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Have you done Stephanie Brown yet?

  • First impression: Meh. Great. Another blonde superhero.
  • Impression now: STEEEEEEEPPPPHHHHHHHH Oh my gosh, you come from so much and you have developed SO MUCH. Your friendship with Cassandra is one of the most beautiful things to come out of the early 2000s in Gotham. I adore your snark, and man oh man the new Spoiler costume is DOPE, man!
  • Favorite moment: That time she dressed up, fixed her hair, put on makeup, and walked into Black Gate to visit her dad just to beat the shit out of him. It was like. One of the most badass moments of all time. You could practically hear “These boots were made for walking” playing. Oh my GOD

[Robin (1993-2009) #16]

  • Idea for a story: Not at the moment!
  • Unpopular opinion: I wrote it out on some post on here, but basically I didn’t find her leaving the team in ‘Tec temporarily to be all that out of character or devastating to he characterization in the Rebirth continuity? I definitely prefer it to how she was handled in the Preboot. But having lived through both in real time, maybe I just have more of a weird position viewing all this from. I forget just how many current Stephanie and Cassandra fans didn’t live through those storylines being a monthly investment and how shitty it was for both of them through most of their existences.
  • Favorite relationship: The friendship between her and Cassandra Cain just <3 <3 <3
  • Favorite headcanon: I do adore the idea that that moment above is something of a Steph trait – she very much wears her confidence on her sleeves so when she feels like she needs the extra confidence and strength to do something big or worriesome, she goes straight to the closet for a big flashy makeover and exuding her confidence on the outside as well as the inside.
    I also adore the headcanon that she’s nearly a head taller than Tim and Cass. NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS HEADCANON FROM ME.

I drew this a few weeks before the Sonic Boom TV show/Game came out. This is what I thought their their personalities were like. Boy was I sadly mistaken. 

We actually have:

The most adorable thing on earth

A caring and loving side to Sonic we’ve never seen.

And the cutest, smartest and non-sonic-obsessed Amy yet. (That juggles and sings!)

Not to mention all the Sonamy moments

Things we never knew we wanted to see 

and fandom jokes Sega team used.

Sonic Boom is the best thing that’s happened to the Sonic franchise in my opinion. I’ll be really upset when the t.v. show & comics end.

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i will never understand why people hate on petska so much. people need to get over chriska bc it's never gonna happen. petska is adorable!

it is rude like ship bensler all you want but to not only insult chris’s wife (who has even been called ‘ugly’ compared to mariska), Peter, their kids, etc. ppl insult whoever they even hang out with. Like Mariska is friends with Raúl ,and hanging out with this human being that’s not Chirs…FAKE. but I think Mariska gets most of the judgment……..for not spending every fucking moment of her life with Christopher Meloni. ……jfc…….and I know comparing looks is wrong and obnoxious but peter is hotter/more attractive than Chris in my opinion anyway but….

ppl need to stop trying to let fictional ships portray real life…..because that’s what they are fictional

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  • First impression: They literally recolored Starscream’s model
  • Impression now: MY FAVORITE FORMER DECEPTICON. Oh my gosh I adore him so much. Best Seeker. Best everything. I love he found a home on Earth, I love his relationship with Marissa and that Buster is the most important thing to him in the world I LOVE HIM. He’s the only regret I have about dropping the Optimus Prime book because I could read Thundercracker stories forever
  • Favorite moment: Any time between him and Marissa or him and Buster is gold
  • Idea for a story: I’m actually going to write this one so I’ll zip my mouth ; ) 
  • Unpopular opinion: Eh?
  • Favorite relationship: Obviously I adore everything with him, Marissa, and Buster. But I also want to make a shoutout to him and Bumblebee because I just… I have so many feels about it alright? Also maybe ship it
  • Favorite headcanon: Thundercracker’s favorite movies are like the cheesy Cannon Group films – y’know, like American Ninja and The Delta Force and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo 

i know most people think that calum looks like an asshole but in my opinion he seems like the sweetest, most genuine guy. he does so much to make us happy and you can tell he puts his heart and soul into the music they make. he’s been in this band for about 3 years now, and i don’t think anything about his personality has changed. he went from an adorable teenage boy to a fucking sex god. i love that he stays true to who he is and doesn’t let anyone bring him down. let’s just take a moment and appreciate calum and what he’s done for us over the years. god i love that cute lil puppy.

Fav Guest Stars Day 2: Lee Arenberg

Do I really need to go into massive detail about why Leroy/Grumpy is one of the best supporting characters on this show?

Not only is he the town crier…


He delivered some of the best lines in the early seasons.

The moment I saw Lee Arenberg I was thinking “where have I seen him?” Turns out he’s Pintel from POTC. That alone is a reason to love him.

Honestly, Lee just has such fantastic comedic timing and that interaction with Hook just cracks me up.

“I’m watching you, pirateYes, dwarf”… Also this kinda looks like the cover of a romance novel, yeah?

But there’s an episode I forget to mention in last week’s favourite episodes topic but I was glad that others put it there. 1x16 Dreamy is, in my opinion, the most adorable, fluffiest story in OUAT history. If I had to pick a couple that I think is just perfect, it is Dreamy and Nova/Leroy and Astrid. Just…oh, fuck you, Blue!

His scenes with Belle back in the Enchanted Forest were just adorable and I was so happy that in Camelot, they got to talk again.

I’d dance with him! Go on, Belle!

I really love how Lee plays these three characters – Dreamy, Grumpy and Leroy. And i swear, this scene just sums up my feelings towards the whole dual roles/identities