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One of the most amazing parts of this project for me has been the willingness of those who live near historical sites, museums, and cathedrals to snap photographs for me. This is a photo taken of Ira Aldridge’s Blue Plaque in London. Because I’m disabled, travel can often be made difficult for me. Moments like these make me feel almost as if I were there myself.

There’s always going to be bad stuff out there. But here’s the most wonderful amazing thing — light trumps darkness, every time. You stick a candle into the dark, but you can’t stick the dark into the light. So light up your houses, light up your trees, and rejoice.

Tbh one of my favourite things in Flash V1 is how Barry just… conveniently happens to know a ton of famous people, sometimes inexplicably

I mean. A lot of Silver Age heroes did that but it stands out to me with Barry because unlike Reporter Clark Kent and Billionaire Bruce Wayne and so on, Barry has no logical excuse for knowing all these people.

Barry is portrayed as, outside of hero work, this completely average guy and everybody around him sees him as completely average and yet he just casually is longtime friends with astronauts and the best fashion designers in the world and world-renowned scientists and famous Hollywood actresses.

And this is as a civilian, none of them even know he’s the Flash!

I just love it so much

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Yo, what are the top 5 trails you've hiked??

i like this question a LOT.

1. westwoods, in guilford CT, my hometown. the first trails i familiarized myself with on my own & became comfortable enough to hike & run solo at great lengths. i feel like this took a lot of confidence to do as a teenage girl uncomfortable with her own body. also, the last place i walked with my childhood doggie sam. she was literally the best, sweetest, most loyal, amazing dog, & the last time we hiked there, she had been hiding the pains of aging so well & she seemed to want to keep going but i ended up carrying her home over my shoulder. it’s a bittersweet place: my independence, my dog’s decline.

2. i briefly lived in san francisco (by which i mean like a summer, because when i was younger i had zero fear of my financial future & bounced around a lot. more stories for another day). my girlfriend & i at the time went for a run from the base of the san francisco bridge, across & over to a trail in the john muir woods. i have a distinct memory of jogging up a hill, not far from the city, immediately to a grassy, open field, covered in fog. it was beautiful.

3. i hiked about 500 miles of the appalachian trail. i started in georgia with plans to make it to maine, but my bf at the time came down with MRSA, likely from a shower at a hostel, so it got cut short. but the stretch of land that i remember so fondly is the great smoky mountains. we really fell into a rhythm of hiking there, averaging about 20 miles a day. the terrain was so breathtaking, i can’t even express how much so. it varied from soft, grassy hills into the clouds (literally the cloud cover was beneath us), to thick, sweaty, green, leafy trees taking over the trails like we were someplace like vietnam, to sweet smelling, dark cool pine forests… if i could revisit any national park, this would be it.

4. there is a stretch of trail in the durham, NC area that i helped build during a stint volunteering with americorps back in my youth which i have a soft spot for. we ended up clearing about 3 miles. i have completely forgotten the name, but i can picture it like it was yesterday. 

5. i lived in new haven for a while, in the east rock neighborhood, named for east rock park (which used to be connected to west rock park before the glaciers scraped through many years ago,) i have biked, waked, hiked, laughed, cried, skipped, stumbled my way through that park more times than i could ever  count, & i am so glad it is part of our city. it’s a pretty sharp climb, so it has hurt me but made me stronger.

Its Christmas day and your otp is gathered around the tree with their family’s. The stack of presents under the tree is growing smaller ad smaller, and its narrowing down to just one large box that B told A they have to open last. A is sitting on B’s lap when they see that the box is the last present left. A looks to B with pleading eyes and B says “alright A, go open it up.” A jumps off of B’s lap and runs over to the box. They pull off the sold and inside is nothing but a small note of paper. They pick up the paper and it simply says “turn around”. A does a instructed, and when they turn, they see B kneeling in front of them. B reaches into their pocket and pulls out a ring. “A, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I couldn’t ask to be with someone better than you. You’re the love of my life and I want to live out the rest of my days with you by my side, so will you do me the biggest honour I could ever ask and marry me?” A eagerly nods and wraps their arms around B’s neck, sealing it with a kiss.

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heyyy! i'm thinking about watching yuri on ice... what makes it so good for you?? tell meee <3

1) it’s so gay
2) it’s so pure
3) it’s really funny
4) the story is fantastic
5) the characters are all so great and well-developed
6) canon victurri and they are the most amaze
7) i am usually not much into dub voiceovers but YOI’s is really great
8) the skating
9) the costumes
10) again- the characters
11) yuri is a fucking hottie and doesn’t even realize but Victor does
12) victor and Yuri are legit getting married ALSKSKSKSKAK
13) the animation

help, my datemate is the most amazing person for so many reasons but most of all I love how full of love and positivity they are and how well they handle kids, like this is probably super cheesy but I cannot wait to raise kids with them and just watch them interacting with kids and ??? They just really inspire me and make me look forward to the future. 

yknow…. i’m in the middle of making a grilled cheese, my grades are high enough that even if i try i can’t fail my classes, i’ve been doing art again for the first time in years, my friends are so lovely, and i have the most amazing and wonderful girlfriend who i’m seeing in 20 days right after christmas. things are so good. ❤️


Time and time again I kept telling myself not to get hyped, you’ve been disappointed before, so many times actually, this is a wonderful anime and show but DO NOT GET HYPED, tell others not to get too excited because it may blow on your faces and it huuuurts I AM SO SORRY BUT I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER OF BEING PROVEN WRONG, I stand corrected with my heart in heaven for this show, this show is truly making history, this show will be a pivotal moment in anime and maybe shows in general for proper representation of homosexual relationship…. Wait relationships in general, this show is one of the most amazing couple and romance I’ve ever seen. It has ruined me. No other show can make excuses now, nothing. I don’t deserve this show, it was a gift a didn’t ask for and like JB says I’m so blessed right now thank Jesus, thank Allah, Buddha, thank Sayo, Kubo, YOI production team, the seiyuus, the fandom, EVERYONE two more to go

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