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AoU: the problem of Steve’s jacket and Maria Hill

The problem of Steve Rogers’ jacket on Maria Hill’s shoulders is not one that can be explained by looking at Steve Rogers.

Because, yes, Steve Rogers would offer his jacket to a woman who was cold.

The thing that most people miss – and not surprisingly, given that the focus character is Maria Hill, whom most of fandom can’t even bring themselves to notice, let alone characterise accurately – is that Maria Hill would not accept a man’s jacket if she were cold.

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I’ve seen some posts from the more historical side of the fandom that seem kind of resentful towards the musical side. And I can definitely understand that. There was a community in place beforehand and it’s gotten a rapid influx of new fans, some of them not exactly particularly mature or… unshitty. I can see why that would be frustrating.

But I also sometimes get a condescending vibe from the history side. Like, the sense that Hamilton is the jumping off point for the fans for getting to where history side has been all this time. And if those fans don’t cleave to historical fact in their interpretations or fic or headcanon or whatever, it’s wrong. And look, I love history. I really enjoy learning about these assholes and the dumb shit they did and I have a stupid fondness for them. And lord knows I’ve been guilty of seething over cinnamon rolls Eliza and John.

But Hamilton, while it clearly incorporated a lot of historical information and did its homework, is not a historical play. If it were, Daveed Diggs would play Jefferson as the awkward recluse he was, rather than as a metaphor for how people will fall in love with racism if it’s charming and slick and high class. And the thing is that Diggs playing Jefferson unhistorically created something so much more powerful and meaningful than the most pinpoint accurate portrayal of Jefferson ever could have. And it also served as a far better commentary on the Founders and their legacy than a nebbish Jefferson ever could have. Hamilton’s deviations from history aren’t just a palette swap and sloppy research. They have meaning.

So it just kind of rubs me the wrong way when people criticize people going with musical characterizations over historical ones, or getting more excited over the Hamiltome than Chernow, or just straight up not caring about history at all.* Those fans aren’t intellectually lazy and their fandom isn’t inferior. The musical side of the fandom looks at history and our contemporary society from perspectives that the historical side frequently cannot do in the same amount of depth.

Again, I love learning about history. And I’ve met some amazing people through this fandom who write and talk about history in such cool and intelligent ways. I feel really lucky and grateful for that. But frankly the historical side stands to benefit from the perspectives of the musical side a lot more than the musical side stands to benefit from more trivia.

*Not to mention the fact that, as much more capable writers have said, Hamilton is at the end of the day about dead white dudes. There aren’t any Oney Judges or James Armisteads or Catos in the play. So it’s kind of understandable that people might not be super jazzed about the historical counterparts.

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Thank you sjm for giving us a boring white world with plot holes

Nehemia (RIP MY BBY)

Elide Lochan my sweet love

Manon, though never specified as a certain race, is headcanoned by basically the entire fandom as being a WOC (usually Chinese)

Chaol Westfall, though I may be wrong, isn’t white either. Not sure if SJM specified though.

Literally the entire Summer court, largely viewed as a wonderful court whose High Lord is basically the nicest most thoughtful dude, is POC

Not to mention that Elide and Chaol are both disabled, Feyre and Rhys deal with PTSD which is a nationally recognized disability (and as someone with PTSD, her portrayal is pretty accurate), Feyre is abused by her fiance, Rhys (a big strong man) is sexually abused, Tamlin is literally a white fuckboi (which isn’t good, which is my point – Sarah chose to portray him that way), and Aedion is bi (whether you agree with the exact dialogue in EoS or not, he is).

If I get any more anon hate I won’t be responding. Bye anon 😘♥️🌼

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another dumb question, what is this softly softly thing?

That’s not a dumb question. ^^ Softly softly comes from this quote, which in itself explains a bit what Moffat & Gatiss’s plan is:

 "I always thought that what Russell T. Davies did in Doctor Who was extremely ground breaking in a slightly more subversive way than what it looked like. It never occurred to me that it was too on the nose, what he did brilliantly was introduce incidentally gay characters obviously as well as some more in your face ones. One of my favourite stories is Gridlock, there’s an elderly couple of ladies who are together and it just sort of passes by and that’s the way - softly, softly. That’s how the revolution happens as it were, you just become aware that people are incidentally gay. I think when the day comes that you have a big detective show where the first half hour was this man at work and he’s a maverick and all the usual things and then we went home and his boyfriend says, “Are you alright?” it was just a thing, then something would have genuinely changed. I think the problem still is it becomes the issue. I think the thing with gay characters is that it has to be an issue as opposed to being part of everyday life, which of course we all know is what it is.“
- Mark Gatiss, for Gay Times magazine. (x)

It says how Gatiss wants to picture a gay couple in a show: incidentally. They build up a romance in a way people don’t really see it right away, the fact the characters are gay is not the central point. It’s not a story about two gay characters finding love, it’s the story of a detective and a former soldier finding love, the difference maybe doesn’t appear to be huge, but that’s all the point.
In real life (and in most straight romances portrayed in medias), people fall in love, are driven toward each other and express their love. That’s what’s happening between Sherlock and John, they are falling in love and will express their love, thus their sexual orientation isn’t the central point, they will be “incidentally gay”.

This is because the portrayal of lgb people in medias is usually wrong, it presents it as if it was “a special thing” (meaning a gay love story happens differently than a straight love story), not working like a love story usually works. It puts the fact of being gay as something abnormal, as if it’s not something that just simply happen, as casually as a straight love story happens. That’s something that has bothered Mark Gatiss for sure, because he wasn’t seeing himself in the way medias represented gay couples, what he was seeing was something theatralised, dramatised.
What he rarely saw on medias is what he wants to present: two men falling in love with each other and building up a relationship, simple as that.

Also, in softly softly the important part is how they drag the audience into this representation, this is where “softly softly” comes as a key word for tjlc. They need to carry the viewer into that journey, they need to make the viewers fall for this story, so that when the moment comes to show the resolution of this love story, the only thought that comes is “it was meant to happen”, a sentiment that it couldn’t end any other way. It shall not come as a big unexpected surprise, but as the outcome of something we’ve rooted for, something we want to see happen.
That’s what “softly softly” means in our fandom, it designate the process of showing this love story while making the viewer want it, because they make the viewer feel close to the characters, they build up a relation of attachment and so when the resolution comes the viewers accept them as lgb characters, as it’s part of who they are. It just come as naturally accepted, it’s not a big deal, it’s a normal thing to see. This is this acceptance that is the first purpose of Gatiss and Moffat, what makes the portrayal of lgb people the most accurate as possible. It just happens.

The narrative of Sherlock is impregnated with “softly softly”, mofftiss build their characters and their story in a way that when it’s shown that they’re gay/bi, it just comes as a casual outcome, something that just incidentally is.

To give you a tl;dr answer: “softly softly” means that the fact the characters are gay is not the most important point the show is making, it’s the fact that Sherlock is a love story between two characters, who happens to be gay. It presents their sexual orientation as something normal, casual, that just happens to be, that doesn’t need to be over spoken. 

To quote you @incurablylazydevil (from this post) : “ the creators of this show have been creating a slow-burn love story about two men since day one, subverting people’s expectations and heteronormative assumptions and softly, softly introducing queer representation to people who normally would be very uncomfortable with it “ - I think this is one of the best way to say what softly softly is.

To read more about it:
- Softly, Softly : the BBC’s 2009 LGB research comission and the johnlock conspiracy; by loudest-subtext-in-television
- What is softly softly in the context of tjlc ; by @nondeducible
- TJLC for the unintiated ; by @joolabee
- The johnlock arc ; by @wellthengameover (which also explains why I think johnlock will not be canon in s4 because of softly softly - this is a meta I’m just discovering as I’m looking for sources, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks this :P ).

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Tbh, I hate how the undertale fandom treats Chara and Asriel, usually just giving them one-note personalities that aren't even accurate to canon. Like Asriel is always portrayed as sad and unable to do anything on his own, while Chara is always just shown as """"""evil"""""". And I hate it because both children are such tragic, flawed, and amazing characters (I cry about them a lot), and there is so much more to them than what most people think.

I agree with you SO MUCH ANON ;A; I honestly love them to bits and with Chara– they’re really susceptible for fandom dislike bwahaha xD I do admit, I do like the portrayals of geno!chara in art and such because the results can be hilarious and epic-looking and geno!Chara is truly Chara’s tragedy– and geno!Chara is a side to Chara that is canon, so they’re not wrong when they portray them as such.

It just saddens me when that’s all they think of Chara, because honestly they’re so much more. And if you understand the other layers of Chara’s personality and such– you’ll understand that they’re not so one-dimensional. Chara’s character gives so much feels ;A; Even when they were alive, they were imperfect, and one of the arguments I see a lot about the reason why they dislike Chara is because of the whole “laughing at Asgore’s poisoning” thing– but don’t we all do that? It’s like when people laugh when they see people falling down the stairs– does that make us evil? My dad got bitten by some unknown bug the other day and he looked like he was in real pain/his whole hand swelled up, but I laughed anyway and just patted his back, even though I obviously felt bad for him. Laughter is a response to pain, and to seeing pain, and can be a defence mechanism– something Chara does do. And also– Chara hated humanity and wanted to kill the people in their village is another argument I hear a lot. They wouldn’t have felt so strongly about doing that if the humans hadn’t wronged them first. Such hatred in a child – active hatred – it doesn’t come from nowhere.

I haven’t seen much of that portrayal of Asriel though– the only times I’ve seen him “sad” is when he’s depicted at the end of Undertale xD I haven’t really seem him being portrayed as “useless”/unable to do anything on his own though– which is silly because he was able to stop Chara from destroying the humans. I mean, how strong is that? Chara, who was able to manipulate Asriel to going along with their crazy suicide plan and such, Chara who Asriel probably let do whatever they liked because Chara had the more assertive personality, was able to stop them from fulfilling one of their darkest and strongest desires/wishes– because Asriel knew mercy, and his desire to not hurt anyone was stronger than Chara’s hatred. HOW STRONG IS THAT??

Precious babbies, the both of them ;A;

I think everyone knows that I keep to myself most of the time, heck I think I’m one of the most timid people in the fandom and I try to keep out from drama, but there comes a point when I really have to cleanse myself from all the salt through ranting. To be honest, I’ve had enough of some pretentious and self righteous bullies here. I have never seen so much hate, transphobia, racism and bigotry all because of headcanons and so-called inaccurate portrayals esp. on the Bakurae .

Listen, just because someone doesn’t agree with you and their portrayals and headcanons don’t meet up to your oh-so-pure-and-accurately-canon standards, you don’t have to fight them or be calling them as “pieces of shit” and you certainly have no right to tell them to kill themselves. Like, how immature and shallow do you have to get? What, so we can’t have our own opinions without being labeled as “pieces of shit”? And why the fuck do you even care about other people’s headcanons? It’s called HEADcanon for a reason. If people want a trans and effeminate Ryou and Marik, then let them have that. (And what on earth is this “Ryou Bakura Accurate Portrayal Council”? Frankly, that’s one of the silliest and most pathetic things I’ve heard in this fandom. Do you get a trophy for being one hundred percent accurate? )

I’m so tired of repeating this over and over but I’ll say it again, People are free to interpret and portray fictional characters in any way they wish. That is what writing and art is all about. It’s okay to disagree as long as you do it politely. You don’t force your opinions on other people and you don’t cuss them out or slam them.

About Prussia in Hetalia and the fandom...

(if you have no interest in Hetalia just ignore this and move along)

I am a big fan of Prussia in Hetalia, but the fandom has annoyed me enough to make this rant. While Prussia is one of the most popular characters in the fandom I very rarely see a fully accurate portrayal of him. Now, this is understandable, it is already rare that character are portrayed fully accurate by fans, but to the extent they have done so with Prussia is annoying and recently one fanfiction pushed me over the line because while it had been good it all grumbled for me when they showed its portrayal of Prussia that was almost nothing like the character of Prussia is in canon. So today I felt to go through some common mistakes the fandom seems to do when it comes to my favorite character in Hetalia, Prussia.

I shall start with the easiest one to show what is wrong, that is physical ability. Prussia is strong. You probably knew that already, but you might not realize just how strong he is. He is strong enough that when he was attacked by alternate reality France, he knocked him out of the window with as much force as an explosion it seems. So yeah, clearly he is strong, but another important point of strength is his relative strength to the those he is most compared to, Germany and Hungary. 

Germany is often portrayed in fan-works to basically being the ‘better in every way’ little brother, which is inaccurate in many ways which includes physical ability. We have seen both of them exercising side by side and we have been shown that Germany tired out faster than Prussia, which implies one of two things or possibly both, 1. Has Greater muscle strength making the same exercise far easier for him, 2. Has greater level of endurance. Regardless it is clear that Prussia is at least stronger than Germany to that extent, though this is not to even mention that Prussia also seems to be tougher (though not fully and solidly confirmed) by how much abuse he is able to walk off, which I will get more detail with the next one-

Hungary, Prussia’s old time friend/rival/(possible/probable crush). She is very frequently (but not always) portrayed to be stronger than Prussia in the fandom. This is most likely done due to multiple combinations from her being the strongest female nations (with possible exception of Belarus), and one of the strongest nations in general, which then coupled with Prussia’s big Ego, their long term rivalry, the show of her basically saving Austria from Prussia in the war of the Austrian Succession and bunch of other stuff has made people think she is stronger than him or at least show it that way.

This doesn’t however hold up. For one thing I could go the line of that it is likely that Germany is stronger than Hungary, and I already proved that Prussia is stronger than Germany therefor stronger than Hungary, but that isn’t all. 

Lets start with when they were kids they were close enough on an equal level that they could be proper rivals, with Hungary most likely the stronger of the two as Prussia is shown of trying to find weaknesses and it also makes sense historically that Hungary would have been stronger back then. However even back then it was clear that Prussia was very tough (possibly as tough as Hungary or even possibly tougher), as shown by how he still acts cool while being badly hurt and beat up.

Now consider what has happened since then. To begin with there was the big growth difference, with Hungary reaching 160 cm while Prussia reached 177 cm, so Prussia most likely just from growth became as strong or stronger than Hungary, not to mention becoming even tougher. However, there is more. While both engaged in fighting and wars for a while after they split paths, eventually Hungary stopped that. She became far more ‘Lady-like’ as she put it herself as she moved to The Holy Rome’s house, with Austria the head of the house. This became a time where she wouldn’t have been training or fighting up and until at the very least the war of the Austrian Succession. This wasn’t the case with Prussia who still was training and clearly still interested in thing like hunting and such, which he tried to invite her on with him.

The big important point however is that Prussia has said that he owes a lot to the Hohenzollern from their training in becoming strong and powerful, the Hohenzollern came to power when The Teutonic Order reformed into Prussia, the same time as Hungary got into a union with Austria, which in the series is when she started living in Holy Rome’s house. He was going through serious training while she wasn’t, and they had prior to this been on fairly equal terms, enough for a rivalry at least.

Then the Austrian war of Succession. Her being the one who repelled Prussia (and basically saved Austria’s ass) is often shown as an example of her being stronger than him, but notice a few things, Prussia is barely hurt. He had simply a scratch from it all and he still was able to hold and keep Silesia for himself. Hungary also had the assistance of Austria, and while that doesn’t sound much it does make a difference. 

Furthermore, while the Seven Years war hasn’t been done yet in Hetalia canon (still hoping it will be continued and finished), historically it was basically Prussia against Austria and Hungary, France, Russia and Sweden, with only main land ally being Hanover (one of the German states that was in a union with Great Britain) and only major ally being Great Britain, that focused on French colonies. 

Prussia, despite fighting off the combined forces was seriously beat up and was close to losing, up and until the famous ‘Miracle of House of Brandenburg’, where the Russian empress died and the Russian emperor following pulled out of the war which resulted also in Sweden pulling out of the war. After that Prussia was able to beat France, Austria AND Hungary.

Even then, later on Prussia would beat Austria and Hungary in the seven weeks war very quickly and decisively. Then there is the frying pan thing. While Prussia does try to avoid being hit by it, he is very tough on the matter. Getting hit in the face by a frying pan and basically walking it off is quiet the feet, even before mentioning one of the strongest characters is the one using the frying pan.

Now I think that is done the next thing is-

Prussia’s intelligence. Again, the fandom likes to portray Prussia as the idiot with no sense of intellectualism, organization or anything besides skills at fighting, and even then he is often portrayed as being an idiot at strategy, while Germany is again the ‘better sibling’ character being portrayed as more intelligent and organized. This thing probably annoys me the most because Prussia is possibly one of the most intelligent characters of all the Hetalia characters.

Now, I do understand where this comes from. Prussia frequently makes some very stupid decisions and to a great extent looks like the ‘only fighting’ type of character, but that is ignoring where/why he does something stupid and ignoring the smart things he does do. For example, it was Prussia, not Germany, that pulled the other into learning engineering and starting the industrial revolution for the two of them. Prussia is highly interested in new things while Germany is stated to be more reluctant to try new things. Prussia also has been writing and reading far longer and more than pretty much any other nations (the fact that he has an entire library just for his own diaries shows clearly that he writes a lot and documents a lot).

This is not to even mention the influence Old Fritz probably had on him, considering that Old Fritz was highly intelligent and an enlightenment thinker, and is Prussia’s favorite boss which most likely had great effect on him. In fact we know that is basically a fact, considering Prussia knows how to play the flute because of Old Fritz.

The things that usually make him look more stupid than for example Germany is that Germany is far more humble than Prussia that has a big Ego and while both of them are incompetent in social situation Prussia makes it far clearer by being very expressive, while Germany is more just focused on being professional around others making him able to avoid his social incompetence more than Prussia. Both Prussia and Germany have also been shown to be very tidy and clean with their outfits, and it is highly implied that Prussia is at his heart a dutiful and loyal soldier.

And, then finally, how he acts socially, his relationship with other characters and emotional characteristics. While I had said the intelligence one is the one that annoyed me the most this is what gave me the final push to make this post. To start off with, he acts very differently when he is alone and when he is around others, and this is very vital to his character. When around others it seems like nothing can bring him down, that he will walk off anything and that he is always full of energy, power and happiness. But we know for a fact that when he is alone he cries, suffers from serious loneliness that he is in self denial of and holds jealousy of relationships (possibly specifically jealous of Austria’s relationship with Hungary, though unconfirmed but heavily implied).

He is also overprotective of Germany according to Germany himself, and is far more willing to finding friends with others such as Japan, (North-)Italy and the other two of the bad touch trio than what he claims when he is alone. He takes huge pride in the things he does on his own which often lead him to do some arguably risky and stupid things.

His relation with Austria has almost always been a violent/teasing one, and a lot of that probably comes from the fact that in many ways Austria is the opposite of himself, someone who accomplishes thing through others rather than by himself and both of them were the major German states competing for the attention of all the other states (which Prussia eventually won with and unified them into Germany).

Then there is his relation with Hungary, which lets make clear, is a far more friendly form of rivalry. While Hungary is annoyed of Prussia she still shows concerns for him and so does he for her, they also used to be very active in multiple of activities before being separated and then after separated further more by their different paths.

But another important thing, is while Prussia has a large ego and all, he is not selfish and it seems to be partly so large to avoid dealing with the lack of self worth he has for himself, shown by the fact he cries when he alone but not around others which by itself could be seen as simply a pride thing, but there is another thing that suggests that it is more than just that. It has been shown that when he was bitten by Germany’s dog that he didn’t tell Germany the fact he was bitten a week ago, not wanting to worry Germany about himself. This could also mean that he doesn’t cry in front of others to avoid worrying them, thinking that they shouldn’t have to be worried about him and rather that he should be worried for them.

He is also shown to be more sensitive such as when playing the flute to Germany it was revealed he played the flute for Holy Rome as well, back when Holy Rome seemed to be on his death bed, sometime before the Napoleonic wars and after Old Fritz became his boss. This also implies that Prussia has very personal understanding and connection to death and the sensitivity of it all.

Now, there is also one other important thing about his personality that I have to mention. Prussia is not someone who is stuck in past ideals, as said before he is highly interested and into new things. I had to say that last one because the fic that fucked up Prussia so badly that I finally decided to make this post ignored that and made him into basically a misogynistic idiot, which was such a betrayal of the character on so many levels that I immediately gave up on the fic, especially since that fic message could have perfectly fit for Prussia’s character, yet instead his character was thrown under the bus to promote the sympathy of another character.

I could go on but right now it is getting late where I am and I am getting tired and worried I may say something stupid on this post. Good day/night, thanks for reading.