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Serenity of the Night | M

↳ “What exactly did you see?” He snarled, and you somehow found the strength within you to slap his hand away from your face; quickly fixing Taehyung with a glare.

“Nothing.” You said, your petrifying mien being erased from your visage in seconds. “Absolutely nothing.”

Précis: Within the forest and over the moutains lies many secrets, ones you should stay away from; but some things are meant to come across.

Note: Finally, it feels good to have this back up, btw spring day reference; can ya catch it? | boxer!tae

Genre & Warnings: Drama, soft angst & fluff. Smut. | Words ➳ 12.4k

Gripping the straps of your backpack, you wearily stared at the stony underpass littered with weeds, branches and scattered leaves; wondering if passing through the entrance and walking inside the forest filled with trees and who knew what else was on the other side would be worth it. You wondered if walking for ten miles up a mountain would in any way be okay as you glanced towards the chipped and tattered wooden sign that indicated how long and what to beware of for the hike that would soon ensue, but it wasn’t like you had a choice of turning back now.

You were then pushed into the other side of the underpass, stumbling slightly before blinking as you watched the boys laughing while someone patted your back softly. “Lighten up,” you heard Hoseok say, walking passed you before eyeing you over his shoulder, “it’s going to be amazing!”

Gulping, you turned behind you to see the parking lot void of any life as your cars settled side by side, completely empty as you all carried your needed necessities inside your packs. You were told that the trip was going to be fun, that the mountain you were supposed to be residing in was one of the most beautiful ones in the country, but somehow, something was eating at your brain as you felt a strange feeling prickling in the darkest pits of your stomach; that once you were off the mountain..

Things would never be the same.

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A Collapsed Cave by Steve Reekie
The huge mossy limestone boulders that fill this section of Bullock Creek, in the Paparoa National Park, near Punaikaki, suggest that a large cave probably once ran through here, and that the roof collapsed into the stream bed long ago. Even now, the stream runs through a cave far below these boulders, to emerge in the valley lower down.

Jack's personal space / comfort zone / interaction / physical contact - Analysis

(Because I wanted an excuse to make some RotG screenshots/edits AND do a thorough analysis that’s been on my mind for a while. I’ll be referencing the frames I’ve posted in my discussion below, though I’ll also mention a bunch of other instances or scenes.)

This is inspired by a post I saw a while back that pointed out how Jack stood separately from the Guardians in the Warren when Bunnymund had Sophie in his arms – how even after helping them reconnect with their love for children, he still wasn’t truly a part of their group. So then I thought, this is a theme that carries strongly throughout the entire movie - and it pivots around the fact that Jack has been essentially alone for 300 years and unable to touch or interact with anyone.

At first, of course, Jack doesn’t get too close to the Guardians. (The only reason they caught him in the first place was because he let down his guard, acting cheeky and casual around Bunny. Of course he didn’t like being manhandled by yetis, shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal, but that was the only way they would’ve gotten him to the Pole with minimum fuss. North may have no concept of sarcasm, but he’s always practical.)

At the Pole, the closest Jack voluntarily gets to one of them is Sandy, when he kneels down to pay attention to Sandy’s symbols. (See the post I made here earlier today discussing their relationship.) Otherwise, he stands fairly far apart from them. Except for, of course… when they themselves invade his personal space, which in Toothiana’s case is just plain weird, in North’s tense (when he backs him up against the door) and also weird, and with Bunnymund, just plain tense. Jack doesn’t oppose it - after all, he’s not used to it and tends to just go with the flow anyway, even with the Tooth Fairy’s fingers digging around in his mouth or the Easter Bunny breathing heavily into his face - but he’s not exactly over the moon about it. (Pun intended.)

He reluctantly agrees to the sleigh ride, and doesn’t mind the company there, as he’s in his element (literally - wind and cold), plus he gets to poke fun at Bunny too. Once they’re near Punjam Hy Loo, then the first voluntary physical contact he makes with someone so far in is Baby Tooth. I find this pretty symbolic, believing firmly that she’s his sister reincarnate and all. She’s the first one he willingly reaches out to and assists – which is, of course, the reason why he was chosen by MiM in the first place.

Then at the palace, after Baby Tooth leaves his side, Jack’s relatively alone again. He doesn’t feel comfortable joining the others in comforting Tooth. The distance is palpable; he’s a whole level lower, a platform away, even Pitch ends up closer to him than the others are at that point. Until, that is, Bunnymund jumps forward right after Pitch insults Jack, actually pushing Jack aside to get at the Boogeyman. It’s hard to tell how Jack feels about this, but as Pitch said, he’s currently a ‘neutral party’. He feels no less poorly about Pitch compared to Bunnymund right now.

Down at ground level, it’s the first time Jack actually tries to understand and connect with what it is the Guardians do – specifically, Tooth. He crouches a little closer to her, walks along with her on the water as she explains the meaning of the mural and her job, and even lets her touch his shoulder. North, Bunny and Sandy are currently very far away, just a blur in the distance; it’s a pretty personal moment for him right now, learning that he may really have memories after all. Once excitement sets in, though, he flies off - perching an equal distance from all of them, but still separate by being on that rock.

Come tooth collection time, things really start to change. He’s pledged himself to their cause in exchange for getting his memories back (which is actually a problem in and of itself; he should really have done it in a purely selfless way, which is why he’s had trouble being seen/believed for so long). So of course, he chats a bit with Tooth, competes with Bunny, and by the end, is in cramped quarters in Jamie’s bedroom. Tooth gets pretty close to him and touches him again when they again share a quiet moment together (note - these sort of moments are a big reason why I ship them, I could go on about Rainbow Snowcone all day but nvm). He seems to be part of their group when Jamie awakens, until reality harshly sets in again and it’s like he’s really not there at all. He’s still so different from the Guardians, even while standing in their midst.

True to character, he’s happy to dive into the fray all by himself when he spots the lone Nightmare – except this time, he’s not alone; Sandy makes the choice to follow him, and Jack’s incredibly comfortable flying and fighting alongside him. And again he charges forward alone, with nothing but his sheer will powering him, when Sandy - perhaps his only friend amongst the Guardians - falls, and then he’s back on the sleigh again after having his full weight lifted by Tooth (think about it - he most likely weighs more than her), Bunnymund actually clustering closer to him in concern. He’s not properly conscious, though, and by the time we get to Sandy’s memorial…

… Jack is nowhere in sight. This always surprises and confuses me - but I guess Jack is just too hurt and alone, and again too much of a stranger, to be able to share such a personal moment with the Guardians. It’s the only scene with the Guardians (after he meets them) where he’s completely absent, feeling terrible about the fact he couldn’t do anything to save Sandy.

He’s understanding more now. He’s walking forward with Tooth and North, agreeing pretty readily to go ahead with helping out for Easter. He charges forward in sync with them when they’re surprised by Sophie, but then moves quite far away again to perch on a mossy boulder when he realises just how clueless they are about kids. He only gets close to them some time later when he sits next to Bunny; I suppose he also wanted to give them space, give Bunny the time to connect with Sophie without interfering. And then as North and Tooth crouch around Bunny and admire the sleeping girl as well, Jack’s distance is pronounced. He didn’t seem so far away when just sitting beside Bunnymund, but with the others there, the contrast is striking; he’s still alone.

He willingly carries Sophie all the way back to Burgess (I know he’s technically not supposed to be able to touch her, but it’s my headcanon that he can still physically interact with beings like animals or very small children, especially if they’re unconscious/sleeping, as children don’t yet have the necessary level of awareness; it’s why so many kids have an 'imaginary friend’. Anyway.) And Baby Tooth is still with him at this point. Again, symbolic for the sibling-connection. She always flies close to him, right until Pitch distracts him and snatches her away. It’s almost like… she’s his last lifeline, his only connection to what he is and what he can possibly be, and in one master stroke she’s taken away from him and replaced with his memories. (Same difference, no?)

He finds the Guardians, Bunnymund comes an inch within punching him in the face. An understandable reaction, but still, it really, REALLY stings, even if it didn’t meet its mark. The knowledge that Bunnymund actually could have laid a hand on him and really hurt him, that he accidentally let down one of the only beings in the world who had started to have faith in him… of course it’s shocking. Of course Jack sheds a tear in this scene and nowhere else. His happy facade has finally broken.

He abandons the miniature North-doll, and all he has left on him is the tooth-box. But the tooth-box is cold and empty to him. Everything is cold and empty to him, so he goes to the coldest, emptiest place on Earth – Antarctica. He doesn’t activate his memories – either he doesn’t want to, or doesn’t know how to. Again, same difference at this point. And the next person who tries to get close to him (both physically and emotionally) is met with harsh screams and icy blows. Jack’s had enough of being close to people, maybe it would be better off if he was alone after all; what’s the point in friendship and trust if he never fails to screw things up?

Until Pitch reveals Baby Tooth and returns Jack’s purpose to him. If anything, Pitch’s two biggest mistakes were a) giving Jack his memories in the first place and b) giving back Baby Tooth. Together, they held the key to unlock what Jack needed in that deep, dark crevasse in Antarctica. Even in gingerly sheltering Baby Tooth in his hands, Jack regretted that he couldn’t make her warm. Even in holding the most important person in the world to him, in his very hands, he felt regret and disappointment at himself. This, guys, is what I call heart-wrenching character development. The boy who hasn’t been able to hold someone he loves for three hundred years still feels bad, even when he can.

What he did for Baby Tooth - giving up his staff for her - was pretty selfless. It’s the only material possession he has. If she couldn’t already see him, I bet that act would qualify as something for him to be believed in for. But that true moment comes soon after, when he saves the very existence of Bunnymund in the nick of time. He doesn’t make Jamie believe for himself. He does it for Bunny. He does it for the Guardians. Because he is still overflowing with compassion, even after he let them down. That is why he rejected Pitch Black’s offer, and that is why he finally earns himself a believer; he’s finally worthy of being believed in. I wonder now if it’s actually partially under the Man in the Moon’s control whether or not Jack could be seen.

From then, Jack is close to Jamie like he was (and still is) close to his sister. He stands beside him and playfully nudges him, he stands protectively in front of him as Pitch Black threatens him. And the Guardians cluster worriedly around him after Pitch knocks him out of the sky; he’s proven his worth, and he’s now their only hope. They have nothing left to lose, and he now has everything - a shining happy future in particular - to lose if they lose to Pitch. From hereon out it’s not 'him’ and 'them’, it’s 'us’. He stands beside them every step of the way and nearly is killed fighting (if it were not for Sandy’s resurrection). And he really is a part of their team as they huddle joyfully around Sandy.

There’s one more step to go, though, and it’s mere minutes away as the sun starts to rise on Easter Monday. Toothiana tacklehugs him - he’s truly at ease now, he automatically places his hands on her waist and probably has some cute thoughts running through his head (at least until Baby Tooth separates them. Imagine her squeaking “Ew mom, hands off my brother!”). And then of course North hugs Jack as well and kisses him on both cheeks, leaving the poor thing pretty dazed but no longer weirded out.

And the best moment of all - we all know it, it’s been analysed so thoroughly - when Jamie runs at Jack but doesn’t run through him. The shock on Jack’s face is plainer than the day that’s just started. He’s finally - finally - able to accept that maybe he’s worth believing in, worth loving, worth being trusted. It’ll still be a rocky road for a while - it’ll take a while for three hundred year’s worth of fear and disappointment to fade away (WHICH IS WHY I NEED A SEQUEL SO BAD GDI DREAMWORKS), but for now, Jack is able to cherish the hug from his first believer.

*rolls around in the eternal feelings RotG gives him*

Cosmic Gardens

♈ ARIES //  A desert gem. Massive succulents and cacti vibrate like heat waves. Large leaves of aloe provide shade over twisted, dusty paths, while rare desert flowers soak under the harsh red sun. Sand swirls in zen patterned murals throughout the garden. Rusted rocks, and sunbathing lizards that chirp like birds. The air smells spicy yet sweet. It is dry and thriving.

♉ TAURUS //  Ancient roots weave together to form a wooden gate. It leads to a narrow cobblestone pathway. Shady and warm, the breeze sounds like contented sighs. The flowers here are pink and big – bigger as you, their open petals as you pass by. Tiny fairies dart to-and-fro, trailing a sparkling pollen with them. You feel drowsy and lie down in a spongy patch of earth to the side of the path. You sink into the moss and look up at the clouds.

♊ GEMINI //  The sky is the most vibrant blue you’ve ever seen. Clumsy bumblebees bounce off petals, each flower making a different sound; some silly, some soft. Just like laughter. The garden is unorganized; grass full of clover, dappled with daisies and yellow tulips and buttercups. You pluck dandelions, bring them to your lips and blow – seeds become bubbles that never pop. They just drift endless through the field like clouds in the blue.

♋ CANCER //  A quaint garden that flourishes under the full moon. The flora is lush and dark and cottony, illuminated by softly glowing white flowers that only bloom at night. There are no paths – only small streams full of pearl and moonstone pebbles, with little waterfalls that trickle into reflective, silver pools. Chamomile and vanilla linger. It feels familiar and sleepy. Fireflies float around, and twinkle like suspended stars.

♌ LEO //  A golden gate surrounds an opulent oasis, bathed eternally in golden evening lights. Sunflowers tower overhead, marigolds greet your feet. Petals transform into black butterflies with velveteen wings that graze your skin and leave traces of exotic perfume. A refracting mosaic path pieced of mirror shards and colored glass cause the entire landscape to glitter blindingly. It is warm and radiant and there is song in the air.

♍ VIRGO //  Simple and soothing. A prim and proper garden enclosed by a white picket fence. Wisteria stretches up trellises and across pergolas, drooping down just enough to tickle your cheeks. Origami hummingbirds dart from flower to flower, lavender to dahlia to pansy. Hanging wicker chairs for resting and reading in. Shady and quiet; smelling of calming English tea leaves and clean linen.

♎ LIBRA //  A dainty, silver-spun gate that’s always open. Everything is shades of red, lush to the point of overgrowth. A labyrinth with rows and rows of roses, all bathed in dewdrops – every petal sparkling in the morning sun. The smells of honeysuckle and orange blossom tickle your nose. Songbirds with glass wings whistle symphonies, and perch atop beautifully crafted statues. It is light and lovely in every way.

♏ SCORPIO //  A marshy garden, cattails and little white bell flowers. The faint sound of constant, gentle rain. Floating stones carry you across deep, pond-like puddles. Benevolent spirits drift up from old stone wishing wells and hide among the thick, rolling fog. You wave at them. Beneath a weeping willow is a place just for you to sit, surrounded by pale pink peonies and smooth quartz crystals. Magical, and lonely.

♐ SAGITTARIUS //  A tremendous grove full of what is usually small. Blades of grass as tall as trees, a canopy of tangled roots above cast shadows in filtered sunlight. Giant opal boulders and mossy pathways. The heavy scent of soil, rosemary and other herbs permeate the air. Mushrooms of all shapes, sizes and colors grow like wildflowers. A living adventure, with something bigger than you around every corner.

♑ CAPRICORN //  A garden that would be envied by Greek Gods. Composed and elegant, pristine rows of emerald hedges. Ivy wraps around ornate stone pillars like an ancient lace. Marble fountains overflow with rich, red wine. Large, decorative vases spill over with white roses, and tresses of violet flowers hang down from arched pergolas. It sounds of harps and silence.

♒ AQUARIUS //  An abandoned glass green house with translucent windows. It appears old and vacant from the outside but inside – everything is luminous. Neon dragonflies zip around in slow motion, strange flowers vibrate and release tiny glowing orbs of pollen that hang in the air. In every direction you can see only a night sky – as if you were walking through the Milky Way.

♓ PISCES //  A tranquil lagoon, comprised up of interconnected pools, and blooming with enormous aquatic flora – impossibly large lilies and lotus. The calm waters are the deepest shade of aquamarine, and you float idly through aboard a large lily pad. A pink lotus unfurls with a soft sigh under your touch. Crystalline reeds echo hollow tunes, and massive orange koi fish drift slowly just beneath the surface. It is peaceful.

Okay but folks. Witchcraft is not piles of feathers and rocks on the floor next to a pretty book. Druidry is not a naked white woman sitting on a mossy boulder or underneath a tree. Paganism is not wearing crystal jewlery and flowy dresses. Just because you have a triple goddess/ moon/ knot tattoo does not make you anymore spiritually intune than anyone else. 

To quote someone else, “Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

Hikers on Caribbean island of Montserrat find ancient stone carvings

Hikers out for a stroll on the Caribbean island of Montserrat have discovered ancient stone carvings that archaeologists believe could offer valuable insight into the island’s pre-colonial history.

The petroglyphs – which appear to depict geometric designs as well as beings of some kind – were carved into the side of a mossy boulder in the densely forested hills in the island’s north.

Petroglyphs left behind by the Caribbean’s indigenous peoples have been found throughout the region but until now had never been seen on Montserrat or nearby Antigua.

Locals stumbled across the carvings while hiking through the island’s densely forested hills in January, but officials delayed announcing the discovery until the petroglyphs authenticity could be confirmed by researchers. Read more.

anonymous asked:

Hello awesome writer! Is everything all right? So I was thinking... We have a drabble about Hiccup ogling on Astrid as she takes a bath. What about the opposite? Would Astrid take the chance to ogle too? 8D

Pfff pervstrid. It would depend on how long they’ve been dating. If they’ve been frickle fracking for a while, she’d just take up a spot on the side and sigh with bliss. She’d get popcorn. If they’re still around sixteen or seventeen, though, ehhhhhhhhhhh.

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Since my inbox literally died from the number of messages I got about this the other day, I figured it sensible to bring it back. For now. Happy new chapter! (Even though it’s literally the biggest filler chapter until the very end I would be sorry but I’m so not) This chapter is for Vanessa because I love her and she’s got a stupid love for this fic siGHS AT U VANESSA

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So I promised an aroace John fic and I (eventually) delivered. Basically I jotted down stuff until I had enough to stitch together. While it may not pass for a cohesive story or even something with a cohesive theme, it’s there. I hope the paragraph breaks carry over. tumblr is weird that way.

Warning - this is not a story where John finds Rose’s human sexuality book and all is well. It is more a quest of frustration. 

You are thirteen years old when an angry alien tells you that you have to marry one of your best friends.


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For Mia, on her birthday

Slightly belated but no less heartfelt. Happy birthday to dottierthanthou, who is smart and passionate and kind. 

His knuckles ached from rapping. “Iinsist you open this door. Do you hear me, Lieutenant? I insist.”

“I got this. The sooner you chill, the sooner I’ll be done and out.”

“But how are you meant to dress your own right arm?” He could see the awful gash now, deeper in the middle from the bite of the curved blade. It was a clean cut, there on her bicep, but it needed more tending to than a one-armed woman could possibly provide. He’d paused just for a moment to wash the ichor from his hands in the kitchen and she’d nipped around him and shut herself up in the bathroom, adamant that she would do this on her own.

“I’d be able to do it a lot more easily if I had some peace and quiet.”

Perhaps he would have abandoned his attempts then, if only he had not heard her soft hiss: “Oooh. Fuck.

With that, he produced the debit card he now carried in his back pocket, slipped it between the bolt and the wall, and let himself into the privacy closet.

She stood before the counter clad only in her brassiere and jeans, pressing a cloth to her wound. The accustomed sight of her unclad body held only slight distraction in the face of his duty. She just had time to interject, “the hell?” before he had her scooped up in his arms. With the utmost care, of course, but with firm purpose. He snagged the open first-aid kit and marched into the living room.

The lieutenant was taking this about as well as he’d expected. She squirmed and scrabbled against him. “Crane.” His name was threat and plea and epithet in a syllable. “Put me down. It’s a fucking scratch. It’s nothing.”

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I’m pretty sure all three of these scenes happen on the same little island. The mossy boulder on the right looks identical, as do the trees and foliage in the background as well as the tone of the sky.

Just thought I’d point this out~ Whether they all happen at the same time remains to be seen. I’m tempted to think Hiccup stops by there with Astrid after he initially lands there with Toothless – and since it’s the last point and Hiccup obviously asks Toothless if they should go on any further, maybe they don’t until later? Unless Astrid goes looking for him and finds him there, which seems less likely.