most adorable human being on the planet


“Andy is forever Shinhwa’s maknae. However, at some point, he became like a friend, or sometimes he’d be like a hyung. I used to be the type to talk about my worries with the same age members but now I tell them to Andy.” - Hyesung.

Happy birthday Lee Sunho, for being the one of the most humble and beautiful human being in this planet. Please continue to be the adorable, fluffy yet mature baby in Shinhwa. Continue to smile and be happy as always. And thank you for existing ♥

Tomorrow is the day. The day we’ll finally see the most amazing, most beautiful, most precious, most talented, most adorable, and most perfect human being to ever walk on this planet again. Yes, tomorrow is the day we get to see Ten on Elementary School Teacher and I am fucking ready. I am ready to see Ten being his loveable self and bias wreck me like only he can.


Couldn’t fit these into my set, but like…Nathan’s butt and Essie’s adorable hopping. Would be a crime not to post

I just spent hours watching every Hamilton and ham4ham clip I could get my hands on and I’ve come to three conclusions:
1. I will spontaneously combust if I do not get to see Hamilton live. (also I want the cast to adopt me)
2. I would give anything ANYTHING to be in the pit orchestra for this dumb musical that’s taking over my dumb life even though I’ve never seen it.
3. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the sweetest cutest most adorable human being on this planet and I don’t get what we did to deserve him.

what is your favorite thing about Sam Winchester?


My favorite main character is definitely Sammy, because he’s just so selfless, and brilliant, and adorable and i just love him so much 


my favorite thing about sam is his kindness c: and, y'know, everything else as well


My fav thing about sam is everything ??


my favourite thing about sam is how he can DESTROY YOU while simultaneously being the most compassionate and forgiving cupcake on the planet idk he’s just fab


My favorite thing about Sam is his Sam-ness XD (his heart, his mind, and, of course, his glorious mane of hair)


Hi! My favorite thing about Sam is his humanity, the way he feels everything. Plus, I mean, he’s Sam so what’s not to love! :D


one of my favorite things about Sam is the way he used to do those puppy eyes to get what he wanted because that was adorable! I actually ended up naming my dog after him because of that :)


the puppy eyes?????????? the season one hair???? the hope in humanity he has?? there’s a lot of things i like about sam winchester oops.


I love how Sam never gives up even tho life never gives him a break and I love how pretty he is and the way his smile lights up a room and I just really love Sam Winchester


my fave thing about sam winchester is the fact that he is a giant dork that loves dogs and can kill a monster with his bare hands aw


hey!!!! omg i really love sam’s smile with dimples like he really looks like sunshine


his cute lil nose.. so boopable. Or his eyes when he smiles or laughs; They just light up and… He’s so loving too, especially when he doesn’t need to be. sam winchester’s just precious.


 it’s hard to just choose one thing I love about Sam but… his kindness, I guess. It’s astounding how he managed to keep his kindness after everything he’s been through


Favorite thing about Sam Winchester is his intelligence and love for research closely followed by his selflessness :) ^_^


I think I like how serious he tries to be in situations but every now and then he’ll still end up looking like a goofball c: he’s adorable


I think my favorite thing about Sam is how loyal he is. He was willing to leave his college the week before the most important interview of his life to help his brother. And that was just the beginning. He is always selfless, and loyal to the people he loves.


My favorite thing about Sam is his selflessness holy shit he’s my child

(complied and compressed from  padaleckiwhat)

Michael has seen you at the school’s library multiple times, always wondering if he should help you or not when you tried reaching books that were placed way too high for your height. Whenever you jumped and tried to get a particular book he would chuckle a bit because you were just so tiny and cute. So one day when he saw you struggling again he risked his chances and approached you, placing a hand on your shoulder, muttering a soft ”Hold on, love.” And got the book you were reaching for. When he would hand it to you, your cheeks would have a tinted pink flush in them and Michael’s heart would flutter, finding you the most adorable human being on this planet. Offering to buy you a coffee, he wouldn’t say it, but on the inside he couldn’t stop the butterflies from flying around his tummy at the sight of your red, full of embarrassment and adorable face.