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the nishiura boys sing happy birthday to mihashi ♥

this is an extended scene from the 10th episode that someone ripped from the japanese dvd and shared way back on livejournal in 2007-8. i uploaded it to my harddrive for safekeeping and boy am i glad i did since i can’t find it anywhere online now. if you know the source, please let me know so i can credit them!

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56 with jiyong please? xx

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Kwon Jiyong: “We’ve been dating for years and I still don’t know why you do that.”

Looking through Jiyong’s pictures was a journey, much more when he was right by her side, legs interlocked with hers, one arm sprawled over her waist and his head resting over her shoulder, looking at his phone with sleepy eyes as he commented a few things that explained the story behind every picture. Lately, he had been going to a lot of fashion shows, hanging around with designers, models and so on, even learning a few things of his own. To say she was happy for him would be an absolute truth and she thought that it was adorable that he had another lover apart from music, being it fashion. Her fingers slide over the screen to get to the other picture as her other hand plays with the strands of hair that messily stood over Jiyong’s hand, but a small chuckle left her lips when she swiped to a certain picture and she felt that oh, so familiar sentiment.

His signature pose, it was.

Jiyong was a very good model-like idol, he had different ways of portraying his persona through pictures whilst making it look classy and edgy at the same time, it was something that he was known for, but he had a pose that he always went back to. As he bites his bottom lip, he lifts up one of the corners of his mouth, showing a half smile, his nose is slightly crunched up and one of his eyebrows is raised up to show some kind of bad boy aura and honestly, she thinks he looks hot when he bites his lip, but the giggles that escape her mouth have Jiyong frowning before the two look at each other.

“What is it?” The softness of his voice is something people wouldn’t expect from him while seeing him on stage, voice a little bit higher and expressions that a person could call one of a kind. Jiyong’s frown is the most adorable thing on earth and he purses up his lips in a pout. “Babe…”

“It’s nothing.” She tells him before pecking his cheek, returning her gaze to his phone. “…It’s just that…you always go back to this pose.” Jiyong looks over at the phone, tilting his head to the side as if studying the picture. “We’ve been dating for years and I still don’t know why you do that.

I don’t even know.” Her partner explains before cuddling closer to her. “I suppose it makes my face look cool…or I think it’s just fans like it and therefore I like it as well…” Jiyong is trying to explain himself and he finishes his sentence with a yawn, soon followed by a chuckle. “I didn’t know you didn’t like it.”

“I love it!” She reassures him before locking his phone, placing it over the bedside table before turning to him, hugging him tightly as they looked at one another, his eyes half closed as he looked at her. “It’s just…cute.

“Cute?!” Jiyong quizzes before scoffing. “I thought it made me look sexy.” Maybe she could play around with his mind a bit…

“Well, think again, love.” She jokes and Jiyong sighs, rolling his eyes before closing them completely, still wide awake but too tired to even keep them open.

“I would show you how much of a sexy beast I am if I wasn’t so tired.” Jiyong comments and she can’t help but laugh loudly. Jiyong was so strange sometimes…

“I don’t think that saying you’re a sexy beast is sexy at all.” This time, he pouts.

“Don’t tease me; I’m too tired to think of something to say.” She chuckles before pressing her lips against his, resting her head over his chest to listen to the way his heart beat just for her.

And there wasn’t anything more beautiful than spending a night of sleep with Jiyong.

JB Imagine - College AU (Part 6)

A/N - Part 6 to this little series is here! An anon asked about when this part would be uploaded so I made sure to get it done quickly ready for them so as not to disappoint! I hope you all enjoy~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Being with JB was a weird experience for you. It felt like both nothing had changed and that everything had changed. You’d still go out for coffee like you always did before and you’d both sit together in lectures and seminars, which you often did anyway. It seemed like the only thing that had changed was that you’d kiss each other every time you met or had to say goodbye. It was so clear that not much had changed when you told some of the people in your seminar and they had said, “Wait, you weren’t dating before?” Practically everyone knew the two of your were together and they shipped you both so much. A few of the girls on campus who found JB attractive weren’t too happy about it since you had ‘stolen’ their man when in reality, he had never shown any interest in them whatsoever. But even they couldn’t deny the literal heart eyes JB had when he looked at you. He would look at you as if you were the most precious thing on Earth. He adored you so much, and you adored him just as much. 

It was a common occurrence for you and JB to be sat in a cafe, drinking coffee and sharing a cookie while you chatted only to be interrupted by someone, usually Bambam or Jackson. 
“Ah look at the lovebirds! How cute are they?” Jackson said loudly as he sat beside you, his own coffee in hand. Bambam and Yugyeom, a dance student who was close with Bambam, sat on either side of JB. 
“Such couple goals! I can’t handle how cute they look,” Bambam said dramatically as he grabbed his camera and tried to take a cute aesthetic shot of the coffee cups. JB looked at you apologetically, worried you’d be annoyed that they were interrupting another one of your dates. You didn’t mind though, they were all nice lads and you enjoyed their company. Even if it wasn’t at the best of times. You couldn’t count the number of times someone had come over to visit JB’s flat while the two of you were having alone time. They were even worse when that happened. This was nothing compared to that.

As the five of you sat and talked, Jinyoung then came to join you all. Over the time you had known him, Jinyoung had quickly become one of your closest friends. He sat beside you and joined in the conversation, glad the attention was on yours and JB’s relationship rather than his own. Noticing how happy he was to discuss your relationship, you made sure not to leave him out. 
“So Jinyoung, how’s everything going with Mina?” You asked, sipping on your coffee as you looked at him innocently.
“Fine,” he responded, looking at you with an evil glare as he prayed none of the others would add on to the conversation. 
“Oh, Jinyoung do tell us all about Mina,” JB then said, grinning at you as he realised that you had planned the subject change in his favour.
“I don’t have much to tell really so I’d appreciate it if you dropped the subject.”
“Aw, come on! Just tell us something!” Yugyeom begged him. 
“Yeah, like have you got it in yet?” Bambam asked, winking at him. Under the table, you kicked Bambam’s leg and scowled. 
“That’s my roommate you’re talking about there. And I was thinking more along the lines of, have you asked her out yet?”
“Yeah, we’re going out together at the weekend. I won’t tell you any more than that since i know this lot will try and find us to tease us or something.”
“I totally understand. Interrupted dates are the last thing you want,” you replied, looking around the table at the four boys who had all done the exact thing you described. 
“Oh, (Y/N), our lecture on Victorian poetry is starting in about 20 minutes,” JB said as he saw the alert on his phone. 
“We better go then. I’ll see you all later,” you said as you left the table, JB’s hand in yours.

Even if they could be annoying by crashing your dates, you did love being friends with all of them. They really did care for you and liked having you around too. They especially like the fact that JB had softened up ever since dating you. He’d always be intent on keeping up his ‘chic and sexy’ persona but hadn’t cared about that reputation as much ever since you started dating him and had told him you much preferred his softer side. Despite his appearance, JB really was a total softie. There’d be nights where he was staying over at your flat for the night and he’d be sat on your bed cuddling you as you typed up an essay, his chin resting on your shoulder. He would watch you type and come up with new points to write about and would often kiss your cheek softly as a form of encouragement. Then, as soon as you typed the last word and clicked save, he’d be pulling you down onto the bed for a proper cuddling session. The first time he had done it, you were in total shock because of how soft he was being. But now that you had gotten used to it, you would be more surprised if he didn’t do it. Even though he was soft as anything, there’d still be many nights where he couldn’t keep his hands to himself and would be constantly feeling you up while you wrote your essay, waiting for you to be done so he could finally get what he wanted. Those nights were just as fun since JB always knew how to get you feeling just as needy as he was with only a few simple touches. You always knew you were in for a good night when JB was staying over and neither of you had any morning lectures to go to.


I’m assuming this is the first time him ever meeting this girl.

He would be walking to the convenience store with a few of the other guys from GOT7 when he would hear a girl laughing with a laugh that is IDENTICAL to his. He and the other members would look at each other like “did you just hear that, what the hell she sounds exactly like you Youngjae!”

So he would totally look around to see where the laugh was coming from, and eventually he would see you with your friends giggling and laughing at something funny on your phone. I honestly think this precious little bean would be so excited at the fact you share his cute little cackle that he would walk right up to you in the middle of your laugh and laugh right back at you! The other members would be like “Oh god Youngjae no pls stop what are you doing be cool man”

Youngjae would literally find your laugh to be the most adorable and cutest thing on this earth and he would totally ask for you number so he could call you later and make you laugh again so he could hear it!

Seventeen’s Ideal Type’s (in my opinion) Part One

Seungcheol - I can see him going for someone very motherly and mature. Someone who take’s on the role of a protector as well as being his girlfriend/boyfriend. I think he’d suit someone who’s very talkative and can carry on conversations but at the same time he wouldn’t mind if she just sat back and let things flow. A girl/boy who’s practical and well mannered and gives of the vibe of a classy lady/guy. Polite and plans things well yet would still trip and fall in public? Just a fun mixture of both I think would suit our Coups. 

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Jeonghan - A girl/boy who’s very mature yet knows how to have fun? Like, a girl/boy who’s daring and exciting and goes through life spontaneously. I think that would catch his attention. Bubbly and positive with a bright smile that blinds anyone who looks at her/him. Gives good advice and is always there for people when they need her/him to be. Jeonghan would be drawn to her/ him because she’s/he’s a mixture of everything and he’d be very attracted to that. 

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Joshua - I’ve always seen Josh going for the biggest sweetheart on earth! Someone who’s kind, selfless and the cutest little thing ever. A girl/boy who at first is shy yet as you get to know them, she/he comes more and more out of their shell. Not someone who’s in your face but someone who you can have a nice conversation with. Your traditional good girl/boy. Someone who can get along with everyone and is pure and innocent. I think Jisoo would be head over heels for a girl/boy like that. 

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Jun - For me Jun would go for someone who’s intelligent and quick witted. Someone he can have a deep conversation with and it never get boring. A girl/boy who’s comfortable being herself and expressing her/his views on certain things; I think Jun would find that quality very attractive. Someone with a good fashion taste who likes expressing who they are through their clothes. Open minded and creative. Someone who can handle Jun being on tour and still love him just as much as she always has as their relationship progresses. 

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Hoshi: This sunshine would go for the biggest dork on Earth! Someone who makes others wonder if they’re okay yet he’ll sit and find them the most adorable thing to ever grace this Earth. I think he’d go for someone who’s good at dancing like him, they don’t have to be the best dancer ever but have some skill so he can grab them to dance. A person who’s very polite and well spoken on the streets yet at home turn silly and makes our Soonyoung smile. 

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Wonwoo - A very reserved girl/boy who takes a while to get to know someone. Someone who could just happily sit there drawing or reading and let’s the world go by. I think Wonwoo would find their stability to be very enticing. A girl/boy who allows him to put them on a pedestal because I’ve always been one to believe Wonwoo would love his partner with all his heart. Someone quite chilled and laid back yet showers our Garden Fairy with all their love and affection. 

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Woozi - A very stable girl/boy who knows what they want from life. A person who could help Woozi stay on his feet and stay’s his rock and his safe place no matter what. I could see him go for someone quite curvy and petite like himself. Someone intelligent and shares their views. A person who’s skillful at many things but prefers not to showcase their talents from shyness. Just your average girl who’s open to loving Woozi. 

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Reasons Why I Ship Kitty- a guide for those idiots I’m sure exist who Do Not Get It

1. Two fifteen year old boys slowly falling in love as they think about how beautiful the other is and how much they like one another’s voice and also how much they would miss one another if they had to be apart. 

2. Ty deserves as much love as there is in the world. 

3. Kit deserves more hugs and also he deserves love. 

4. They’d have the best wedding ever, I’ve posted about this before. 

5. They are really fucking cute. 

6. They’re probably going to happen whether you like it or not. 

7. I think Livvy will ship them as well. 

8. Reread Lady Midnight, reread all the Kit POVs and sections and you will discover mountains of evidence that Kit is at the very least bi. 

9. They’re really fucking cute. 

10. Their love starts out with them trying to kill each other, and as we all know, that is generally a sign that they will be the most fucking adorable thing on earth. 

VIXX  You Fall Asleep On Them

When you fall asleep on them.

N – OMG he’s so happy! You are the most adorable, precious thing on this earth and it’s taking every bit of strength he has not to squeeze the life out of you. The struggle would be real. But after he calms down he’d sit and smile, thinking how lucky he was to share his life with you. If anything this would make him feel secure in your relationship. If you’re comfortable enough to not give a damn about your appearance then he would see that as a very good sign. He’d think you were settling in and start imagining the both of you as an old couple sitting in front of the TV watching home shopping and loving every minute of it.

Leo – This is going to tap into something very primal for him. Having you pressed against him and resting safely will make him feel protective but also extremely content. All is right with his world, he wants nothing more from life in that moment. Taekwoon would move if he began getting pins and needles in his limbs, but only just enough to make himself comfortable again. If you started to wake he’d hush you and whisper, everything is okay go back to sleep, and you’d snuggle back into him feeling warm and knowing nothing on this earth would harm you with him there.

Ken – Of course this cutie pie is going to find this adorable but mostly he’s going to have a sense of accomplishment. His main goal is to see you happy. If you felt relaxed and content enough to drift off Ken’s going to be thrilled and think he’s doing his job of being a fun, trustworthy boyfriend. Jaehwan desperately wants you to see him in a positive light (like there is any other way). Something like this would reinforce that you want to be around him, no matter what you’re doing. Ken would sit as still as possible and watch you while you slept. Trying to memorize your features he’d trace over them with his fingertip, just hovering above your skin, not actually touching you.

Ravi – Congratulations, Mr. Swag is now a puddle on the floor. As soon as he notices you’re asleep his breath would catch in his throat and he’d want to squeal at how cute you are. But mostly it would touch his heart that you trust him and feel safe with him. Ravi really needs to feel that from you and this would get through to him on many levels. He adores you and one of the ways he expresses that is by his desire for you to lean on him both literally and figuratively. This is a memory he would cherish. Basically he’s going to make himself as comfortable as he can without jostling you and join you in slumber.

Hongbin – Poor Bean is going to be slightly stressed but he’ll get over it. Initially he’d freeze with wide eyes and things would start to run through his mind. Were you bored? Did you not want to be here? What if I have to pee? As he adjusted though he would relax and just take it for what it was, you were merely comfortable and fell asleep. Finding that cute and flattering he’d smile down at you and try his best not to disturb you. He might whisper a few silly things to make sure you were dead to the world and not faking. Once he determined it was safe he’d move on to practicing things that he’s been wanting to say to you but felt too awkward or cheesy to express.

Hyuk – His reaction will depend on why you fell asleep. If you’ve been busting your ass at work or school he’s going to try to keep you warm and let you sleep. Hyuk is mature and caring enough that he wants you to get the rest you need. But if you just got so comfortable you drifted off he’s going to tease you about it. He wouldn’t do anything drastic like draw on your face, he’s not dumb and he wants to keep you, but he might set his face centimeters from yours until you wake up and you scream because he’s right there. Then there would be all kinds of comments about how boring his company must be and demand apologies with kisses and maybe baked goods that he did not have to share with his hyungs.

If Only [a Earth 1 and 2 Barry Allen imagine]

Request: hi! would you mind doing an earth 2 barry imagine where the reader flirts with him and he’s just a stuttering mess and she ends up kissing him and he’s just in shock but it ends cute? i just need more fluff with e2 barry 😩 thanks babe!

a/n: i went overboard…and i agree, more e2

Being on a whole nother earth is really weird. Everything appears the same as earth one but…Isn’t. Cisco had vibed you to the wrong earth. You think. Neither him nor Barry are with you, so it’s safe to assume that you’re alone. Therefore, you decide to go find their doppelgängers. Maybe they can help.

The first place you search is the Central City Police Department, or the CCPD for short. You step in, gazing at the differences. First of all, and most important, Iris is here, but as a detective. Not Joe. Wow. She’s with…Eddie?! You run a hand through your hair, watching them kiss. When they pull away, you see his Jitters nametag. Eddie works at Jitters?

This is kind of hilarious. Your eyes widen in realization. If Iris is a detective on this earth, would Barry still work here? Then the answer to your question shows up. You cover your mouth with your hand.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?!“ he beams, adjusting the golden thin rimmed on his ear. Trying to contain your giggles, you take in what he’s wearing. A light gray sweater vest sits on top of a crisp white button down; a striped yellow and silver bowtie wraps around his thin neck and a darker gray jacket is thrown on top. With his chestnut hair parted on the other side, he shuffles over to you, barely picking up his brown wingtip shoes.

You cross your arms across your pale pink knitted sweater. “Well, aren’t you just the most adorable thing ever?” you purr, grinning from ear to ear. If only earth 1 Barry dressed like this… You would love that. Honestly, who wouldn’t?

A bright red blush scatters along his cheeks, nose, and down his neck, outlining his cute little moles. He immediately opens his mouth. Then closes it…only to open it again. “I…erm…Thank you…? You…I think you are adorable too?” he stutters, hoisting his glasses up his nose, “D-did you, um, get new clothes?” he asks, gesturing to your sweater and high waisted jeans. “I mean…it’s just…you usually wear dark colors- Not that it’s bad!” Barry holds his hands up, curls them into fists, and sets them in front of his mouth.

Biting the inside of your cheek, you quickly think up an explanation. You clasp your hands together, holding them down at your thighs. “I wanted to try something a bit different. You like it?” you ask sweetly, taking a step forward.

Barry gulps, nodding his head rapidly; his glasses slipping off his face. “Of course I do! I like you in everyth-” he gets cut short when your lips press to his. Those same grassy green eyes widen an inch, yet his lips part, allowing your tongue entrance. He moans quietly in the back of his throat while his hand cups your cheek. He pulls away, gasping for air, and fixes his specs. “Y/N! What has gotten into you?! I’m at work! How many times do I need to tell you, no french kisses in public?!” he shouts, smirking just a little bit as he looks around the office frantically.

You grin bashfully, “Sorry, I just needed to do that before I left.” Oh my god, you kissed Barry.

Barry smiles, shaking his head and pecking your cheek. “I’ll, um, see you at home, sweetheart.” he peers at your hand, noticing the lack of jewelry. His brows furrow, “Di-did you lose your wedding ring again?” he asks, pouting. Your breath hitches and you nod. Boy, if your Barry could see himself in this world…


Somehow Y/N had gotten separated from the two guys when Cisco vibed the three of them to earth 2. Though, the engineer says she should be on the same earth as them. Barry would find her before they left. For now, they needed to get to S.T.A.R Labs so Cisco could ‘borrow’’ some of their tech. By borrow, he totally meant steal.

Barry gawks at the giant replica of Central City. It’s a lot more futuristic than earth 1; a lot more metallic things. He flops his tan jacket against him so he’s comfortable. “Cisco!” he scolds, gesturing to the flash of the phone camera. “Not the time.” he says quietly, putting his hand flat in the air.

Cisco cringes, pouting, “Sorry.” he whispers…then snaps another picture. Barry frowns at him. “That was the last one, swear!” he promises, putting his phone away.

“Barry!” they hear Y/N yell. The speedster whirls around, blinking a few times when he sees her. She has on a dark blue crop top under a black leather jacket; a pair of black skinny jeans hug her perfectly…and she has on combat boots. Barry heaves out a deep sigh, looking her up and down, tempted to scream ‘step on my face you goddess’. “Wow, new look? Where’s your glasses, babe?” she wonders, tilting her head.

“Contacts.” Barry replies nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. He jumps when she grips his jacket, yanking him down to her height. She slams her lips on his, catching him by surprise. Her tongue fights its way into his mouth, exploring. Barry gasps, pulling himself away from her. “Y/N!” he mutters, eyes wide.

Her shoulders slump and she giggles, hiding her lips with a few of her fingers. Cisco’s jaw drops when he notices a diamond ring on her hand; he hits the other guy on the back playfully. “I know, I know, no french kisses in public…” she mocks, grabbing Barry’s hand, “I couldn’t help it- Where’s your ring? You lost it again, didn’t you?” Y/N smirks.

Barry blushes as red as his flannel, scratching the back of his neck. “Well, you know me…” he chuckles awkwardly, peering behind him at Cisco.

Shaking her head, Y/N kisses him again. “I’ll go look for it.” she sighs, patting his chest, “You. Get back to work, mister. I’ll see you at home.” she winks, “And I like your outfit, hottie. Gives off this…vibe. But I do miss your bowtie.” she frowns, walking away, “Love you!” she shouts from across the street, waving.

The speedster waves back uncharacteristically slow in complete shock. Cisco smacks his upper arm, mouth hanging wide open. “Yo, yours and Y/N’s doppelgängers are married, man! Your double got more game than you! Ha!” he laughs, gripping his vibe goggles.

“Shut up. Let’s go.” Barry huffs, mind racing with thoughts of his Y/N. Oh, if his Y/N could see herself on this earth…

I drew this a few weeks before the Sonic Boom TV show/Game came out. This is what I thought their their personalities were like. Boy was I sadly mistaken. 

We actually have:

The most adorable thing on earth

A caring and loving side to Sonic we’ve never seen.

And the cutest, smartest and non-sonic-obsessed Amy yet. (That juggles and sings!)

Not to mention all the Sonamy moments

Things we never knew we wanted to see 

and fandom jokes Sega team used.

Sonic Boom is the best thing that’s happened to the Sonic franchise in my opinion. I’ll be really upset when the t.v. show & comics end.

[BONUS] Seventeen As Dads (Face-claims) (Part 2)

A continuation of my previous post! Original Seventeen As Dads post (maknae line version) here!

See: also hyung line version | hyung line version (face-claims)


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Child(ren): Twin sons
Face-claims: Liam and Lincoln Choi (child models/ulzzangs)

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idk something about them simply screams leE SEOKMIN.
I was about to use Seoeon and Seojun but I happen to chance upon these two prime candidates when Googling. 
don’t know too much about these munchkins though, just that they ARE ADORABLE.


Child(ren): 2 girls
Face-claims: Ilayda and Aleyna Yilmaz (child ulzzangs)

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For some odd reason, Aleyna seems to remind me of Mingyu a lot. They are both sunny and sweet individuals, and Mingyu would simply ADORE them to death


Child(ren): One daughter
Face-claims: Song Jiah (Dad, Where Are We Going?)

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Child(ren): One older girl and a younger boy
Face-claims: Soeul and Daeul (Return of Superman)

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They both seem to emit a charm that Seungkwan possesses as well. Soeul is a sassy girl that strikes the perfect balance between filial and self-respecting, while Daeul is an eccentric little boy that reminded me too much of Kwan. I crafted Seungkwan’s scenario heavily based on these two


Child(ren): One son
Face-claims: Leo Recipon (MBLAQ’s Hello Baby)

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Child(ren): Twin girls
Face-claims: Lee Seola and Sua (Return of Superman)

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Oh dear, the Beagle Sisters with our Beagle Maknae. Both Seola and Sua are incredibly hyper, happy and inquisitive children, but I do think that Chan will have the maturity to be able to father these kinds of kids well. I don’t know what else to say for a match like this, only: good luck, you’ll need it.

Reasons to Smile
  • 1
  • The way the sky turns colors so that everything but the horizon is like a pastel rainbow
  • 2
  • The feeling of a warm drink sliding down you throat when you are really cold and how you can feel it all the way to your stomach
  • 3
  • Smores. And melting marshmallows and then accidentally lighting them on fire so that you kinda run around with a flaming stick but then it tastes better anyway
  • 4
  • Jumping in a pool and freezing but laughing because "oh my sweet son of odin its so fucking cold" but its summer and no one expects anything from you when you swin
  • 5
  • Climbing through the little forests you can find just about anywhere and hearing the twigs crunch beneath your feet and discovering this little land inside the big scary lands
  • 6
  • Milkshakes at three in the morning. And being so tired that you spill it a little but thats okay because you can just lick the cup
  • 7
  • The way you can remember someones smile even with your eyes closed and how that smile makes you smile and its kinda crazy and you might have a crush
  • 8
  • When you actually have a crush and you are all tingley in their presence and you stutter on words but they kinda just smile in a way that makes you too happy for words and when they look at you with that goofy grin you can actually feel a tug in your gut and it kinda hurts but its a good hurt
  • 9
  • When you blast music through your headphones so loud that outside noise is gone and its almost like you disappeared into space so then you dance around your room because no one is watching you and no one cares
  • 10
  • Going to a public place and just sitting there and watching all the people going about their daily lives and you realize that seriously no one cares so then you go a little easier on yourself, at least for a little while
  • 11
  • Sitting on a blanket outside really late at night because the grass has already gotten wet but the stars are visible right now even through the haze and fog and you just have to see them
  • 12
  • The smell of a new book and the smell of an old book and the little rush of excitement you get when you open a new story because its a little world that you can shove into your unorganized-to-the-point-of papers-stabbing-you-in-the-arm bag
  • 13
  • How everything is funnier at two in the morning and sometimes when you are up with someone else you just kinda tell them everything and they kinda tell you everything and then all of a sudden you are best friends and its a nice feeling thats settling in the pits of your stomach
  • 14
  • The way your favorite stuffed animal (and don't even tell me you don't have one) fits perfectly in your arms and you would never tell someone that you have this bear but you named it and you have had it since practically birth and you love it like its your family.
  • 15
  • A babies laughter. And the way it can without fail make you seven million times happier because babies are cute as fuck and even if you dont like children you have to admit that babies are the most adorable things to ever grace this earth ever
  • 16
  • Taking a really long walk with someone you have known for a really long time. And in the beginning its kinda normal and "oh how are you?" "Im good" conversations but by the third street name you already forgot, you are talking about salsa chickens and the patriarchy like they are completely sane analogies and you think you might have found someone who is there for a brief forever
  • 17
  • Watching every episode in a season in a day. Then feeling unconventionally proud of yourself because "do you know how many bathroom breaks i sacrificed?" And the show was super awesome. Then not being able to watch anything else because all you can think about is this universe that you were just watching that you so want to go to
  • 18
  • Pretty rooms. Rooms with nice decorations and comfy furniture and everything is so nice and clean that you almost want to clean your room so you can make it look like this but you are not quite that motivated.
  • So instead you stalk weird design blogs and slowly plot out things for your future apartment
  • 19
  • Skype calls with your favorite people that are so long you fall asleep on the call together and the first thing you hear when you groggily pull yourself off you keyboard is their rhythmic breathing
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  • Finishing a project you stayed up all night to finish. Just accepting your fate of the grade thats probably not as good as it could have been but fuck it, you finished a four week project in eight hours and you deserve a medal. But then kinda being really proud of the project even tho its probably a mess because you somehow made something out of nothing at 4 in the morning
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  • The smell of your best friend/ crush/ possible soul mate that you can only smell when you are hugging them so tight you can feel their heartbeat in your fingertips and your face is curled into their chest
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  • The smell of clothes fresh out of the drier and the way they are so warm and soft. So you just kinda lay underneath them like some giant monster of cuddles sat on top you and its wonderful