mossy leaf tailed gecko


Two rare reptile species native to two delicate island ecosystems—the black tree monitor, native to the Aru Islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea; and the mossy leaf-tailed gecko, native to Madagascar—are now thriving at the San Diego Zoo. The latest milestones in a long history of successful reptile breeding, the new arrivals offer hope for two little-known, yet important species. Read more. 


Male satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) and mossy leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus sikorae) by Paul
Via Flickr:
Photo from Ranomafana national park, Madagascar.

very cool composition. and it took me a bit t realize where the 2nd gecko was.

EDIT: for those of you wondering where the 2nd gecko is, it’s on the trunk of the tree looking like moss. be sure you’re looking at the full picture. you can make out the right foot, head, and eye at the bottom.

Hi everyone! So I just recently purchased a mossy leaf-tail gecko. I’ve seen a lot of different care advice online so I’d like to get some insight on those who are more experienced with these little guys.
I have mine housed in an 18x18x24 inch Exo Terra tall tank. I keep his humidity at about 70-90%, with multiple misting throughout the day. I keep his temperature between 72-78 degrees, as I’ve heard temps above 80 degrees can be fatal to them. I do not have any lighting for him currently, as I’ve also read they don’t particularly need UVB lighting. I have lots of foliage & leaves, as well as lichen sticks and bark logs, and vines all around the tank. For bedding I have him on coco fiber bedding as well as lots of moist moss spread on the ground for him to blend in to as well. I feed him calcium dusted crickets (dusted every other day). I’ve read a lot of controversial issues on feeding these guys mealworms, so right now I just have him on crickets and he seems to be doing fine. I also have a water bowl in his tank, but he doesn’t seem to want to drink from it.
I just want to make sure I’m doing everything correct so far, since there’s a lot of different info on the internet. any feedback would be appreciated, feel free to message me, tag anyone in this post, add on to this post, etc!! thank you everyone!! :)