Mossberg 590A1 Security

A discontinued variant of the 590A1, the Security model featured a 14″ long barrel from the factory. Equipped with a pistol grip and a pump with nylon strap for assistance, it is a compact little shotgun but is classified as an AOW, requiring NFA paperwork and tax stamps. Not sure why Mossberg ended production on the Security model but maybe it was just lackluster sales. (GRH)


Serbu Super Shorty

Modified shotgun made by Serbu Firearms, the Super Shorty uses either the Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 as the base platform. It is not a pistol or short-barreled shotgun, rather it is classified as an AOW (Any Other Weapon) by the BATFE. Capacity is limited to 2+1, although a slightly longer Super Shorty can hold 4+1. (GRH)


Serbu Super Shorty

Classified as an AOW (Any Other Weapon) by the BATFE, the Serbu Super Shorty is a modified Mossberg or Remington 12 gauge shotgun. The barrel is cut down to 6.5″ and a folding vertical grip now acts as the pump mechanism. Capacity is reduced to 2+1 and primarily used as an up close personal defense option in a very compact package. Some people debate about the practicality of it but a lot of people find the Super Shorty to just be a fun little gun to shoot at the range. (GRH)