most adorable human alive

Reasons why Patrick Stump would be a good president;

- He supports lgbt+

- He isn’t sexist, he doesn’t think that the only thing important about women is their looks

- The only reason he’s ever done something serious was accidental, and not a big issue

- He’s in fall out boy

- He’s modest

- He was supportive of Obama

- He is the most adorable human alive 


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Can you do a dating Kara Danvers would include please?

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Dating Kara Danvers would include:

-congrats you’re dating the most adorable human bean alive

-hearing ridiculously innocent and precious phrases from her when she gets excited

-”Oh my stars” and “golly” and anything else ur grandmother would say

-ur gf is a bottomless pit and the fridge is always full of half finished take out

- “Kara stop eating my leftovers”

-She eventually tells you about her powers and where she’s from and even though you’ve always hated heights you love when she takes you up and flies around bc its not like Supergirl is going to drop you

-asking winn if you can borrow the more revealing prototype suit he made and surprising kara in it one night when she comes home