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                    Void / Nogitsune Stiles Cosplay Hoodie

Own a replica of Void!Stiles’ Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Pullover Hoodie for cosplay or general hoodie needs. Featured in: Teen Wolf: s.03 e.18 ‘Riddled’

• Made from: 100% Polyester
• Lightweight material, good for staying cool during Comic-Cons
• Adjustable drawstring hood
• Standard Fit
• Machine Washable

Comes in these sizes:
XS • S • M • L • XL • 2XL - Additional cost • 3XL- Additional cost

anonymous asked:

mango, passionfruit, plum, orange?

mango: what is your trademark?

it used to be my blue hair, but i don’t know anymore! i’ve lost my brand!

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

“still in his emo phase” fits pretty well.

plum: favorite clothing brands?

i love h&m and target. mossimo supply co is where it’s at for small guys. i also love express men for formal/professional shit. 

orange: do you have long eyelashes?

absurdly so. when i do face masks and stuff, my eyelashes get stuck in them. it’s one of the things people point out to me a lot, but my eyelashes are blonde so it takes a while for most people to notice.

Going to a festival this spring? Pack this playlist:

Band of Horses - Heartbreak on 101

Beach House - Zebra

Grimes - Genesis

Grizzly Bear - Ready, Able

James Blake - Limit to your Love

The XX - Angels

Local Natives - You & I

Sigur Ros - Ekki Muk

Tanlines - Brothers

The Lumineers - Ho Hey