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Colombia approved a new law about "dangerous breeds", now everyone who have this kind of dogs have to have a special a registration and paid for permit to keep the dog, because of this many dogs end up being abandoned and being sacrificed! My best friend has a pit bull and she is the most adorable dog on earth! how can we prove that this breed are not really dangerous!

Well, my anonymous friend, firstly I can’t figure out whether you’re talking about Colombia the country, the county or a city, so I can’t look up your legislation.

Secondly, registering dogs isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. You might be disappointed that I’m not going to tell you what you wanted to hear.

How bad this new law is, and whether or not it’s fair, depends on the details, which I can’t find.

Where I am we have a general registration for ALL dogs. It’s a cheap annual fee if they’re desexed and if the dog gets loose and is picked up, it gets returned to the owners first time free of charge. That law is there to ensure the dog population doesn’t get out of control in suburbia, and that dogs that repeatedly escape and get onto the road can be identified and addressed.

Certain ‘restricted’ breeds have additional laws. They are supposed to only be kept if desexed if living in certain suburbs. They can only be owned by someone over the age of 18. They can only be walked in public by someone who is over 18. There is a minimum height for your fences. This legislation targets certain breeds, including the pit bull. While I don’t think it’s fair to target a particular handful of breeds, I do think these precautions are reasonable for any dog breed over 20kg.

If any dog attacks a human, or kills an animal, or comes close, it gets reclassified as a ‘dangerous dog’. These dogs must have an enclosure, not just a fence, and ‘Beware of Dog’ signs at the entrance to the property. They’re not to be walked in public, and are to be muzzled if outside of their enclosure. These dogs attract a higher registration fee, and if they escape they are likely to be seized and put down.

The difference between a ‘restricted breed’ legislation and this dangerous dog legislation is that these individual dogs have proven themselves to be dangerous. It is not condemning an entire breed. These measures have not resulted in more dogs being ‘abandoned and sacrificed‘, but there are more dogs around these days that look very much like pit bulls that are being labeled as ‘staffy crosses’.

All dogs bite. That’s how they eat. You can’t guarantee that any individual dog, of any breed, will never hurt a human. You simply can’t, and it’s irresponsible to do so.

We should be encouraging people to understand dog’s body language and dog etiquette to reduce the number of dog bites. Legislation won’t fix this problem, but neither will targeting certain breeds.

You can’t prove that ‘pit bulls are not really dangerous’. You can’t prove that for any breed, especially not a large, muscular one. The task lies in convincing the general public that the breed is not any more dangerous than any other breed of dog. Hey, it’s Labradors and Golden Retrievers that are statistically most likely to bite a vet and send them to hospital.

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Having good ambassadors for the breed in public and social media is vital to change public perception. Stop cropping their ears if you’re in a country that still allows this to happen. Socialize them well, with humans and other dogs. Train them well. Let them be as good as they can be, because they represent their breed.

Not all of these dogs are nice, but that could be said of any breed. The task remains to show that enough of these dogs are and don’t deserve to be singled out over any other breed.

It used to be rottweilers, dobermans and german shepherds that were vilified in this way. Society’s views can change, but it takes consistent good examples to do so.


-being the only human he can actually stand

-he would be so protective

-like if someone looked at you the wrong way he would get so pissed

-but he’d be so sweet to you

-you two would be power couple #GOALS

-he’s probably be a jealous type.

-but he wouldn’t be obvious about it. like you’d just spontaneously be whisked off on a romantic date whenever Jace was within a hundred meters of the Hotel

-Simon would love talking to you because you’re the girl that has Raphael wrapped around her finger-and Raphael would get jealous of Simon too

-dude. he would buy you so much expensive jewelry

-like he would treat you like a queen

-and flowers. he’d just get you these giant bouquets randomly

-i dunno, i feel like he can cook. and if you asked him too he’d make the best food ever TBH

-he would look at you with the most adoring puppy dog eyes

-that cute smile every time you enter the room

-him having eyes only for you

-wearing his button up shirts when you walk around in the morning

-wearing just his suit shirts would drive him insane, like he would just be drooling and trying to keep himself composed (but would ultimately fail)

-you’d probably at some point grab his cheeks (because look at them, he’s such a cutie) and he would get  all flustered and shy

-i feel like he would be such a hopeless romantic.

-like he would love kissing your fingers

-and if he ever proposed? that would be a hella big diamond ring

-he’s be super classy

-he’d respect you and love you in every way possible

-he’s probably love it if you ever fell asleep on his chest

-and then he wouldent move. like he has business? too bad, it can wait, you’re sleeping

- i dunno. i love him. he’s perf

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Hamliza School Play Headcanon's

That last ask really inspired me, I’m in the mood for writing today (sorry I annoy you guys)

All three high school headcanons that I’ve submitted are set in the same universe. (Please don’t feel like u have to do #fanart but I’m not opposed if u want to, I love ur art)

• Okay so Eliza takes Drama as one of her school subjects and one day she’s walks into the drama room to find the sign up sheet on the door.
• She squeals when she sees Romeo + Juliet and she is quick to pick up the pen and scribble her name down, also scribbling Alexanders name below it.
• She picks up a leaflet as well and rushes to the lunch hall when the class is over and goes straight to Alex.
• She pecks him on the cheek and sets down the leaflet next in front of him.
• “LOOK! There doing Romeo and Juliet as this years school play and guess who sighed uppp!!”
• “I hope you get it baby! I’ll be there at the audition.”
• “Well, of course you will, I signed you up to.”
• Laf, Herc and John all laugh at that and Alex sends them a glare across the table.
• “I don’t think so, I can’t act.”
• Eliza sighs in disbelief “I’ve heard you before some monologues in English, your amazing.”
• “No, Eliza.”
• Her eyes turn glassy and she gives him the most adorable puppy dog LOOK ever and he just sighs in defeat “Fine, but I’m only audition as Tibalt.”
• Eliza goes for Juliet, and Alex feels unsteadying knowing she will be kissing someone else in the school that wasn’t him.
• Eliza takes this as her in “Well, you can always go for Romeo if you’re THAT uncomfortable.
• ”…. no, no I trust you.“
• But she makes him rehearse for the auditions with her and she makes him do Romeos part, and she feels like she did when he first did a poetry assignment in English, she can’t stop looking at him with loving eyes.
• On the audition day, she makes him go for Romeo “please, it can be an early birthday present, pleaseeeeeee.”
• They both audition, and this is the first time that Alex had seen his gf on stage, fully immersed and and completely in role.
• Later on in the year, when he says ‘I love you’ for the first time, he claims this was the moment he knew for sure.
• The cast list goes up on Monday, and Eliza looks so sad when she sees Alex got Tibalt and not Romeo.
• “Don’t be sad baby, you got Juliet!! You got the main, you should be so proud, I am.”
• And he is, God he is. What he fees uneasy about is when he sees who will be playing Romeo.
• He turns around and he sees Thomas looking at him with a smirk on his face as he comes to Eliza and wraps his arms around he shoulder.
• “I guess we will be spending a lot of time together, Juliet.”
• He glares at him and shrugs his arm off, grabbing onto Alex’s quickly.
• “He likes you! I’m worried!”
• “But in your girlfriend don’t be worried!”
• Alex can’t seem to forget the way he was coming on to Eliza at Maria’s party, when him and Eliza first met properly.
• He goes to all the rehearsals and does his role as Tibalt, the drama teacher says he will be Romeo’s understudy so he is more than happy to run likes for that as well when Eliza needs help.
• He loves watching his girlfriend be in her element and even when she’s on stage with Thomas, he doesn’t care and still finds her enchanting.
• he skips rehearsal the day Thomas and Eliza were suppose to kiss.
• The day of rehearsal, Eliza runs up to him and gives him a big squishy hug
• “What’s this all about, baby?”
• “Thomas can’t make it because he broke his arm, so guess who’s playing Romeo!”
• She went in for another hug and Alex felt relief flood through him.
• They went on stage and absolutely smashed it, and when it was the last scene and and she found Romeo dead, she actually cried, she never did that in rehearsal.
• The teachers finally figured out that Eliza and Alex were dating after watching that performance.

*slides $100 bill to NBC*

How about you guys renew Hannibal for a fourth season?


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dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about…

dark rc tell me how often viktor phones home to hasetsu like every time yuuri turns around he’s gossiping with toshiya or talking abt boy bands with mari or embarrassing childhood stories with hiroko

Victor’s in the middle of retying his skate when the sound of Yuuri’s boring, default ringtone fills the air. Yuuri refuses to change it to literally anything else–even a less annoying stock tone–because it’s the only one he can hear through his headphones.

He looks up without pausing with his laces, fingers knotting by memory, and watches Yuuri brighten at whoever’s on the display.

“Hi mom!”

Victor couldn’t stop the smile that breaks over his face even if he tried. There’s just something about Hiroko–even the very thought of her–that feels like sunshine. 

“I’m good,” Yuuri says, and he turns to beam at Victor, who mimes a wave. “We got to the rink about twenty minutes ago. We had a bit of a, uh, late start this morning.”

The smile twists into something a little wicked and he bares a hint of teeth at Yuuri, who blushes to the roots of his hair and whirls around, showing Victor his back. Which probably doesn’t have the intended effect, since all it does is make Victor think about how his come looked dripping down the line of Yuuri’s spine. 

“It’s good to hear from you. I can’t remem–” Yuuri pauses, listens for a moment, and then says flatly, “Oh.”

Victor blinks as he turns around and practically throws the phone at him.

“It’s for you.”

Even when he reaches the ice, Yuuri just keeps stomping away.

Victor glances down at the little image of Hiroko on the display, the call duration ticking, and he waits until it gets to 0:01:20 before bringing the phone to his ear. Even numbers make him feel better about the state of the world. “Hello?”

“Hello, sweetheart! I was just at Hironobu-san’s stand, buying squid, when I saw the most adorable little dog and immediately thought of you. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

He risks a glance at the ice. Yuuri manages to launch into a flawless triple axel and flip him off at the same time.

That’s when it hits him.

He’s now the favorite child.

Beaming, he waves at Yuuri and says, “For you, Hiroko-kaachan? I have an hour. Tell me everything!”

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79 with Happy :)

My name isn’t Leslie ……who’s Leslie?

Happy has been really off lately. I mean like more than usual. He’s normally really quiet and reserved, very intense and focused on his club and me. But he seems almost distracted lately. And distracted in his line of work is dangerous. So when he started talking about someone in his sleep, I became concerned. My name’s not Leslie so why is he saying that name while in dreamland? Who the hell is Leslie?

I didn’t ask him that morning. I knew he was going out on club business so I really didn’t want him distracted with my BS. I’d wait til he was home, if even then. Depended on his mood when he got home.

I was setting the dishes from the dishwasher in the cabinet when he came home that night. He gave me a kiss on the top of my head. “Hey babe.” He grunted. I turned to him smiling. Despite his distance lately, I was always relieved when he came home. I loved the man and even if this “Leslie” person was on his mind.

“Hey Hap,” I said cautiously. He turned to me and just raised an eyebrow and gave a small grunt. He had pulled a beer from the fridge and was currently opening it. Ok, here goes nothing. “I…Well, ya see…” I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. Why was this so hard? He stalked towards me and put his hand on my waist. “What?” he asked. I couldn’t help the shivers that ran up and down my spine. That voice did it to me every damn time.

Taking a deep breath I finally got the words out. “You’ve been talking in your sleep some. Talking about a ‘Leslie’. My name is most certainly not Leslie so….” I paused and looked up into his dark eyes. He seemed to be studying me, jaw clenched. His grip tightened on my waist just a bit and my nerves almost left me. “Please be honest with me, who’s Leslie?”

Happy didn’t answer for a minute, just studied my face. Then his gazed dropped to the floor and he released me, turning away. My heart dropped along with my face. This was it, we were done. He had found some one else. he was kicking me out. I’d have to move on, I’d have to leave Charming, find a job some where else, I’d have to….

My thoughts were interrupted by his low, hoarse voice. “Shit i didn’t want you to find out this way, I was gonna tell you, today actually.” The tears welled up in my eyes and I nodded, accepting my fate. We were done. He had his fun and now I had to move on.

Happy turned back to me and his face showed shock at the obvious tears in my eyes. “Babe, what is it?” I shook my head at him. “It’s ok Hap, I’ll go. I swear I won’t tell anyone anything I’ve seen. Just give me time to get my shit and I’ll be gone.” My eyes were so clouded with tears I didn’t notice the look of confusion nor of realization on his face. Then he started laughing. I glared at him, fuming at his lack of consideration for my feelings. “Look, I know I’m an idiot, but there’s no need for that.” 

His laughter stopped abruptly and I was suddenly pulled into his warm chest. I refused to respond though, no matter how much I want to embrace him one last time. “No babe, you ain’t goin’ no where.” I tried to push him away to no avail. Why was he prolonging this?

“I got you something.” He said pulling away from me slightly to gaze down at my face. I couldn’t resist looking up at him. “I know you’ve been anxious lately about the break ins and shit. I know you know how to use a gun, but I wanted you to have an extra line of defense.” He stroked my cheek gently and I closed my eyes, reveling in the attention for a few seconds.

“So I got you dog. A pit-bull to be exact. But for some godforsaken reason, the breeder named her Leslie. The worst fucking name for a damn dog. It’s been bugging me since I picked her out. I want you to rename her.” His gaze had me locked for a few moments as I processed the information.

Happy got me a dog. He was worried about my protection. There was no other woman. He wanted me safe. THERE WAS NO OTHER WOMAN!!

It took about 3 seconds to process that before I was wrapping my arms around him, pulling him to my body in a fierce hug, laughing the entire time. He held me tight, reassuring me. “Shit babe, you know I love you. I got you, ain’t nothin’ gonna touch you. Here, look.” He reached into his kutte and pulled a picture out. There before was the most adorable dog I had ever seen.

My smile grew even bigger at the picture. “Athena” I whispered. Happy gave me a rare smile and nodded. “Yeah, much better.” I smiled back happily, once again reassured of my place at the side of the Killa.

(credit to the picture’s owner. but damn that’s a cute puppy! i want!!!)

Hour Four : Inside & Out

Prompt : “An angel with the Dark Knight. How ironic.”

A/N : Lol I was listening to the HSM soundtrack when I wrote this (4 of 24)

Pairing : Bruce Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

Tonight was the annual Gotham Halloween Gala, and like the pass several years or so, the Wayne family was invited.

Upon arriving, you ushered your children, husband, and honorary father-in-law in position to take a group picture on the red carpet. “I expect all of you to look like you at least like each other,” You said mainly to your sons, “or else no patrol for a week.”

“Yes, ma'am.” “Yeah, yeah.” “Yes, mother.”

You smiled, satisfied with their answers and smiled brightly at the flashing cameras.

After pictures, you and your family made your way inside before Jason could complain about how empty his stomach was. Out of your five children, Jason was the worse at keeping his public image intact. It was a wonder how no one knew he was Red Hood yet.

On the way, Bruce placed a warm hand on your exposed back and leaned close to your ear, “Have I told you how unbelievably beautiful you look tonight?” He whispered.

You smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek. He’s been telling you how amazing white looked on you ever since you put the dress on. However, you never had the chance to reply as Alfred did it for you. “I believe you have, Master Bruce.”

You released a breathy laugh, “Thanks, Alfred.”

He smiled, “It’s always a pleasure, Miss. Y/N.”

“Goddammit!” Jason cursed loudly, drawing disapproving looks from the people passing by. Some stopped once they realized that he was one of Bruce Wayne’s sons. “They don’t have any chili dogs.”

Damian scrunched his nose, “Why would they serve such…trash?” He said, drinking his sprite as though he was drinking champagne.

“Mama!” Jason whined, and you sighed. His actions as Red Hood made you forget that he was still a huge momma’s boy sometimes.

When he was younger, you didn’t mind and you still didn’t, but he was almost in his twenties! He shouldn’t rant to you every time something goes wrong.

Bruce chuckled, “Our son is calling for you, Batmom.” He told you, using the nickname he and your children used when they were dressed as their alter egos.

“Like I didn’t hear him.” You mumbled, nudging your husband in his side softly before turning your attention to Jason. “Yes, Jason. What is it?”

“Can I go buy some chili dogs?” He asked with the most adorable puppy dog eyes ever.

“I’ll go with him,” Cassie injected, shifting uncomfortably in her costume. She really regretting wearing it tonight.

You rolled your eyes, “Sure, but you two better come back afterwards.” Jason and Cassie exchanged a quick high-five and literally ran out of the building.

“An angel with the Dark Knight. How ironic.” The familiar voice belonging to Jim Gordon said, smiling as he and his daughter joined your reserved table.

He had found out about Bruce’s secret identity a long time ago. Barbara was dating Dick after all. It was only a matter of time.

“I’m surprised you let them go, mom.” Dick said, wrapping his arm around Barbara after greetings were exchanged with the Gordon’s.

“It’s better than having him go on and on about it for two hours.” You said, shrugging.

“She really is an angel, isn’t she?” Bruce said, smiling lovingly down at you. “God only knows what I would do without you.”

You smirked, imagining a frustrated Bruce chasing around four boys and one girl around Wayne Manor. “Let’s not think about that, sweetheart.”


“Sit, Bob. Good dog. You are the only one who knows the truth, mon petit. You know how your mistress died. You also know, I think, who killed her. He or she passed you by as they laid the trip wire, saying to themselves, "Oh, this is only Bob, a fox terrier. He cannot speak. I am safe.” Such foolishness, n'est-ce pas? But you and I, we know, Bob, that one does not have to speak in order to tell. And you will tell me all, in your own good time.“

Dating Kihyun would include
  • this angel would love you with all his heart
  • him being shy at first
  • small kisses in public to show everyone that you’re his
  • cheek kisses
  • nose kisses
  • walking around the city at ungodly hours of the night
  • movie marathons with blanket forts and takeaway food
  • long walks in the park
  • lots of hugs
  • lots of hand holding
  • forehead kisses tbh
  • baking together
  • him wanting to be romantic for you
  • him grabbing your face in his hands and kissing you
  • when you get upset he’ll just hold you in a long long hug 
  • ruffling his hair
  • falling asleep to him tracing patterns on your skin
  • making road trips together
  • calling each other random nicknames
  • him playing with your hair when you fall sleep in his lap
  • him being protective
  • love notes
  • just because this boy have a beautiful voice (i’m in looove) he would sings for you a looooot
  • staying awake the whole night and talking about life 
  • he would support you so much
  • he’d be so sweet to you
  • he would buy you so much expensive things because ‘you deserve everything whats the best’
  • he would treat you like a queen
  • really cheesy dates
  • he’d just get you these giant bouquets of roses randomly
  • he would look at you with the most adoring puppy dog eyes
  • wearing his button up shirts when you walk around in the morning
  • him having eyes only for you
  • he would be so loyal 
  • i feel like he can cook. and if you asked him too he’d make the best food ever 
  • putting flowers in his hair
  • you would be “omg flowerboy!!!!!”
  • and he would just looks at you with big smile bc he’s so damn lucky to have you
  • he’d be super classy
  • he’d probably love it if you ever fell asleep on his chest
  • never leaving one another without saying “i love you” regardless of how angry, anxious, pissy, or sad either of you are
  • getting easily jealous of you
  • but don’t tell you anyways
  • him figuring out the small things and habits you happen to do without even knowing about it
  • him calling you his “kitten”
  • you would be the luckiest girl on the world to have this beautiful human!


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