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Ok but. Do you possibly have any headcanons for Toshinori? >u> Because there's not much of him at all and Toshi + tickles seems like an adorable combination <u<

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^ WHAT! There’s not much of him! I’m a couple of episodes behind cuz I’m too busy trolling through life, but I will still write this. *shoves M&M’s in mouth and pops fingers* let’s do this.

- Hehehe this guy. 1. Toshinori in All Might form = biggest tickle monster ever who might accidentally kill you with tickles. 2. Toshinori in true form = most ticklish guy on earth who needs to run for his life.

- #1 is known very well by his students. he LOVES to playfully tickle torture his students: Deku cuz he’s cute, Todoroki cuz he needs to smile, Bakugou cuz he’s an angry lil child and he’s hilarious when he’s being tickled, Deku cuz he’s cute, Kirishima cuz he’s loud, Uraraka cuz she’ll soar into sky and it’s the most adorable thing ever, etc. etc. etc. ALSO DEKU CUZ HE’S CUTE.

- Yeh he’s a big fan of ticklish Deku, has an overall soft spot for the guy in a fatherly way, but when he’s tickled Deku is just everything and it will cheer up his moodiest moods so when he gets really RLY moody he’ll just be like: Deku plz come here. And Deku will obediently do so even tho he will get the tickles of a lifetime everytime.

- He’s a bit ruthless and is often too oblivious about it. It’s only when someone’s like “umm sensei Deku is turning puuurple.” that he’s like OH fucking shit I need to stop *turns into overcaring dad who gives poor breathless student water and food and a lot of apologies* 

- The only guy who knows about #2 is Aizawa-sensei though, sorry not sorry I ship them together. And that creepy Aizawa (my hcs about him here) will absolutely wreck him when he gets the chance.

- Toshinori has a ticklish ribcage to die for. Aizawa loves to grab his arm and pull him backwards, forcing him to arch his back and then baaamm attack his exposed ribs and Toshinori will literally cry, whine and sob while he laughs sweetly.

- His laughter switches often from that ^ whiny sobby giggles to loud bouts of roaring laughter and it’s so FASCINATING that anyone who tickles him will just not be able to hold themselves back. Each and every spot needs to be tested and that laughter needs to be HEARD.

- In All Might form, alright, he’s ticklish too, but just with possibly 10x lower sensitivity level than when he is in his true form. As All Might he only has the loud roaring laughter version tho, and his students love it. He can only be tickled when he’s held down.

- YES THEY CAN TEAM UP ON HIM. The best thing to get class 1A developing their team bond skills is to team up on All Might and fucking tickle him. The poor man will literally die if they do this right *the first few times I guess they just fuck up and get swept off their feet by his allmighty powers because they suck at teamwork.* But they get better.

- This never goes without a punishment tho since All Might and his everlasting stamina will definitely pick one of his unlucky students within reach *often Deku* and wreck them with tickles right in front of everyone’s eyes.

- In true form when he’s tickled, so in my mind by Aizawa only huehue, it often happens he spits blood from the ticklish shock omg I’m so evil. Poor Toshi<33

- He also actually gets really REALLY flustered when he’s tickled. Soooo- Ler Toshinori-in-true-form is a rare thing. He’s just too busy getting wrecked then. 

- It’s a RARE thing but definitely not impossible. During intimate moments, cute cuddles, nuzzling, kissing, Toshinori will definitely dare a little to tickle Aizawa but unlike his All Might- killer tickles it’ll be the cute fluttery finger- tickles and light strokes that make his lover squirm, chuckle and giggle softly.

- Tickle fights in true form are a no go because Aizawa always wins…. Aizawa needs to fucking run though when All Might form is back and he will not be merciful or forgiving.


A few gift exchange ideas I saw while I was out the other day. The first six things I found at Target and fit in with some of the most popular interests I noticed (baking, writing, Disney, sparkles, etc.) The most cozy looking slippers ever, an adorable hedgehog light, princess journals, cupcake wall art, sparkly pens, and an adorable mini wallet. None of these ones were directly Lolita related but they would all make great additions to sets of gifts.
The last one is a kitty purse that I found at H&M which would be great in and out of Lolita! I know there were a lot of people who had cats as one of their favorite things!
Something else I saw that I forgot to take a picture of was a few adorable ruffled umbrellas that they had at Forever21 which could be used as umbrellas for rain or parasols.