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 → Most Epic Scene - Silent Hill 2 Ending

I think the most used answer would be the death of a certain someone in FF7, and I would completely agree that was mind blowing. There are so many choices I had in mind for this, but in the end, I wanted to do something to honor one of the freakiest games ever and craziest endings I’ve ever seen - Silent Hill 2. I played every single one of them, and every single game, I screamed, flung my controller, and had to pause to catch my breath. They freak me out, and Silent Hill 2 has to be one of the coolest (and most disturbing) games I’ve ever played. The ending was one of those kind of endings where you find yourself muttering, “no, no, no, James” and shaking your head. 

Drabble: In Love💕

Requested by anonymous 

There were countless things Newt loved about you. The way your hair perfectly fell around your face, the way your eyes lit up when you smiled, how your cheeks seemed to be the perfect shade of pink all the time and your unconditional love for both him and his creatures.

Leaning against the door frame to his hut, Newt smiled to himself as he watched you tenderly care for the mooncalves. Tossing the tiny pellets in to the air, you giggled as each one hopped up and plucked one from the air. Their eyes wide and full of joy as you pet them on the head and whispered sweet compliments to them.

How had he become so lucky to find someone so amazing as you?

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