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It’s a dangerous scene when you’re e i g h t e e n

the signs in a high-school comedy movie

Aries: The rugby player guy; the most popular guy in the school

Taurus: The fat friend (who isn’t actually fat) of the most popular girl in school; always talking about food and diets  

Gemini: The hot cheerleader girl who’s in love with the most attractive guy in school and hates the blond popular girl (they’re rivals)

Cancer: Pisces’ mother, Capricorn’s wife

Leo: Aries’ father, forces his son to be the best in everything

Virgo: The strict headmaster of the school

Libra: One of the nerd kids, studies a lot and watches porn, Scorpio’s friend

Scorpio: The loser but cute guy who ends up with the most popular blonde girl in school

Sagittarius: The hot girl who smokes cigarettes, uses drugs and likes to fuck a lot

Capricorn: Pisces’ father, the richest and most over-protective parent who doesn’t let his daughter have a bf

Aquarius: The sport teacher

Pisces: The blonde popular innocent girl

Hogwarts Professor Kenobi...

So Erin ( @ricooola ) sent me this picture on WhatsApp and gdi brain all I can think is: HOGWARTS PROFESSOR OBI-WAN!


Professor Kenobi was, according to every female student - and a number of male students - the single most attractive individual at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry.

There had been unofficial battles, and midnight duels, about his appointment as No. 1 Heart-throb, and it was only when he’d walked through the Great Hall, cut on his brow oozing blood, robes torn and singed, absolute rage in his shining blue eyes, had those arguments subsided because: okay yes, Professor Kenobi was indeed hot as fuck.

No one actually knew just how he’d ended up in such a state, and no one was actually brave enough to even consider asking the Professor. Not after that time Aves had been so brazen in class as to actually question Kenobi’s ability to work one class when he’d obviously been ill.

Some students still made signs to ward off curses whenever that was brought up in conversation.

So, it was with quiet, insatiable curiosity that the entirety of Hogwarts watched as Kenobi lived his life within its historic corridors, teaching with passion and no little discipline. The seventh years had collectively agreed that Kenobi had to be kept at the school, no matter the cost, because he was just that damned good.

Professor Jinn on the other hand… Well most of the student body questioned his sanity more often than not.

Jinn was literally the only professor who engaged Kenobi in arguments about all sorts of topics and, usually, ended up losing spectacularly because no one, absolutely no one, could defeat Kenobi when he got frustrated in a discussion.

The visiting Ministry official two years ago had reportedly retired early after interrupting Kenobi’s class mid-way to ask questions about his teaching style.

Though… There was a rumour that Jinn had actually gone after the official through using some ‘select’ connections not long after the staff had learnt of what transpired in Kenobi’s class that day.

As a result there was a lucrative gossip house in Hogwarts, as well as one of the most sophisticated betting rings in the wizarding world, exclusively focused on the relationship of Kenobi and Jinn.

They affectionately referred to it as the: The Courtship of The Fire Lord and The Squirrel King.

Apparently Kenobi had a thing for fire and Jinn was often seen conversing with animals to such a degree he was on level with the relative insanity of Professor Hagrid.


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New Sugar Baby! (About Me)

- I’m in my early 20′s.
- I won’t be posting pictures, I’ll be staying anonymous but I am an attractive, intelligent and kind. I’m very used to, but uncomfortable with, the attention received for my looks. I’ve gained more confidence this past year and want to use this to get what I want in life. Only money is now holding me back now that I’m out of my own way.
- I dream big.
- I’m a hard worker. I worked full time for a while and have also traveled a lot, paid for with my own money.
- I had an account on Seeking Arrangement for a while but have never been serious about it. I was really just curious about what was out there and how it worked, so I read up on all the information I could. Now I’m serious.
- I’m a a well-rounded package with eccentric interests and an innate ability to read and connect with people on their level.

- Once a month meetups for at least 1,000$ or more each. Possibly spread out over different guys. Starting platonically. Basically the most money possible while still keeping the sugar bowl separate from my vanilla work life.
- I would travel if I really like someone.
- I won’t settle. I’m a full package and they should be too.
- I can’t sleep with people on the first date, or second, or third…. or if I’m not intellectually stimulated by them. So this is a must.
- Money or experiences more than material goods!

-  My personal goals are clear and they take money. I don’t want to work all my free time away. life is meant to be lived. I’m gonna live it.
- I don’t want to worry about money.
- I want to spoil others, especially treating my parents and siblings to things which they deserve but can’t afford.
- I want to anonymously help strangers financially. Big tips, slipping homeless people 100$ bills. This would fulfill me like nothing else.

- To be controlled. I want my freedom. When I’m with my SD, I am his and his alone. But when I’m not with him, I do not want to be told what to do. No controlling men for me.
- Expensive name brand shit. I literally do not give a fuck about name brand things or being spoiled and materialistic. Not interested in flaunting wealth.

- Feel free to message me!
- I’m here for tips and mentoring. I have run into a lot of questions on how to get what I want and finding my ideal sugar daddy.
- I sometimes have trouble speaking up for what I want. I’m very socially conscious and polite. I’ll need help with this and I’m practicing speaking up.
- I enjoy writing and I’m here to express myself with this secrete life and help others not get taken advantage of.


sooo, i thought about the character designs for the boys when they were younger, since they’re all 20 now (i mean, theres a 10 year gap). basically, craig and stan once dared each other to shave their hair when they were 14, kyle had a jersey phase, kenny looked like a fuckboyTM and tweek’s always adorable af 

or: the story of how stan and craig get taller and taller to piss off their smol bfs (i’ll do these for the others too btw) (btw click on the image if u want my unnecessary comments) also: everyone but craig has ditched their hat

Confession (Jin x Reader)

Requested by anon: Omg i’ve been waiting for forever to request this 😏 Can we have a high school (boy in luv era) jin fluff or something bc i see fellow jin stans have requested smut already 😈😈

[[A/N: I hope you enjoyed it and I’m really sorry to have taken so long to complete it. I’ve been really busy these past months.]]


By the time you had arrived in class your designated seat had already been occupied by somebody else and it seemed that by the hands of fate you had no choice but to sit on to the only empty seat left which happened to be next to one of the most studious person in the class … Which, also, happened to be the guy that you found to be the most attractive in the whole school. You had only spoken to him a few times when you were in need of a pen or a deeper explanation of the work that was given to you. Of course, you understood very thoroughly every task your teacher ever set and you had more pens than you needed.

“Pen?” Jin asked as you took your place next to him. 

“Yes, please” You replied seeing him quickly and eagerly reach into his bag pack just to lend you a pen, lending it to you with a huge smile on his face. 

Having a schemingly perfect excuse to talk to him from time to time certainly came in handy. But with a face like that, who could really blame you for wanting to be blessed by the sight of it as often as humanly possible? His utter perfection boggled your simpleton mind. How could one person be so damn beautiful? His light brown hair with subtle highlights gloriously accentuated his silky smooth sun kissed skin. The dreamy, cute puppy dog eyes that peeked out from under said toffee strands could attract your attention from miles and miles away, but what you loved the most about him were those lips. Those juicy lips, those naturally tinted rosy lips, the very lips that you yearned to feel against your own. You loved every single detail of his face, but they were what absolutely drove you insane. You felt like an overexcited fangirl whenever your wandering eyes came to stop at them. Oh and his bod-

“You’ve got a little- Um” Even though he spoke quietly it didn’t stop him from abruptly disrupting the flow of your thoughts. 

“Huh?” You said staring at him blankly. Despite the fact that he kept pointing just below the corner of his lip, you couldn’t really comprehend what it was that he was trying to point out and why he couldn’t just take it off for you if it was bothering him so much. Instinctively, you touched the exact place in which he was pointing at, however to your surprise, you couldn’t feel anything and you were starting to speculate if he was simply just doing this in order to make conversation with you. 

“You’re touching the wrong side, it’s over there.” Delicately placing his fingers around your wrist, he attempted to guide you towards what ever it was that seemed to be on your face. 

“Where is it? What is it?” You asked feeling yourself getting rigid with nervousness due to how unbelievably tender and warm the contact of his skin felt against your own. It was a feeling that you were not used to but yearned.

“Ah, just come here” His tone had an element of frustration which caused you to become slightly troubled as to what he meant by ‘come here’ when you were already sat right next to him. 

“But I’m already he-” You saw him get a tissue out of the pocket of his blazer and you honestly thought that he was going to hand it to you so you could wipe away at what was near the corner of your mouth. Instead he did it for you, with light strokes and at that moment you could have sworn that time had dragged itself out. You found the fact that he seemed so concentrated in what he was doing to be cute. In a way, he was actually taking care of you and you enjoyed every second of it. 

“Thank you” You whispered as soon as he had finished with a subtle smile drawing itself upon your lips. 

“It’s okay” He chuckled nervously as his eyes met yours … Ugh, his gaze provoked the pattern of your beating heart to intensify. “I mean … It’s not everyday that I have to clean a bit of drool at the corner of a girl’s mouth , but, uh, you’re welcome.” 

Your cheeks began reddening of a deeper shade by the mere second. Saying that you were embarrassed was an understatement, if there was a rock for you to hide under then you would have probably done it by now.

“____, it’s fine, I don’t blame you so don’t beat yourself up about it.” You didn’t know whether he was being genuine or if he was joking around but contrary to the smile he had expected to see on your face, he heard an exasperated sigh pass your lips as you rolled your eyes in annoyance. It may not have seemed a big deal - having drooled a bit and all - but to you, this was the last thing that you would have imagined happening to you in front of your crush. It was impossible to say how you felt emotionally, however, physically it felt as if a wave constructed of cold ice had washed all over you.

“_____?” He leaned forward as to get a better view of your face, he seemed both confused and concerned and at that moment you wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of here. 

Your eyes darted in the direction of the clock positioned near the top of the interactive white board and … Alas, you were saved by the bell. Without as much as looking back, hurriedly you packed your stuff, grabbed your bag and left in a hurry, as if you urgently had some place to be … For the record, you didn’t. 

Hundreds of students started filling up all the empty spaces in the hallway. Therefore your journey towards your locker was delayed by people pushing through to find their own way, though, eventually you got to where you needed to be. You started putting your stuff in your locker, desperately wishing that there was a possibility in which you could get to turn back time and re-start the whole day on a high. 

As you closed the door of your locker, you felt someone leave a light tap on your shoulder. The person’s touch was gentle yet it wasn’t something you were expecting considering you weren’t used to people bothering you when you were near your locker, in other words you were startled to a great extent and in a swift movement you were turned around to see who it was. You were deeply flustered when it was in fact Jin’s face that greeted your vision causing you to walk backwards, pushing your body further against your locker until there was no where else for you to go. Jin started furrowing his eyebrows as he leaned one of his arms against your locker, his hand was placed just a bit above your head as he looked down at you. He gave you the impression that he was about to close off your personal space but all he did was bring his lips close to your ear. 

“Meet me at the rooftop” he murmured. You felt your body go all tense for the second time today and you hoped that he would see it as a sign of discomfort, even though it wasn’t that at all. The only thing he feared at that moment, would have been you refusing to acknowledge what he was saying to you. 

“Jin, I-”

“Now!” he said in a tone that was subtly intoxicated with annoyance.

His hand found your wrist and with all his strength he led you to the fire exit staircase. At this rate, you knew that you were going to be very late to your next lesson but you didn’t care. Some sort of adrenaline rush installed itself inside you as you were walking up the stairs with him … being dragged by  the wrist up the stairs by him. 

More minutes had passed by in silence before you and Jin got closer to the door of the rooftop. Once you both arrived at your destination, you felt his grasp on you slip away and you noticed the expression on his face softening as his eyes stayed fixated on you. 

You suspected that your heart was pounding aggressively at your ribcage because of all the fatigue that was caused when you were walking up the countless steps, but you knew that a huge part of it was linked to Jin and it had to do with how he was looking at you with this immense amount of appreciation. 

“Jin, why did you bring me here?” To your dismay, the tone of uncertainty in your voice was greater than you had anticipated which surprisingly triggered a sly smirk to pull at one of the corner of his lips.

“I like you, _____”  You were surprised at how composed and relaxed he appeared but at the same time you were so focused on not fainting and you feared that your heart would escape through your chest because of how fast it was beating.

“W-what did you just say?” Your eyebrows quivered as they rose, you weren’t sure whether you were excited or shocked over what you thought you had just heard though whichever it was, it caused millions of tiny butterflies to swirl at the pit of your stomach disallowing your adrenaline rush from leaving. 

“You heard me. I like you, a lot. I love the way you always ask me to lend you a pen when I can clearly see some in the pocket of your blazer, I love it when you look at me during class thinking that I can’t see you in the corner of my eyes … But what I love the most is having you by my side, even if it’s only for an hour. Your presence in my life is essential and I need it. I need you.”

You were trying so hard to look cool that you were sure the massive grin on your face was what gave you away. Jin started approaching you, getting ready to reach for your hands. “Hold on” you said putting your hands behind your back “I didn’t really hear that last part. Can you please repeat what you said?”

“From now on, I want to take care of you. I want you to only have eyes for me and I just want you to be mine.” He cupped your face in his soft hands, faintly squishing your cheeks before saying “I need you” once more. His face became so dangerously close to your own that you felt the tip of his nose lightly brush against yours and his lips were just about a millimeter apart from your own that if either of you did as much as move a muscle your lips would have came crashing into contact with one another. But apparently, the interruption of the last school bell was a sign that the day of your first kiss was not destined to be today.

 If anything, the bell reminded you that you had left your stuff in your locker. Jin sort of stood there dumbfounded by how quick you were to get distracted from what was about to happen. As you made your way back to the rooftop door you could feel his gaze piercing right through you, a part of you felt guilty for not having kissed him but another part of you felt as though the moment would have been a bit rushed. Your mind was not at all at ease and to add to the situation, you struggled to open the door. 

Jin watched in confusion as he couldn’t understand why you were struggling to open the door, therefore a couple of seconds after he followed after you and asked “What’s wrong?” Though, you could tell he wasn’t talking about the door, you knew exactly what he was talking about but right now the kiss and the confession were shoved right to the back of your mind. You thought hard about why the door wouldn’t open and you finally recalled the fact that it was a door that could only be opened from the interior.

“Jin,” you said trying your hardest to not freak out as he hummed in response “We’re locked outside.”

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Preference #139 Embarrassment

Requested by anon

Liam- The plan was to meet at his house which is why you were ringing his bell. “One second I’ll be right out,” he smiled walking into another room. After a few minutes he came out and started walking to you in his date attire. He looked gorgeous, everything was fitted but your eyes skidded to his pants and his fly was open. “Liam, you’re wonderful but before we leave check your zipper,” he looked down and quickly zipped it up, cheeks red. “Thanks babe.”

Zayn- For weeks your excuse was to head for the library so you could study with some piece and quiet when really, you only went there to meet with Zayn and headed outside where no one was around to catch you. Your would talk for a bit, tease each other and then obviously make out. It was perfect and no one knew about your sneaking around with the most attractive boy at your school until one day the person who worked for the school newspaper caught you and thought it would be great headline news. You and Zayn were embarrassed like never before but at least you had each other.

Niall- First time Niall met your family was amazing. Niall impressed your mom and grandma and your dad clicked with him at “hello.” “What about a game of basketball?” your dad asked Niall who would never refuse the offer. The plan was to let your dad win by a little so his pride wouldn’t be hurt but Niall ended up having his ego hurt. The ball bounced right on his head leaving him with a very mild concussion. For the rest of the night Niall looked embarrassed but your dad reassured him they would have a rematch and all was well.

Harry- Your best friend was having a baby shower and invited both you and Harry to the party. Harry was one of the few guys there but he didn’t mind, he loved kids and everything related to them. As you talked to your friend and handed her your present Harry came speed walking towards you looking all red and embarrassed, “Y/N, we need to leave,” you were confused, “I thought that Maria was pregnant too but she’s… not.” you clutched your stomach in laughter and handed him some wine, “Babe, you’ll need this.” He sighed and took the glass chugging it in one go.

Louis- “I have such a pounding headache,” Louis grunted walking around the kitchen like a zombie. You didn’t want to pry but there were videos taken of him that were already all over social media. “About that… You were really drunk and well, many people know now.” His sea blue eyes darkened and darted towards the TV, showing clips of him shouting and falling all over the place. He covered his face and mumbled, “My mom will never let this go.”