i’m actually not scared to graduate at all. like i’m not afraid of becoming independent because i don’t rely on anyone i mean of course my parents in a sense like every other kid out there but i’m just glad i know how to cook and do my laundry and organize my time. but i’m a little afraid i might abuse the new found freedom college brings to any youth.  i like the idea of going away and being in a new place with other people who have to get used to a new environment and fall into new routine and experience a new sense of spontaneity.  i’ve been discovering a lot about myself lately and if i’m not one thing it is afraid. i have no reason to be and i find fear only matters when it is let out of the subconscious.    

sometimes i don’t like my messy handwriting but then i remember that handwriting with little to no pattern and legibility is actually a sign of higher intelligence and creative thinking skills possessed by creative geniuses such as Paganini and Picasso and then i don’t feel so bad about the fact that nobody can actually read anything i write