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♡ ♡ how to make Chenle happy? get him a 🍍


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addicted week 2017 ≡ favorite platonic relationship — ryke + the cobalts

“Better the foul-mouthed uncle than the witch mother.” I know it’s what they’ll call me, and since I have many more young children who’ll eventually attend Dalton Elementary, I can’t set every bridge on fire. For their sake. 

Ryke takes the keys out of the ignition. “You’re not a witch. By Lo’s fucking definition, I’d be a witch with you.” Outspoken. Hot-headed.

“You’re not a woman. You wouldn’t be called one,” I remind him, my eyes cold.

His gaze nearly softens. 


Maybe it boils down to this: I have no fucking clue what’s going through his head. I rarely do. Not until he tells me, and for a while, I’ve been asking him to restrain his opinions. 

I don’t want your fucking wisdom, Cobalt. 

I’d take it back right now. 

I’d give anything for him to make an arrogant comment, interject and call me a fucking dog. His silence annoys me, grates on me, and I just need him to go back to irritating me. 

That’s our thing. 


Deleted scene from the Office where Jim and Pam talk about their new relationship (Aka Jim and Pam at their absolute cutest why did they cut this

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Most adorable Shadow moments, GO!

This isn’t going to be terribly eloquent but HERE GOES

Looking out the window with Maria.

It’s small, but I find it adorable that he used to like stargazing with her.


Any time Team Dark gets together.

Shadow can be a team player when need be, and what can I say? These dorks make a great trio.

Whenever he’s shocked.

Normally he doesn’t let his emotions show, but depending on how he’s written, shock sometimes proves the exception to that rule. Then he becomes the living embodiment of D:

When other characters encourage him.

It just shows they have faith in him. ^^




Nothing is more important.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Matthew Mercer opening not only one, but TWO Colossal red dragon aka "Thordak, the Cinder King" minis that he had been eyeing longingly for seven years (during Critmas after the 41st episode), and the joy on his face is the most adorable moment I have ever seen. He looked like the happiest person in the world and honestly in that moment I realized three things. I want to make someone that happy somehow one day, because they deserve it. I want to find that happiness myself, because it seems like something everyone should experience. And the third is that though he is much older than I am and we are at completely different points and paths in life, I really wish I could be friends with him somehow. Because everyone has that much of a child lurking within and it is time we all let them out and have our inner children all play with each other and be as happy and carefree and Matt was in that moment.
22 Days of GTLive

Hey guys! So, as you may know Stephanie and MatPat are going to be taking a break from GTLive for the next 22 days, and so I figured why not do something to pass the time? Here I have compiled 22 questions prompting you all to answer with a stream link, picture, or clip of your own choosing, and hopefully with enough participants we’ll have a whole compilation of streams to watch, moments to laugh at and reasons to love GTLive :3

1. Favorite Stream?
2. Funniest Screencap?
3. Most Adorable Stephew Stream Moment?
4. Most Emotional Stream/Stream Moment?
5. Funniest Stream Moment?
6. Favorite Jason Moment or Picture?
7. First Stream You Ever Saw, Live or not?
8. Best Skip Moment or Screencap?
9. Best Stream Game or Game Series Played?
10. Best Non-Gameplay Stream?
11. Favorite Stephanie Moment?
12. Scariest Stream?
13. Favorite Matpat Moment?
14. Favorite Chris Moment or Picture?
15. Favorite Matpat Twitter Pun?
16. Best Non-GTLive Stephew Moment or Picture?
17. Favorite Stephanie Screencap?
18. Favorite MatPat Screencap?
19. Favorite F-Art? Make sure to credit the Artist!!
20. Most Cringe-Worthy Stream Moment or Picture?
21. Absolute, FAVORITE Moment from ANY Stream. Can be sad, happy, funny, scary, ANYTHING!! :)
22. The Reason You Watch and Love GTLive?