most adorable ever etc


A few gift exchange ideas I saw while I was out the other day. The first six things I found at Target and fit in with some of the most popular interests I noticed (baking, writing, Disney, sparkles, etc.) The most cozy looking slippers ever, an adorable hedgehog light, princess journals, cupcake wall art, sparkly pens, and an adorable mini wallet. None of these ones were directly Lolita related but they would all make great additions to sets of gifts.
The last one is a kitty purse that I found at H&M which would be great in and out of Lolita! I know there were a lot of people who had cats as one of their favorite things!
Something else I saw that I forgot to take a picture of was a few adorable ruffled umbrellas that they had at Forever21 which could be used as umbrellas for rain or parasols.