Mossberg MVP

Bolt-action rifle that can use AR-15 and AR-10 magazines depending on which model you pick. The MVP stands for Mossberg Varmint and Predator and is available in 6 different configurations. The Scout and Patrol models are the only ones with back up iron sights. The owner of this one added a Spec War QD Muzzle Brake and Omega suppressor. (GRH)


The Hammerhead

From the same company that makes the Red Devil and Hell’s Thorn, this shotgun uses the Mossberg 500 as the base platform. It’s actually a mix of two existing models from Mossberg’s lineup; the Chainsaw and Road Blocker. However the shop responsible for The Hammerhead did add something the factory Mossberg’s lack; a stock, albeit a folding one. It’s almost like one of those guns you make in a video game where you slap on parts cause the stats go up. Would you pay $930 for this? (GRH)