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How tf is Chris Evans single?!? The man has the purest soul, is beyond beautiful to look at, has the world’s most adorable dog, publicly denounces Trump on an almost daily basis, has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen and uh, he’s also only Captain freakin’ America

Headcanons for sub!Peter Parker

(Cause honestly he’s the biggest sub ever sorry not sorry)

Requested: loved ur sub!kylo stuff! could you do a sub!peter parker too omg? 😍😍😍😍

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•he was probably too shy to take control

•so you decided to do it and god did peter love it

•you’ll take his web shooters and basically stick his hands to the headboard with the webs

•he loves it when you whisper in his ear all the dirty things you’re going to do to him

•his hips. always. bucking.

•honestly probably cause you tease him so much he at the point where he needs it

• there’s some jealous sex (especially with all his Spiderman fan girls)

•you always tell him when he is being good, cause jesus does that get him going

•he 15/10 has a praise kink

•peter lowkey has a fantasy of you guys doing in a classroom at school

•then one day at school Peter just finished a presentation and when he sat down you told him “Good job Peter! You’re so good at that.” You said the last part more seductively and he was turned on in seconds

•and after class you were supposed to have a mathletes meeting but peter shoved you into an empty class room, leading to you guys doing it on one of the desks

•most of the time you’re on top and peter wouldn’t want it any other way

•you’re always leaving hickies on him

•Peter basically doesn’t leave without at least one hickey on him

•whenever you’re on top of him, he looks up at you with the most adorable puppy dog eyes

•his eyes are filled with so much love and lust for you

•god I love peter parker

the universe of us.

“I love you.” — “I know.”

pairing: jeon jungkook x reader | kim taehyung x reader
genre: slight comedy, angst, fluff
type: dream / fantasy / slice of life au
word count: 21,112 words
warnings: none
author’s note: thank you to the true mvps @zephyoongist​, @gukstudio, and @syubits for all their aggressive motivation through means of screaming at me to continue dragging myself through this wild ride until the completion of this nightmare monstrosity. the italicized quote mentioned in this was said by dr. suess. i wrote this while listening to this song, so i hope you listen to it as well while reading for the full experience.

nefelibata : (noun) lit. “cloud-walker”; the one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams

The story of Icarus tells of a naive being who loved the sun and flew too close, leading to his untimely descent into the ocean. But what the tale didn’t speak of was how the sun and the moon fell in love with him, too. And with the pull of the tides due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, he tosses and turns, torn between two entities.

So if Kim Taehyung embodies the sun, then Jeon Jungkook is the moon.

And you are Icarus.

In a realm of pointless illusions and shadows of reality, dreams are not something you tend to dwell over. Some say it is within dreams where your selfish desires, wants, hopes, and subconscious manifest into a tentative form. As a lucid dreamer, you absolutely enjoy delving into illusions of roaming the boisterous halls of Hogwarts or taking flight into the air as you stretch your fingers out and almost touch the second star to the right.

You never actively try to find the hidden meanings behind the imagined moments that play beneath your eyelids and find purchase within the secret crevices within your mind. There simply is no point in doing so when they are not seen as an escape from reality because you are more than satisfied, daresay happy even, with the way your life is.

You found happiness within a circle of trustworthy and wonderful friends, a stable and amazing job that you actually do not dread going to in the morning, a beautiful and spacious apartment, and to top it off, a very cute and lovable dog named Soonshim whom you are a proud parent of with your boyfriend. More so, after all, you know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. And you are completely head over heels for a certain Kim Taehyung.

But then you find yourself slipping between the stratums of real and make-believe, existence and reverie, day and night under the guise of slumber and fantasies, thrown headfirst into an entirely new life that leaves you confused and chasing after something—or rather, someone—who is more than just silly daydreams and butterflies.

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Just….domestic hamburr. 

That’s all.


-being the only human he can actually stand

-he would be so protective

-like if someone looked at you the wrong way he would get so pissed

-but he’d be so sweet to you

-you two would be power couple #GOALS

-he’s probably be a jealous type.

-but he wouldn’t be obvious about it. like you’d just spontaneously be whisked off on a romantic date whenever Jace was within a hundred meters of the Hotel

-Simon would love talking to you because you’re the girl that has Raphael wrapped around her finger-and Raphael would get jealous of Simon too

-dude. he would buy you so much expensive jewelry

-like he would treat you like a queen

-and flowers. he’d just get you these giant bouquets randomly

-i dunno, i feel like he can cook. and if you asked him too he’d make the best food ever TBH

-he would look at you with the most adoring puppy dog eyes

-that cute smile every time you enter the room

-him having eyes only for you

-wearing his button up shirts when you walk around in the morning

-wearing just his suit shirts would drive him insane, like he would just be drooling and trying to keep himself composed (but would ultimately fail)

-you’d probably at some point grab his cheeks (because look at them, he’s such a cutie) and he would get  all flustered and shy

-i feel like he would be such a hopeless romantic.

-like he would love kissing your fingers

-and if he ever proposed? that would be a hella big diamond ring

-he’s be super classy

-he’d respect you and love you in every way possible

-he’s probably love it if you ever fell asleep on his chest

-and then he wouldent move. like he has business? too bad, it can wait, you’re sleeping

- i dunno. i love him. he’s perf

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Carousel: Part5 ( COLE X READER)


SUMMARY: Tomorrow’s the Grand Premiere of Riverdale Season Two Trailer. Although you’re excited to see yourself in the big screen for the first time, you’re also let down by the thought of seeing Cole and Lili together. During the premiere, Cole finally confronts you and turn the tables once and for all.

A\N: Thank you so much for all the love given to Carousel <3 My heart is full x Requests are still open if you would like to read something else. Love youuu guys!


You just got off the phone with Mark. He called you to let you know that he would be dropping off your red-carpet gown at Camila’s place. You asked him if it was mandatory for you to attend the gala, to which he replied  was an “ABSOLUTE MUST!”. He further explained how important it was for you to attend the premiere since it will be your first public appearance, your introduction to Hollywood basically.

You understood.

The thought of having your first red carpet moment excited you but the thought of seeing Lili and Cole together made you miffed.

“Honey! There’s someone at the door for you,” you heard your mom call from downstairs. Weird, how did anyone get your parent’s address?

You head downstairs to find Camila happily chatting with your parents.

They acknowledged your presence once you were down.

”Oh (y/n), your friend here was just telling me about how good you were at work,” your mom happily exclaimed.

“Camila,” you gave her a friendly hug,” What  are you doing here?”

She snickered, “ I have my resources. I need you to sleep over tonight.”

“Wait, what? Sleep over?”

“Yeap,” she nodded. “Your mom already gave me a green light,” she winked at your mom.

You gave your mom an odd stare,” Listen, if it’s about the dress, I’ll come over and pick it right up. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to sleep over. Really, it’s fine.”

“No, no, no. You are sleeping over and that’s it! Tomorrow’s a big day,” she smiled and held your hand,” I want your first red-carpet moment to be perfect.”

Camila was very adamant about the sleepover and seeing how excited she was about tomorrow, you couldn’t say no to her. You packed up a few essentials and got into her car.

“Mom!Dad!”, you called out from the car window,” I’m gonna be on TV!”


Sleeping over at Camila’s wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. Sure, her front porch brought up an unpleasant memory but Camila was a sweetheart!

She let you wear one of her prettiest bathing robe and she even applied her homemade facial mask which she swears to  ‘lives’ by.

“Oh my god, we need to take a selfie!”, she exclaims. She pulls out her iphone and randomnly clicks a number of selfies with you.

“This one is cute! I’m gonna post it online.”

You look at the photo. It was a decent selfie of you and her in sleek bathing robes, still covered in her ridiculous face mask.

“What’s your twitter id?” she asks.

“I don’t have one.” you reply.

Her face drops, “Are you serious? Oh my god, we need to create your twitter. Like, now!!”

“No, no. It’s fine. I don’t need it. It’s-“

You should’ve known better than going against Camila. She screeched, made the most adorable puppy dog eyes and tickled you till you said, “FINE. I’LL CREATE ONE.”

Camila immediately posts the selfie of the two of you and tags you in it.


You already started receiving a number of followers, mostly from the Riverdale fandom since word did get out that you’ve been casted as Cheryl’s sister.

Soon after washing up and getting freshened, Camila suggests you go to sleep early since tomorrow is such a big day. You agree and change into your night gown before jumping in bed with Camila.

Buzz. Your phone vibrates from underneath your pillow.

“Who is it?” Camila questions

It was a short twitter notification-

Cole Sprouse followed you.

“It’s no one,” you lock your phone,”Goodnight, Cam.”


“Wow. You look amazing,” Camila gawks at you. You give her a small smile before staring at the your reflection in the mirror.

I must say, the hair and makeup which arrived at 6am this morning definitely did you justice!

You’re wearing a Louis Vuitton gold embroidered lace gown, a very minimal makeup with a strong red lipstick to stand out. Your hair tied up in a neat bun with few strands of hair hanging. You definitely look like a certified Blossom!

“You look amazing as well, Cam.” She’s wearing a short Armani dress in the hottest shade of red!

“Thanks,” she smiles, ”The car’s here. Let’s go.”

You quickly check your twitter before leaving. You decided to follow Cole anyway since you didn’t want him to think that you were still bitter about what happened. You wanted him to think that you were over it. Besides, giving him the satisfaction that he still has an effect on you was the last thing you wanted.

Finally going to see my oompa x , he had tweeted earlier this morning.

Everybody assumed that it was for Lili for obvious reasons. You roll your eyes, ugh, reading the “awww.. He and Lili are so cute together” comments made your stomach sick.

You lock your phone and head downstairs. A white Limo had arrived to pick you and Camila up.

You decide not to let your feelings for Cole get the best of you. Today is your day.

“I hear Cole and Lili are going to walk the red-carpet together.” Says Camila

Your stomach sicknes, “Oh. Oh yeah? Good for them.”

“Are you over him?” She asks, your eyes widen in confusion. “What?”

“You know, Cole. Are you over him?”, she retorts.

“What do you mea-“

She cuts you off, ”C’mon, it was pretty obvious that you had a crush on him.”

“So wait, you knew I liked him?”

“Pretty much, everyone did.”

You sulk,”Whoa. Ugh, nevermind. I’m over it.”

“(Y/N),” Camila tightens the grip on our hand, “It’s okay. We all go through it. Remember, today is your day.

“We’re here,” the chauffer declares.


The paparazzi was insane! They huddled towards the car the moment you got out of it. It was terrifying at first but then you slowly got a hold of it. You smiled confidently at the camera. The photographers were lovely! They commented on how fabulous you looked and how perfect their shots of you were.

You and Camila walk the red-carpet together  and happily pose for the photographers. You could see Casey, Ross Butler and other cast members  from a distance.

“Lili!”, Camila waves to the other side. Lili and Cole stood together hand-in-hand. You heart fell apart at the sight of them. They looked so good together. Their eyes spotted you and Camila. Cole’s eyes widened after his eyes met yours.

Camila began walking towards them but you let her hand go.

“I’ll come later,” you give her an assuring smile.

No way you’re going up to Cole and Lili. As if seeing them together wasn’t heartbreaking enough.

You smile and wave at Lili but decide to ignore Cole’s eyes.

“(y/n)!(y/n)!” you hear the reporters call you. You smile and walk towards them, “Hi!”

“You look stunning, (y/n)! What are you wearing today?”, the friendly blonde reporter questions.

“Thank you so much. I’m wearing Louis Vuitton!” you confidently reply.

“Wonderful! So, before heading off, what can you tell us about your role as Cia Blossom?”

“Okay so, I’m playing the role of Cia Blossom. She’s the new Blossom in town. She’s definitely nothing like The Blossoms, as you can already tell by my hair colour- it’s not red!,” you wittily reply.

The blonde laughs in response, “Oh hey, Cole Sprouse everyone!.”

You shudder at the sound of his name. You hadn’t even seen him coming.

Cole stood just few inches next to you. Lili and Camila, you noticed, were far from sight.

“ We were just talking to your new co-star, (y/n)” the reporter informs Cole.

Cole smiles brightly, “Yeah, she has been amazing throughout!”

You want to barf. Look at him , trying to sound so sweet around all these reporters.

You just continue to smile at the cameras nearby, completely avoiding any eye contact with Cole.

“(y/n), one last question!” the blondie says, “Are you a Bughead shipper? Were you surprised when you heard that Cole and Lili were dating?”

You face immediately drops. The dreaded question. You could feel your stomach tighten and your eyes flutter.

“(y/n)..” you heard Cole whisper to you, “You don’t have to-“

You cut him off.

“Of course,” you place the biggest fake smile on your face, “I’m a bigtime bughead shipper. I mean, who isn’t? I wouldn’t say I was surprised when I learnt about their relationship,” you look up at Cole and smile, “They have great chemistry in set so you know.. It was a pleasant surprise. We’re all very happy for them. Thank you.” You lie through your teeth and leave the scene. You could almost hear Cole’s voice call your name but you decide to let it go.

You thought you could do this but you can’t. Because truth is, no matter how much you pretend to be okay with it- you’re not. The thought of Cole with someone else sickens you. The thought of Cole treating someone else the same way he treated you makes your knees weak. The thought of him kissing someone else, the thought of him taking someone else to his favourite places- all of it. It makes you frail.

As much as you want to leave everything and go home, you know better than to cause a scene during your first public appearance. You plan, however, to leave the instant the screening ends. You’re not strong enough to attend the after-party and be surrounded by people talking about how well Cole and Lili compliment each other.

Inside the theatre, you were seated between KJ and Casey, Cole sitting next to KJ. When you approach to your seat, Cole stands up on seeing you. But so does KJ. You haven’t seen KJ since the last day of shooting. During the ride home, he didn’t bombard you with questions at all. He remained a gentleman and respected your privacy.

You look up at them in awe. How courteous. They didn’t have to stand up.

“(y/n).” both of them says in unison and give each other an awkward look.

“Hey,” you give a half smile before sitting yourself down.

“You look stunning, by the way.” KJ whispers into your ear. Cole clears his throat.

“Thanks,” you smile at him,” You look handsome yourself.” You say it loud enough for Cole to hear. And he did. You find him staring at you, but you turn away from his gaze.

The trailer starts.

It was a 3 minute trailer with a lot of cliffhanger! You saw yourself in the screen for the first time and damn, were you proud of yourself!

It showed scenes of you, KJ and Camila at Pop’s. There were hot make-out scenes between KJ and Camila. The trailer ended with a scene of Cole and Lili kissing.

Normally, you wouldn’t feel anything since it’s all just an act but after what Cole did to you, watching him kiss another girl made your heart weak all over again.

After the lights came back on and the screen went black, everyone stood up and cheered. It was a good tease.

Even though it was a good trailer and you were proud of yourself, you couldn’t stand one more minute with Cole and Lili. The atmosphere made you sick.

“Excuse me,” you told KJ and tried to make your way out.

“Hey, aren’t you coming for the after party?” asked KJ, just then Cole got up and turned towards you.

You decide to ignore him. “No, I don’t think so. I have to leave..,” you turn away and see yourself out.

“(y/n), wait!” you heard Cole call. “Later.” you wave at him and leave.

After coming out the theatre, you let out a huge breath. Wow, that was suffocating. Seeing Cole and Lili together was way worse than you had actually hoped to feel. You begin to wonder if agreeing for the third edition of Riverdale was a good idea.

You were just about to leave the scene when- You see Cole run towards you.

“(Y/N)!” he call out, panting.

You turn away and try to leave as quickly and as unnoticed as possible.

“Wait!” he grabs your hand.

You turn to face him, “Hey,” you avoid his eyes, “I have to leave. Something came up.”

“Why won’t you look at me?”, he questions, still holding your hand tight

“Cole, I don’t think this is a good ide-“

He cuts you off, “How long are you going to run away from me?”

You try to let go of his hand but he wouldn’t let you, he strengthens his grip on you.

“Cole,” you sigh,” Now is not a good time. I have to-“

“Then tell me WHEN, (y/n)!” he increases his tone, “You won’t return my calls, my messages, you even went as far as changing your number so I wouldn’t call you. I even came to your apartment but it was locked! So tell me, (y/n), when is a good time, since all you do is try to run away from me.” He slowly lets go of your hand and embraces your arms. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But you don’t have to take such drastic measures to get rid of me. Tell me, do you really hate me that much?”

You finally look up at him. Holding back your tears, you look at the guy who once enveloped you on the prettiest bridge.

“I love you,” you turn away, “or loved, I don’t know. I can’t do this. I can’t. Loving you hurts.”

“(Y/N),” he says in a low tone, “I-“

You wipe your tears and cut him off, “It’s okay. It’s really okay, Cole.” You smile at him,”I don’t hate you. You and Lili are perfect for each other.”

“Perfect,” he scoffs, letting go of your hand,”It’s all just an act!”


“My agent, the producers, they all want me to date Lili for some reason to increase the ratings for the show.”

“So, is that why you…”

“Yes. (y/n), you have to believe me. I would never ever hurt you. I’m sorry for what I did to you, I shouldn’t have. I had no right to do that. I just thought that it’d be easier for-“

“Yeah, you thought it’d be easier for me to forget you.”

He nods. He intertwines his fingers onto yours. “I’m sorry.”

You let go of his hand. “You know what’s the worst part?”

He widens his eyes, “(y/n).. please don’t do this.”

“The worst part isn’t the fact that you broke my heart in the way of obeying your agents and producers,” you take a deep breath and look away as your continue,”The worst part is you thinking that I will not, not even for a sec, understand you. Seems to me that you don’t even kn- “

You hear paparazzi prepare to huddle outside the theatre. You quickly wipe your tears away. “I have to go.”

“NO,(Y/N).” Cole protests, but you decide to leave anyway.

You make your way towards the car, smiling and waving at the cameras on the way.

“Great job, (y/n)!” you hear some of them comment.

“Thanks,” you smile at them.

You were just about to get into your car when you felt a hand pull you from behind.

Your eyes widen in shock to find Cole firmly taking hold of your body.

In front of everyone.

You’re too shocked and surprised to protest or to question his motives.

“I forgot something,” he says, pulling you closer to him,” I love you”.

He pulls you in for a deep kiss in front of all the cameras.

They were bawling. The fans were screeching. Everyone shocked at what they were witnessing right before their eyes!

You could hear Cole’s agent Frank yell at Cole from behind but Cole really couldn’t care less. 

He slowly breaks the kiss, only to find your wide eyes  still gawking at him in shock.

He simply smiles at you, “So much. I love you so much, (y/n). Please let me fix this. Please give me another chance. I have missed you so much.”


A/N: I originally planned on ending the story this way, but then I wondered if you guys would like to know what happens next? What do the media make of it?What do you make of it? What does Betty make it? And Cole’s agents & producer’s wrath at his bold move. Just let me know if you would want another Carousel haha, I would be more than happy to write it x It’s fine if you guys think the story should end this way. Thank you so much for all the love <3

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Imagine running into Henry on a walk through the park. You’d just left a little coffee shop when you saw the most adorable dog. You were kneeling down to pet him, talking in a silly voice like it were a baby, when you heard a familiar British accent coming from his owner. Thinking it couldn’t possibly be him, you glance up to see Superman himself flashing his beautiful smile at you. 

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Colombia approved a new law about "dangerous breeds", now everyone who have this kind of dogs have to have a special a registration and paid for permit to keep the dog, because of this many dogs end up being abandoned and being sacrificed! My best friend has a pit bull and she is the most adorable dog on earth! how can we prove that this breed are not really dangerous!

Well, my anonymous friend, firstly I can’t figure out whether you’re talking about Colombia the country, the county or a city, so I can’t look up your legislation.

Secondly, registering dogs isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. You might be disappointed that I’m not going to tell you what you wanted to hear.

How bad this new law is, and whether or not it’s fair, depends on the details, which I can’t find.

Where I am we have a general registration for ALL dogs. It’s a cheap annual fee if they’re desexed and if the dog gets loose and is picked up, it gets returned to the owners first time free of charge. That law is there to ensure the dog population doesn’t get out of control in suburbia, and that dogs that repeatedly escape and get onto the road can be identified and addressed.

Certain ‘restricted’ breeds have additional laws. They are supposed to only be kept if desexed if living in certain suburbs. They can only be owned by someone over the age of 18. They can only be walked in public by someone who is over 18. There is a minimum height for your fences. This legislation targets certain breeds, including the pit bull. While I don’t think it’s fair to target a particular handful of breeds, I do think these precautions are reasonable for any dog breed over 20kg.

If any dog attacks a human, or kills an animal, or comes close, it gets reclassified as a ‘dangerous dog’. These dogs must have an enclosure, not just a fence, and ‘Beware of Dog’ signs at the entrance to the property. They’re not to be walked in public, and are to be muzzled if outside of their enclosure. These dogs attract a higher registration fee, and if they escape they are likely to be seized and put down.

The difference between a ‘restricted breed’ legislation and this dangerous dog legislation is that these individual dogs have proven themselves to be dangerous. It is not condemning an entire breed. These measures have not resulted in more dogs being ‘abandoned and sacrificed‘, but there are more dogs around these days that look very much like pit bulls that are being labeled as ‘staffy crosses’.

All dogs bite. That’s how they eat. You can’t guarantee that any individual dog, of any breed, will never hurt a human. You simply can’t, and it’s irresponsible to do so.

We should be encouraging people to understand dog’s body language and dog etiquette to reduce the number of dog bites. Legislation won’t fix this problem, but neither will targeting certain breeds.

You can’t prove that ‘pit bulls are not really dangerous’. You can’t prove that for any breed, especially not a large, muscular one. The task lies in convincing the general public that the breed is not any more dangerous than any other breed of dog. Hey, it’s Labradors and Golden Retrievers that are statistically most likely to bite a vet and send them to hospital.

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Having good ambassadors for the breed in public and social media is vital to change public perception. Stop cropping their ears if you’re in a country that still allows this to happen. Socialize them well, with humans and other dogs. Train them well. Let them be as good as they can be, because they represent their breed.

Not all of these dogs are nice, but that could be said of any breed. The task remains to show that enough of these dogs are and don’t deserve to be singled out over any other breed.

It used to be rottweilers, dobermans and german shepherds that were vilified in this way. Society’s views can change, but it takes consistent good examples to do so.


“Sit, Bob. Good dog. You are the only one who knows the truth, mon petit. You know how your mistress died. You also know, I think, who killed her. He or she passed you by as they laid the trip wire, saying to themselves, "Oh, this is only Bob, a fox terrier. He cannot speak. I am safe.” Such foolishness, n'est-ce pas? But you and I, we know, Bob, that one does not have to speak in order to tell. And you will tell me all, in your own good time.“

Young Gods (Part 1/?)

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Henry Cavill x reader (fem)

Summary: Reader has just moved into London and meets Henry at a coffee shop while petting his dog.

You were never satisfied with the lifestyle of your country, so after studying Fine Arts for four years you decided to move into London. Your best friend, also a Fine Arts graduate, joined you. Beeing an artist in (Y/C) wasn’t easy or in any other country, but you decided to test you luck in London. 

You had moved into Stoke Newigton with your best friend as your roomate, only three months ago.  You worked as a part-time waitress since then and taken several projects, many of which included painting walls of coffeshops and selling prints. You were hoping to be an illustator someday, maybe you would illustrate your own book. 

You were now heading to a coffeshop that you had visited several times the previous month when you were painting its walls. It was surprisingly a sunny day in July. Wearing a black romper with  frill off shoulder sleeves and straps, you had half of your long (Y/H/C) hair hidden under a black cowboy-like hat and your (Y/E/C) eyes protected from the sun behind round violet sunglasses. 

You entered the coffee shop, took off your sunglasses and ordered. The wall on the right was decorated with a portait of a woman with the sea in her hair. While waiting, you suddenly felt something big and hairy against your leg.  You turn to look and saw the most adorable dog brushing his head against your skin and looking at you with big blue eyes. You kneeled on the floor to pet him.

“Hi, big guy! And you would be…” 

“Kal. Sorry about him… He seems to like you though.” a sexy and kind of familiar voice answered next to you.

“You don’t have to apologise. He is not bothering me. Kal? Like Kal-El?” you said and turned to look at him only to realise that it was Kal-El himself smiling at you. You stood up smiling too. “Yup! Definately Kal-El…” 

Keep your cool, girl…. Keep your cool

“I am Henry!” he said and extended his hand and you gladly traded grips with him.

“Yeah! I am well aware of who you are… I am (Y/N)” 

“Miss your coffee is ready” the waiter called from behind. 

“Thank you!” you said and took it heading towards the exit. “It was nice meeting you, Henry! And you, of course, Kal!” 

“Hey! Wait! I didn’t really got the chance to speak with you.  Will you do me the honor of drinking your coffee here with me?”

“I would love to but I am afraid I have to go to work. Another one of these waits for me to go and finish it” you said pointing to the wall you had painted.

“First of all this is amazing.”

“Thank you!”

“Secondly since you have to go to work now what about a date tommorow?”

“Like I could possibly say no.”  you said smirking and he laughed.

“Perfect! Can you please fix my phone then? It seems it doesn’t have your number in it.” 

“Okay cheeseball! Give it to me!”

“Oh someone is eager!” he said with a smirk and gave you his phone.

“You perv! I am seriously considering stealing your phone right now.” you said jokingly and put your name and number in his phone.

“You think you could take me down?”

“Absolutely” you said and while smirking, you put your sunglasses on and exited the coffeshop looking one last time behind smiling.

Well that went well…

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Can you maybe do something like your at the park with your dog and the dog is so cute Minghao can't help but to come up and pet it. Then he stays because of your smile(or some sorta cheesy fluff)😁

admin seri: i honestly died at the thought of this but IM SORRY i kinda strayed but the guildlines,, i hope it’s still okay though ~  also d/n = dog’s name

  • dog walks are either your favorite or least favorite part of the week
  • its your fault for choosing a dog based off cuteness haha
  • but damn your dog’s the type where if you don’t walk to once every two or three days your dead
  • as in neighbors banging on your door from his barking while your gone
  • and you really can’t buy another sofa
  • today was one of those days where he was restless,
  • wanting to smell and investigate everything
  • trying to mark multiple mailboxes
  • your strength depletes as it gets more exhausting
  • but arriving at the mostly empty park save or a couple kids and the guy sitting on the bench across from you
  • you can thankfully let your dog run free, him being well trained enough
  • “AH! D/N NO!”
  • you yelp at the sight of your dogs nose getting all up into the man’s backpack across you
  • quickly running over, you pick d/n up
  • “i’m really sorry” you smile sheepishly, looking into his eyes
  • Minghao decided to take some time off that day
  • get some fresh air, read a book, maybe even take some pictures
  • and with his headphones playing music softly, time slips away from him
  • until he see’s the most adorable dog ever poking his nose at his bag
  • and an ever cuter girl bounding up to him and picking up her dog
  • with his headphones in his ears, the soft music playing
  • her bright smile with her eyes crinkling apologetically
  • it’s like a scene from a movie
  • even better, it could be captured in a picture
  • “it’s no problem” Minghao chuckles slightly, “he’s cute”
  • your cute
  • “ah! thank you~”
  • and there’s that smile again
  • but before he can say much else, you leave with a bow
  • he tries not to think much of it, and attempts to go back to his book
  • but can’t, and pulls out his camera
  • without thinking, focuses the lens on you, and snaps
  • your and your happy grin, playing with your dog joyfully
  • but he must tell you of course
  • so causally, walks up and starts to pet the dog, grabbing your attention
  • “i hope this isn’t weird or anything,” he starts, “but i took some pictures”
  • he holds his camera out to you
  • who’s mouth twitches up and eyebrows raise confused
  • “oh? then lets-“
  • you pause actually looking at the photo, taking it all in
  • “HEY WOAH” you stare at him amazed, “how did you even make me look like this??”
  • he chuckles, “nothing really, you do look like that”
  • “lies” you joke
  • “well,” he laughs,
  • “i could send you it, if you give me your number?” he slides in slyly
  • you smile, seeing right through his cute intention
  • and enter your number
  • but then your dog decides to want to play with Minghao’s pants
  • he picks him up this time and petting his head, “since your dog likes me so much … we could meet again at this park?”
  • he smiles shyly
  • causing you to giggle shyly
  • “i’d like that”

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