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It bugs me when people think the visual and the face of the group are the same, from what I understand the visual the predetermined “most attractive member” and the face is the most recognizable and most popular member and a lot of the time they are the same person but not always, for example AOA’s visual is Hyejeong and their face is Seolhyun and Victon’s visual is Byungchan and their face is Sejun

The most attractive member of the Suicide Squad is definitely Harley Quinn. I don’t think The Joker has eyes for anyone else except Harley. The other girls are cute, but Harley’s just got that special something.
—  Jared Leto (x)

I’ve never really cared for the Fred/Daphne couple. They had some cute moments in Zombie Island and the Witch’s Ghost, but other than that more recent movies seem more interested in having them just getting really jealous whenever someone shows interest in the other (and vice versa) rather than showing why they’d make a good couple other than the fact that they’re the most attractive members of the gang.


“When it’s Matsuoka-kun, though, everything comes to him so naturally–and he’s so ideal. He’s amazing. You all should know that even at his lowest, there’s something cute about him, and he’s the most ridiculously attractive member of us all.

“Whenever I see him working, there’s a different vibe to him. But Matsuoka-kun’s virtue, his ability to bring so many good things out, all his little quirks… I think I know him better than any television producer ever could.” – Tomoya Nagase

          Happy 40th Birthday, Masahiro “Mabo” Matsuoka!

                    (January 11, 1977)

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I do wish there were more unbiased spoiler sites . I've only found one that wasn't too biased . It seems most I've looked into are major b3th haters . In a lot of the forums they usually end up trashing on B3th and team defiance /delusional , even when the subject has nothing at all to do with her or us.

Out of curiosity, what was the site? Unfortunately I think the spoiler sites tend to attract the most vicious members of fandom, creating a cesspool of negativity and misogyny. Many C@rol stans/C@rylers are on those sites, and they tend to be the one who attack others. B3th embodies many traits that our patriarchal society scorns; it’s the same with ASoIaF’s S@nsa Stark.

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me. That kind of negativity can pull you down before you even realize it.

Just remember: We’re the black sheep of the fandom, but we’re fucking boss.

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okay but i think shownu is one of the most attractive members of shownu not just because hes my ult but hes so sweet and handsome. I dont understand how people dont love him like hes so amazing why tf do people ignore him

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yes 100% agree to all of this, shownu deserves so much love and appreciation tbh like you said he’s such a sweet and kind person and i love him 

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EXO Reaction to discovering your phone wallpaper is one of the other members

I tried my best to make this interesting as possible and stick to the boys personality and how I feel they would react. I hope you enjoy!

I do not own these gifs

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Baekhyun would see one of his members as your wallpaper and would assume that you must be confused on who the most attractive member is so not only would he take a selca to set as your new wallpaper, he would take so many that your phone ran out of storage. If you confronted him about it would feign ignorance but point out however that they’re better than any the others could take.

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Chanyeol would pout and try to make you believe that he was upset that one of the other members was your wallpaper but it wouldn’t last long and his serious facade would be quickly dropped as he burst out laughing and teased you for having the other member as your wallpaper.  

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JongBAE (I’m really thirsting hard atm) would go into hysterics when he was greeted by another member’s face. He would probably assume one of the beagle line had done it as a prank to troll the troll and in retaliation he would change all of their wallpapers to himself.

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Jongin would sulk a little feeling somewhat rejected and would make a point of letting you know that he has changed his wallpaper from you to someone else, in an attempt to make you feel jealous and a little bad.

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Junmyeon wouldn’t feel jealous or hurt he would just feel slightly concerned that not matter what those boys seemingly were everywhere he went, even on your wallpaper, and there was no escaping them. He would probably just roll his eyes and chuckle before getting back to whatever you were doing.

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Kyungsoo has admitted himself that he’s very clingy and when he sees one of his member is your wallpaper instead of him he would I feel he would get quite possessive and insecure whenever the two of you are alone together. Eventually he would approach you about it to clear things up. Either that or Exo would suddenly become ot8.

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A devilish smirk would erupt on his face when he saw one of the members as your wallpaper. He would tease you relentlessly over it, making jokes about how madly in love with them you were or how it was an obvious attempt to make him jealous but at the end of the day it’s all light-hearted fun.

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Sehun would have snuck onto your phone to go and like all of his own instagram photos off of your account and would be completely confused to see one of his hyungs as your wallpaper instead of himself. Sehun would be a complete brat about it. He wouldn’t directly say anything about it but whenever you asked him anything he would tell you to ask whichever member is your wallpaper instead of him.

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I feel like Yixing would be a little confused at first as to why exactly one of the members was your wallpaper as opposed to him but he wouldn’t let it bother him, if anything he would be happy that you’re a fan of his members and be his usual cute self.

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Suicide Squad Stars on their most attractive member (Exclusive interview)