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OK people I have just found the most amazing thing.

I was watching His Last Vow and I noticed something familiar: 

When Sherlock is pretending to go out with Janine we encounter Trash!John at his best. You can clearly see that he’s jealous. Here’s the thing: when she leaves, he gets up fake-smiling and puffs out his chest. REALLY HARD.


The second pic is from The Office where he plays Tim, who is in love with Dawn, the blonde over there, who coincidentally already has a boyfriend. In this scene, Tim is jealously watching while Dawn and her boyfriend kiss. Guess what?? HE FUCKING FAKE- SMILES AND PUFFS OUT HIS CHEST!! holy shit

I AM NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP PEOPLE, in fact here are the Youtube links to both of the scenes:


The Office:

I may just be reading too much into his acting but don’t tell me this isn’t an amazing “coincidence”.

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the most amazing event that i have ever witnessed took place in 9th grade when all of us freshmen got our electronic baby care dolls in health class and these two girls were fighting during lunch and one of the girls threw the other girl’s doll against a locker

UPDATE: @flower-merchant

The bae needs to stop being so ADORABLE! She keeps saying, “I love you” and she’s the cutest girl in the world omg. My heart flutters just hearing her voice.. how can?? anyone be so?? perfect?? i love you babe

okay. so i’ve been meaning to post one of these for a long ass time to be honest, i hit another milestone like a few weeks back, and yeah. i guess here we are. so i’ve been roleplaying for a long ass time, maybe not on tumblr but i’ve been around way too damn long. ( but the tumblr society has been so damn amazing ), and firstly i wanna thank every single one of you, for putting up with me - sending me in memes and threads and interacting with me. i have a few shout outs.

( @beautysurvives​ ) dom, thank you for everything - thank you for ALWAYS being there, and being the most amazing guy i know. you put up with all my fucked up roleplay ideas, my slips into character, my “all nighters.” just you’re incredibly precious to me. tbh.

( @emotiionisms ) i would be entirely lost without you gracie. you’re the first friend i really made on this account, and i infinitely love out lack of ability to actually stick to a thread, or continue one. you always make me laugh, even if it’s purely just our snaps. 

( @nyotavhura ) kirsty, jesus you’re like my mum friend. you know exactly what to say, and you’re always the person with the most sound advice, i love our interactions, and you’re so incredibly gorgeous. just everything about you to be perfectly honest. 

( @highlyillcgical ) you came outta nowhere and just invaded my life to be honest. you posted a thing about me, and then we went from there. and now i couldn’t imagine not talking to you everyday. you’re amazing and every damn character you touch is amazing.

( @energeticrussian ) my pasha, my darling darling dani. jesus. where do i begin with you. for some unknown reason you’re the only one capable of making me write fluff. I love you, I really do. Even your damn Alexander Hamilton I love to pieces. you’re just crack, pure crack. gdi.

the rest of you kids: @miimesis, @bioengiineer, @leoiignis, @artaswellasscience, @betterbekiddingme, @darcylewisinaction, @shexlock, @missadvancedweaponry, @scartissueex@admiredstars, @sympathed, @talentfcr, @kahskhiori, @ofentrcpy, @beastiebcby@anxlgesic, @pointyxearedbastard, @ginfilled, @old-fashioned-boy-mccoy, @spockiisms, @devourshim, @atahthi, @irascible-doctor, @aviophobics

if I didn’t tag you, my apologies. i probably meant to <3

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lmao I nearly missed a mm chatroom bc I was reading all ur hc's & I wanted to pop in and tell you that ur like the most amazing and sweetest person ever & and I love the way u portray daddy jumin (;

NO DO NOT MISS A CHAT ROOM FOR MEEEEE!!! but thank you ;) and yes I live for daddy Jumin 

Tegan and Sara draw the most amazing crowds. Both shows I’ve been to were so full of love and acceptance, it’s kind of priceless to be so comfortable surrounded by complete strangers. Thank you for tonight @teganandsara, it was one of the best I’ve ever had. (at The Observatory Orange County)

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@mod wondy give a review of DC Bombshells pls🙏🙏🙏🙏#honestly this applies to all the mods too

i am here and i am ready.

dc bombshells is the most amazing thing ive ever read in my life o k 

First: the art is so good. like all the guest artists and original artists are amazing. the costumes are amazing. the characters look so good. 

Second: its so gay. like wow. 

third: it literally covers all of comics except in awesome 40s world war style. 

fourth: ITS ALL LADIES FOCUSED??? like every lady you love is there. 

fifth: the guys are so adorable and so in love with the ladies like steve trevor and arthur are just hearteyes at wondy and mera and they’re always like wow i cant believe my girlfriend is so much better than everyone else when will she step on my face. and roy is there and hes adorable


read it. 

read it. 



here, have a pic dump from the most amazing weekend of my life :’)
i got on my first plane and survived the flight to jersey
the entire trip from start to finish was an absolute dream
so much so that it almost feels like it didn’t happen, like it wasn’t real
i can’t believe just on sunday i was on the beach laughing with the love of my life and now i’m back in the miserable state of indiana wishing i could just scoop my children up and go back…
i’m so happy i got this experience, though, it’s something even me and my terrible memory will never forget

I know I’m being replaced, and as much as it kills me to say it, I am so very happy for you. I know she makes you happy, I see it, I hear it. And yes, it makes me sad, because I wanted us to last much longer, but time wasn’t on our side. I see the way you tease her like you did me, and the way she teases you back. The way you speak about her, like she’s the most amazing person you’ve ever met. The way you hang out with her and make crazy memories. I’ll always remember ours. I want to say thank you for being one of the best people to walk into my life, and for being the bestest friend I’ve ever had. I know you can’t keep people in your life for too long because they become boring to you, which is why I’m happy you have new excitement in your life. I want you to know, I loved you so much. I loved every part of the way you taught me to live life, and how you made me a better person. And even though you left and shattered me to pieces, I will never stop loving you. So, I hope you make her love boba tea, and I hope you call her at night just to have a conversation, because that’s how I fell in love with you. And I know she will too. Promise me you’ll stay with her. Promise me you won’t leave her.
—  i lost him // A.N. excerpts from a book I’ll never write

This is literally the best and easiest school I’ve ever been to. There’s like 20 something rooms, 2 full sets of bathrooms, 4 individual little bathrooms, and the main entrance. Any other school like this would be a nightmare, but this school has the most amazing teachers who keep their rooms so clean I don’t have to do much more than take their trash and run a dustmop briefly. Legit. Best teachers ever.

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How would best friend ! GD be?

I think that GD would be the most amazing best friend anyone could have. He’d be the type to get you a new toothbrush every 6 months because you sleep over at his house and would make sure to text you everyday, throughout the day. I think he’s the possessive friend who has to know every detail about who you’re trying to fuck with and would love gathering receipts with you. I also feel that he’s the type to bring you random presents and take you as his date to every event or club. GD would show you lots of physical affection (i.e. hugs or cuddling) and would always want to watch movies with you. He’s the type you could call at two in the morning and cry with. I think GD would destroy anyone who would try to hurt you and would encourage you to do well in everything that you try.

A little over four months, I decided to make this little flower-obsessed cupcake, Princess Promise. During that time, I have met the most wonderful, beautiful, and amazing RP’ers and writers I could ever meet and all of your kindness and putting up with me is so appreciated. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you whether we have one thread, multiple threads, or even none at all! I love each and every one of you and I can’t tell you how humbled I am that you all love Promise just as much as I do. I was never quite sure how Promise would be perceived among the Alice in Wonderland Tumblr RP fandom, and I’m glad that nearly all of my fears were put to rest and pushed far away from me.

Now, past all the mushy and the emotional stuff, on to the gorgeous sweeties that I love to work with, want to work with, or just plain stalk because of their brilliance!

тнє вєαυтιєѕ σƒ тнє ναℓℓєу

(The sweethearts that I absolutely adore writing with and ones that Promise couldn’t possibly live without!)

@irasciblempresse, @mxrmoreal, @stayne-knaveofhearts, @whitexknight, @strxngandbrxve

тнє ∂яєαму ∂αιѕιєѕ

(The amazing little sweeties that I’ve loved to roleplay with once or more and would be so ecstatic and jump at the chance to write with again!)

@kingslcigh, @whohasthetime, @cfalltimes, @hiightopp, @mxdskills, @wisteriafromwitzend, @faiirydvst

тнє ƒαωηιηg ƒяєєѕια

(The absolutely lovely and amazing blogs that I’m so glad I follow and interaction or not, I adore your work and I would be so amazed if I could ever be as brilliant as you are!)

@aprincessofwhite, @icanhazdrumstickz, @justborrowedtime, @havokisamust, @thackeryxearwicket

@spacedscavenger from here!

“Bullshit.” Daniel spits. He’s almost never angry,
he almost never brought to this point in an argument,
where he’s so angry he’s practically spewing 
venom. He’s desperate, desperate to win this, 
desperate to resolve this issue, and he reaches
out for Astyne’s arm, pulling him back to face him.
“Bullshit that’s the only thing you’re good at.” 
his eyebrows pull together with concentration 
and frustration as he studies his boyfriend’s face.

“You’re charming, you’re intelligent – fuck, you
know more about space than I do.” his grip
tightens around his boyfriend’s arm, just slightly,
just enough to show him he means what he’s saying,
a light squeeze. “You’re one of the most amazing 
people I know, you could do anything that you 
wanted to do.” he takes his hand back, his own
words hitting him. He could but he chose not to.
And that’s the problem.  

“You’re putting yourself in danger, you’re doing
things you’re not proud of all because you think
it’s the only thing you can do, and that’s just
about the shittiest reason in the world to do
something.” he shakes his head and retreats
to the kitchen, flicking on the tea kettle and
letting out an exhausted breath. “Look, I just –
I want you to be safe. And happy. And here. 
Is that so bad? Really? Is that too much to ask?”

This Plumite carved stone skull has the most amazing features and life-like details. This is an incredibly grounding, calming and centering stone. A wonderful tool to use during meditation, grid work or to place in a special spot on an altar. However you use them, we know you’ll love it!

Carved skulls have been around since ancient times and are considered to represent life, consciousness and our ancestors. Some use these beautiful carvings during meditation and have experienced a profound awakening and rise in their consciousness.

The skull shape also reminds us that in order to grow spiritually we need to allow the ego to die or to loosen its grip and allow the soul, the higher self take the lead. In a sense the skull is a symbol of rebirth: when the ego dies a new spiritual being will emerge.

You can find this and all our latest crystal skull collection at