moss roof

The campus of the Osprey Mountain School, located in the Appalachia Mountains, does not boast a castle like Hogwarts or Durmstrang nor ancient cliff dwellings like Mesa Academy. It does not have its own train, or house elves, or a mobile marble staircase. The home of the 300-odd students and teachers consists of a handful of buildings made of logs and stone, with vine-covered windows and moss-carpeted roofs and lawns. It will always be more charming than majestic.

However, Osprey Mountain is contained by a marvel like no other school–a great wall of a massive rhododendron encircles the campus, its magical branches keeping out demons but letting through young deer or Gandayah sprites with their trail of sweet strawberry plants. In the spring and summer, the massive wall of foliage drops sticky petals that cling to the toes of students and are gathered up for potions, while in the winter, wand-makers come from around the globe to beg a cutting of one of the branches.

The school had a little gate house once, but it has since been enveloped by rhododendron, and one must pass under the great shady boughs of the plant before entering the school. The students have believed for generations that the rhododendron will let no one pass who intends to harm the school.

(Audrey Marnay by Erik Madigan Heck)


Fotos from my visit to the Treppenviertel in Blankenese in Hamburg (o^-^o)
It was a great day with nice sunny weather :3
It was quite chilly though (^-^;)

The Treppenviertel reminds me of Japan :)
Many small paths with nice houses and a lot of green around them :)
It is very calm too since most paths are much too narrow for cars or motorcycles to pass through :D <=also as the German name Treppenviertel=Stair-district suggests there are a lot of vehicle unfriendly stairs :D

It is the perfect place to explore and to take a nice walk :3
There are a few nice cafes too :3

Although it is not really a good thing to happen the grounded ship in the background made the whole scenery look like a set from Ponyo (^o^)

I like the moss on those thatched roofs :3
It make houses look a lot more organic and friendly :3

I like old tugboats too :D they are like little chibi versions of boats :D

If you ever visit Hamburg I’d definitely recommend you visit the Treppenviertel on a good sunny day (^-^)b

I wish everyone a great day and sweet dreams (^-^)/