Those who cry most to least

-Cancer (at least once a day)
-Pisces (alone in the shower)
-Capricorn (in public)
-Scorpio (while listening to music)
-Virgo (when their friends are crying)
-Libra ( let’s down one tear here and there)
-Leo (makes it a drama)
-Aries (cries mostly of joy)
-Taurus (about personal pain)
-Sagittarius (holds in as long as possible)
-Aquarius (cries alone)
-Gemini (hardly ever cries)

Courtesy of the artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London

On View | Ryan Sullivan Scales Up

The young painter Ryan Sullivan makes the type of ethereal drip abstractions one might expect to require a three-page pamphlet for explanation; but in fact, most of his descriptions are simple.

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