most amusing thing ever

All I can see here is baby!Chirrut seeing a young Baze across the courtyard for the first time, maybe with the sunlight illuminating those ears.

Baze is smiling at something another acolyte is saying to him, and all Chirrut can think is, “Oh no.”

(Credit for the gif to @kingalistairtheirin)

  • Miyagi: Why the hell did you adopt a dog?
  • Shinobu: It was FATE
  • Miyagi: What???
  • Shinobu: The dog's name is....
  • Shinobu: Cabbage
  • Miyagi: What the fuck
100 Bullets

You guys know that Vertigo comic that Tom Hardy just signed on to produce and maybe star in for New Line?

I’m reading it now (I’m writing an overview of it for work) and it’s basically already an Inception crossover. It’s got shadowy one-named men with shiny guns and mysterious briefcases. It’s got powerful corporations that deal above the law. It’s got international conspiracies. It’s got a ferocious point man. It’s got washed up agents on the ground. It’s got memory wiping and references to waking up to reality.  

It’s also got tons of thugs and gangs and street talk and violence, haha, it’s the most Tom Hardy thing ever. I’m so amused.

(eta: i should also add it’s gorgeous, beautifully drawn and one of the most beautifully laid out/composed comics I’ve ever seen. For ex: 

My mom was looking up some old rock stars on google and showing my little sister what they used to look like. And she looked up someone who used to have long hair (I don’t know who because I wasn’t really paying attention at first tbh) and my little sister gasps and says “They’re just like Greg!” and my mom was like “What!? Who’s Greg???” And my little sister says “from Steven Universe!” like it was the most obvious thing ever

I dunno, I found the exchange very amusing