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I don’t know what this is or why he’s in a field or why he has puppets, but WATCH IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

The boss' darling

It starts as a joke. The auror department considered Newt Scamander one of the most adorable creatures that they’ve met. But after a few weeks of him being their consultant it became clear he was only for their boss.

At least that’s what it looks like. Because they’ve never seen Percival Graves act like he does when Newt is around. And before they notice they start to call him Graves’ darling. But it’s just a joke.

And, in their defense, that begins because Director Graves behavior changed after Scamander’s arrival.

He is less angry and grumpy when Newt’s around. He uses to carry the magizoologist in his arms when he falls asleep (and Newt falls asleep anywhere if he’s tired; cafeteria, garden or even over an auror’s shoulder). Graves takes him to his office and close the door, warning anyone near by what would happen to them if they dare to wake him up.

Director Graves also likes to take Newt out to eat or he brings him food himself, making sure the reddish hair wizard eats properly and he doesn’t miss any meal. Newt argues with him sometimes, assuring him he can take care of himself, but Graves prefers to ignore him.

And he has good reason to do it.

Because one day Newt scared the hell out of them.

It was almost New Year’s Eve, the magizoologist was talking with auror Goldstein about maticore’s venom. They all knew he wasn’t sleeping well because of the dark shadows below his eyes, but they had no idea he had forgotten to eat. They didn’t know he was that weak until Goldstein yelled his name, scared when Newt’s eyes closed. Fortunately, Graves was near them, speaking with Picquery, but he was keeping an eye on him (their boss was always looking at Newt) and appeared next to him just in time to catch him in his arms before he fell to the ground.

The healers told them he was going to be fine, he just needed food and sleep. They all were to see him when he finally woke up, just a quick visit to make him know they cared. They left eventually, when the healers insisted, but Director Graves… He didn’t leave Newt’s side and even growled at the few people who were brave enough to try to convince him otherwise.

They weren’t successful of course. He looked angry because ‘It seems, Mr Scamander, you don’t care about your own health. How could’ve you forgotten to eat?’ but they knew better to see all that attitude was just to hide the fact that he was deeply worried.

Another thing they start to notice is their boss seems awfully incapable of keeping his hands to himself when Newt’s around. There’s always a hand touching the wizard’s shoulder, fingers ‘fixing’ the magizoologist bowtie, hands cupping a face full of freckles, arms around a waist just to prevent the other one from 'falling’. 'Be careful, Newt, this path is particularly slippery,’ which is a total lie and they all know it, but their boss looks happy and Newt doesn’t seem to mind.

And don’t let them start about his boss jealousy, because boy he is jealous. He can’t help but to get involved in any conversation Newt is in, because he can’t stand the magizoologist paying too much attention to someone that’s not him. Nor he can’t help but glaring and snarling at anyone who looks at Scamander like they’re interested.

And that poor poor soul that tried to flirt with Newt that day. It was one of the British aurors that came to discuss of international security with Madam Picquery. He recognized Newt because he was Theseus’ colleague. He asked about Newt’s work and they all know the magizoologist gets very excited when someone asks about his creatures. And he smiles and giggles with the British auror and the man looks charmed (because why wouldn’t he be, Newt’s truly adorable).

“Theseus didn’t tell me you were so cute,” he comments and Newt blushes prettily.

And that was the last thing they heard him say because he died that day.

Okay no, he didn’t, but it was a close call.

“Newt, I think Miss Goldstein is looking for you,” Director Graves says and the magizoologist nods and walks away quickly. The British auror wants to follow, but is stopped by Graves.

They don’t know if was something their boss said or just the murderous look on his face, but the auror paled suddenly and he never tried to talk with Newt again.

The poor guy.

So their joke begins, they don’t even remember who came up with it, but they don’t care, because somehow it feels so natural to call Newt the boss’ darling that some days they even forget it’s a joke.

But then some messes up and does it while Graves is still in the room with them. They all get petrified, while watching their boss blinking in surprise.

“What did you say?”

Kenneth looks up in horror, realising his own mistake.

“I’m terribly sorry, Sir.” He mumbles.

“You called Newt my 'darling’?”

“I didn’t mean… It was a-”

But Director Graves doesn’t seem to care, he looks like he’s forgotten they’re more wizard in the room with him because he starts to smile to himself.

“It’s okay. No harm done,” he assures, shocking everyone. “Now… Where were we?”

So… The rumor spreads and they all start to think that maybe Newt is, in fact, Graves’ darling.

Until Queenie tells them the truth.

“No, they’re not dating,” she informs.

And honestly it makes them feel disappointed because now they’re sure that their boss is pining and Newt is completely oblivious to everything.

Well… there must be something they can do about it.

So they tell Newt and hope for the best.

The magizoologist face turns completely red and he looks like he doesn’t quite believes them. He’s about to argue when Percival Graves walks in the room.

“What’s going on here?” He frowns at them, but his irritation changes to worry when he looks at Newt. He approaches him and cups his face in his hands. “Are you okay?”

They’re not sure if is something in the way he looks at Newt or in his voice, but suddenly the magizoologist eyes’ wide with realization right then and there.

So he smiles at Graves, a beautiful soft smile, and leans in to kiss him. The kiss is quick, because Graves is still in shock to respond so Newt steps back, thinking he’s made a mistake.

Director Graves grins like he just finished all the paperwork for the next ten years and tooks Newt by the waist and kisses him with all he has.

But he stops after a moment, suddenly remembering his aurors are still in there. Newt must have remembered it too, because he hides his face in Graves’ neck.

“Will you be standing there all they? Are you planning on returning to WORK anytime soon?”

That’s their cue to leave and they do with pleasure because their mission is accomplished and honestly they both look so cute together.

So they leave Director Graves and his darling alone.

  • Person A: "You are the most adorable creature on this planet and I swear I will never let any harm come to you for as long as I live"
  • Person B: "Aww babe that's really cute than-"
  • Person A: "I wasn't talking to you I was talking to him" *stroking the cat behind person A*

rhode-trip  asked:

Hello! Can I request McCree, Genji and Soldier 76 reacting to their s/o crying when they see animals? Not like crying in fear, but more of when they see animals they get so unbelievably happy that animals are so pure and happy that they start to cry tears of joy because we are blessed with them. Preferably dogs or cats! Thank you!


  • Thinks you’re completely and utterly adorable.
  • The two of you were in a Pet Shop because you needed cheering up, your levels of cuteness were making it hard for Jesse to deny you a pet
  • Wraps an arm around your shoulders as you both laugh and sob into his chest
  • In the end, you ended up walking out with a little puppy bundled up in your arms


  • Confused at first, he doesn’t know if he should comfort you or not
  • He understands when he sees you watching cat videos on your phone
  • You both agree that it is one of the most adorable looking creatures you’d had ever seen,
       “After you, of course.” He added
  • Genji spontaneously decided to go out quickly, leaving you to cry again over more cats
  • When he returned, he proudly presented an adorable plush kitten, “because the landlord doesn’t allow pets.” which only bought you more happy tears

Soldier 76:

  • Rolls his eyes and smirks at you, he teases you about how precious you are
  • You were a blubbering mess as you tried to explain that you didn’t know why they were so cute.
  • Jack chuckled and pulled you into his arms. Every time he told you that each day was a day closer to when you two could get a pet of your own
  • The two of you spent the next half an hour discussing pets and pet names,
  • Eventually, when you couldn’t decide on what you wanted, you both agreed you’d just have to get more than one

ifdragonscouldtalk  asked:

Alright reioka you've opened the floodgates it's time. Tell me how Bucky and Steve finally get to speak to Tony in dragon au (if you're still planning on it being stony). Is Jarvis in it? Or Bruce? Bruce would be awesome. Thor would be awesome too.

(I’m not sure about Jarvis but Bruce and Thor will definitely be in here lol.) 

 Steve is nothing if not stubborn and tenacious. With Rhodey’s assurance that the castle will not collapse on top of him, he decides to scale the highest tower and sneak his way down. Bucky thinks Steve is the absolute worst but someone has to pull his ass out of the fire when he falls from the frying pan, so he follows him. “Is this where he kept you?” Bucky asks curiously. “Yeah. I heard him talking to Natasha and they decided that typically royal hostages were kept in towers. Yeah,” he says again when he hears Bucky choking. “It was as weird as it sounds.”

But lo and behold, the tower is already occupied again by a very beautiful woman. Steve and Bucky gape at her. She stares back impassively before reaching out for the thickest tome they’ve ever seen and chucking it at them. Bucky screams. Clint and Natasha come bursting in to find Steve and Bucky cowering in the corner. “Peeping Toms?” Clint asks angrily, reaching for his sword. “No, just idiots,” Pepper sighs, annoyed. “They thought it’d be easier to sneak in and talk to Tony.” “Put some clothes on!” Clint exclaims, grabbing her robe and thrusting it at her.

Tony, of course, is blissfully unaware of all this nonsense, because he’s too busy fussing with his hoard. He thinks he should separate his candlesticks by color. That seems like a thing he should do. (Natasha tries to force Steve and Bucky back out. Steve is incensed. “You’re the one that set him up for failure in the first place! What part of kidnap this person and keep them against their will sounds like a good idea?!”) Tony decides to take out all the broken candlesticks first. Natasha can melt them down and use them for her magic stuff. Tony doesn’t really understand it but she enjoys herself. (“You seriously told Tony to kidnap Steve and thought it was a good idea?” Clint asks, raising an eyebrow. Natasha kind of shrugs helplessly. Tony had been lonely. It’d seemed like a good idea at the time. “And! She told him to call me a princess!” Steve adds. “I mean. To be fair, how was she supposed to know how much it upset you?” Bucky asks. Steve whips toward him, scowling that scowl that says ‘you are not helping.’) Tony likes the yellow candles best. They remind him of his mother’s scales, his father’s eyes. Also some of them smell like lemons and he likes lemons. (“You kicked him!” Natasha exclaims angrily. “You left a bruise!” “HE KIDNAPPED ME AND KEPT ME IN A TOWER!” “It’s a nice tower!” “AGAINST MY WILL!” “I mean, that is kind of poorly thought out,” Pepper says, frowning. “A BRUISE!” Natasha shouts. “ON A DRAGON!”)

“Pepper, would you like this candle? I remember you laughing because it melted like a human penis,” Tony says, poking his head into the room. He pauses, taking in the scene, then finishes, “Oh! You’re busy. I’ll just leave this here. You can give it to Natasha if you don’t want it.” “…Thank you, Tony,” Pepper says, lips twitching with the want to smile. “Would you like some tea?” “No, but thank you for offering.” “Are you saying that because you think my tea tastes like ash?” “Yes,” Pepper says truthfully. Tony tilts his head, then shrugs. “Okay. Cookies?” “Sweetheart, go back to your candles,” Pepper says fondly. “Well… okay…” Tony says, and obediently trots back down to his hoard. “Honestly, that is the most adorable creature in the world and I will never be over it,” Clint says, putting his hands on his hips.

EXO | Their Idol GF Being On A Variety Show And Nailing Their (EXO’s) Choreography

Anonymous said:

exo and vixx reaction to their idol gf being on a variety show and nailing their (the boys) choreography! thank you<3

“Well, well…at least now I know why she was looking for my ‘Artificial Love’ outfit.”

Originally posted by sugaa

“That was amazing…,” he said after watching the variety show, “I never knew she played that close attention to our choreo.”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

You’re the most adorable creature on the face of the planet in his eyes, so seeing you do ‘Call Me Baby’, he would turn into a gooey mess. “That was the most adorable hip thrust I’ve ever seen.”

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

On one hand he’s impressed by your group’s ability to do EXO’s choreo, on the other hand he wasn’t sure about you moving away from your usual cute stuff. “Isn’t this too sexy?”

Originally posted by baeksilisk

He’d be very interested in the fact that you and some of your member’s perfectly executed their choreo. “Hey mama indeed….”

Originally posted by 305heaux

He’d watch the performance and be completely shocked by the fact that your group was performing the choreo for ‘Monster’ and he would be even more shocked when he saw you had his part and nail it, maybe even better than him. “Oh shit….”

Originally posted by littlebyuns

“I know, wasn’t she awesome? What do you mean she was better than me?” He stared at Baekhyun who was being a little shit asking if he had seen the performance. “After I congratulate Y/N, I will end you, Baek…her best friend or not.”

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He knew you would nail the choreo, you had asked him for tips after all. “That’s my girl…”

Originally posted by fy-kimkai

“Who said she could body roll publicly like that?” he’d questioned, watching your group do a rendition of ‘Lotto’. “When was she planning on showing those moves to me?”

Originally posted by mvnghaos

“Did I not tell you that she would nail the choreo!” he said looking at the guys, “You thought cause her group has a cute concept she couldn’t do it…but there’s your proof” *proud as fuck boyfriend*

Originally posted by dawnlus

“WOOO Y/N! THAT’S MY GIRL!” He’d gone to the set with you and as soon as the director called for commercial he let all the excitement out that he was holding in over the fact that you had nailed the ‘Wolf’ choreo.

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“I didn’t expect that you were gonna give anything less than one hundred percent, jagi.”

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Prince Sidon x Kokiri!Reader

This is my first attempt at writing for Sidon and LOZ as a whole please be kind.

I loved the Kokiri in Ocarina of Time and was disappointed to learn that they do not make an appearance in Breath of the Wild. I related to them so much because I too seem to be stuck in this tiny body that doesn’t seem to really age. I also loved the idea of Sidon having this tiny little s/o compared to his enormous stature. I’m a sucker for height differences.

All characters are over 18 years of age.

“You cannot leave this forest?”

You shook your head. Dorva, your guardian fairy, nestled in your tangled hair and made a rather sad sound while turning a pale periwinkle color.

“If I leave the protection of the Deku Tree, I will die.” you whispered. “No one has ever left the forest and expected to live long.”

Sidon’s watery golden eyes averted your gaze. As you sat dejectedly on the riverbank he continued playing with your tiny feet and toes, albeit in a half hearted manner compared to before. He always said every time he visited that you were the most adorable little creature to ever exist on the face of the earth, any aspect about you had the ability to elicit a gay sounding laughter from the Zora’s throat. Ever since he had come upon you picking mushrooms for your supper during a swim he’d visited every day. Sidon’s affections eventually turned to love, and now you suspected, to disappointment. His long fingernail traced delicate patterns of grass stains on your skin.

“I do not understand,” he began, “How can your existence depend on a mere tree? Have you no free will of your own? Is it enslavement that prevents you from returning with me as my beautiful bride? A vow? You said you are old enough to take a mate.”

“Sidon, I will die.” you repeated. “Kokiri cannot leave their forest. The minute I step one foot out of the boundary that separates me from these woods, I will no longer live. I am the last of my kind… Dorva too. We could never abandon the tree. It is our only protection.”

“As though your lover could never protect you from harm.” He chuckled bitterly.

Surprising from one so usually free spirited and gentle natured. Yet, in your heart of hearts you did not blame him. What he might see as a life of ignorant play and endless frolic, you saw as the only way to ensure your survival. When he exited the water, Sidon towered over any enemy that might threaten your sense of serenity in the forest. Boars fled from him. The wolves and predators that entered your forest cowered in fear as you did whenever the shark-like prince came to have tea outside your little home in the trees (you lived in a hollowed out tree by the riverbank, and he could not fit inside your snug home built just to your proportions). And you, well, you’d hidden in your house the day you saw him burst forth from the river’s waters with a hearty, sparkling greeting. It had taken many months of coaxing visits to gain your trust. His bold, passionate nature and grandiose displays of affection frightened you, but the council of the Deku Tree, no more than a sprout, reassured you he was genuine.

“I do not understand.” he frowned.

“You would be left a widow if you carried me down the river to your home.” you asserted sadly. “I… I won’t do that to hurt you…”

Sidon placed your foot down gently in the mud. He looked curiously with a frown at your small frame, then to your fairy, then to your minuscule tea dishes carved out of wood. The portions you served at tea never amounted to more than a mouthful, but he savored every crumb because he loved you. He thought back to his courtship gifts: a pearl necklace that resembled a bracelet on a Zora woman. His many gifts of fish for your tea. A ring so minuscule that it would only fit your dainty fingers.

“I wish to take you for my wife.” Sidon murmured.

A repetition of his first boisterous proposal earlier. Not half as powerful to the untrained ear, but his dejection nearly killed you. When you refused to answer he lay his large head in your lap, your fingers caressing his dermal denticles in the correct way so that they wouldn’t catch on your sensitive fingers. Dorva turned a rose color, flitting around the two of you as great tears flowed from your eyes onto your cheeks.

Nightfall came to your woods. It was when the moon rose high that Sidon lifted his head from your lap and readied himself to turn back to the direction the river flowed and swim downstream to the connecting body of water that would lead him home to his domain. You wordlessly climbed the tree’s rope ladder and entered your house with your dishes. The Zora prince raised his head from the water to behold your little house one last time before he left you. If he could not proudly carry you home as his bride, he saw no further reason to nurture a love that might cause you great pain.

He was about to leave before he saw you descend the rope ladder with Dorva flying in circles around your hair like a fly. You had a small brown pack tied to the back of your frock, the clinking inside it sounding like the small wooden dishes you had carved by hand.

Trembling, you stood before Sidon with your only belongings in this world, looking as though you were frightened beyond consolation. Around your neck was the pearl necklace he had made for you, and it made you look brave and ready in the moonlight.

“I will try to go with you.” You squeaked. “But you must promise me, you will leave me in the river if my body begins to die.”

You would not hear the prince’s words of protest. Instead you climbed tenderly onto his back and clung to the many decorations his people had adorned him with. Dorva nestled into your clothes, her soft whisperings doing nothing to calm the excitement and fear in your heart.

“My love…” Sidon murmured.

“I am sure.” You replied.

Prince Sidon of the Zora began to swim with you clinging to him like an anemone to coral. Guided by the river’s current and the moon he made his way to the thick border of brambles that marked the end of the Last Kokiri’s forest. There was a moment of hesitation when he came to a halt at the undergrowth. He could feel you tremble as he lead the both of you forward, but his unwavering faith in his true love dispelled the fear he felt as he pushed forward with long, powerful strokes of his arms.

You would be alright. Sidon was certain.

Some one requested I draw a ferret, but it’s no longer in my inbox anymore??? I’m not sure what happened to it, but here’s the ferret… ono
Wanted to mention that I’ve never drawn a ferret before, so apologizes if it looks wonky. But I do think they are one of the most adorable creatures! ♥

- Requests are closed. This was for my 3,600+ followers request event. : )

*Obscurial* Newt x reader

◘ nour-adeeb asked: 

 i have no idea why I’m addicted to your blog and writing style :) thank you :) (please let me know if you have any other non fanfiction stories). However, Since requests are open again i would love to ask another request!! where the reader have a painful personal experience with one of her sister as she turned into Obscurial and never survived (lotsa of angst and pain) and as soon she discover Newt has trapped an Obscurus inside his suite case she goes in a hysterical state of mind and all ..

❤ Thank you dear! I hope you enjoy! ^_^

It had been two days since Newt’s arrival back home from his trip on writing his book. He had only been gone a year but it honestly felt like it had been ten. Although you kept in touch during his absence, you still felt that there was so much you didn’t share while apart. 

You and Newt had been friends for over ten years and began dating about two years ago. Although you two knew pretty much everything about the other, there were still some things you didn’t share. One of those things was about one of your younger sisters. As far as Newt knew, you only had the one sister, Heather. 

The story of your younger sister, Beth, was one you still couldn’t bring yourself to share. It happened before you had met Newt and as much as you wanted to confide in him sometimes about her passing, you could never bring yourself to do it. The pain it brought was too much.

Keep reading