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Story time: My gay made an appearance

Okay so theres this really cute girl who gets the same bus as me and she has done for about two years. I don’t know anything about her apart from her school but I’m pretty sure we’re about the same age. She wears the most amazing doc martin shoes to school and has the ‘bisexual’ haircut. Her bag has greens and purples and yellow colours in and kinda looks like a yeezy t-shirt has been wrapped around it. It has yeezus and MiM patches on and suits her so well. Anyway… Id love to get to know her better (if you know what I mean) but I’m too awkward and shy to talk to her. Like what if it turns out she’s really judgemental and she doesn’t want to talk to me. And even if i got over my anxiety to talk to her what the fuck would I say like i don’t know if I have anything in common with her. Ugh! What do??

New Fic: Kitten Heels and Other Pretty Things

Title: Kitten Heels and Other Pretty Things (Ao3)

Fandom: Fallout 4

Pairing: MacCready/Sole Survivor

Rating: T

Summary: In which MacCready says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Again.

Notes: First official Fallout fic. Eeks! Posts and runs away.


They’re making out like teenagers, which granted wasn’t too long ago for MacCready, but no way in hell is he gonna remind the boss that. Instead, he slides his hands from her waist to her ass, hoping that the crumbling wall they’re pressed up against is solid enough to hold their weight.

He nudges his thigh between her legs - this is the first time they’ve shared more than a brief kiss; he wants this to be good - and Anura moans into his mouth. Goddamn, he wants to hear that sound again, so he cups her ass, and pulls her even closer, close enough he can feel the heat of her cunt on his leg.


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Seventeen’s Reaction to you having a shoe shopping obsession.

Lool so im really dumb and i put this in our queue even though it wasnt finished .. So yeah. Thanks to the person who liked it though :) you’re a babe.

S.coups - He would turn around to you and say “same babe same”. Would love buying you things so your shoe obsession would mean that you get more shoes!

Jeonghan - He would have that ‘that’s perfect’ face when he finds out and tell you that he would love to take you shopping.

Joshua - Like the gentleman he is he would buy you the most amazing shoes ever and it would be a total surprise. He would buy you shoes and take you shopping too.

Jun - He would be like “ohh” and think is that why you take so long when we go shopping?

Hoshi - He would be obsessed with you. Probably fan-girl over and buy you every shoe you see.

Wonwoo - You would tell him about your obession and he would laugh and tease you “ohh really jagiyah, I didn’t even notice” whilst pointing to your shoe collection

Woozi - He would love how excited you get when you get shoes and would buy you a million shoes just to see you smile. He would also cry cuz … that’s his money. 

DK - He would find it so cute and he would take you to your favourite store and be like “go on jagi buy whatever you want.”

Mingyu - Probably be whiney when you guys buy shoes and ask you why you’re taking so long. He would find this habit endearing.

The8 - He would probably tease you about it before telling you that you’re so cute. He would be more than happy to buy you shoes.

Seungkwan - Would question you and ask you where you get all the money to buy the shoes from ? *secretly checks his bank account* He would find it cute though.

Vernon - Would question why you need so many shoes when you only have two feet but once you point out his hat/bandana collection, he’d probably just give you a sheepish smile. Would end up buying you shoes too.

Dino - He would love buying you things so when he notices your obsession he would be really happy and take you shopping. He’d probably be the most practical about how to spend his money though xD

Thanks for the request!

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