Don’t let your little chelonian friends get cold, dress their shells in adorable handmade Turtle and Tortoise Cozies! Katie Bradley runs an Etsy shop called MossyTortoise where she sells an assortment of tortoise-related art and accessories - including these cozies, crocheted with soft yarn from her own patterns.

“10% of the income from my Etsy shop will benefit the International Reptile Rescue in Canby Oregon. The rest will go towards my own tortoises, as well as future ones I will rescue and rehabilitate. I keep a tortoise blog, where I post photos and updates about my pets and rescued tortoises.”

But that’s not all, Katie also crochets Tortoise Flowers (see the bottom two photos), made to help you keep track of your turtle or tortoise friend while they’re enjoying a (supervised!) wander around your lawn.

Visit MossyTortoise to view more of Katie Bradley’s incredibly cute and completely awesome creations.