most accurate thing i have ever read

idk who wrote this but it’s the most accurate thing I have ever read in my life

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I just finished LOT season 1 and rewatched season 1 of the flash and something really bothered me - Mick Rory. In the flash we see him as someone who is able to lear how his gun works and able to work out the plans etc. Len is the mastermind ofc but Mic wasn't just the muscles. And we had Mick Rory at the begining of LOT aka IQ of meat. The difference really bothered me and only after the chronos deal we see him back to "inntelect levels" like in the Flash. Do you have thoughts on that?

I actually don’t think Mick’s IQ appears to dip at the start of Legends, to be honest. Second episode, with Len and Ray breaking into Savage’s house, he’s there berating Ray alongside Len and also completing Len’s sentences, going to fix the situation before Savage gets a hold of him. He’s shown right off the bat to be competent and underestimated. 

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Which is what it is, in my opinion. He’s constantly underestimated by the team, and with them constantly calling him and idiot or acting like he’s the slow one, the audience starts to believe it, when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. He might not be a scientific genius like some of the team, but he’s probably the most competent in terms of base skills and also easily the most practical. He has multiple types of intelligence that are underrepresented on the team because of how different he is than most of them, but it’s seldom appreciated or pointed out in canon.

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Another pre-Kronos example? How he knows what Druce is up to and warns Rip that Druce is going to kill him. Interpersonal intelligence, down to earth, great at reading a situation. Actually, he has some of the highest interpersonal understanding on the team. He always reads a situation and sums it up perfectly, often the first to recognize what’s going on, if he’s being insulted, if someone else is being threatened or insulted, how to get under people’s skin, etc. He doesn’t always do what you’d expected him to with the knowledge, but he sees it and understands him. I’d say he and Sara are pretty equal in this regard.

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More examples of him being smart though? He always knows what Len is talking about and easily goes along with plans intuitively without much explanation. Reads between the lines immediately when Len wants to make an extra pit stop with the jump ship in episode 3. Follows orders to the t and keeps things moving on all of their early missions up to and including in Russia. Knows what to do with the pirates when they’re locked up in that cell and how to make a deal and sort out of the situation. He’s the only one who even thinks of making a deal with the pirates and knows how to do it.

And when he’s called out for not being “thick” by Rip early on? He immediately pretends to be dumb again. Yes, pretends. Because I’ve argued before that him being the ‘muscle’ to Len’s ‘brain’ is mostly just an act they fall in to, especially around others, and it works. They managed to stay one step ahead of most people around them at all times.

It’s also worth saying… the way Mick sees the world? Is a bit different than most people, I think. He sees it in very practical terms of what can be used and how, regardless of that was it’s intended function, or regardless of whether that was someone’s intended skill set. Think of the recent scenes with Martin where he asks Martin to fix his brain. Martin complains that he’s not that kind of doctor but Mick doesn’t care. I mean, he says “same thing” basically, but he understands that Martin isn’t a neuroscientists logically, he gets that Martin is a physicist. He just doesn’t care because it’s not relevant. 

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What is relevant is that Martin is smart enough and knows enough about what’s happening to him to help him with it, neurologically. So at that point in time, the distinction between PhD and MD doesn’t matter and he expresses that. Some people interpret that as him being less than intelligent, but I’d say it’s more accurate to read that as him just keeping different categories in his head than most of us are used to.

Finally, I don’t think we need to value a person based on their IQ or intellect, and I don’t think that a high IQ would ever be the best thing another person could have to offer a team already comprised of so many geniuses. But I also don’t think it’s necessarily accurate to say that Mick’s changed? He’s always been super competent, that’s always been underestimated by the team (and most people really), and he’s always been much sneakier than he’s given credit for :)

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I don't get it! If Skam US will have the same characters and plotline WHY won't they just buy the rights to the original skam and air it in the US? Like just sub it and air it there?? Who would want to watch it if it's a copy? It's like drinking a generic brand soda when you have a coke right there next to it ...


I’ve heard of lot of negative comments about the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series, so here’s a take from someone who holds the book dear to her heart, and actually watched all of it. *Spoilers*

Yes, this series is graphic. Content warnings are provided before every episode with triggering content, and yes there’s a lot of it. It’s rated MA for a reason. It’s a series about a dead girl’s suicide note (tapes); what do you expect? It’s none of that manic pixie dream girl, struggling to hold on until you find a good man BS. Here’s the thing: this is the most accurate and realistic portrayal of high school suicide I have ever come across; it’s sure a helluva lot better than Speak, which we’re always required to read. Everything that happened to Hannah Baker happens in real life, and at a realistic pace. Boys rape girls. Boys do stupid shit that they think is funny but is sexual abuse. People bully each other. People abuse alcohol. Small problems add up and break a person. People bully a person even after they’re dead. In real life, if you are subjected to this level of abuse, you don’t just get to pan away and pretend that it didn’t happen, and I’m glad Netflix decided to stick to that route. If you can’t handle the content, then don’t watch it, but don’t tell me to not watch it to ~protect myself~ or tell people to not watch it because OH HOW DARE THEY TALK ABOUT ALL OF THIS SHIT IN A SERIES ABOUT SUICIDE. If you want a show with a realistic depiction of depression, full of gay characters, a bunch of non-white actors, with relevant and modern topics, and you can handle those topics, then 13 Reasons Why is absolutely stunning, and one of the best book to show adaptions I’ve ever seen.

one week [calum hood]

au: in which an idiot’s last wish is to resolve a forgotten love triangle.

a/n: should i do a part two to blonde bastard or not my inbox is dry asf.. [request for part two! idk if i want to continue this or not. ive written quite a few versions of this, and it takes a couple of chapters to unfold the calumxy/n romance. also all of my shit flops lol]

also this is dedicated to @candouredcalum ily

Once upon a time, there was an idiot.

This idiot had sparking blue eyes that captured the sky in them and a fluff of blonde hair that was lifted up in a quiff. His smile never failed to show and a thousand angels sang whenever he spoke; his name was Luke Hemmings. If you looked deeper than just looks, he was pretty much the plainest, stupidest boy you could meet.

Unfortunately, many did.

He had lists of friends in his small city, so please explain why it had to be someone named Pink Leather?

He’d always liked her personality. Luke, although, did not like how her uncombed ombré hair flowed from her neck down and her eyes were bursting out with color, but nevertheless found her extremely odd and quite rude at times. “Hey Luke,” Pink turned to him as he passed by. Edward sat on the ground as he spotted cards on the bench that were to be read.

“Pink,” he acknowledged. They weren’t exactly very close friends, they never had things to speak about.

“Wanna get your week read out?” Pink Leather asked brightly, a smile popping on her dark colored lips. Holding up a bunch of cards, she continued, “Sit down, don’t be a buzzkill.” He obliged. Everyone in the universe knew how hard she punched if she didn’t get her way.

Laying out five random cards on the park bench painted green on their backside, she turns one over. “Ah,” she brushed her hair out of her face and grinned, “The Fool! This card indicates that—”

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Fitzsimmons Fanfic Contest Winners

Sorry for the delay! Here are the winners! :O 

Let me just start out by saying that I wanted to let everyone win, cause all of your fanfics were amazing. It left me thinking for days and I spent a lot of time trying to choose…. 

But it’s a contest, and that means I had to pick winners. Congrats to those listed below! And thank you so much to everyone who participated! I loved all of your fanfics <3

1. The Say What Award- How do you mend a broken bone? by @the-nerdy-stjarna
When I chose this prompt, I had an idea in my mind for what I wanted to write about. I knew if I were given this prompt, I would have written about Fitz’s father. And this fic takes that, but does it in such an interesting and unexpected way that I was left speechless. Also it’s super angsty. :D 

2. The AU Award- at least, now, I have you here with me (nothing else matters) by @for-within-the-hollow-crown 
This is such a beautifully written AU and I may or may not have cried just a little (mostly out of joy, I swear). It’s super cute and also really does capture the Fitzsimmons relationship accurately and stunningly! Please please go and read it!!! 

3. Best Overall Angst- we’ve survived more (but I want to live) by @agentcalliope
I’m a sucker for post!Framework fics, and this was one of the best ones that I’ve ever read. (Also, it has a really amazing sort of companion fluff fic that goes along with it thats super good too!) 

4. Best Overall Fluff- Feel the Burn (or Ice is Nice) by @theresalwaysaway
This was one of the cutest most fluffiest things I have ever read. I love it so much!!! (Plus where I live is super hot, so I related to that aspect as well hahah) 

5. Laugh Till You Cry Award (Or now known as…. Sob until you feel hopeful warm fuzzies award)- Pods by @poursuislesetolies
This was more of a sob until you feel super warm fuzzy feelings, but this fanfic was so good it definitely deserved the award. Angsty with a happy ending, this fic will leave you feeling warm inside (but not before ripping your heart out haha). 

Here’s the prizes list! Winners contact me and let me know what you want me to write and read! 

1. One fanfic written by me. You can prompt me almost anything related to Fitzsimmons, and custom it based on your desire.
2. A shout out on my Tumblr to almost 5,000 followers :D (That’s on this post here…. so you’ve already received this prize! xD) 
3. A review on another fanfic of yours. I will read a chapter and let you know what I think. If you haven’t written anything else, we can see what other things I have to offer you :D 

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Honestly, in a modern AU Monty is 42849274% a theatre kid. And percy is doing orchestra for the show and like what if that's how they met and percy goes in like dreading it bc like he was always told theatre kids were obnoxious and they totally are but there's this one that's really cute and actually kinda funny and they become best friends and on show night he brings monty flowers with a note attached asking him out.

anon this is perfect you should write a fic or i will because this is the CUTEST and most accurate thing i have ever had the pleasure to read 

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I gotta tell you. Househusband!Steve is the most accurate fan-characterization of that star-spangled loser I have ever seen, because: (1) stuben robarbs as an affectionate, over-protective, enthusiastic pta dad?! yes good. (2) that one scene where strudel "borrows" sam's stealth suit to spy on a neighbor and justifies it with "I ROPED BUCKY INTO MY NONSENSE (AGAIN); BUCKY'S COMING TOO" is the most Stevenlicious thing I've ever read. (3) stomp rubbers is eternally devoted to Sam. This is canon.

GAWD this is my favorite compliment on HH Steve I’ve ever gotten. It really feels canon to me at this point (and it’s gonna be canon forever in my head shhh nobody say a word)

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((Bear with me, I still have yet to read JoJolion and as such I apologize if things aren’t entirely accurate. However, I do like the palette you picked for Aishou–the reds and blacks are a pretty nice touch!))

Fairy tail Yonkouprod translation spoilers

Read the English spoilers and assuming they are accurate I think Nalu and Gruvia are at the very least implied but it’s all up to interpretation for the most part but I think Natsu and Lucy do love each other for sure and I hope to see what Mashima will do next

That’s really all I have to say lol. Even though I don’t really ship this is probably the only thing I ever will (mainly because my girlfriend ships and I always try to support her ships)

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I read your predictive words tag about Bokuto and that is the most beautiful and accurate sentence to ever be generated by a computer/phone

“Bokuto koutarou is the best and most important thing to me and my son”

Isn’t it???? I couldn’t believe how perfect it was, Anon. 100% accurate and true and beautiful and wow, my phone did something right for once.
I could make some really weird sentences too though, watch.
Bokuto does not need a daughter friend for a long list and I hope she will get it for a good child or a daughter or something. (??????)
Bokuto koutarou of a super bowl 🍚 a great 👍 to be in your art and she told the woman who was really happy 😊 (????????)
Bokuto koutarou is the best and most important thing to me me and my son I love you so much for the best son son I love you so much love you so so much love you so much love love you so much love you so so much (THIS IS COMPLETELY ACCURATE 😂😂😂)

So yeah that’s a lot of fun, and I’m really happy to have a wonderful anon that agrees with that sentence.
I hope you have an absolutely hootiful and lovely weekend, and remember, Bokuto thinks you’re a hoot. 💜🦉💜🦉💜🦉💜

Human Error...

So… the whole scenario of Sherlock leading Janine on in a relationship for the sole purpose of breaking into Charles Augustus Magnussen’s office in “His Last Vow”… when I saw that all going down, I saw something happening all throughout that I just wanted to talk about here for a while.  And when I say “talk about it,” I mean “crack open my brain and show you a lot of things in there that I’ve never shown anyone before about it.” X-)  I apologize for the length in advance, it’s just that these are some very complicated concepts happening here that are portrayed in this show with consummate perfection, and I’m hoping that it will be helpful… or at the very least, relatable… to someone out there somewhere.

So… for him to refer to this as “human error” is far more accurate than you can know at first glance.  There are massive amounts of error that happen on both sides of it all…

The only thing I keep seeing people write about this whole scenario is that he was being a sociopath… not true.  Not at all, not even a tiny little bit.  There’s something completely and totally different going on here, but the catch is that you have to look at it through Sherlock’s Asperger’s/Autistic eyes.  That’s not something that’s usually ever done, and I understand why… I won’t waste time getting into that discussion here, I’m sure you understand why as well… so allow me to let you look at it through my Asperger’s/Autistic eyes.

((Disclaimer: I’m not saying I speak for all Aspies, we’re not all exactly alike, but I’m speaking from the point of view of one whose Asperger’s is exactly like Sherlock’s, and who has dealt with and is still dealing with exactly the same issues that are portrayed in the show.))

Rewind back to this moment from “The Sign of Three”…

Someone here on Tumblr called “deathlydelicious” wrote pretty much THE most accurate thing I’ve ever seen anyone say about this scene, here’s a link to it, definitely take a moment to read it because it pertains to what I’m about to say:

As it says in that article, “So her comment to me, was more her saying ‘I would if you weren’t a little weird’ which is that really nasty polite sort of Ableism I’ve seen and experienced my whole life."  And then it says, "And so when he says ‘I know’ Its an acknowledgment of the boundary people have always used with him, an acknowledgment that he understands his brain isn’t normal, and that that isn’t desirable. And that really hurt.”

Maybe to a Neurotypical, her comment was harmless… not being Neurotypical myself, I don’t know, I truly don’t… but to an Aspie, this touches on a very sensitive issue for us, something far too personal to be taken lightly at all, let alone “joked” about.  She burned him.  Badly.  What makes this burn even worse is that he was trying SO hard all through this episode to be as human as he possibly could for John and Mary, and he was trying SO hard to actually connect with someone and make a friend… so that little “I know,” was the sound of his heart breaking.

 Then, later on at the reception, this happens…

She ditched him.  She knew how much he was looking forward to dancing with her… he told her himself… yet she ditched him for the Comic Book Guy, and even gave him a thumbs-up about it!!  He took the fact that she wasn’t afraid of him, she wasn’t leery of him, and she wasn’t avoiding or running away from him as success.  As far as he was concerned, the fact that he managed to get her to stay when usually no one else does was, to him, one little victorious moment that his heart had been screaming for… but she just casually abandoned him.  She burned him again.

And what’s even worse about it is that she doesn’t even seem to be paying any attention to the fact that she’s hurting him.  His heart was so broken, and no one even noticed at all.  None of his friends, not even John or Mary.  Molly may have noticed, but she did nothing about it, so that did him no good.

So can you blame him one bit for leaving the wedding early?

I wrote an entry about that shortly after the episode aired called, “The Hope Never Dies,” you may or may not have seen it, but here’s a link to it, as with the other one, definitely take a moment to read it because in a way pertinent to what I’m about to say, it explains his heartbreak in detail… apparently I made someone cry with this post X-)…

As I said in my post, “The worst part of it all is knowing that no one is following you, no one is telling you to come back, and no one probably even knows you’re gone."  I would imagine that this is the point where he would start to question whether his efforts… not just for the night, but for being human in general… are all for naught.  He’s burned, he’s hurt, he’s heartbroken, and no one even knows.  This was his very first effort to be a proper human.  His very sensitive and very human heart was exposed to the world, and on his first effort to show it, it got broken.  And heartbreak of this kind is something that he’s never had to deal with before.  In situations like this that arose in the past, he faced them from behind his walls, under his facade, with weapons drawn… he had none of that so-called "protection” this time, he knew no defense for this, and he was wounded.  And you know what they say… “Hurt people hurt people.”

Fast-forward back to “His Last Vow."  With all that we just talked about in mind, this is the point where things started to appear fishy to me.  After John dragged him home from testing positive for drugs, surprise surprise, we see this…

Just her being there is what initially struck me as rather fishy.  The wedding just happened a month previously, and we Aspies are usually known for having steel-trap memories… yes, I know how to do the “Mind Palace,” I can explain later if you wanna know X-)… so only a month on is still pretty fresh in the mind.  Part of the Method of Loci, or as we know it better, "Mind Palace,” is referring visual images to memories, and the better you get at it, the more it just happens automatically, like a habit.  With as good at it as he is, it’s a guarantee that when “the burn” situation was going on, it happened automatically.  Seeing something or someone from such an impactful situation would most surely recall the entire situation in detail.

I know this is true from experience.  A man burned me when I was 24 years old, and I told him he’d better never let me set eyes on him again.  Then 10 years later when I was 34, I saw him again for the first time at a store, and immediately, just the sight of him quickly called back up the burn in its entirety, down to the detail, and I didn’t even have to try.  It just happened automatically.  So knowing how it works in my head, the sight of her would be the visual imagery that he would have associated with getting burned twice at the wedding.  I kinda wondered why he would want that imagery around him all the time.

Then there was everything she was saying.  Everything she said was all wrong… even John knew it was all wrong…

And this comment was THE biggest red flag of them all…

Let me explain why this is the biggest red flag of them all.  What he’s really like is something he spent his entire lifetime hiding.  What he’s really like has always been a very personal, very private, very secret thing.  It’s something that if a person wanted to find out, they’d have to fight for it to essentially prove to him that he could trust the person with such precious knowledge.  It’s never, ever something he would expose so casually to someone who’s done absolutely nothing to prove they could be trusted with such intimate information that he guards with his life.  Just look at how many years it took for him to even let it all out to John.

When someone does stick around long enough to shatter our facade to pieces and be let in behind our walls, the first thing they’ll find in there is exactly how sensitive we are about what’s in there.  What they see will make them understand that even so much as saying, “I’m the only one who really knows what you’re like,” in front of someone else is nothing short of mortifying.  Saying such a thing makes us feel completely and utterly exposed in every way because of the fact that it’s exposing what we’ve always so desperately hidden and fiercely defended.  It doesn’t even matter if the person who hears that sentence also knows, the vulnerability of the moment it creates is something that we absolutely need to keep completely private.  That’s just how Aspie brains work.  And if she truly knew what he was really like, she would’ve known never to do what she just did.

Then I found fishy the fact that he didn’t even react to it…

He simply responded this way without so much as an eye flutter.  That said to me that he was expecting her to say that, and most likely he was leading her to say that because apparently, he wanted her to believe that.  The lack of reaction is further proof that she truly doesn’t know.  He had nothing to be ashamed of because everything he was still ashamed of was still a secret.

And then, there’s this zinger…

This… I don’t care how you mean it, with what tone you say it, or in what context you use it… is a threat.  Plain and simple.  A threat.  Saying that you might just expose this thing that we trusted you so deeply with is always a threat, and it’s never not a threat.  Can’t stress that enough.  Because of everything I just said earlier about the privacy and sensitivity of knowing what we’re really like, to an Aspie, it’s never taken any other way, and it immediately puts us on the defensive.  It’s not something you can joke about.  It’s too heavy to be treated so lightly.

When it’s for real, it’s never a joke, it’s never funny, and we will never laugh, but rather immediately defend ourselves.  He didn’t defend anything.  He didn’t pull a face, he didn’t shush her, he didn’t even really move.  He just smirked a little.  That’s because there was nothing to defend, which is because there was no real thing being attacked.

Then, she does this… take notice of the look on his face when she does it…

That’s an expression of panic, and she doesn’t even notice… but that’s not the worst part of it.  This is…

Ok… before I carry on with this thought, I’m just gonna make a little confession, here.  My apartment might just be a little… OK, maybe a LOT… like 221B Baker St., so I’m speaking from the experience of also having been in this situation myself.  Anyway… X-)

At this point, it’s become very obvious that he’s acting for her.  None of his reactions, apart from the expression of panic at the dinner invitation that he wasn’t expecting, have been genuine.  This “laugh” is also not genuine because what she just said was a very deep insult that he would never laugh about… in fact, thinking back to all the times people have said similar things, he never has.

I’ll tell you why.  For an Aspie, being out in the public and/or being around people expends massive amounts of energy because of the fact that our brains are not naturally wired for socialization.  Socializing, or just properly dealing with people in general, takes more effort than most things in our lives, therefore it’s tiring and exhausting to us.  We can only exert the effort for so long before we desperately need respite.  We need to take some time to just be alone for a while because it’s usually only when we’re finally alone that we can process and recharge before going back to it again.  We need a personal, private place to be a sort of sanctuary where we can go to do so… like Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude.”  It might be a house, a room, or a location that only you know about, but for him, it’s his apartment.  His 221B Baker St.

Another mild disclaimer: I know, I understand that what I’m about to say is no excuse, but it’s just what happens, so I’m just telling it like it is. X-)  When an apartment… or any living space, for that matter… becomes a Fortress of Solitude this way, it acquires a specific association in our minds.  That association is one of rest, stillness, quietness, and peacefulness.  When we’re there, the last thing we want to do is expend more energy when we’ve gone there to rest up and get it back.  Because of this, we tend to let whatever happens happen, not wanting to use up the last of the energy we have left straightening it up.  We just sort of let things fall where they may and become part of the landscape.  Like I said, it’s no excuse, but it happens far more often than not.  It happens for me, and it clearly happens for him.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the space is sacred.  It means more to us than people who don’t need this in their lives tend to understand.  So when she refers to his beloved 221B as the “scuzz dump,” she’s profoundly disrespecting this sanctum… and even worse, laughing about it, and even worse yet, expecting him to laugh about it, too.

And then, just for good measure, she made sure to throw in one last rip on another of his insecurities…

As I mentioned before, getting people to not be afraid or leery and getting them to stay is an unfortunately rare occurrence for us.  When someone’s around, there’s always that little something floating around the backs of our minds that we might do or say something wrong and ruin it all at any moment.  All we want in those situations is to be able to feel secure in the fact that this person is not going to bolt. Despite the fact that she ditched him with a smile at the wedding, here she is joking about ditching him again.

For all these reasons, this little good-bye is completely, totally, absolutely, and utterly out-of-character in every possible way…

After she misunderstood him in every possible way, embarrassed him in front of his best friend, threatened him, disrespected his sanctuary, and took a stab at his insecurities… all things that leave an Aspie in great amounts of pain… it makes no sense whatsoever that he would mean this at all.  Occam’s razor: he doesn’t.  He’s playing her.  But to what end?  Revenge?  Oh, I think so… just look at how fast his face changes as he drops the act… in less than 1 second, if you’re watching the timestamps…

So now, with all this in mind, it’s a little easier to understand why it was so easy for him to pull this…

Think about it this way… there are a million and one ways he could’ve gotten her to let him into Magnussen’s office.  He didn’t have to do things this way.  Upon finding out she was Magnussen’s P.A., he could’ve paid her off, he could’ve involved her in the investigation, he could’ve “taken her case” to get her out from under Magnussen’s thumb like he did with Mary, he could’ve even just been her friend, etc., etc., etc., he could’ve told her any lie under the sun, but what did he do?  He took the opportunity to burn her back.

As I said before, she says and does many hurtful things that are completely inappropriate “joke material”… which means she clearly never took the time to find out anything about him… and she never once notices.  The “person” she thought she knew wasn’t even him, and she had no clue.  Most likely, she was only with him because he’s hot… and yeah, I confess, he is definitely smokin’ hot X-)… not because she had anything in the way of real love for him.  Yet another reason.  So when the chance to seek revenge presented itself, he seized it.

Hurt people hurt people.  And this hurt person definitely did something pretty terrible as a result of a kind of hurt that he never really learned how to deal with other than by hurting back.  What he didn’t yet know, but would learn soon enough, is that starting a “hurt war,” by nature, results in nothing but a whole lot of hurt…

And once again… hurt people hurt people…

They both deserved it, really.  But then…

BURN!!  (Although, as far as “that” goes… good boy. :-))

So the way I saw this, it wasn’t sociopathy, nor was it drug-related behavior, it was a very sensitive and very injured heart that didn’t know how to handle the hurt, and sought to make the hurt stop by returning the “favor.”  He’s not a “high-functioning sociopath”… which is clearly a subconscious confession of his Asperger’s, considering the term “high-functioning” is never used in relation to sociopathy, but rather in relation to the Autism spectrum, by the way X-)… and he never was.  He is, in fact, exactly the opposite, with a LOT to learn.  After this, we can only hope he learned something from his own human error. X-)

Band members are the gayest straight people ever

common-violet  asked:

12 and 46?

[ask meme for writers]

12: Who is your favorite author?

NEIL GAIMAN NEIL GAIMAN NEIL GAIMAN!!! I have read virtually everything the man has ever written, barring a couple things I just haven’t gotten around to yet. Most of it I have read several times. Much of it had a massive impact on my life and my own writing. He’s closely followed by Meg Rosoff (I reread How I Live Now every year, and What I Was almost as often), Mary Renault (historical fiction about Alexander the Great & co., accurate down to the m/m relationships), and David Levithan (wrote the first positive depiction of a gay relationship I EVER encountered in Boy Meets Boy).

I also really really love At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O'Neill and A Separate Peace by John Knowles, though I haven’t read anything else by them–these books also affected how I approached writing. And I go back and forth on Stephen King because I love his writing but I always end up so UPSET–but I would say I appreciate his ability to never, ever pull punches, and I have learned a lot from how he takes everything to the conclusion and doesn’t let you Feel Better until it’s really truly over. And sometimes not even then. Yow.

46: Describe your perfect writing space.

No ambient noise except for rain/ a thunderstorm (best), birds (good), or a train passing (also good). A cat is nice to have around. A soft, comfortable space to lie down or sit. I hate writing at desks, so a big squashy chair or a blanket nest on my bed is ideal. The ability to have music playing if I desire. A mug of tea and maybe a snack–I like eating trail mix and toast with jam when I’m writing. Coffee is also good, but typically I only have that if I’m actually writing in a coffeehouse. A notebook AND my laptop, so I can write however my brain feels like doing it that day. Not having my phone on/ near me so I can’t get distracted by notifications. (Having internet access is a bad enough distraction, lol.) It can be nice to have a friend nearby as long as they are also quietly writing and we aren’t getting caught up in conversation too often. I like doing writing dates with online friends for this reason!

I guess our parents stayed together simply because they didn’t have 7,000 other people following them, or liking their pictures when their marriage or relationship got hard. Nowadays when our relationships hit rock bottom, we can just log in and get high off of this false sense of security and appreciation. We value our worth based on comments and inbox messages filled with colourful words that have no depth. Meanwhile, the person who loves you when there is no filter on your face becomes an option, and the rest of the world that sees only a portrayal becomes priority. Don’t lose sight of what is real chasing behind what only appears to be.
—  something i still have trouble accepting

anonymous asked:

So you hate Castro even through that under his administration Cuba has become one of the most secure and best place to live in the Americas with an average 79 years of life expectancy, 5 years more than USA and that not only have a good public education and healthcare where the 100% of the population are literate and aids is almost gone.

I’m sorry, but this is the most cracker ass white liberal bullshit I have ever had the displeasure of reading. I realize that white radicals fucking love pointing to Cuba and being like, “See! Communism can work UwU.” But here’s the thing, you ignorant potato, those statistics…. wait for it, your mind is about to get blown, are…. not accurate! I know, crazy to think that an authoritarian regime would false report internal statistical data in order to project the appearance of strength and stability, not only domestically, but abroad. This is the sort of thing that people who have done literally zero research about Cuba say, because it’s easier to ignore the first hand accounts of literally tens of thousands of Cubans who have fled the island in order to maintain your own agenda, rather than admit you’re fucking stupid.

To be clear, no, medicine is not readily available in Cuba, in fact my family has been having to send medicine to Cuba since as far back as I can remember. Every couple of months we send anti-seizure medications for my cousin and sometimes we’re asked to send antibiotics because someone else is sick. Literally ask any Cuban that doesn’t live in Havana and they will tell you it’s near impossible to get medicine for even the simplest shit, and if you do happen to get a prescription there’s always a chance the pills have been swapped for placebos. Sooooo???? Sorry to burst your bubble, I know you probably saw that documentary where Michael Moore went to Cuba, went to a pharmacy, and picked up some random medicine in Havana, but if you’re not a famous American filmmaker - that’s not how shit works. 

But lets say all the propaganda regarding medical care and education were true, which they absolutely are not, do you really think that somehow redeems the fact that Castro put LGBT citizens in concentration camps, do you think that it erases the countless political prisoners that were jailed and executed for resisting Castro’s regime, should I just ignore the fact my grandfather was sent to a labor camp for applying for a visa to get out of Cuba after Castro took over, should I forget that my Uncle spent 4 years in prison when he was 16 because he was caught protesting, or maybe we should just say fuck it to the fact that immediately after taking over Castro declared an end to racism, not because he had eliminated structural racism, but because he wanted to literally make it illegal for black cubans to complain about injustice, like honestly do you guys think that if everything were so fucking great in Cuba that literally thousands of Cubans would have drowned trying to swim the 90 miles from Cuba to America??

You should join Castro in hell, asshole.