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Wobbly Kitten (BIGBANG)

“I had an idea that I have to ask you to do for me. Remember the essential benign tremor react for BigBang? One day you video call them from a pet shelter your friends and you had gone to so you could play with the kitties and you beg them to let you adopt this one kitten in particular (you’re living together). “Look at him!” You turn the camera on the kitten who can’t walk straight, “he’s wobbly, like me!” The adoration is clear in your voice. How would the BigBang boys react?”

This will make more sense if you read this one first! Happy reading <3

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An undefeated grin would spread across his entire face. Of course he had a soft spot for kittens, but your sweet expression would make him undeniably nuts. He would watch lovingly as you picked up the kitten and snuggled it. His heart/entire being would completely melt before you. Kwon “no composure” Jiyong. The spontaneous video chat would have definitely made his day.

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He’d smirk like crazy. Like GD, he would quietly watch adoringly as you played with the kitten. A chuckle could be heard from his end. He’d absolutely love the fact you embraced your lil’ quirks and in such a cute way. He’d tell his jagi how cute they are and continue to watch the kitten stumble around you. He’d simply say how much he loved you, causing you to shake the screen with your temor.

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(i am going throw myself out of a window look at my UB)

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Maybe tying with another friend of mine, @tricomator likely has the award for drawing this silly pone the most often. These are what I could find and remember. Each one has a bit of a story behind them and are all equally adorable! I was happy to go back and try to find all these. Each one makes me smile in their own right and I have to say that I really do appreciate the work Trico put into these.

And this really goes for whoever had drawn something for me as a gift. Maybe I don’t do well enough in expressing how much I love seeing something like this. It really does go into a realm of deep appreciation in me. Thank you.

I do plan on coloring more of Tircomator’s work in the future. There’s a part of me that dislikes making promises because I’m way too hard on myself when I can’t keep them. Stressing over that makes me end up not keeping them. Really anxiety is one big ol’ self fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it? 

Anyway, enjoy the many adventures of Tri and Trev!