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Mystery Dad. Part One, E.D

Summary: It’s your daughters first day of school, and you meet the “new dad” in town.

‘Lilly! Come on, we’re going to be late!” you, yelled out. It, was your little girls, first day of the second grade. And, man, for a seven year old, does she take a while to get ready.

“I’m coming mommy!” she yelled, running toward you ecstatically, with her oversized backpack on her small frame. “I’m guessing you’re excited, huh babe?” you asked, patting her head slightly.  

“Yep! Come on we gotta go mom!” she whined, grabbing ahold of your hand, attempting to drag you with her. “Lil, don’t you think we’re forgetting something?” you asked, looking at the child. “No?” replied your confused daughter. “We need to take some pictures baby! Then we can go!” you said. Which caused her to groan out loudly. “But mom! I can’t be late, like you said!”  “Lillian, this is for memories, you’ll thank me later. Plus, it’ll only be a few seconds come on.” you said sternly.

After, taking the photos of her, it was finally time to take her to school, and well. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t excited for her. She had missed all of her friends from the previous school year, constantly talking about them, and she was finally going to see them once more.

Soon, after entering the car, and driving the short trip to her elementary school, the trip, filled with nothing but excited shrills, and stories about her friends. It was now coming to an end, as you neared the small school parking lot, preparing to walk her in. “Mom! I’m a big girl i can walk my self!” she whined once more.

“Lilly, i have to, Remember? Mrs.Woods wants to talk to all of the parents before class.So, you won’t be the only one with their mommy, i promise.” you reassured her. Taking her hand, and walking, seeing familiar faces, of her friends, teachers, and parents as you passed, through heading toward her class. But, their was one face you didn’t recognize. It was a young man, around your age, maybe a little younger. Medium length curly hair with slight purple hues in the front, stunning hazel eyes, and a leather jacket. Holding a small Curly brunette girls hand around Lilly’s size, walking in the same direction you were. The, small girl was new, or, you’ve never seen her before. But, guessing, as she looked quite shy, and scared, it was her first day at the school. 

As, you both neared the entrance hand in hand, the small girls father held the door open for you, as you and Lilly walked into the small pastel classroom.       Prepared to be greeted by her teacher. 

 “Hello Lilly! How about you go and play with the other kids, so i can talk to all of the Mommies and Daddies?” the older woman, presumably in her fifties spoke.

“Okay!” she squealed, heading toward the small play area in the back of the class.

“So, now that I have all of the parents together! Here are some Agendas for the children, and some volunteer options, if you would like.” The teacher spoke. Handing out, small agendas, with various cartoons on them.

“Also, I would like to introduce all of you, to our newest family before you leave. Meet Mr. Dolan, everyone! He is Emily’s father.” she spoke, causing the Brunette to slightly blush at the announcement. “Hi, everyone I’m Ethan actually, I just moved here, from New Jersey, with that little one.” he spoke, pointing to his small daughter. Who, was actually playing with none other, than Lilly.

Mrs. Woods, had continued on about, protocols for the school year, and expectations, nearly boring you to death. All you could focus on, was the ‘New’ Dad, which happened to be the only parent there alone, well besides yourself.  Lilly’s dad had left you, as soon as you found out you were pregnant with her. And, it’s just been the both of you ever since. That’s all you needed though, Lilly was your everything.

“Okay, Parent’s you may be excused, don’t forget to pick your children up at 3:30 sharp!” she shrilly spoke, poor Lilly, having to deal with that voice all day.

But, with that. You were gone, giving Lilly a slight hug, and leaving the school, to return just a few hours later.

As you exited the class, you caught a glimpse of the ‘Mystery” Dad, that you now knew, as Ethan, or Mr. Dolan. You both, passed each other slightly, trying not to stare at him. I mean, he was probably the most attractive man in the school. Everyone else, was mid forties, balding, and had a “dad bod”.

But, he was different, he was young. New, “different” compared to anyone you’ve met in the small town you called home. He, had a nice body, from what you could tell. Pierced ears, small purple streaks in his mess of curls, and well. He was just extraordinary. But, come on y/n! He’s probably married, plus. Even if he wasn’t he was way out of your league. 

Wait? What am i thinking, he’s just here for his daughter, not a relationship, get out of your head y/n.  You’re here for your daughter as well. Not this “Unlikely Finding” in a small town. You were here for Lilly, not Ethan, or any man.

But, he was nice eye candy though.

Hope you guys enjoy! Thank you for all of the love, and support guys! I love you all! Part two should also be up soon if you guys would like me to continue this!


It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

Isaac Lahey| It’s a promise, not a threat!

Count of words: 589

Warnings: a couple of curses, offensive comments

A/N: Before you say anything about the way I view bulling on this, I portrait the way I felt it and the way I went through it.  I am in fact thought to be plus size and I was always bullied for it!!!

Requested: Yes

@artfuck: Hi love your writing. I was wondering if you could write one where the reader is very shy and keeps to herself. But she is plus size and gets bullying for it. And Isaac, who likes her saves her from a bully. Thanks

Every day was the same. I would go to school and everyone would comment on my weight, making fun of the imperfections of my body. Everyone always said that I am a “fatty”. They would call me that and later they would have a conversation about how I “eat too much”. The thing is no one ever considered other reasons for my weight. I was in fact plus size but that didn’t mean that I was ugly. Maybe my butt is a bit bigger than them, my stomach a little chumpier, my breasts a little fuller, but I never understood why that made me less beautiful.
This was going on for years making me shy and distant from everything other girls my age did. Simple tasks for them were hard for me. For example ever since Scott, my childhood best friend, turned into a werewolf his life changed drastically. He became one of the most famous boys in our grade and maybe the entire school. But me on the other hand, I was the fat ass bitch that “he pittied to much to stop hanging out with her”.  Scott maded some new friends as well. Lydia, the most beautiful girl in Beacon Hills, became his-our friend, her best friend Alisson was dating him. And then, there was Isaac Lahey. A boy so distant from the world that over night became one of the most attractive boys in school, making me fall for him. Hard!Isaac was actually a very nice boy. He would constantly give me small compliments, making me blush and giggle at how gorgeous he was. But it didn’t help at all.
The bullying was still there and everyone would keep on telling me what I had to “fix”. Besides Scott and Stiles, my two childhood best friends, no one knew about it. Scott would always try to help but ever since he became a true alpha he seems to have less and less time for me, making me distance myself ever more.
That was until today. I was walking down the halls towards my locker, after school was over, to pick up some books I needed for homework and get rid of anything extra. The school was almost empty and I thought no one would take notice of me, but, boy, was I wrong. While leaving behind all the extra weight of the books I didn’t need for tomorrow the two people that always kept on bullying me came around. It was one of the schools most annoying girl with her boyfriend.
“ Wow, the fat bitch can lift weights!” She said and I looked down. “What happened? Did the cat take your tongue?” She said and I tried to walk past them but she just slapped my face and continued to insult me. Suddently the girl was pulled away from me and send across the hallway from a figure I couldn’t really make out due to my new forming tears. “Never- NEVER- talk to her like that. And never-EVER- lay a hand on her ever again in your life. If you do, she will be the last person you see in your life.” The figure threatened turned around to take a fast glance at me. “And that is a promise!” He said, his voice softening. His hand quickly found their way to pick me up as they later stopped at my waist. “I will protect you for ever,” he said. “I promise.” And with that his lips found mine making me forget of every worry I ever had.

poppybun  asked:

okay okay what are some fashion hcs you have for these boys?? I personally feel like oikawa, despite being pretty popular and the ""most attractive"" guy at his school, has shit fashion taste like similar to that of teru from mp100

I’m pretty sure I forgot to add in some things into that last fashion hcs ask like what would their favorite outfit be? do they freak out often about what they wear or do they just throw on whatever’s around? Who cares the most about what their appearance and who cares the least??

Yong: Am I doing this because Sen keeps roasting me? Yes.


Tooru is a piece of shit. He steals people’s clothes without realising this. He sorts through his closet like “when did I get this?” when he didn’t get it. It’s probably Iwaizumi’s or Matsukawa’s and he just hasn’t returned it. The only thing he actually remembers buying is shoes and jeans; other than that it’s like he never has to spend money on clothes. Clothes are the thing he’s least worried about, it’s all just about his face anyways.


He doesn’t even wear half of his closet. It’s the same five shirts every time. Obviously he has a washing machine at home so he’s going to use it. But a lot of it is actually just meme shirts that he thought were cool but then never ended up using them because he… uses the same five shirts… every time. Fashion? Don’t ask him about that sort of stuff. 


He does not have any matching socks. Well, he actually does but he never matches them and his trousers always cover them up so what’s the point? He also likes jackets that have ironed/stitched on patches. Apart from that, his closet is relatively… ‘normal’. Just a lot of dark greens and beige. It’s not like he actively keeps up with fashion and what other people are wearing but he’s a bit conscious of what he does wear.


His closet is mostly sports clothes, save for things that his relatives buy him. (Thanks for the socks auntie.) Iwaizumi literally only ever shops at places like Adidas and Nike. Whenever he goes out shopping with his friends, they have to drag him past because he’ll spend over an hour in there. The only thing he really cares about is his shoes; he rarely buys them because he saves up for some nice ones.


He might as well just be wearing a god damn uniform. He dresses smart most of the time and legend has it, once every full moon he wears t shirts. Well, he does have quite a few sneakers but you could describe his fashion as “I was about to be late for church but I look smart enough.” Yahaba’s always worried about his appearance, that much is obvious from his hair, but he’s not worried enough to do too much about it.


His clothing style is relatively tame. There’s not much that’s eccentric in his taste at all. Watari likes bright colours for shirts but he always knows how to match them so he doesn’t stick out too much. He actually mostly just wears shorts of the time as well. There isn’t much to say about him and clothing but he’s always constantly buying socks because they keep disappearing in the wash.


Another ‘normal guy’. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about his closet but he tries… It’s just that he’s too nervous to actually wear anything that isn’t alike to his fashion sense. A lot of his closet is consumed by t-shirts with little slogans but, as I said, it’s just relatively tame with him. 


He’s got somewhat of the sleep studyblr aesthetic around him. This guy doesn’t like to stick out too much so he wears relatively muted colours, nothing too bright or dark. Kunimi has a lot of cozy sweaters and turtle necks that he can hide in when he’s tired. Fashion doesn’t really mean anything to him, functionality means way more. The only thing he cares about is that it’s comfy.


Most of his closet is just jackets and hoodies that all pretty much look the same. He could wear one shade and then just go through all of them over a time period in gradient and you might not even notice that he was changing jackets. Also, like Iwaizumi, he spends a lot on shoes as well. Though, if you were to step on Kyoutani’s shoes, he’d actually be pretty hurt. Yes, he’s one of ‘those’ people.

the signs in a high-school comedy movie

Aries: The rugby player guy; the most popular guy in the school

Taurus: The fat friend (who isn’t actually fat) of the most popular girl in school; always talking about food and diets  

Gemini: The hot cheerleader girl who’s in love with the most attractive guy in school and hates the blond popular girl (they’re rivals)

Cancer: Pisces’ mother, Capricorn’s wife

Leo: Aries’ father, forces his son to be the best in everything

Virgo: The strict headmaster of the school

Libra: One of the nerd kids, studies a lot and watches porn, Scorpio’s friend

Scorpio: The loser but cute guy who ends up with the most popular blonde girl in school

Sagittarius: The hot girl who smokes cigarettes, uses drugs and likes to fuck a lot

Capricorn: Pisces’ father, the richest and most over-protective parent who doesn’t let his daughter have a bf

Aquarius: The sport teacher

Pisces: The blonde popular innocent girl

BadBoy!Luke || part 1

“Something about the bad boys is just so intriguing”

Originally posted by zhye-caslay

The halls were filled with students talking and laughing about what they did last weekend. The talk about the years largest party was the biggest topic nowadays. Everyone and their mothers were getting ready, well not literally. Everyone was already picking out there much to showy outfits and their way to dark shade of lipstick. All the boys were stocking up on condoms to fill their horny teenage needs. Students were calling people to try and hook themselves up with the nicest alcohol for the cheapest price they can get. This party only happens once a year, and everyone is invited. It doesn’t matter what friend group, or what ‘social class’ you tend to fall into. That’s why it’s such a big deal, the people who normally wouldn’t get invited can finally show up with no problem. They can step out of their comfort zone for the night and show off who they really are without the fear of being judged. Some see this night as the best thing, or a way of making large bank and getting completely trashed with the prize of getting laid at night. For you, it was just another party. You didn’t understand the big hype, probably because you were invited to every party. You didn’t tend to fall into any type of friend group, you were friends with everyone and vise versa. Everyone in school loved you, I guess you could say you were the typical nice girl. You couldn’t hurt a single soul, you always had a smile on your face and a hand to offer help. Of course you were going to the party, even though you weren’t super excited like everyone else you definitely weren’t missing it.

The loud hallway finally dimmed down and lower class men scurried out of the the middle. Everyone kept their mouths shut and turned their glances to face the 4 boys taking long strides down the hall. You shut your locker hugging your texts books to your chest also turning to look at the most attractive boys in the school walk down the hall. You weren’t much on naming people’s friend groups, but they had a specific group. They were the bad boys, they drank till they couldn’t see straight. They’ve had sex with almost every girl in the school, but never held a solid conversation with any of them. You’ve never seen them smile, nor talk to anyone but to each other.

You watched them stride pass you specifically taking a look at Luke Hemmings, his eyes met yours for a solid few seconds before you looked away and walked behind them trying to get to your next class. You’d be lying if you’ve never thought about talking to Luke, or dating him. But you knew that would never happen, like before he’s more of a fling type of person. You weren’t even sure if he could hold a relationship to save his life. You couldn’t help but overhear their conversation as you were awkwardly trailing behind the 4 boys.

“I think I’m going to try and get with Samantha at the party” Michael lowly chucked clapping his hands together happily. “What about you mate”

“Probably Kristi, or Taylor haven’t thought as much about it as I should” Calum admitted, looking over at Luke. “What about you Luke, we all know you can get a girl to drop her panties in a second” he laughed patting Luke on the shoulder. You cringed at his words disgust taking over your face.

“I’ve got my eyes set” was all he said before turning into the same class you were heading too and leaving the other boys to walk by themselves to their own classes. You couldn’t help but be curious as to who Luke was going to try and get with at the big party in 3 days.

You sat in your seat which happened to be directly next to Luke. You felt awkward so you grabbed your notebook and opened to a random page doodling as you bit your lip in concentration out of habit. What you didn’t know was that Luke was watching you the entire time, he was watching as your eyes scanned over the drawing you sketched in 5 minutes. He watched you gnaw on the end of your pencil but quickly taking it out to lick your lips. His mind instantly wondered what your lips felt like, what they tasted like. He didn’t look at you like all the other girls, he saw you as innocent, so sweet and innocent. So vulnerable yet so sexy. He refused to let his mind wonder to what you would be like in bed because that wasn’t the first thing that popped into his mind when he saw you, surprisingly.

All the other girls he could care less about, he didn’t care if he left them disappointed the morning after. He didn’t care if he insulted them, or if anyone for that matter did. He couldn’t imagine what he would do if he ever heard someone insult or be mean to you. You never realized but Luke always admired your beauty and humbleness from afar. He realized the small things that even you didn’t, he saw the way boys looked at you with pure lust in their eyes. His blood boiled as he watched you walking past a group of boys who’s eyes ranked your body like you were a piece of meat. The only thing that calmed him was that you didn’t give them the light of day.

Of course Luke never realized that you would catch small glances of him whenever you could, he didn’t realized that you wondered what his lip ring would feel like against your soft lips. He didn’t know that every time a girl would brag about having sex with you, a pang of jealousy rushed over you. It’s kinda funny how the both of you want eachother so badly, but neither of you know it.

Luke continued to watch you fidget in your seat nervously and look around the room anxiously. He couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong or what was lingering though your pure mind. He couldn’t help but with he would be able to whisper to you that everything would be okay and kiss you softly to reassure your nerves. He knew he had to stay away from you, for your own good. He was too broken himself for someone as sweet and innocent as you.

You felt Luke’s eyes looking at you, so you slowly looked over at him once again meeting his ice cold blue eyes. His gaze sent chills down your spine. You noticed him tug at his bottom lip, pulling his lip ring into his mouth and gnawing on the skin turning you on ever so slightly. You kept your gaze on him, almost like a staring contest but he broke it. Just as you were about to speak up and ask him something a boy who looked familiar walked over to you.

“Hey (y/n)” he smirked.

“hi!” you smiled up at him cheerfully. Luke was again watching the two of you intensely. You soon recognized the boy to be Brad, a fellow class man of yours. “what’s up?”

“You’re going to the big party Friday night right?” His eyes darkened as his smirk grew more evident. Your eye brows furrowed in confusion at the deep tone of his voice. You didn’t even notice the way his eyes were looking at you, but Luke surely did and he didn’t like it.

“Yeah of course” you kept your voice happy and tried to steer away from showing your confusion.

“Maybe we can get to know each other, you know.. other than talking” Your heart stopped and you laughed awkwardly looking anywhere but him.

“Um haha, yeah” your hand reached up to scratch the back of your head. You kept your eyes on anything but Brad slowly feeling more and more uncomfortable as the seconds passed. Luke’s muscles tensed and he clenched his jaw tight. It was slowly killing him, the thought of that bastards hands all over your precious body. The thought made him see red, it was taking everything in him to not blow up bash Brads head into the desk. He hands gripped the side of the desk tightly.

“Great, I can’t wait too see what you feel like” At this point Luke has had enough he stood up, his grip still on the desk. His breath was uneasy and heavy. With all of his force he flipped the desk causing you to jump and everyone else to shriek. Luke’s eyes narrowed on you and Brad. You looked up at him in confusion, your eyes wide. Luke’s eyes met your and his anger calmed slightly but soon came back at the thought of you in bed with Brad. Luke wanted to punch someone, he didn’t care who at this point his anger was to high. He knew he couldn’t scare you so he grabbed his bag and stormed out of the classroom.

He needed relief, he needed something to calm him down. As disgusting and wrong as it is, he saw the nearest girl.

“Bathroom now” eyes filled with anger and lust. The girl smirked and followed him.

The thing was he didn’t want relief this way, he wanted you to calm him down with innocent kisses and hugs.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin Chapter 5: The Cursed Lovers

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

Summary: An angel boy and a demon girl. What happens when these two are sent to Earth and raised as humans?

“You two… can never be together.”

Adrien felt his heart plummet into his stomach. He had finally found someone that made him genuinely happy just from the thought of her, and now Tikki was telling them they can’t get closer? His hand tightened around Marinette’s, which she returned. She was staring at Tikki with the same confusion as Adrien, eyes wide and mouth slightly parted.

“What do you mean?” Marinette asked.

“There’s something we didn’t tell you two,” Tikki replied, “We had hoped we would never need to, but now there’s no choice. It all started hundreds of years ago…”

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Frat Boy - Harry Styles One Shot

Request #49: “I’m really drunk, please help me.”

The bass was rocking through the speakers, wracking your body with vibrations and making it harder for you not to spill the alcohol in your hand, which, frankly, was already a difficult task thanks to the people bumping into you and slicking you with their sweat.  Not that you’d necessarily needed the alcohol in the first place.  In fact, you’d hardly touched it.  You were much, much too amused at the sight in front of you.

The tall fit guy with tanned skin and tattoos for days stood atop the makeshift DJ stage that looked dangerously close to collapsing by the amount of people packed on and surrounding him, aggressively jumping to the beat.  You couldn’t help but giggle as your infamous classmate Harry drunkenly pumped his fist alongside his frat brothers and picked the next song, but as smashed as he was (or should be by the amount he’d been drinking that night) his hands spun the records with incredible precision and skill, clearly at ease with the DJ job the frat had given him.  And why wouldn’t he be?  From what you’ve heard about him and the little you’d seen yourself, he was the perfect confident person to manage the energy of the party - that is, unless someone angered him.  His eyes suddenly met yours from above the crowd, and for a moment you thought they were just blankly looking in your direction, but the way a chill swept through you despite the humidity of the room made you wonder…

Even the chills weren’t sufficient evidence though, and you would’ve continued to doubt yourself if he hadn’t grabbed the microphone from his frat brother (Liam was it?) who was currently freestyling.

“Y/N s’hheerre!!!!!!” he slurred into the mic, voice riddled with elated surprise.  He leaned a little too far from saying your name and had to fall on a pretty girl wearing what could only be called underwear in order to break his fall.  You didn’t miss the way his hand went to her little waist to steady himself and the smirk on his face when he took in her clothing, or rather, lack of.  It was a known fact Harry got around, and for those of the girls he hadn’t gotten with yet, the other half were waiting in the wings and hoping they’d get their chance.  It was stupid that he could practically have any girl he wanted, but it wasn’t entirely without cause.  He was one of the most attractive guys at your school, cocky and confident, a dash of arrogance, but incredibly charismatic.  For all these reasons and more you couldn’t be justified in feeling surprised at his flirtatious behavior, let alone hurt, so you ignored the little jab of irrational jealousy that prickled your skin.

You hardly knew Harry, only had one class with him and when you’d missed a day for being “sick” (though really you’d just slept in), Harry had offered to give you the notes.  A little uncharacteristic as you thought he never paid attention in class, but you weren’t in a position to complain.  When he said to come by the frat to pick them up, you hadn’t thought there would be…well…this.

The moment you’d walked up the front yard and successfully side-stepped projectile vomit (but just barely) before running into a shirtless guy and girl connected by gaping mouths, you knew there had to have been some kind of miscommunication.  You weren’t sure if Harry had simply forgotten the huge rager his frat was hosting before inviting you to collect the notes or if that was his sly way at an invitation.  If it was, you’d clearly missed the memo.  You almost turned around and decided to come back to the frat house in the morning - your pajama shorts and old band t-shirt weren’t exactly party material, and honestly, how did you expect to find him in an overcrowded house?  But after coming so far you figured - why the hell not.  You’d already walked all the way across campus to get here and you hadn’t gotten all that cardio in for nothing.

You were really on a roll tonight.

And apparently so was Harry.

You saw him lean down and move his hand up the girl’s waist so it was wrapped around her shoulder.  He leant down to whisper something in her ear, causing her to blush with lips parted in a soundless laugh.  This time you couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed.  There was a disgusting amount of sweat slathered on you that, mind you, had not come from you and now another shower was in order even though you just took one 2 hours ago.  And it was probably midnight now and you had an 8 AM the next morning.  And he hadn’t warned you about a party.  And he’d seen you and knew you were waiting for him.  That meant he knew you were watching him flirt with some girl.  He probably got some sick power trip from it.

You didn’t mind waiting when you were watching him on stage alone, a little voice murmured.

You wanted to strangle that little voice.  You definitely could not afford to even think about Harry that way.  No, not him.

Definitely not him.

Although he was a soccer jock and major partier, he had this other…more boyish side to him you’d only seen a glimpse of in class when you’d share short conversations.  You hadn’t expected to see that from the reputation he’s garnered, in all honestly you thought he’d be some quick-tempered self-absorbed frat boy in every sense of the word, but the Harry you’d seen was really interesting and engaging.  That boyish side to him was charming and disarming all the same.  It made you wonder how many other people, other girls, he’d shown that same side too.

Maybe that’s what reeled them in.

Definitely not the chiseled jaw and dark hair and piercing green eyes and athletic Greek God bod.  No, not that.

Definitely not that.

You turned away from the sight in front of you, not being able to stand seeing Harry work his charm on another while you waited along the sidelines.  For a reason you weren’t ready to admit, you raised your cup and took another sip of the cheap alcohol, wincing as it burned down your throat.  This was utter crap, and soon you felt its unwelcome warmth settle in your stomach.  Sweat droplets were beading down your back and you felt your hair stick to the back of your neck.  Everything was too hot.  How was everybody not dying of a heatstroke in here??

“S’cuse me, pardon me.”  You heard a deep British accent shout above the music.   

You turned around to see Harry stalking through the crowd, powerfully pushing through the grinding hormone-crazed students, his eyes already focused on you.  He didn’t smile or give much recognition when you met his gaze except for a slight smirk, his curls had been dampened a bit from sweat and probably strangers’ alcohol, but his eyes were still glowing.  Those are intoxicating enough, you thought.  He didn’t stop moving until he was right in front of you, his arms immediately engulfing you in a massive hug.  You froze at the unfamiliar gesture, body immediately going rigid as your face was pressed against his chest and you tried to ignore the fact that despite being sweaty, this stupid beautiful man still managed to smell good, a waft of his expensive cologne making you want to stay squeezed in his arms all night.

“Thought you weren’t comin’” he rumbled, and with an ear pressed to his side, you felt the vibrations in his chest.  His limbs were heavy and hot, his entire body like a giant heater, and if you were in another frame of mind (and a much cooler situation) perhaps you would’ve noticed how his body melted into yours and savored the way all your grooves were pressed snugly together.  But you weren’t.  You were in a sweaty hormone-induced sauna.  And right now you thought this might just be the end of you.

“Can’t…breathe…” you managed to whisper.

“Sorry,” he slurred.  His arms reluctantly loosened around you and his eyes grew wide once they met your own.  You weren’t quite sure why.

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Hogwarts Professor Kenobi...

So Erin ( @ricooola ) sent me this picture on WhatsApp and gdi brain all I can think is: HOGWARTS PROFESSOR OBI-WAN!


Professor Kenobi was, according to every female student - and a number of male students - the single most attractive individual at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry.

There had been unofficial battles, and midnight duels, about his appointment as No. 1 Heart-throb, and it was only when he’d walked through the Great Hall, cut on his brow oozing blood, robes torn and singed, absolute rage in his shining blue eyes, had those arguments subsided because: okay yes, Professor Kenobi was indeed hot as fuck.

No one actually knew just how he’d ended up in such a state, and no one was actually brave enough to even consider asking the Professor. Not after that time Aves had been so brazen in class as to actually question Kenobi’s ability to work one class when he’d obviously been ill.

Some students still made signs to ward off curses whenever that was brought up in conversation.

So, it was with quiet, insatiable curiosity that the entirety of Hogwarts watched as Kenobi lived his life within its historic corridors, teaching with passion and no little discipline. The seventh years had collectively agreed that Kenobi had to be kept at the school, no matter the cost, because he was just that damned good.

Professor Jinn on the other hand… Well most of the student body questioned his sanity more often than not.

Jinn was literally the only professor who engaged Kenobi in arguments about all sorts of topics and, usually, ended up losing spectacularly because no one, absolutely no one, could defeat Kenobi when he got frustrated in a discussion.

The visiting Ministry official two years ago had reportedly retired early after interrupting Kenobi’s class mid-way to ask questions about his teaching style.

Though… There was a rumour that Jinn had actually gone after the official through using some ‘select’ connections not long after the staff had learnt of what transpired in Kenobi’s class that day.

As a result there was a lucrative gossip house in Hogwarts, as well as one of the most sophisticated betting rings in the wizarding world, exclusively focused on the relationship of Kenobi and Jinn.

They affectionately referred to it as the: The Courtship of The Fire Lord and The Squirrel King.

Apparently Kenobi had a thing for fire and Jinn was often seen conversing with animals to such a degree he was on level with the relative insanity of Professor Hagrid.


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how many other lesbians do you know? there aren't any in my local community that I know, so I'm just curious.

not that many, unfortunately!! i know probably 2 or 3 other outright lesbians and few other bi/pan girls. but we also live in a really safe liberal area, so it’s easier to meet people because more people are out

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Have you ever thought about doing some kind of gender switch with the seven and Nico? It would be cool to see head cannons on it! I really enjoy your work! Names: (If you can think of better names please help me out and do so!) Percy = Persia Annabeth = Anthony Jason = ??? Piper = ??? Hazel = Hank Frank = Florence Nico = Nicole

Thanks anon!

  • Persia grew up a little bit faster than she should have. Her ex-step father, Gabe, made her want to be out of the house as much as possible. She hated him so much since life at home wasn’t that great. But she loved her mom and wanted to help make money so they could move out. When she got attacked by a Minotaur, she headed straight to Camp Half Blood where she met her best friend soon boyfriend, Anthony Chase.
  • Anthony practically grew up at camp. Him and his step mom argued a lot so he ran away from home when he was seven, meeting up with Luke and Thalia. But he tried to act strong around them, being the youngest he wanted to prove to them and himself that he could do this. The day they got attacked by the cyclops, he tried to act brave and wanted to fight next to Thalia. But Luke practically dragged him towards the safety of camp. From then on, he trained so he couldn’t be afraid anymore. He didn’t want to be that weak seven year old. But meeting Persia made him slightly weak.
  • Jade Grace was ripped from her family when she was three. She cried a lot when she was little. Being ripped away from her family was traumatic for her. She constantly tried to look for them when she had the time. But she was a natural born leader since her dad was Jupiter. And her spot in Camp Jupiter went up after leading the Fifth Cohort. She became praetor in a little more than a year of service. Having Reyna as her co-leader was the greatest experience of her life. She learned so much from her until she went to sleep one night and woke up with no memory. When she woke up, she was next to Peter McLean.
  • Peter was probably the most attractive boy at Wilderness School without even trying. In fact he wasn’t trying at all. He was always compared to his dad, Tristin McLean the famous actor, since he was practically a miniature version of him. He hated it. But he loved his dad. He loved surfing with him and trying to connect with him. And sending him to Wilderness School, Peter knew that he wasn’t wanted. Meeting Jade was probably the best thing in his life. Jade didn’t know that Tristin was famous actor and liked him for him. But he was also friends with Leah Valdez. 
  • Leah was always a troubled child at least what she was told. Trouble always seemed to find her. But she always tried to see the good side of life. Like making friends with Peter and Jade. Those memories, along with the ones with her mom, helped her get through the day. She tried to make a name for herself by trying to be sarcastic and funny. It didn’t work out very well. At least she had good friends to get rid of those bad thoughts.
  • Florence was chubby when she was a little girl. She thought it was just baby fat that wouldn’t go away. Throughout her life, she got teased for it and she tried to work out and eat better. But nothing seemed to work out. To get out her frustrations, she picked up archery and became really good at it. She was an outcast until she met Hank.
  • Hank was pretty disoriented when his sister, Nicole, brought him back to life. He was afraid of being hated just because of the color of his skin. But when he arrived at Camp Jupiter, he was shocked that people were afraid of him because of his father, Pluto. He didn’t know if rather be hated because of his father or the color of his skin. But Florence welcomed him with open arms. His only true friend at camp who wasn’t afraid of him at all. 
  • Nicole was a loner since her sister died. She tried to ignore everyone and stay away. Persia tried to make sure that she was okay, but that only made Nicole hate her more. She just wanted to be left alone and spend time with the dead. There wasn’t much of a difference, the living or dead, they just hurt her. Thinking that getting her sister back would help, she tried to bring her back, but brought Hank back instead. Hurt a little but at least she had family now. 
Together (Calum Hood Smut)

Warning: smut (duh) 

Word Count: 2,765

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No wonder it has taken me four years just to attend one high school party. This place was gross. The smell of alcohol and weed filled the air and, not to mention, sweat. It smelled worse than the boys’ locker room at school. How can people like this? It’s absolutely disgusting in here. Ew, what did I just step i-

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a hand on my shoulder.

“Hello, love. I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. You an underclassman?” His words were slurred and he smelt strongly of weed. I nodded to answer his question even though I was a senior. The only reason he had no idea who I was is because I would rather spend my time reading or playing my guitar than getting high and fawning over football players. I left him by the door, but he followed me towards the living room of the large house and continued to start conversations, despite my obvious disinterest. I continued to brush him off until he grabbed me by the waist and began grinding himself on me to the beat of the music. I was just about to tell him to fuck off when a low voice came up from behind me.

“Excuse me, mate. That’s my girl and I’d appreciate it if you’d back off.” I turned to find my best friend, Calum, bucking up to the large jock.

“Really? I think she can speak for herself. Is this your boyfriend, love?” He chuckled at the word boyfriend and I looked between him and Cal before nodding in an attempt to get him away from me. “You’re kidding right? I mean look at him and look at me.” He laughed and I nodded again, this time with more confidence.

“I try to stay away from guys who smell worse than gym socks and have to overcompensate for their small dicks by being one. Now fuck off while I go dance with a real man.” I gestured to Calum who was smiling like an idiot. He looked really offended walked away with his chest out, like his man card had just been confiscated. I turned to Cal and mouthed a ‘thank you’ over the loud music. He smiled and took my hand, leading me out of the huge house.

“That was fucking hilarious. He is never going to forget that.” Calum chuckled as we walked down the walk towards the street.

“Thanks for what you said though. I think it helped me figure out what to say.” I chuckled and Cal placed his arm around my shoulders.

“Yeah, I thought I was going to have to beat his ass.” He chuckled and bucked up his chest. I laughed and hit his shoulder.

“Why do football players have to be so hot, yet so asshole-y?” I threw my head back and groaned.

“Wait, you thought he was hot?” Cal looked at me in shock and shrugged my shoulders.

“He would have been if he wasn’t drunk off his ass and a dick.” I laughed and gave him the “duh” look.  

“So you would have hooked up with him if he wasn’t drunk?” He looked at me in surprise.

“Calum, you know I’m a virgin. I wouldn’t just give it up to some random guy I met at a party. You should know me better than that.” I rolled my eyes and continued to walk down to the street to my big, empty house. I wasn’t proud that I was a virgin at 18 years old. Hell, I had barely even kissed a guy before, let alone sex, but Calum was a virgin too and it didn’t seem to bother him one bit so I tried not to let it bother me. “Want to come in and watch some movies? Mom is out with some of her friends from work so I got the place to myself.”

“Sure. No chick flicks though.” He smiled before following me up the drive. As soon as we walked in the door, he took a seat on the couch as I fumbled around, looking for a movie to play. I settled on The Conjuring since it wasn’t too scary for me and it’s definitely not a chick flick. As the movie began to play, I could sense that Cal was a bit more uncomfortable than usual. He wasn’t cuddling up to me like he usually did or making snippy comments on how unbelievable the movie was.

“What’s on your mind, Cal?” I asked nonchalantly as I shoved some popcorn in my mouth.

“Do you ever think about losing your virginity? Like just to get it over with?” He asked bluntly and I almost choked.

“What do you mean? Just find some random guy to do it with?” I asked surprised and he shook his head.

“No, not some random guy. Like a guy friend who wants to lose his virginity too? Someone you have known your whole life and who you know loves you?” He was rambling now which means he was nervous.

“Calum, are you suggesting that we have sex?” I was bewildered by his suggestion. Not to say that I hadn’t thought about him in that way before, because I had. I mean, how could I not? He was absolutely fit and probably one of the nicest, most genuine guys I have ever met, but I never thought it was a possibility.

“Well yeah, I mean, we have known each other forever and we would be doing each other a favor…Nevermind it’s a dumb idea…” he trailed off and my mouth was open as I studied his face. Should I? Could I? I mean, it’s Calum. The kid I used to eat play-doh with when we were four and camp out in our living room when we were ten, but he was also Calum, probably the most attractive senior at our school. His tattoos and blond highlights in his hair made him even more desirable…it’s a wonder how he hadn’t lost his v-card yet. Shit, do I really want to do this?

“Yes.” I said plainly.

“Wait, what?” he asked shocked.

“Yes, I will have sex with you, or lose my virginity to you, or however I should say it. Yes.” I said again, not believing the words that were coming out of my own mouth. He sat there for a second, just looking at me. We both jumped when the woman in the movie screamed. Calum brushed it off and turned back to me.

“So, like, do you want to, um, do it now, or?” he stumbled over his words a bit and I really had to think about what I was going to say next.

“Yeah, that’s fine. I mean my mom won’t be home for another two or three hours so…” I said softly.  

“O-okay, um, how did you want to do this?” He asked me softly and I shrugged.

“Maybe we should, you know, go up to my room?” I whispered and he swallowed hard and nodded. I turned off the movie and grabbed his hand, dragging him up the stairs to my bedroom. I opened the door and gestured for him to go in before shutting and locking it behind me. He sat down on the bed and I plopped down next to him.

“So…” I asked trying to lift the awkwardness he was creating.

“Maybe I should kiss you now, or something.” He said quietly and I nodded before slowly leaning in. Our foreheads hit first before Cal brought a hand up to cup my cheek. “You sure? It was just an idea. We don’t have to if-”

“I want to Calum. I don’t know why I never thought of it. You are, honestly, the only person I can see myself doing this with.” I whispered and his cheeks flushed red before he connected our lips. His movements were soft and gentle like he didn’t want to do something that may make me change my mind, and honestly, nothing could have changed my mind.

His hands reached for my hips before he pushed me down and hovered over top of me. I laughed as his tall, awkward body tried to fit with my short figure, but somehow it worked. His lips began to travel down my neck and attached to my exposed collarbone. I let out a squeal as he began to nip and suck on it, leaving a dark purple mark behind.

“Guess that jerk will know you’re taken now.” He mumbled as his tongue traveled over the new bruise. His hands came up from my waist to cup my face and mine moved to the hem of his band shirt. “God, you’re so beautiful.” He sighed as I pulled his shirt up over his head. He leaned up and started to mess with the button on his skinny jeans, but I stopped him.

“No.” I said almost too eagerly. “Let me.” I flipped him onto his back and straddled his waist before shakily reaching for his pants. I placed a kiss on his lips, then his jaw line, then his neck, then his chest. I kissed all the way down his torso, and when I got to the waist band of his pants, I hooked my fingers in the belt loops and pulled them down his legs. He let out a groan when the material left his legs. His hands gripped my waist as I threw the jeans somewhere across the room. His calloused hands ran under my shirt, pulling it up. He stopped right under my bra covered breasts and looked up at me for approval. I just nodded and helped him pull it over my head.

“Y/n…” he whispered my name before reattaching our lips. I moved my hands to undo my bra and threw it to join the rest of the discarded clothing. Cal pulled away from me and his eyes wondered to my breasts. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and wrapped his hands around my back to keep me from falling. He kissed the valley between my breasts and moved over to lick and suck on my nipple. I let out a squeal and he chuckled against my skin. “This is better than I ever imagined.” His voice was low and raspy and my eyes moved to his chocolate brown ones. I sat up more and wiggled out of my yoga pants. His eyes grew wide again at the sight of my bright pink panties. While he was in his trance, I leaned forward and grabbed his face and brought his mouth to mine. I think that was the moment I figured it out. I am in love with my best friend. Head over heels, in fact.

“Calum?” I mumbled between kisses.

“What? Did I do someth-” He looked wordily into my eyes, but I pecked his lips softly.

“Take me Cal…” My hands rested on his bare chest and he lifted me up and flipped us so he could be on top. His doubt seemed to disappear at my words.

He hooked his fingers in my panties and pulled them down, exposing my wet arousal. I gasped at the sudden cold and Cal’s hand cupped my heat. “You have to tell me if it hurts, okay?” He looked back into my eyes and I nodded. His focus moved back to my naked core in front of him. “So wet for me, Y/n.” He smiled knowing it was all because of him. I raised my hips off the bed trying to get him to hurry up. He pulled his hand away from me only to slide one finger up my slit before dipping it into my core. I moaned and clenched my legs together at the uncomfortable feeling. It only hurt a little, but it was also only his finger. “You alright?” he asked and I nodded, ready to get passed the pain to the pleasure. He swiftly moved himself down so that his head was level with my womanhood. My breath hitched in my throat at the thought of what he was about to do. I wasn’t anticipating him to just dive in and start sucking at my clit, but he did, and I was a withering mess under him. My hands flew to his hair and pushed him hard against my entrance. I was shaking and moaning above him and that seemed to give him the confidence to reach up and take one of my breasts in his hand. I squeezed my thighs around his head and bucked my hips into his tongue. I whimpered when his lips pulled away from my heat. “You taste amazing Y/n.” He said and I moaned at the sight of him licking my arousal off his lips.

He got up to take off his boxers, and my eyes grew wide when I saw his erection standing at attention. He came back over to me and balanced himself on top of me. I found his lips again and I could taste myself on them. I ran my tongue across his bottom lip to distract him as my hand moved down to pump him slowly. I wasn’t too sure what I was doing, but I saw this in porn once. I must have done something right because he groaned into my mouth and pushed my hand away from him.

“You ready?” he kissed my lips lightly and cupped my cheek in his hand. I took in a deep breath and nodded before he slowly pushed into me. My hands grasped his shoulders tightly and I moaned into his neck. He was really big and there was a burning sensation deep inside me. My breathing picked up and Cal had a look of horror on his face. “Oh God, I’m hurting you.” He gasped and went to pull out, but I stopped him.

“Hey, I’m okay.” I lied, and kissed his perfect plump lips.

“It doesn’t hurt?” he asked confused.

“Well yes it hurts, but I’m okay. I want to do this.” I said more confidently. He sighed and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Alright, just tell me when you want me to move. Take your time.” He assured me and I nodded only taking a few minutes before telling him to move. The burning was still there, but the deeper he went, the better it felt. He was thrusting extremely slow and placing kisses all over my neck and face. “God, baby, you are so tight.” He moaned and my arms wrapped around his neck.

“Faster Calum!” I almost yelled and he grabbed my shoulders and started thrusting deep and fast. “Cal!” I was pulling on his hair and he was moaning into my neck.

“God, Y/n. You feel so good.” He whispered in my ear before delivering one particularly hard thrust that caused me to yell out.

“Calum, I’m close.” His hand reached between us and used one finger to massage my clit. My legs started to shake and I was clenching around him like crazy. With one final thrust, I was gone. I scratched down his back as I came and he kissed my lips to suppress the loud moans escaping my throat. He pulled out of me and pumped himself a few times before cumming on my stomach. He let out a few whimpers as he came down from his high and I held him until he calmed down.  “I love you so much Cal.” I whispered stroking his dark locks and he lifted himself up to lay next to me. My eyes shot open when I realized what I had just said. I was taken aback by his response.

“I love you too Y/n.” he pulled my face into his and kissed me again, but this time it was slow and passionate. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my arms around his back to pull him into me. “So, how was it? I mean, for your first time?” he whispered into my neck and I could feel his smile on my skin.

“It was better than I could’ve ever hoped for, and it was with the only person I wanted.” I smiled and he moved his head up to look at me. I pecked his lips and his eyes lit up.

“Really?” he asked softly and I nodded.

“Calum, I meant what I said earlier. I think, I mean, I am in love with you.” I sighed and he smiled and kissed all over my face.

“I think I’ve always loved you.” He said softly. 

More than Magical [chrisdanny ♥ modern day high school au]

Everything stopped. Maybe it just felt like everything stopped, but Danny was pretty certain that time and space stopped all together. His heart definitely did. There was no way that he’d heard him right. There was no way Chris Kirkman had confessed his love for Danny in front of the entire senior class. 

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Tumblr user ishipitsobad wrote a ReiBert - JeanMarco fanfiction entitled I Won’t Hurt You starring nENE KANTOKU AS THE FOOTBALL TEAM MANAGER I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS JADHSDF THIS IS ADORABLE OMG

I already commented on AO3 with embarrassing keysmashing and thanking you but omg thank you again this is adorable and I’m so SO SO SO honoured that you included me in your work THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS AAAA SMOOCHES YOU


Naruto High School

Ino- Probably the most popular girl in her grade and every guy is dying to get in her pants (except Sasuke)

Sakura- Is secretly insecure about her looks and wishes Sasuke would notice her

Hinata- A shy closed girl who’s always withdrawn from conversations and loves drawing.

Temari- One of the prettiest but toughest girl in her class; no one ever dares to approach her

Tenten- A cheerful talkative girl who’s friends with about everyone. Has a secret crush on Neji Hyuga.

Lee- The most annoying kid in the class but people keep him around because he knows all the juicy gossips

Neji- One of the most attractive guys in his school. A straight A student who mostly keeps to himself and only hangs out with his close friends.

Sasuke- probably the most attractive guy in his class. He’s mysterious and mostly drawn back from conversations however is cheerful around his friends. Him and Naruto are really close.

Gaara- A well behaved quiet lad who mostly hangs out with Naruto and his brother Kankuro.

Naruto- The most popular guy in his class mostly because he’s really friendly with everyone. His closest friends are Sasuke and Gaara.

Shikamaru- probably the smartest guy in the whole school, people tease him for being a nerd but he doesn’t care. He’s really lazy and he tries to avoid women drama as much as possible because he thinks women are troublesome. He secretly has a crush on Temari and wonders how the heck does he like such a troublesome woman.

Sai- a quite emotionless student who rarely interacts with anyone and is labeled a ‘freak’ for having really pale skin. He has no friends.

Chouji- A sweetheart who likes helping everyone and offers tutoring people who need help with Math. He hates being called fat. He’s secretly insecure about his weight. He admires Karui from afar.

Karui- A quite forbidding Red head who everyone usually avoids because she looks intimidating when quite in fact, she’s a really nice person. She mostly hangs out with Temari.

Kiba- A loud messy lad who likes sneaking on girls while they change and takes his dog everywhere he goes. Is still a virgin but won’t admit it.

Shino- a mysterious, quiet lad who alienates most kids in his class. He’s good friends with Kiba and sometimes hangs out with Hianta.

Yahiko- A smart and friendly good looking guy who loves hanging out with his friends and values friendship above all. He has a secret crush on Konan.

Konan- Sakura’s cousin, a beautiful blue haired girl that stands up for her friends in need. She has a secret crush on Yahiko.

Nagoto- a dark haired boy who mostly gets bullied by Orichimaru and Kabuto. He only hangs out with Yahiko and secretly admires Naruto.

Kankuro- A tough looking lad who only hangs out with his brothers friends. There’s a rumour that he’s covered in tattoo’s but nobody can be sure because he never takes his shirt off.

Karin- A loud red head who’s always trying to get Suigersu’s attention. She’s really smart and she likes hanging out with Ino.

Jugo- a friendly guy but doesn’t like talking much. He can be really scary if you piss him off.

Kabuto- an older guy who intimidates about everyone. He likes showing off and thinks of himself to be better than everyone. No one dares to mess with him.

Orichimaru- a narrow eyed older guy who hangs out with Kabuto. Everyone is afraid of him mostly because if you stand in his way he could ruin you.

Itachi- Sasuke’s older brother who usually stands up to Orichimaru and Kabuto. He came to an agreement with them that he doesn’t care what they do as long as they don’t bother Sasuke.

Shisui- Itachi’s and Sasuke’s cousin. He only hangs out with Itachi and he hates Kabuto’s guts. He also likes helping Sasuke in his studies.

Kaguya- a rich thirsty for attention girl who takes pleasure in bullying Hinata to breaking point

Toneri- A transfer student who’s chasing Hinata everywhere trying to get her to date him but his straightforwardness and creepy talk about marriage results with Hinata keeping her distance.

Kakashi- A a carefree lazy science teacher. He enjoys reading porn and doesn’t make a secret of it. His relationship life remains a mystery.

Gai- A weird thick browed GYM teacher who likes competing with Kakashi to be the best at everything. Favours Lee and doesn’t make a secret of it.

Asuma- Material art teacher who favours Shikamaru but doesn’t make a fact of it. He’s rumoured to be dating Kurenai sensei but denies it.

Iruka- Math teacher who’s really friendly and secretly looks after Naruto.

Tsunade- School’s hot principle. She’s very intimidating.

Jiraya- School’s pervy vice principle who secretly has a crush on Tsunade.

I’m probably turning this into a fanfic after I finish my exams on Wednesday, i you’re interested in reading it, just reblog/favorite this and I’ll message you when I post it :-)

Oh and feedback would be very appreciated!

First Chapter 

prompt by thatweirdgirljess: quarterback!Dean being in love with headcheerleader!Castiel since freshman year. Cas being afraid of just being one of Dean’s flings and repeatedly turning Dean down, until the day Dean is tackled pretty badly and kinda just lays on the ground not moving… Cas abandons his team and runs out onto the field to check on him

Castiel was in the middle of telling his squad that they had to perform to their best today and ignore the rival cheerleading team that were being petty and trying to goad them, when Dean came into his eye line, standing there on the edge of the crowd waiting for Cas to finish. As always, especially before a big game, Dean had a cocky smile on his face, hands in his jacket pockets as he winked over at Castiel.

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes back at him, Castiel finished off his speech, hoping that it would give out some motivation. By the bored looks on the other cheerleaders’ faces, Castiel kind of doubted it. Though he was the head cheerleader, many people always felt the need to unhelpfully tell Castiel that he didn’t, in fact, have much ‘cheer’ in him. Castiel could only assume that he’d gotten the role for his leadership skills more than anything else, though he often second guessed himself there too.

“Hey,” Dean greeted him with a grin when Castiel took the few steps towards him.

“Hello Dean,” Castiel smiled, fiddling with his cheerleading jacket, a nervous habit he always seemed to pick up when he was near Dean, much to Cas’ annoyance, “So,” he ran a hand through his messy hair, “It’s the big game.”

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