most adorable siblings ever

Slain with the adorable

In today’s words, Nihuang and Qing are really the most adorable siblings ever. I rather look forward to Qing’s continued attempts to match-make, when Lin Shu shows.

Today’s writing snippet:

“Don’t challenge envoys just because they’re annoying me.” Sometimes Nihuang wondered whether she should move her daily work into an office of her own, if only to keep her little brother’s nose a bit further out of her business. The rustle of paper from his table caught her ear and she added, absently, “Read the whole thing, Qing-er.”

He gave her a hang-dog look and pulled back the report of crop plans that he hadn’t spent nearly long enough on to be finished with. Nihuang smiled down at her own table, which had almost certainly been her brother’s goal. He’d gotten more subtle about teasing her, this past year. Perhaps she would move to her own office some year soon, but there were compensations for staying here, for now.

Zalfie diary - May 30th

Today was 

To be honest

First it was Sims episode 14. The aim was to get Meze propose to Bea, get them engaged and buy them a puppy as an engagement present. Zoe planning the perfect engagement (I am sure everybody was like: “are you taking notes Alfie?”), Zalfie talking about how they have not yet had a pillow fight was too cute.

(gifs from toremyyellowdress)

The wohoo talk following the engagement:

Alfie: Maybe we should let them wohoo.

Zoe: Try for another baby?

Alfie: As a celebratory we-just-got-engaged wohoo

But the cutest things are the little things/little gestures like Zoe stroking Alfie’s arm and Alfie playing with Zoe’s fingers. I think those little things are what tumblr is for :) I think this is my favourite ever Zalfie moment!

(gifs from toremyyellowdress)

Then comes Alfie’s vlog from ItaTube day 2. Alfie, being a good boyfriend again, uploaded Zoe’s video for her since she was not feeling well that day. I also loved seeing how much he is loved and adored by viewers and how much he cares about them and hugs and chats with them all. Also, Zalfie learning Italian gesture was adorable. How scratching the genitals is a gesture is still a big mystery! :)

Finally, it was Zoe’s vlog. Just when you think you are used to seeing Zalfie walking arms around each other.. No, you are not used to it! Love the difference in shots from her vs. his perspective (how not to love size difference!).

(gif from toremyyellowdress)

Zoe and Alfie then went to baby clothes shopping…

(gif from fuckyeszoella)

Zoe wanting a baby, Zalfie picking baby clothes, Uncle Joe!

Btw Zoe and Joe are one of the most adorable siblings ever. Loving how much fun they have together. 

(gif from ohzoes)

While talking about siblings, Poppy’s present to Zoe (the little backpack) is one of the most tasteful presents I have ever seen. 

On a final note, Zoe is planning to upload daily vlogs through June which means Junemas!!!