mossy sign

if we were molded by the elements

earth signs:

earthquake tremors run up their limbs while they yearn and ache, a crystalized sternum protects their cavernous chest,  love and hard work erodes their fingers, a mamga heart pumps lava into the cracks of sedimentary skin, sapphirine eyes glimmer.. delicately shrouded in mossy hair

water signs:

mysterious eyes embodying a tempestuous pool of waves wish upon the moon, the pitter-pattering of their heart is the rattling of pearls, lost ships and loves stab their chest, hurricanes visit their mind, long eely hair electrifies the night, shells adorn their shimmering skin

fire signs:

smoke circles their body and floats above their incandescent skin.. daring you to touch it, sparks pop in their lips, a soft glow shines where their pulsing heart lays, blazes beneath their ribs radiate warmth for all to enjoy, smoldering coal eyes flicker, forest-fire tempers destroy everything in their path

air signs:

sun rays stream through their skin, clouds surround their head, singing birds perch upon their arms, everchanging wind whips inside their mind, they possess a voice that echoes daintily and breath that could push a boulder out of the way, as they walk they seem to float off the ground

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Name: roshani

Nickname: rose, ross, mossy(?)

Zodiac sign: leo!

Height: 5'2

Orientation: bi/pan

Nationality: indian

Favorite fruit: mangoes n apples n watermelon n blackberries!!!! i jus love fruit

Favorite season: summer!

Favorite book: im forever a ho for hp and sherlock holmes

Favorite flower: any flower. all flowers are amazing 

Favorite scent: jasmine? aaa i just like nice smelling things otl

Favorite color: blue or maroon? i lov colors djkds im so indecisive about everything

Favorite animal: uhm i love animals especially birds?? i love birds

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea/chai or cocoa 

Average hours of sleep: like… six maybe

Cat or dog person: puppies!!!

Favorite fictional character: uh… moana i love she

Number of blankets you sleep with: one!! no matter how hot it is i always sleep w my blankie bc im a child

Dream trip: i wanna go to india n see all my family and not be such an abcd

Blog created: 2014!


LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: both are good! i guess i prefer chapstick tho

LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: jaaiye aap kahan by asha bhosle 

LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: band baaja baaraat

TOP 3 FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: uhh mmmnmnn moana gogo tomago n mulan tbh i need more poc characters

 TOP 3 SHIPS: onkey, every other shinee ship

BOOKS I’M READING: the tipping point by malcolm gladwell! i was reading it for a project but i rlly find it interesting so im still reading it hehehe

tagging: anyone tht wants to do this djskks i dunno who to tag!