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This Senegalese melodrama tells the story of a young girl called Mossane who lives in a village between the ocean and the savannah. There, veneration for the traditions is very common. There’s a legend saying that every other century a girl is born who is doomed because of her beauty. Mossane is only fourteen years old but is already considered to be extraordinary beautiful. Even her own brother is in love with her. According to the custom she has been promised to a rather wealthy man called Diogoye since the day of her birth. However, Mossane is in love with the poor student Fara who is forced to return to the village while the university is on strike. Torn between her own dreams and traditions, Mossane decides to escape. The film shows the resistance of the young generation and is dedicated especially to the African women.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic


Stills from Senegalese filmmaker Safi Faye's 1997 feature length film Mossane.

Mossane is a beautiful 14-year-old girl who has just reached marriageable age in a village in Senegal. She has many suitors, including a simple-minded farmer’s son who plans to drag her away. Even her own brother Ngor is in love with her.

However she is in love with Fara, a poor student who has returned to the village, while the university is on strike.

At birth, she had been promised in marriage to Diogoye, who went away to work in France. Diogoye, who supplied her parents with many things over the years, has now sent a dowry, and asked that she be married to him in the village in his absence; she would then be sent to France.



  Lyrics to Skogsdotter

En gång jag foro som en modig ungersven
Jag vandrade skog, jag besökte bygd
Då tog jag mitt bröd, stockar då fälldes
I djupaste skog, forslades till brukets eld

Vi togo brännvin vid Bäckens ström
Av ruset vi sjungo, skröt om bragd och täljde fläsk
Natten kom i fullmånens sken
Ingen vind, inte rördes en gren

Huldrans Gång
Eldens Sång

Då sutto jag vid elden ensam
Huttrade i slutsommar nett
En skugga blott jag såg nu nalkas
Bland furors kvist, runt björkars spiror

Huldrans Gång
Mot månen en skymt
Eldens Sång
Silver mot blekvit by

Hennes bryn så mörkt
Med stripigt klängande hår
Ett tredje öga som ormens blott
Hennes anlete förgyllde

Hornkrönt hon smög
Som en skugga av stjärnestoft
Hon mig smekt
Viskande, klösande nu red

Då jag vaknat ur min slumran
Med brännmarkt skinn
Ett minne blott vår vilda lek
Ur ett drömmars kväde

Denna skogens dotter, såg jag aldrig mer
Ack, ingen min förkunnelse tro
Men bland urträds skepnad evig
En gamling han få sin sista ro

Natten kom i fullmånens sken
Ingen vind, inte rördes en gren
Jag slumrade in, mossan mig tog
Hennes mark jag vandrat, sen jag dog

[English translation:]

[Daughter Of The Forest]

Once upon a time I traveled like a brave young swain
I wandered in the forests, I visited the countryside
I ate my bread there, happened to choke on it
In the deepest forest, taken away to fires of the mill

We took snaps near the brook’s current
Of drunkenness we sang, bragged and boasted and carved meat
Night arrived in the full moon’s shining
No wind, nothing moving the fields

Huldran’s stride
Song of fire

There I sat slone by the fire
Shivering in the late summer night
I suddenly saw a shadow closing on me
Among pine branches, around birches’ sprouts

Huldran’s stride
A glimpse towards the moon
Song of fire
Silver onto a snow-white village

Her brows so dark
With spindly, creeping hair
A third eye like a snake eye
Her visage gilded

Horn-crowned she sneaked
Like a shadow made of stardust
She caressed me
Whispering, now tearing

Then I woke from my slumber
With a branded skin
Our wild game just a memory
Out of a dreamer’s ballad

Never again I saw the forest’s daughter
Ah, no one believed my story
But among the eternal shapes of the ancient forest
An old man is allowed his final rest

Night arrived in the full moon’s shining
No wind, nothing moving the fields
I fell to slumber, the moss took me
I wandered on her lands ever since I died

Okamoto Naoko - March 1, 2015, 23:25

In the afternoon today I went out on a date with Umemoto Izumi-sama, also known as Mossan ( ´-` )。oO(♡)

It was a lot of fun (✿´ ꒳ ` )♡

First we went to a restaurant called Barranca for lunch ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)
[Note: I believe it’s this restaurant.]

Ume paid for lunch as a graduation gift for me :(´◦ω◦`):
She’s so kind ( ;;)

Then we went to take purikura!

The 2-shot I wanted so much ( ;;) (lol)

Today’s purikuras are so cool, aren’t they? The eyes get so big, I was surprised =͟͟͞͞(๑º ロ º๑) (lol)

After this we went to a karaoke 🎤
We also went to a Kyoto exhibition at Mitsukoshi [department store], and bought traditional candies, tsukemono, and yatsuhashi (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

I was happy to experience the mood of Kyoto even if just a little ♡∩ω∩*
The people in the stores had cute accents ❀.(´▽`)❀.

There were so many nice people!

It runs until tomorrow, so try to visit if you can 🎶

Finally we went to a green tea restaurant and had green tea ice cream, and that was it. (๑•̀ㅁ•́ฅ✧

Ah, I ate a lot today ( ;∀;) (lol)
But I also talked a lot, it was a productive day (✿´ ꒳ ` ) Hehehe

But I was having so much fun I forgot to take a regular 2-shot with Ume ( ºωº )

I’ll do my best tomorrow (lol)

Good night!


Umemoto Izumi
It wasn’t a date! (´-ェ-`)

But it was fun d( ‘Д’ d)

[Read Ume’s post about this afternoon here]


1/3 - 15 TAINAN. Jag, Julia och Mossan tog en promenad till Anping som ligger i Tainan. Dar besokte vi ett jattefint tempel och det beromda huset som blivit overtaget av ett valdigt stort trad. Templet och tradhuset var sig likt sedan jag och Mossan besokte dem sommaren 2013. / Marte.