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I don’t know what this is or why he’s in a field or why he has puppets, but WATCH IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

The boss' darling

It starts as a joke. The auror department considered Newt Scamander one of the most adorable creatures that they’ve met. But after a few weeks of him being their consultant it became clear he was only for their boss.

At least that’s what it looks like. Because they’ve never seen Percival Graves act like he does when Newt is around. And before they notice they start to call him Graves’ darling. But it’s just a joke.

And, in their defense, that begins because Director Graves behavior changed after Scamander’s arrival.

He is less angry and grumpy when Newt’s around. He uses to carry the magizoologist in his arms when he falls asleep (and Newt falls asleep anywhere if he’s tired; cafeteria, garden or even over an auror’s shoulder). Graves takes him to his office and close the door, warning anyone near by what would happen to them if they dare to wake him up.

Director Graves also likes to take Newt out to eat or he brings him food himself, making sure the reddish hair wizard eats properly and he doesn’t miss any meal. Newt argues with him sometimes, assuring him he can take care of himself, but Graves prefers to ignore him.

And he has good reason to do it.

Because one day Newt scared the hell out of them.

It was almost New Year’s Eve, the magizoologist was talking with auror Goldstein about maticore’s venom. They all knew he wasn’t sleeping well because of the dark shadows below his eyes, but they had no idea he had forgotten to eat. They didn’t know he was that weak until Goldstein yelled his name, scared when Newt’s eyes closed. Fortunately, Graves was near them, speaking with Picquery, but he was keeping an eye on him (their boss was always looking at Newt) and appeared next to him just in time to catch him in his arms before he fell to the ground.

The healers told them he was going to be fine, he just needed food and sleep. They all were to see him when he finally woke up, just a quick visit to make him know they cared. They left eventually, when the healers insisted, but Director Graves… He didn’t leave Newt’s side and even growled at the few people who were brave enough to try to convince him otherwise.

They weren’t successful of course. He looked angry because ‘It seems, Mr Scamander, you don’t care about your own health. How could’ve you forgotten to eat?’ but they knew better to see all that attitude was just to hide the fact that he was deeply worried.

Another thing they start to notice is their boss seems awfully incapable of keeping his hands to himself when Newt’s around. There’s always a hand touching the wizard’s shoulder, fingers ‘fixing’ the magizoologist bowtie, hands cupping a face full of freckles, arms around a waist just to prevent the other one from 'falling’. 'Be careful, Newt, this path is particularly slippery,’ which is a total lie and they all know it, but their boss looks happy and Newt doesn’t seem to mind.

And don’t let them start about his boss jealousy, because boy he is jealous. He can’t help but to get involved in any conversation Newt is in, because he can’t stand the magizoologist paying too much attention to someone that’s not him. Nor he can’t help but glaring and snarling at anyone who looks at Scamander like they’re interested.

And that poor poor soul that tried to flirt with Newt that day. It was one of the British aurors that came to discuss of international security with Madam Picquery. He recognized Newt because he was Theseus’ colleague. He asked about Newt’s work and they all know the magizoologist gets very excited when someone asks about his creatures. And he smiles and giggles with the British auror and the man looks charmed (because why wouldn’t he be, Newt’s truly adorable).

“Theseus didn’t tell me you were so cute,” he comments and Newt blushes prettily.

And that was the last thing they heard him say because he died that day.

Okay no, he didn’t, but it was a close call.

“Newt, I think Miss Goldstein is looking for you,” Director Graves says and the magizoologist nods and walks away quickly. The British auror wants to follow, but is stopped by Graves.

They don’t know if was something their boss said or just the murderous look on his face, but the auror paled suddenly and he never tried to talk with Newt again.

The poor guy.

So their joke begins, they don’t even remember who came up with it, but they don’t care, because somehow it feels so natural to call Newt the boss’ darling that some days they even forget it’s a joke.

But then some messes up and does it while Graves is still in the room with them. They all get petrified, while watching their boss blinking in surprise.

“What did you say?”

Kenneth looks up in horror, realising his own mistake.

“I’m terribly sorry, Sir.” He mumbles.

“You called Newt my 'darling’?”

“I didn’t mean… It was a-”

But Director Graves doesn’t seem to care, he looks like he’s forgotten they’re more wizard in the room with him because he starts to smile to himself.

“It’s okay. No harm done,” he assures, shocking everyone. “Now… Where were we?”

So… The rumor spreads and they all start to think that maybe Newt is, in fact, Graves’ darling.

Until Queenie tells them the truth.

“No, they’re not dating,” she informs.

And honestly it makes them feel disappointed because now they’re sure that their boss is pining and Newt is completely oblivious to everything.

Well… there must be something they can do about it.

So they tell Newt and hope for the best.

The magizoologist face turns completely red and he looks like he doesn’t quite believes them. He’s about to argue when Percival Graves walks in the room.

“What’s going on here?” He frowns at them, but his irritation changes to worry when he looks at Newt. He approaches him and cups his face in his hands. “Are you okay?”

They’re not sure if is something in the way he looks at Newt or in his voice, but suddenly the magizoologist eyes’ wide with realization right then and there.

So he smiles at Graves, a beautiful soft smile, and leans in to kiss him. The kiss is quick, because Graves is still in shock to respond so Newt steps back, thinking he’s made a mistake.

Director Graves grins like he just finished all the paperwork for the next ten years and tooks Newt by the waist and kisses him with all he has.

But he stops after a moment, suddenly remembering his aurors are still in there. Newt must have remembered it too, because he hides his face in Graves’ neck.

“Will you be standing there all they? Are you planning on returning to WORK anytime soon?”

That’s their cue to leave and they do with pleasure because their mission is accomplished and honestly they both look so cute together.

So they leave Director Graves and his darling alone.

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Phil's prank video for Dan could have easily been titled "Pranking My Boyfriend with Habanero Gummies", am I right? I love every single one of the casual implications in that very carefully filmed video and I love the teeny peek we got into their relationship. What did you think of it?

I thought it was proof of the theory that Dan and Phil are actors who do not actually even live together, because otherwise Phil would not feel the need to post such an obviously faked video. I mean, how can anyone doubt it after watching that? Just watch the kitchen scene carefully. At 0:38, Dan is desperately guzzling milk and flipping Phil off, but by 0:47—only 9 seconds later!—he is smiling as if gazing at the most adorable creature in existence. Dan is obviously an actor, because nobody looks that disgustingly besotted in real life.

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Stanley and LeFou babysitting Chip and getting really broody ❤️

I can imagine them watching Chip sleep and forgetting it isn’t their child.

“Oh look at him, Stan. Isn’t he the most adorable creature? I’m so proud of us, raising such a wonderful child.”

“Oh, mon amour. He has your cute button nose!”

“And he has your adorable cheeks! He’s such a perfect child!”

“…*ahem*… Monsieur Lefou and Monsieur Stanley. Might I remind you that it’s actually MY child?”



“are you sure?”

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Prompt: jack has never had a problem woth spending money so hes too easily influenced to buy everything advertised on tv. When bitty comes back to their shared apartment to 30 chia pets he is both bewildered and highly amused.

What’s your favorite animal?

Bitty’s eyebrows pull together in confusion at Jack’s text.  He’d been sitting at his desk, studying for his French final, when his phone had vibrated against the wood next to his hand.  He types out his answer, and it’s barely gone through before his phone is already buzzing with Jack’s response.

Señor Bun would be offended that you even have to ask.

Soooo bunny then.

Yes.  Why?

No reason. :)

Bitty narrows his eyes at the screen, but the corners of his mouth twitch.

I’m sure.  Dork.  

He sets his phone back down and continues to go over his notes, a small smile on his face.

When Bitty walks out of his last final–European History, which he probably only did okay on, shh, don’t tell Jack–he’s got a fully formed plan in his mind.  He rushes back to the Haus, throws an overnight bag together, and leaves a note on the fridge telling the others he’ll be back Sunday to get the rest of his stuff before heading home for the break, and that there are five pies to tide them over while he’s away.

Jack isn’t expecting him until Friday, and it’s only Wednesday, but Bitty doesn’t think he can wait that long, not when all of his exams are finished and he’s got nothing left to occupy his brain space other than the thought of Jack Zimmermann’s stupid handsome face.  So he’s going early, and Jack will just have to deal.

The drive is an easy 45 minutes, and Bitty cranks up the volume on the radio and rolls down the windows, feeling light and happy and a bit like his heart might burst out of his chest when he sees Jack.

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“You’re the most adorable creature I’ve encountered in Andromeda so far. Except Jaal, he’s special”

Whaaaaat!! Oh my god that’s too cute!

I think I found space hamster way before starting relationship in my last Jaalmance game, so didn’t get that before. Such a mistake. Must always delay finding hamster until after smooching Jaal has commenced in all future Jaalmance games!!!

Thank you Yuki Kaji for playing....

The most adorable creature in the world

Pacifist Vampire

A Sword

Just joking!!

A blond guy who can transform into a sword

A guy who hates Titans

A guy who has similiar hair like Goku

The most beautiful smile ever!

A clumsy gardner

A yandere who likes his teddy

Obsessive boob-pervert

A kid who is 7 years to late to be invovled in the love triangle

A banana

A Black banana

A pink banana

And two other bananas

Thank you for voicing those special characters!

Concentrating | Newt Scamander x reader

You were bored to death. All day long you had been stuck at home because of some stupid blizard. At first you didn’t mind because you figured you could have a lazy day with your boyfriend Newt. But of course he had other plans. He had been working on his book the whole day while you were getting more bored every second.
“Neeeeeewt?” You said trying to get his attention. He was to focussed on his book to hear a word you said. “Newtieeee?” You tried again, getting up from your spot on the couch and sitting beside him. He hummed in response. “Newt, I’m boreeeed.” You whined. “I’ll be done in a bit love, I just have a few more pages to write and then I’m all yours.” He said as he lightly pecked your nose. Not satisfied with his awnser you started poking his cheek while repeating his name over and over again. When this didn’t work you started leaving soft kisses all over his face, starting at his jaw and then moving your way up to his forehead. You had just reached the corner of his mouth when he cracked. “Okay y/n. I didn’t want to do this but you asked for it.” He jokingly threatened. Knowing what was coming you sprinted away with him on your heels. You ran all through the house until you noticed he wasn’t behind you anymore. You thought you’d lost him so you quietly made your way back to the living room. Just as you were about to go into the kitchen you felt two arms wrap around your waist. You let out a shriek as he tossed you on the couch. He quickly got on top of you preventing you from escaping as he started tickling you. “NEWT STOP IT.” You laughed as you tried to get out from underneath him. “I WILL SHOW NO MERCY UNLESS YOU SAY THE MAGIC WORDS.” “NEVER.” You shouted back at him. He continued tickling you, knowing you weren’t gonna win this you gave up. “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I’LL SAY IT.” He stopped and looked at you expectantly. “Newt Scamander is the most adorable creature to have ever walked this earth and he’s also totally awesome.” You said while trying to catch your breath. “See that wasn’t that hard princess.” You playfully hit his arm. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” He smiled as he laid down next to you and pulled you into him. “How about we have that lazy evening you wanted?” He asked.

- don’t forget to send in your requests if you have any, they will be up when I finish my exams. Anyway thanks for reading this :)