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i accidentally walked into your apartment thinking it was mine because i was too busy looking at my phone Jiper au?

Piper’s neighbor is hot. Ridiculously, unfairly, dream hauntingly hot. He’s over six feet of history loving hunk that she swears could be a model for Calvin Klein. Add to that his blond hair that’s roughly styled, an adorable scar on his lip, and his electric blue eyes and it’s the perfect recipe for giving her thoughts she shouldn’t have about the guy next door. There conversations have been few and far between but she’s milked each one for everything it’s worth. Most of them have been small moments in the hall or elevator when they run into one another, but there have been the two instances of wrongly delivered mail that let onto the fact he’s a nerd. Getting Preservation magazine had been a bit confusing until she’d seen the name Jason Grace at the bottom. That had also been the start of her love of his name. Jason Grace. If she had a notebook she’d have doodled ‘Piper Grace’ a thousand times on it.

For months she’s been trying to get him to make a move. She’s run through outfits to see what he likes, purposely found reasons to leave at the same time he is, even mentioned a couple restaurants she’s wanted to try. All without luck. It’s this effort to get Jason to show interest that has her distracted, she’s busy filling in her friend on the next stage of her plan - breaking things “accidentally” and asking him to fix them - and not paying attention to where she’s going. Piper turns at what she thinks is the fourth door, her door, and swings it open, her eyes still on her phone as she texts away.

Piper tosses her keys onto the counter and kicks off her shoes, unknowingly making herself at home in Jason’s apartment. As it turns out Jason has laid out his apartment identically to Piper, meaning she can cross the living room and plop onto the couch without taking her eyes off her screen. The first sign that something is wrong is the fact that she hasn’t sunken into the worn cushions. The second is the pair of electric blue eyes she meets when she looks up.

“Holy shit,” Piper screams, pushing herself backwards.

“Uh, hi.” Jason stares at her, unblinking.

“What are you-” Piper wants to ask why he’s in her apartment but the question dies on her lips as soon as she sees he’s shirtless. And pantsless. “Uhhhh.”

Piper’s mind goes completely blank, in that moment she forgets everything but the sight of her hot neighbor in his boxers cleaning the floor. She wouldn’t have guessed him for a boxer-briefs man, but she’s very glad that he is. Somehow the gray underwear sets off his eyes and Piper could die a very happy woman. If she was going to complain at all about finding him in her place, she sure as hell isn’t now.

“Can- can I help you with something?” he asks, glancing between her and his legs.

“No. I’m good,” she answers in a daze.

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EXCLUSIVE 'Outlander' Sneak Peek: Claire and Jamie's Romantic Moment Is Adorably Interrupted by Fergus!
Who's ready for a dose of 'Outlander' adorableness?

This week’s all-new episode of Starz’s delightfully addictive drama is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your couch with heart-pounding twists and gut-wrenching turns – and only ET has your exclusive first look at the hour’s sweetest moment!

Trust us when we tell you that this first look clip has everything an Outlander fan could want: a loving “Sassenach” name-drop, a dose of the Fraser’s signature sexual tension, and Fergus being his most adorable self.

Our video above features the night before the highly anticipated, action-packed Battle of Prestonpans. According to Claire’s knowledge of history, Jamie will lead his small, but mighty band of Jacobites to victory against the British – but there’s someone else who wants to join in on the action against the Redcoats.

“M'lady! M'lord!” Fergus excitedly interrupts his adoptive parents just as they are about to share a swoon-worthy smooch. “I request permission to join you in the fight that is to come.”

“I don’t doubt your capabilities, laddie – but without you, who will look after the woman?” Jamie responds with a smirk. “And what of our Lady Broch Tuarach? There’s no one I trust with her safety more than you.”

At this point we’d like to officially nominate the Frasers as the best TV family of all time.

Despite having a very hard time not cheating and just choosing entire episodes for the list, here are my top 5 “Greatest Hits” from Season 3 of Arrow:

1. “Everything changed.”

Already having decided that he would be sacrificing Oliver Queen for the sake of the Arrow, Oliver shows up at the hospital to see baby Sara at the end of 3x01. I knew that he would be breaking Felicity’s heart in short order, and I was all ready to be offended on her behalf…but Stephen Amell had me from the moment that he nervously tapped on the door and offered to come back later. Oliver came to the hospital because his best friend had become a father and he wanted to be in that room with the little family, but he didn’t really know how to do it.

Digg hovers back to talk to Oliver while Felicity and Lyla coo over the most adorable baby in the history of babies. Digg thanks Oliver for sending him out of the Arrow cave and drops this anvilicious little nugget as he gazes at Lyla and their daughter: “The second I looked at her, everything changed. My whole universe…changed.”  

It’s very cute…and then the camera zooms in on Oliver with the most heartbreaking expression of pure longing on his face as he gazes at Felicity gazing happily at the baby. It’s so sweet and so sad and so wonderful…and it’s what really helped me to forgive Oliver for a lot of his misbehavior in the first half of Season 3. I couldn’t stay mad at the man who underneath all of the brooding and bluster was a guy in love with a girl and who wanted more than he believed that he could have. If she had turned and looked at him while he was looking at her like that, I don’t know if he could have stayed true to his resolve to end things with her that night.

Excuse me while I sniffle.

2. His last sight

Like the “Everything changed” moment from 3x01, Oliver’s life flashing before his eyes at the end of 3x09 doesn’t actually feature Felicity participating. The “I love you” from earlier in the episode is actually my favorite of any of the Olicity love confessions, but the combination of the music and the acting and the flashes back to those whom Oliver most loved as he was dying was so perfect. The last thing that he saw from his life flashing before his eyes was his one and only kiss with the girl that he accidentally grew to love…and that she had earlier in the episode opined that he regretting planting on her. The tragedy was gorgeous and painful and truly remarkable for this show.

Excuse me while I sniffle some more.

3. “I should have called.”

In a departure from “Everything changed” in 3x01 and Oliver’s last sight in 3x09, my favorite Olicity scene from 3x16 actually does involve Felicity. I surprised myself when I discovered that I was not gravitating toward their final flirtiness in the Arrow cave, and it wasn’t until I rewatched the scene in which Oliver pays a visit to Palmer Tech that I realized why.

First off, I think I rewound the beginning of the scene with Felicity jumping back three feet when Oliver walks in and Oliver deepening his voice by 87 octaves to greet Ray a few more times than I probably should have. Season 3 was desperately short on laughs, and their reactions got me. 

It’s less funny when Oliver lets her know that he definitely noticed her cuddling up to Ray by pointedly telling her that he should have called ahead, but I enjoyed that it was Oliver not exactly hiding that he was still hung up on her but still not 100% behaving himself or playing the martyr. The moment felt very genuine, and I liked that neither of them were ignoring the elephant in the room. Felicity’s slightly epic expression of “This is going to suck but I’m powering through!” coupled with the bizarre combination of emotional openness and passive aggressiveness from Oliver just felt very real to me. It set the stage for their final Arrow cave scene nicely

4. Swoop kiss

Now, I’d like to think that my explanations of the narrative reasons for which I chose the first thirteen moments on my Greatest Hits lists showed that I do in fact put a lot of thought into what I write about this show. Crescendos of plot and characterization and concept all somehow occurring at the same time warrant inclusion as one of the fifteen.

That said, I picked what I refer to as “the swoop kiss” from 3x20 for literally no reason except that it looked damn good on my screen.

For any who don’t immediately know what I’m talking about with “swoop kiss,” it’s the smooch that Oliver plants on Felicity right after he removes her shirt in the Nanda Parbat love den. It’s the first beat in the love sequence in which he really takes control and becomes physically assertive. He’s always been careful to hold himself back from her, so seeing him allow himself to manifest the lust as well as the love for the first time was gorgeous. Before the swoop kiss, his face had a sort of awed expression of “Are we really?” After the swoop kiss, his expression was definitely more of a “Hell yes we are!”

Yep, no depth or significance or literary analysis of this one. It was just fun to watch. Writers are people too, folks.

5. “I’m happy.”

A happy ending for Oliver was the one thing that I wasn’t willing to compromise on. Most of my suggestions for what needs to happen next for Arrow are mildly accusatory, wildly overambitious, or entirely tongue-in-cheek, but I was 100% serious about Season 3 needing to end on a high note for Oliver Queen. It was such an angstfest for so long that I was emotionally exhausted by all of the misery. Oliver needed a happy ending, and I honestly would have been okay with it if Oliver had driven off into the sunset with a case of beer and a DVD box set of all ten seasons of Friends if that would have made him proclaim himself happy.

I will say that Oliver driving off into the sunset with the woman that he loves as their orchestral theme swells up behind them is much better. He was an idiot kind of a lot in Season 3, but he deserved that happy ending.

Take a look at my Greatest Hits from Season 1 and Season 2 !

Person Of Interest “BSOD” Review

POI is back with style and I’m so glad to see all these idiots on my screen again! This was a solid beginning to the season – fun, fast paced, a ton of non-stop action interspersed with a few really emotional moments. It was a wild ride from beginning to end! Special mention to that opening sequence set to The Kills – it was amazing!    

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