Mossberg 590A1 Security

A discontinued variant of the 590A1, the Security model featured a 14″ long barrel from the factory. Equipped with a pistol grip and a pump with nylon strap for assistance, it is a compact little shotgun but is classified as an AOW, requiring NFA paperwork and tax stamps. Not sure why Mossberg ended production on the Security model but maybe it was just lackluster sales. (GRH)


Serbu Super Shorty

Classified as an AOW (Any Other Weapon) by the BATFE, the Serbu Super Shorty is a modified Mossberg or Remington 12 gauge shotgun. The barrel is cut down to 6.5″ and a folding vertical grip now acts as the pump mechanism. Capacity is reduced to 2+1 and primarily used as an up close personal defense option in a very compact package. Some people debate about the practicality of it but a lot of people find the Super Shorty to just be a fun little gun to shoot at the range. (GRH)

10 Awkward Coming Out Moments...

By Alex Danvers.

1).  Releasing I wanted to bang Kara’s ambiguously evil aunt.
2).  Releasing I’d been checking out your Vasquez’s ass for two years.

3).  Having to say “It’s classified” any time anyone asks me how realized I liked girls.
4).  When the girl Kara set me up with pushed me up against the wall, and the RFID key fob in my pocket accidentally unlocks my Tactical Wall ™, and I had to explain to the cute waitress from Noonans why I have an M4, a Mossberg 930, two Berretta Px4′s, and six flashbang grenades hidden behind a mirror in my living room. (Thank god it wasn’t the on in the bedroom).
5).  Noticing J’onn getting really uncomfortable every time he’s in the same room with me and Lucy Lane, then remembering he can read minds.
6).  Seeing a really hot girl during a stake out, and muttering “I am so gay,” to myself, only to realize my mic is hot when the rest of the stake out team replies “we know.”
7).  Coming out to my mom, only to have her gasp, place her hand on her chest, and say “This is new and shocking information!”
8).  The coming out cake.  Kara ate the whole thing.  I only got like, one piece.
9).  President Marsdin catching me doodling “Alex Danvers-Sawyer” inside little hearts on my legal pad during a briefing.
10).  Waking up with a hangover and a vivid memory of standing outside Maggie’s apartment with my cellphone and a bluetooth speaker playing “In Your Eyes” at 4 AM.


Mossberg Brownie pre-1st Model pistol

Manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons very early in the company’s life, c.1920-1932.
.22LR four round, four barrels, double action repeater with rotating firing pin, free manual ejector rod stored vertically in the frame and grip.

A little peashooter that single-handedly founded Mossberg for decades to come, allowing them to make their famous shotguns thanks to more than 30000 units sold.
This is the very first variant of the gun, before the patent was officially filed in July.


Mossberg MVP

Bolt-action rifle that can use AR-15 and AR-10 magazines depending on which model you pick. The MVP stands for Mossberg Varmint and Predator and is available in 6 different configurations. The Scout and Patrol models are the only ones with back up iron sights. The owner of this one added a Spec War QD Muzzle Brake and Omega suppressor. (GRH)