delayed my exam for a month. I gave an NBME on the previous exam date. The NBME score and the test score came out to be the same. Life! xD

Social isolation: It’s normal. Friends will demand to see you, even after you’ve explained how important and hard this exam is. You will feel bad for not meeting them and have mood swings, it is okay. Don’t let it consume you. Focus. You may completely ignore the existence of any other species on the planet, it’s allowed. The good ones will stick with you anyway.

That’s all! 

Feel free to ask any questions.


beauty queens by libba bray and why you should read it

hits me that people haven’t actually read this book. it’s not famous. either way, it’s amazing. so spread this if you can, because it’s REALLY good.

the premise of the plot is that fifty girls plus camera crew plus other people are on their way to a beauty pageant. then their airplane is shot down, and only twelve of them survive stranded on the island.

 it’s about girls criticizing gender norms by themselves, realizing that they are more than entertainment or what their parents want them to be, or what men want them to be.

  • the main characters are all female and diverse
  • it criticizes racism, standards of beauty, colourism, classism and several other social issues.
  • there are two girls of colour 
  • there is a transgender girl!
  • there is a lesbian character, and a questioning character.
  • it also deals with girls being in charge of their own sexuality and how they choose to utilize it. 
  • it also talks about feminism and actually criticizes the “proper feminism” that’s basically also sexist! it’s awesome!
  • it’s the most hilarious book ever. i never laugh. this made me laugh like fifteen times. it’s just hilarious.
  • it’s dark humor, but not so that it gets boring and so.
  • it’s a realistic portrayal of teenage thinking.
  • there’s also like. bombs and fighting and being girls. it’s amazing. the plot develops in a really surprising way. it’s wacky, fun, light-hearted, and at the same time you will form really strong bonds with the characters.
  • warning: you will be pissed off by their ways of thinking at the beginning of the book, but keep in mind that’s the point of it; they start to analyze their own way of viewing themselves and therefore developing. 

now the author has written ‘The Diviners’. If that means something, because I haven’t read them, but I see a lot of people think they’re really good books. So you should definitely try this one!!! Please spread it because it has a lot of good representation and people should at least try it out.

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Are there any books you really, really love? (I am basically asking for book recommendations in my awkward way, because you seem like an awesome person with a good taste in life)

Hey! I haven’t been reading actual, physical books that much nowadays but I’ll recommend my all time favourites to you :) Hope you love them as much as I do. These are not separated by genre. 

  • Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson: This is one of the very few books that managed to surprise me with their plot twists. I am slut for incredible world building and let me tell you, this one gave me multiple orgasms. The best and most logical fantasy world you will ever come across. This series has everything, from realistic characterization, intense and intricate plot to little details that make you go ‘woah!’ 
  • The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss: This one is more…beautiful, if you will. It has everything that the Mistborn series does, but its read in a more poetic way. You will notice that from the very first line. The writing is much more smooth and…pretty.
  • Just the first Godfather by Mario Puzo: Where everyone is your problematic fave. The writing is very simple and so is the plot, but it is intense and gruesome and just real. 
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: This author has a way with words that I have never seen before. The story is mega, super beautiful and painful, yes, but I will never get over how high class the writing style is. Read it. You will never regret reading this masterpiece. 
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: Incredibly simple, incredibly moving. I don’t have enough words to describe all the things it makes me feel.
  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: The book makes you feel exactly how the movie looks. I don’t know how they did it, but that was fucking amazing. (but still read the book first because that is some incredible stuff right there)
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: I am praying Bia doesn’t see this and drag me but lisTeN, sometimes, a person just needs to read something that makes them feel like the world is more than just the everyday grind. This is more of a philosophical book, but if you’re into that existential stuff, you will love it. 
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: If you’ve watched the movies, nvm, read the books. I have never loved a protagonist more than I’ve loved this one. 

Honourable mentions: The Host by Stephenie Meyer, Gone With The Wind by Margarett Mitchell (you’ll hate everyone and thats how you know its been written well), Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and Gemma Doyle series by Libba Bray (not sure if I like the plot, but I love the setting).


I am tired of these hogwarts house textposts which go exactly like this:
ravenclaw is a nerd-student
hufflepuff is just cute
gryffindor is basic and funny
ravenclaw is mean etc.

the house does not represent your clothing style or an individual perfectly. Not everyone in slytherin wears black lipstick or chokers. Does not work that way.

Personally I just wanted to address this. What actually prescribes your house is your mind, habits, ideals and dreams.

Remember that. The houses in a way are vague enough for you to kind of choose it yourself, even though the pottermore quiz is “official”, it gives you different answers if you try many times so you can choose the one where you actually feel like you belong.

Choose the house which makes the most sense for you - the poems in the books are great. There is smartness and braveness etc.

But also it’s more of what you would want to become. Like Hermione, a ravenclaw if you’d choose it from her surface, is a gryffindor. Rightfully so.

It’s not black and white. Textposts etc. about houses are awesome but when reading them, remember that everyone is an individual. :)

also no house is cooler than the other one in any way. Which ever you fee like you belong to, is awesome. Be proud! They all have their own good sides.

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Lukas's line at the end: "Looks like it's time to write the next chapter" was pretty awesome & befitting of a hero. Though I do wonder if it's for the best if he didn't finish his book for Founding Day ever. Who knows how many more adventures/situations he'll get into before he finally stops writing? Or suppose the book gets so long that reading it to everyone ends up being the most boring part of the celebration? Maybe it'd work better as a bestseller, so anyone can read it anytime they want...

I bet the whole ‘Admin adventure’ will probably end up a book all his own to be honest. After all, he’s clearly written a few books already at this point, even aside from the journal from the portal arc if the dialogue from other characters is anything to go by. And I kinda wonder if he was intending to read the whole book at the Founding Day celebration or just part of it.

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I read your tag and please, if you have time could you put together a fic rec list? Thanks and I really, really love your work

 Well thank you very much! And I suppose I should go ahead and get this made since I know how much I appreciate fic rec posts. 

Let’s see. I’m going to be linking the stories. I’ll name authors but probably not link them on tumblr because not all have tumblrs and not all have the same url here as they do on tumblr. Also these are mostly longer fics, since that’s more of what I tend to read.

Anyway…let’s get started.

How to Live With a Ghost by Apnsb - it’s been extended into a series but the first story is epic. A completely revamped, modern AU take on Korra. It’s well written, well characterized and 96 chapters long. Absolutely worth your time. 

Spin the Rails by progman - I’m not sure if anyone has a better grip on the Avatar universe than he does. This series is well written. Focused more on the world as a whole, but it’s got strong characters, well done Korrasami and top quality writing. 

The Blacksmith’s Favor by michellemagly and sy_itha - it’s a medieval take on Korrasami, with a lot of other characters in it as well. It’s well constructed, very in character despite the unique setting and the Korra/Asami chemistry is top notch. 

On Separate Grounds by awhstiles - This is a modern AU fic, no bending or anything like that. It’s about Korra and Asami working as camp counselors and being unable to deny their chemistry. It’s got amazing character work, really good dialogue and a well developed romance. 

Unstable Equilibrium by jtav - For me, this is the be all end all of Equalist!Asami fics. It’s well thought out. Very well written and emotionally charged. It’s got strong Korra and Asami moments but also a well developed world and a darker, more realistic look at the Equalist movement in general. 

Cowboy Raava by ReneeMontoya - One of the most creative fics I’ve ever read. Korra is a bounty hunter and she meets Asami in space prison. Also Asami has a robotic arm and it’s just…it’s awesome. Too much for me to explain in a small description. Check it out. 

The Avatar’s Non-Bending Master by clarias - This was the first fic I ever read when I got into this fandom and it did not disappoint. Set after Book 1 but with the idea that Korra never got her bending back. It’s fantastic, I’ve read it multiple times. Also check out clarias’ Sleep series on her profile. 

They Say True Love Hurts, Well This Could Almost Kill Me by frenetic-core - Perhaps my favorite ongoing fic right now. It’s essentially a retelling of the series, but with this idea that you have a soul-mate, you feel their pain, and Korra and Asami are soul-mates. It’s really well presented and well written. 

The Electric Soldier by lupinely - Just a fantastic 25,000 word one-shot with the idea of The Winter Soldier but set up with Korrasami. It’s an excellent read. 

All of This is Naga’s Fault by nowweareunstoppable - it’s a modern AU fic, but done really well and set up nicely with strong characters and good writing. It’s still in the fairly early stages I think but it’s a fun read that should only get better. 

Absolute Beginners by ReneeMontoya - 3 chapters, 15,000 words. Asami is Korra’s tutor but also has a huge crush on her. Very cute, well written. Worth an hour of your time.

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed - Another story in the early stages but the chapters are long and it’s well written. Korra is a barista and Asami always orders coffee while on her phone so Korra starts writing her name wrong on purpose. It’s cute but also done exceptionally well. Seriously hoping for an update soon. 

The Song Remains the Same by kittymannequin - Korra’s a guitarist and singer, Asami play the cello. They fall in love and it’s the story of their lives together. Very sweet and fluffy piece. 

Ronin Korra by silkarc - Korra is a highly trained Samurai and Asami owns a medium sized estate that is constantly under attack. Korra is approached to help defend it. Very unique, written well. 

What if This Storm Ends by cthulhusmovingcastle - Asami and Korra are on two sides of a long standing war. So in order to help broker peace, they decide to marry one another in a show of union. It’s honestly very cool and the Korrasami chemistry is awesome set in this fashion of strangers suddenly marrying. 

The End of an Era by commandmetobewell - This one hurts. Badly. That’s all I can really say. It’s very good, but just…prepare yourself. 

it’s such a gorgeous sight to see you in the middle of the night by natashass - As I’ve seen said before, the best roommate AU you’ll find. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it’s angsty, it’s well written and well plotted. Just a really really amazing fic to read. 

The Engineer’s Guide to Dating the Avatar by weeglebots - A very good piece that’s uniquely written and set up. A good and accurate take on both characters and their relationship. 

Contentment by wtfoctagon - This might be a fic that goes unfinished. It hasn’t been updated since March. But it is incredibly well written and Korra and Asami are spot on and I love it’s quiet moments and really hope it’s updated soon because I loved it. 

All Roads by tofsla - Korra and Asami take a road trip together to extend Korra’s reach and show her the rest of the world she’s born to protect beyond Republic City. It’s a one-shot, but put together exceptionally well, characterized great. 

Horseshoes by honey_hill - It’s an Equestrian AU that really knows what it’s talking about which adds a lot to it. Korra and Asami are both written great and Korra in particular has an amazing individual plot. 

Alright, wow, I’m sorry for this long post. Like I said these are mostly longer fics, and I know a lot of them are fairly famous. But these are my fic recs. I hope I didn’t miss any, or link anything wrong. There are a TON of amazing Korrasami fanfiction writers out there. It’s incredible. 

12 Days of Sabriel – Day 5

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 5
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

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This is several days late, but re: Your most influential books: I don't know how most people look at you when you mention the Zahn Trilogy, but considering I read them on family camping trips holding a flashlight in my mouth, the look you'll get from me is one of awe and delight. Thrawn is one of my favorite Star Wars villains, and Mara Jade is one of my favorite characters, ever. Oh, I wish we could have Mara Jade in the new trilogy. A few years ago I got to hear Zahn speak and it was awesome.

Mara Jade is my all time favorite non-original trilogy character.  In fact I cosplayed as her (sans lightsaber, since I don’t own one) for the premiere of The Force Awakens (and not one of the fake geek boys also dressed in cosplay even noticed.)

She is the absolute best and I would give anything for there to be a redheaded lady smuggler with complicated morals and no fucking time* for Luke’s good guy nonsense.

*This is a ruse and in no way true she has all the time for his good guy nonsense.

Also while I am going on about Howl’s Moving Castle, some facts about the original book that a lot of anime fans don’t seem to know!

-it is not at all like the movie! The only scene 100% like the book? Hairdye and green slime. If that was your favorite scene in the movie, boy do you have some fun reading ahead!
-it’s really easy to get a hold of if you speak English… Because that is its original language! It was written in 1986 by Diana Wynne Jones.
-The book has two sequels! The movie kinda made those 100% impossible but they’re both really good. One of them is basically “Disney Aladdin if it had stuff from the HMC book verse and Jasmine-equivalent was way more awesome and also written several years before that movie happened” and the other one has a heroine that I am surprised I never saw tumblr freak out about because she is THAT GREAT
-it’s my favorite book. Ever. I’ve read a ton of books and it will basically always be my favorite.
-it has the most hilarious description of a video game of all time.
-it is painfully funny and just wonderful
-go read it

Meet the Author

Dean Winchester found himself grinning like a hopelessly-happy idiot as he felt his daughter squirm impatiently on his shoulders. Her small feet kicked at his chest enough that he grabbed onto her ankles to keep her from bruising him. It was a big day for the both of them. Mary was going to meet her favorite children’s author and Dean was able to see his daughter’s unbridled happiness. Ever since the night he realized that one day Mary would be too heavy to sit on his shoulders, he has been finding more ways to capture her youth so that he’d have memories to hold onto when she grew up.

“Dad!” Mary squealed as she tugged on his hair. “The line is so long!”

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George Harrison photographed at Friar Park in 1970; in a grotto and the rockery, as well as inside the house. Photos © Barry Feinstein.

All Things Must Pass was released in the U.S. on 27 November 1970, and in the U.K. on 30 November 1970. In honor of its anniversary:

“In the autumn of 1970 George Harrison flew to New York and called up Allan Steckler, who ran the US office of Apple Records. ‘Can you book me some studio time?’ George asked. ‘I want to play you something.’
So Steckler arrived at the Record Plant East, to find George in the control room, alongside a stack of tapes. 'For the next 90 minutes,’ Steckler told me, 'he played me the All Things Must Pass album. I listened to it, and I was stunned. It was awesome.’
Meanwhile, George sat shyly alongside him, almost frightened to meet his gaze. When it was over, Steckler said, 'George, that’s the most amazing album I’ve ever heard.’ George looked startled, then bemused, then finally suspicious, as if he might be the subject of an elaborate joke. 'Really?’ he muttered at last. 'George, it’s great!’ Steckler assured him. 'I can immediately hear at least three hit singles.’ George smiled with relief, but then his face clouded over. 'But don’t you realise, Al,’ he said sadly, 'they would never let me release this!’” - Article by Peter Doggett, British Beatles Fan Club [x]

“No, not really. It was the biggest thrill in a way that it was my first record. To be able to do all my own songs on one record was a novelty at that point, you know.” - George Harrison on whether he considered All Things Must Pass his best sustained work, Associated Press, February/March 2001 [x]

“The cast.  HOW DID THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE?“  Am I dreaming?  I knew they were good.  I’d seen so much.  But not good.  PERFECT.”

“THE SOUNDS.  Holy crap.  The sounds.  From the Grievers to the Maze itself.  THE VISUALS.  Seriously.  Stunning.  You’ll be blown away.

“The musical score, people.  So awesome.  By (@johnpaesano).  You’ll all want the soundtrack.  Not one pop song to be found.  Classic.”

“People may think I’m biased until they see it for themselves.  The Maze Runner movie is SPECTACULAR.  That word looks really weird in caps.

“Never in my wildest, most optimistic dreams did I ever think the Maze Runner movie could be that good.  I’m stunned, trembling, crying.”

-James Dashner‘s Twitter rant about his first time watching The Maze Runner

 James Sirius Potter. I have so many feels about him. Guy had great opportunity to be the greatest, most spoiled brat ever or to have inferiority complex deeper than Ron.

He is the eldest child of the boy who lived twice. The single most famous wizard in Britain who had saved them all and died for the world and so on. The first spawn of Potter who also carries names of quite famous and strong wizards (really, being named after Sirius, most famous [and really the only] escapee of Azkaban who was wrongly incarcerated and posthumously redeemed).  

Whatever he is good at, somebody did it before. Oh, you are awesome quidditch player? Well, of course, your mom is a pro and dad was the youngest seeker in hundred years.

Good at potions? Oh, your grandmother Lily…

Great at charms? Have you heard about your mother batboogiehex?

Excels at defense against dark arts? Well, what else expect from the first born son of the guy who defeated Voldemort?

I think the prankster/jokester part is worst of all. Everybody and their mother expect him to be a troublemaker and prankster. But if he is and pulls of insidious prank, he’s just like his namesakes. How much pressure did Harry put on him (probably without realizing) to be like he knew James sr. and Sirius had been? How much of them did he see and wanted to, expected to see in his son? What if he wanted to be great at school and only study and go by the rules? You think Harry and Ginny would value that as much as being boisterous and joking and stuff like that? (Not out of malice or anything, just expectations and stuff: neither of them really value great many things above learning and book-knowledge)

How many people wanted to get close to him just because of his family? How many gawked and expected him to stumble (out of jealousy) or perform magically well (out of hero-worship)? Harry had some hard time with his fame at Hogwarts and that was when he still was “moderately” famous, baby, who through some unknown magic repelled Voldemort. Now he is the wizard who beat Voldemort in duel, probably the most famous wizard ever. And Ginny being famous and awesome quidditch star probably didn’t help.

What did he actually want to do for himself?

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Literally the best fic of all time and I couldn’t be happier for @haydolce that it’s becoming a book. It was honestly the first fan fic I ever read because everyone wouldn’t stop talking about Jack McQueen and now here I am, a year later having read all the fan fic @haydolce has ever written. Including the one released last week. 

The thing that’s great about their writing is that every time I read a description I’m like, “Ehh…not sure I’m gonna like that kind of thing.” But they’ve managed to take casual encounters on Craigslist, male escorts and feet fetishes and turn them into some of the most romantic stories I’ve ever read. They are the literal embodiment of “don’t judge a book by its cover” and I suggest everyone read everything they’ve ever written immediately. 

Also, of course I’ve read Escapade because it has a pug named Georgie and I fucking love pugs.   

Thanks for your message! And thanks to @haydolce for the awesome writing! xx

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Benito, I LOVE victor von doom. i have ever since i had his action figure when I was like 4. and yet....i've never read a doom story. Can you maybe do one of your world famous run downs on the most awesome and important runs in latverian history?

Well, Dr Doom, despite being possibly Marvel’s best antagonist is still just that: an antagonist. As a result, there are not a lot of Doom-starring vehicles, but he is featured as a villain in a lot of great stories, especially stories of the Fantastic Four, whom he hates more than anyone. Typically if you find a great Fantastic Four run, you’re going to find a good Doom story.

But to help you out, here are some starters. (Keep in mind, this is not intended to be exhaustive, but just a good starting place, focusing primarily on stuff that’s in print or inexpensive to obtain.)

Essential Fantastic Four vol 2 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. While I don’t usually recommend comics older than the mid-1980s to new comics readers, the fact is, Lee/Kirby FF is the best (with caveats) and most influential superhero comics run of all time. This volume contains two essential Doom stories: Doom’s origin in FF Annual #2, and FF 39-40, the Battle of the Baxter Building. Note that this collection of reprints is in black and white.

Essential Fantastic Four vol 3 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The cool thing about this book is, not only do you get the amazing tale of FF #57-60, “The Power and the Peril!” in which Doctor Doom steals Silver Surfer’s power cosmic, you also get Lee and Kirby at the height of their collaborative powers, with stories featuring the Inhumans, the coming of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Black Panther, and the first appearance of Adam Warlock. So, again, while these comics might read as a little dated to the modern eye, this specific volume collects the most fundamentally important run of Marvel comics ever. Again, this book is reprinted in black and white.

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne vol 1 by John Byrne. John Byrne was one of the most prolific and influential creators of the 1980s. He worked on basically every book ever made during that decade, but the Fantastic Four is probably his most prominent contribution to Marvel (he was instrumental at revamping Superman for the 80s over at DC, but Doctor Doom doesn’t show up in those). While these stories are probably also going to feel a little dated, with captions packed with overwrought purple prose (and basically all of Byrne’s work is problematic in terms of gender politics, so be warned there), they are still beautifully drawn, exciting yarns. This volume collects the Doom tale “Terror in a Tiny Town.”

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne vol 2 by John Byrne. Same caveats as the last volume, but the prose gets a little brisker as the series goes on. This volume collects FF #246-247, “This Land Is Mine!” in which Doom takes control back over Latveria after the events of the last volume. (This collection also has a really cool Galactus story, fwiw.)

Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne vol 4 by John Byrne. If you get only one of these John Byrne volumes, make it this one, as it contains FF #258, possibly the best look at Doom’s psyche ever. That whole issue focuses on him and his kingdom. But this volume also has some other cool Doom moments as well, such as him fighting Terrax, the herald of Galactus.

Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson vol 3 by Walter Simonson et al. If I’m being fair, you should get all of the FF Visionaries volumes by Walter Simonson, because they are amazing, and probably the most underrated run on FF ever. But you’re looking for Doom stories, so you want volume 3, which features FF #350 and 352, the amazing battle through time between Doom and Reed Richards. Just awesome storytelling that could literally only be done in comics. Good news! This volume also includes the hilarious New Fantastic Four story in which the team is briefly replaced by Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Ghost Rider, with awesome art by Art Adams.

Fantastic Four by Waid and Wieringo Ultimate Collection Book 2 by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo. Hey, uh, let’s all just agree to skip the rest of the 90s, okay? Cool. Anyway, Waid and Wieringo were responsible for reviving interest in Marvel’s First Family with their run. Feel free to pick up the rest, as it’s all pretty good, but this volume features the story Unthinkable, in which Doom does, well, the unthinkable.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Omnibus vol 1 by Jonathan Hickman, Dale Eaglesham, et al. Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four is basically a towering achievement in long-form storytelling. He sets up stuff in his earliest issues that doesn’t pay off for years. As such, it would be irresponsible for me to recommend only one part of it. So even though Doom doesn’t play a HUGE role in this volume (though there is a solo Doom story collected here), he does come to play a big role later in things that are all set up in this volume. Second volume isn’t out yet, afaik.

Okay, now here’s some non-FF Doom stories:

Books of Doom by Ed Brubaker and Pablo Raimondi. I’m linking to this on Comixology because the book is out of print and selling for hell of dollars on Amazon. (I should point out that basically all of these issues should also be available on Comixology if you prefer digital to print.) Anyway, this mini-series is a modern retelling of Doom’s origin. Recommended.

Iron Man vs Doctor Doom: Doomquest by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, and John Romita Jr. This book collects two different clashes between Iron Man (good guy in armor) and Doctor Doom (bad guy in armor). Also they go back in time to King Arthur days. Doom teams up with Morgan Le Fay. These are pretty good, if fairly 80s.

Secret Wars by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck. So here’s the thing: Secret Wars was a bullshit crossover designed to sell toys, no matter how fondly some grumpy old dudes might remember it through a veil of nostalgia. That said, the few issues of this 12-issue tale contain some of the coolest Doom moments ever, so if you’re looking for Doom, it’s worth it for that alone. (The story of Secret Wars isn’t BAD, per se. It’s just a bullshit crossover designed to sell toys.)

Dr Strange and Dr Doom: Triumph and Torment by Roger Stern and Mike Mignola. Doctor Doom and the Sorcerer Supreme team up to rescue Doom’s mother from Hell. I might not need to say more, but I will add that this is a story by one of the best superhero writers of the 1980s and the best comics artist currently alive, so my point is this one is worth getting.


Essential Luke Cage, Hero for Hire vol 1 by Roy Thomas, John Romita, et al. Has this panel:

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Take a gander at one of our favorite Spaniard’s stunning visual work. Nuria Tamarit’s stylish art transports viewers to a personal and fantastical place. You will also wish you were half as organized as @ntamarit is. 

Muse’s Milk: Tell us your story.

Nuria Tamarit: I grew up in a small city on the east of Spain which means lots of sun and beach. That did not influence me at all, as I rather stay at home drawing. I don’t actually know why I started doing that, although I have some clues: I was a shy kiddo, I didn’t like running, I felt like god when drawing, and my sister used to tell me I was doing “awesome.” So I just kept drawing! My education was not the best ever, however I somehow understood reading, and persistence was crucial. To sum up, I had a wonderful childhood, full of pencil colors, sheets of paper and an encouraging sister always stimulating me.

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Percy vs. Me
  • Percy: I never asked to be a demigod...
  • Percy: If you're reading this because you think you might be one, my advice is: close this book right now.
  • Me: Heck no! I need to find info in this book that confirms I am one.
  • Percy: Believe what-ever lie your mom or dad told you about your birth, and try to lead a normal life.
  • Me: There has to be an explanation as to why I haven't gotten escorted by a centaur to Camp Half-Blood yet...
  • Percy: Being a half-blood is dangerous. It's scary. Most of the time it will get you killed in painful, nasty ways.
  • Me: I need to be a half-blood, I HAVE TO BE! I need to live a life of awesomeness and adventure.

Just a little over a year old and my blog has grown into something that 4000+ people think is worth following?! ITS CRAZINESS, WONDERFUL CRAZINESS!! 

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Im not telling you guys what “A LITTLE SOMETHING SPECIAL” is because i’m still cooking up ideas. Don’t be expecting a lot, be expecting some really mediocre yet adorable homemade stuff :D

This is the first time i’m doing a giveaway with more than one prize, and also with prizes that are more than just books so if you have any questions feel free to inbox me

I love all of you guys so much and appreciate every bit of kindness, every book rec, every piece of advice, every new follower/friend i’ve ever received while running this blog. Absolutely none of your messages/comments go unnoticed and i’ve had some of the most wonderful interactions and conversations with awesome people from all over the world. I’m really not sure how to convey just how much happier, lighter, and more confident i’ve become because of blogging.

So, thank you so much for being the best followers and the most supportive community that i’ve ever belonged to <3