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“I wish you a wonderfull and happily spended birthday. And since i remmember what you said at the stream, i thought that maybe spending it with these little muffins would be a more enjoyable birthday, then having thousands of people attend to it. After all having a piece of cake, a small accident with birthday decorations, and then taking a nap is one of the best way how i could imagine a birthday.”

“So…Happy Birthday Blind. Thank you for everything. Stay strong, and may you encounter as few roadblock on your way as possible. I…We will always try to support you, however we can. Because you deserve it.”



“Oh dragon lord, please don’t be sad 
Don’t let your heart sore with sorrow, 
A mighty god should not be driven by agony
Oh Ryu-sama, let this humble servant purify your spirit 
Fill your heart with love and make you smile again“
___ Cherry Blossom Princess ___ Sakura Hime____

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @ssaravinter , the most amazing artist and a beautiful friend that give me a lot of affection. I know you love Hanzo so much , and I like to picture him in a supernatural beauty that portrait his figure in a spiritual way, despite the theme of the game are sci-fi. He got tickle by a pedal of cherry blossom as a breeze bright them toward him while he’s practice. The outcome of the drawing might not be perfect as I imagine but I tried, pfft haha !
  I hope you like my gift :> !
'The New Mutants' Details Revealed: X-Men Franchise Goes Horror
Director Josh Boone on the ‘very, very different’ Maisie Williams X-Men project

The New Mutants, the long anticipated X-Men spinoff movie, is going to be a comic book film that goes in an unusual direction. “We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the X-Men universe,” director Josh Boone says. “There are no costumes. There are no supervillains. We’re trying to do something very, very different.”

The New Mutants, which was created by Chris Claremont in the early ’80s, is about a group of teenage mutants, a kind of superheroes-in-training, who must learn to control their powers. When artist Bill Sienkiewicz — whom Boone calls “one of the most amazing comic book artists ever” — came aboard for No. 18 in 1984, the series took a turn for what Boone describes as, “a darker and more surreal and impressionistic X-Men series than we’d ever seen before. It felt like Stephen King meets John Hughes.”

It’s this run of the comic that inspired what we’ll see in The New Mutants which is currently scheduled for a spring 2018 release (and shooting for a PG-13 rating). Boone is keeping mum on actual plot details, but a source close to the project explained how mutants are at their most dangerous (both to themselves and others) when their powers are new. (Like, say, their teenage years!) Says the source: “Held in a secret facility against their will, five new mutants have to battle the dangers of their powers, as well as the sins of their past. They aren’t out to save the world — they’re just trying to save themselves.”

“We love that Fox wants to make all these different X-Men spinoffs as drastically different as they can.”

Boone wants to assure fellow fans that he’s one of them and that he’s taking this responsibility very, very seriously. “You can’t have a bigger nerd or fan making this. It’s so important to me. I’m not the 12-year-old who decided to write Stephen King a letter and loved Marvel Comics anymore, but I try to hold myself accountable to that kid. Because that kid is what keeps me from becoming a Hollywood whore,” he says with a laugh.

I wondered about a lot of things. I wondered what it would be like to perform for 70 thousand people. I wondered what it would look like if they were all lit up, and just dancing around like no one was watching them. I wonder what would happen if I invited the most amazing artists in the world to come out with me and perform on my stage. Would they do it? I wonder what it would like to get so lost in it every night and never want it to end. It would be like this. This is the 1989 World Tour.

Woo. I think I’ve now reblogged all the beginner bang art! I’ve even managed to read a few. Today is a planting day but tonight…. So much reading. I’m excited.

So yeah. I hate how I draw.

I mean, I can draw (a certain way), but I feel I’m artistically… empty. I’m so jealous of some people who have amazing amazing amazing artstyles (I was about to tag a few, but I won’t, because it would be quite awkward for them and I don’t want to be more of an attention whore that I’m already am right now). I HATE being jealous, but it’s in my nature. I know everyone worked super hard to get to the drawing level they are at, but yet, I can’t shake that feeling of unfairness. I worked hard too, why am I not as good as them?

I have always been drawing, practicing. Some friends even tell me I draw quite a lot. Even my work is related to drawing sometimes (I draw and animate simple things for corporative videos and stuff). I try to improve, etc. But AS SOON as I try new things, I suck at it. It’s normal, I know, but even if I keep trying and testing and finding new ways, I’m not happy about what I’m doing and I kinda want to throw myself by the window. So maybe my personality is the problem, maybe I’m just not a person fit to be patient and tolerant of mistakes and all the jazz. I know I’m super perfectionist (and not in the cool “oh yeah, my biggest flaw is being perfectionist eh eh”, more in the “if I don’t like it, I destroy it and go cry myself to sleep” way).

I try to learn technique in traditional ways (tutorial, observation, etc), but my brain freezes. Like everything in life, I learned drawing by winging it. Random traits, not correcting mistakes, adding a lot of effects over a boring drawing to hide the base of it, etc. So I know I won’t be able to improve like most of the amazing artists around me are. I never been to an art school, and I think that’s why.

*insert long sigh here*

My problems are laughable. But I feel bad because of that, so I needed to vent it out, and this is what it is. Sorry for barfing everything on internet, but at least it gives me the illusion of talking about it to someone, ahah.

I may be drawing tomorrow, while being in a good mood, who knows. But I know this damn feeling will come back, yet again. I’m like that since I’m a child, it’s not going to chant.

anonymous asked:

Teakip, when you first started, did you ever feel anxious or insecure about your art? What helped you get over it and build up enough confidence to be happy with your work?

Tl;dr: even if you hate what you create, draw near daily and post it regardless if you think it’s good or not so you can track your progress and get used to appreciating and sharing your own work and build self confidence.

I was insanely self conscious the first whole 2 of the 3 years I’ve been doing digital art, it wasn’t until spring of last year that I started to find a consistent style and that was also when I hit 10k on ig and just grew from there.

I’m terrible at advice (not that my advice is bad I just never have the motivation to give it) but what I can tell you is that everyone always starts out as shit. Everyone sucks at art in the begining, even the most amazing and popular artist you can think of started with little to no artistic ability and had to be very very patient and allow their style to develop and become a trademark to who they are. And I always really try to push for people to post most (doesn’t have to be all) of what they draw online even if you don’t like it bc when you do so you’re able to keep track and actually watch your style change and improve and it can be a good confidence booster. I’d show the pic but I’m on mobile but just the other day on my ig even compared an erejean piece I did 2 years ago to the one I did for erejean week recently and you really can see a big fucking difference. Another thing is to draw as much as humanly possible and to do it often bc the more you draw the faster you improve.

The First Annual Tumblr Sso Awards

Server?: NA Frost Valley

When?: April 29th, 2017

Time?: 6pm EST, 5pm CST, 4pm MST, and 3pm PST

Where?: Moorland South Beach

Who?: Anyone!! Bring your friends to come watch!

How Long?: About 1-2 hours; if you don’t make it, I’ll be posting who won what awards here on my blog so you will know!


Welcome everyone to the first annual Sso Tumblr Awards Dinner! This will be a yearly event and it will happen about the same time every year. And I am currently working on making a vote page so we can all vote on who should win what. If u want to nominate anyone for an award, PM me!!


Here are the awards that will be awarded:

Tumblr Leader of the Year • Certified Smile Maker • Leading by Example • Mountain Mover • Top Team • Behind the Scenes Award • Pat on the Back Award • Helping Hand Award • Responsibility Award • Mission Possible Award • Energizer Bunny Award • Top Racer • Volunteer of the Year • Outstanding Achievement • WOW Award • High Five Award • World Changer Award • Calmer of Storms Award • Highest of High Fives Award • Key Contributer Award • Most Spirited Award • Amazing Artist Award • Fashionista Award • Comedian Award • Most Creative Award • Sportsmanship Award • Punny Award • Bussy Bee Award • Lock Ness Award • Best Mom Award –> So if u guys want to nominate anyone in the community for any of the awards, pleaseee PM me ASAP!! I hope to see u all there!
thank you ♡

Today marks two and a half years since I first stumbled into this wonderful fandom - between 2x05 The Hen in the Wolf House and 2x06 A Fractured House, in late October 2014. I missed out on my two year anniversary last year because I wasn’t very active then, so this is a post to make up for that. I love our fandom so much, and wanted to thank everyone, even those who aren’t still around, for the experience.

But here is a special thank you, to some very special people:

@melliecoulson : emma, you’ve been here with me since day one, and i couldn’t have asked for a better beta, writing partner, someone i call a friend.
@ddagent : kelly, you are most talented writer i know, and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. 
@non-stopjess : jess, i love you, i have loved beta-ing for you. you are so sweet and so kind
@suallenparker : su, thank you for always being welcoming, and running the fandom’s main blog like a champ!
@philinda : liz, you are amazing at everything you do, and everything i aspire to be
@nessnessquik : ness, you write the fluffiest fics, and always support me when i’m down. i’ll always be here for you too. 
@sunshine-and-the-catsuit : sunshine, i still think fate paired us together in that secret santa way back in december and i’m so happy to have met you
@arthurconan-doyle : blessy, the most amazing artist i know 

to the awesome people who i don’t get to talk to much, but are still always there:
@righteousnerd @sarahastro84 @kitlee625 @hanorganaas @crazymaryt @lola381pce @14hpgirl19 @mclinda-may 

to the writers i’ve always admired:

@valanthaliadon @katalizi @b00k-freak

to the amazing creators of art:

@aelliots @badassblackwidowcavalry @isabelle-le-fanult @loudestdork 

to the awesome peeps in the philinda chatroom:
i know it’s only been two months since we started talking, but i love you all! i also don’t have all your urls saved so if you’re not listed i still love you :)

@anarchycox (amanda, the awesome writer) @timmac-andtheattack (jette, the cutest accent) @qiaolianmelindamay (sophie, the amazing vidmaker) @acciopeggy (yasmin, the always supportive) @philindaisreal (bettina, the always positive)

@agentsphilinda : stef, thank you for creating the chatroom, and teaching me how to gif. you’re an amazing friend.
@fyeah-philinda : laura, i feel like we know each other so well even though we barely know each other. here’s to many more nights of chatting!
@marcuskaen : melanie, you talented sun of a gun. thank you for all you have taught me and all you have shared 
@tonksiefea : macks, someday i’m going to see you on the silver screen and i’ll be able to say, hey, i knew that girl way back when. i know you’ll go far
@studiocapsicum : clairebear, my fellow aussie. you’re a pain in my ass and i love you for it. 

to two superstars:
@carolineaquino73 and @the-eh-team

and to everyone out there:

i don’t know all of your names and i haven’t spoken to a lot of you before but i’d love to get to know you all :) to every person who has kudos/commented on my fics on ao3, to those who have reblogged my work on tumblr, to the philinda fandom, i give my thanks. 

weeblikerwithnolife  asked:

I just want to say YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING TALENTED FANTASTIC ARTIST I HAVE EVER SEEN for your age you are one of the reason of why I want to become an animator I LOVE YOUR WORK💖💖💖💖👍👍👌👌KEEP IT UP!!!💖💖❤❤💗💗💘

Omg thank you so much…. >/////<

You know people may say that snowbarry is dead, that is never going to happen, that is crazy all that…. I’m still gonna ship it. 

The writers can make Caitlin a villain and Killer Frost forever and all that… And I’m still gonna ship it.

They can kill one of them, or both of them… I’m still gonna ship it. 

They can kill me and I will be shipping this so freaking much that I will go to Valhalla in my Snowbarry Stan Ship and I will be talking in heaven or hell about those two adorable dorks.

PLEASE look at this gorgeous Juria commission from AWESOME @bbbreakfast WHICH MADE ME CRY OF JOY A LOT 😭👌💖