most amazing man on earth

This probably happened at some point
  • Remus: *climbs into Sirius' bed*
  • Sirius: *trying to whisper* what are you doing?
  • Remus: *trying to whisper* I want to sleep with you *cuddling*
  • Sirius: you are so clingy... I love you so much.
  • Sirius: you know, sometimes I wonder what did i do right to be loved by him?
  • Remus: him?
  • Sirius: the most amazing man on earth *gives Remus a cheesy kiss*
  • James: Aw I'm so glad you know i love you pads!
  • Sirius: I meant Remus prongs. How are you hearing our conversation anyway?
  • Remus: *dies of embarrassment he only lets Sirius hear the cheesy stuff*
  • Sirius: okay, you got a point.
  • Peter: could all of you please shut up! Some of us actually want to sleep!

Red Green is the best, and will continue to be the best.

Day 17: Album 6

*Taylor’s Pov*

I had never ever been this scared to put out an album before, like EVER. This album was totally different from my other albums and maybe not in a good way. I won lots of prices for 1989 and I know that everyone expects this album to be at least that good, or better. And I really liked this new album, there is just one problem. It’s totally different, and not like 1989 was totally different. This is even more different, because for the first time I have not had any breakups to write about. Even though I took a long break from music. Now I’m married with the most amazing man on earth and I am so happy. My lyrics on this album is still smart, but so happy. Or not the song I wrote about Kanye West, but the other ones, the songs about me and Adam. Because honestly, Adam inspired the whole album! He just didn’t knew it yet, so I was a bit scared about that too. What if he got disappointed, what if he thought that I told the world too much of our private stuff.

I stood and talked to my team when I heard Adam say ”Hey babe” and then he wrapped his arms around me from the back. ”Hello” I said and turned around to face him. He kissed me and I kissed back. ”You two, get a room” Max said and the others started to laugh. I pulled away from Adam and bit my lip. ”So it’s only 5 minutes left” Adam said and grabbed my hand. ”Yeah. I’m so exited” I said as I looked in too those beautiful green eyes of his.

Me and Adam sat down on the couch, or I sat down in his lap. Then Max and Jack started to countdown. ”3,2,1” Adam kissed me when they said two and we kissed until they opened champagne and sprayed over us. Or actually Max did capture the moment when the champagne was all over us and we kissed, so I posted that picture on Instagram and wrote ”The new album is out, so I’m celebrating with my husband. Who do you celebrate with?”

Some of my friends came over to celebrate and we played the album. I was really happy and wanted to celebrate, but even more I wanted to be with Adam, and see his reaction. When the song ”You are the one” started playing I put my hands in front of my head and lay down on his chest. I did that a lot of times when we played the album, I loved it, but it was a bit embarrassing, me telling the world how I felt and still feel about him, the man in my dreams, the love of my life, that Scottish DJ who made me believe in love again, the person who turned out to be the best thing that’s ever been mine.

”It was so good, I love you” Adam said and kissed me. ”You liked it?” I asked. ”I loved it, I love you, you know that so many of the songs talked to me, and I totally feel the same. I knew it was you from that first day, I knew since that moment that you were the one.” he said. A few tears started streaming down my cheeks. ”I love you” I said.

Later that evening I went on tumblr to see what my fans thought about the album. It was really funny because they made pictures of Adams and my storyline and put the song lyrics on the pictures. It was really sweet. It seems like they liked this one more than 1989, I hope they did. It was different because I was finally happy. And being happy is more important than being cool. Being happy is the most important thing on earth, and since I met Adam, I have been the luckiest girl on this planet.

A Year of Markiplier

April 25, 2014. I was at a friends house, staying the night. Our other friend couldn’t make it, so we were just hanging around, talking. Then she suddenly jumped up and yelled, “It’s time for my favorite person in the world!” She ran upstairs, dragging me along with her, and pulled out her phone. She literally threw me on her bed, then flopped down next to me and began frantically tapping away at the screen on her phone. At first, I though she was calling the friend who couldn’t make it so that we could at least talk awhile. But then she handed me a headphone, stuck the other in her ear, and looked at me expectantly. Confused, I slowly placed the earphone in and she showed me the screen of her phone. A red play button was displayed, and as I watched, she hit play to reveal a man with raven black hair, kind brown eyes, and a smile that would’ve lit up the sky on a moonless night. He had what looked like a huge pair of glasses perched on his head, and he lifted a hand in an energetic wave before I heard his voice for the first time, “Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome to Classroom Aquatic, an oculus rift game where you play as a dolphin…” I glanced to my friend with a, “What is this?” expression. She just smiled and gestured back to the screen, where the man had placed his “oculus rift” over his eyes and was beginning to play the game. He made many odd comments, and did many odd things, but he made me laugh like I’ve never laughed before. This man, I later learned, was a YouTuber by the name of Markiplier. My friend even had a shirt of his icon, but I never understood what it was until that day. That day, I was introduced to the most selfless, caring, honourable, kind, dignified, goofy, lovable, joking man in the world…and I’m forever grateful for that day. Today, April 25, 2015, is the day where exactly one year ago, I heard his voice for the first time, saw his beautiful smile and heard his kind words for the first time. And I’d like to say thank you, Mark, for that one year of laughter and joy, of scares and screams, of tears and heartbreak. Thank you. Thank you to the stars, thank you to the moon, thank you to infinity. Thank you. So much.