moss quartz

crystals/stones grouped by use

Crystals for Healing

Agate / Amethyst / Aqua Aura / Aventurine / Azurite / Bloodstone / Calcite / Chrysoprase / Cornelian / Fluorite / Haematite / Iron Pyrite / Jasper / Jet / Lapis Lazuli / Quartz (Clear) / Sodalite / Sugilite / Tourmaline / Turquoise

Crystals for Strength

Agate / Amber / Bloodstone / Blue John / Diamond / Kyanite / Scapolite / Unakite

Crystals for Love

Agate / Amber / Aquamarine / Beryl / Chrysocolla / Chrysoprase / Diopside / Garnet / Lapis Lazuli / Malachite / Moonstone / Quartz (Rose) / Rhodochrosite / Sapphire / Tourmaline / Turquoise

Crystals for Protection

Agate / Amber / Blue Coral / Carnelian / Citrine / Jasper / Jet / Lapis Lazuli / Leucite / Malachite / Obsidian / Onyx / Peridot / Quartz / Ruby / Sapphire / Sulphur / Tigers Eye / Turquoise

Crystals for Luck

Amber / Aventurine / Jet / Tigers Eye / Turquoise

Crystals for Psychism

Amethyst / Aquamarine / Aventurine / Azurite / Calcite / Carnelian / Citrine / Emerald / Geode / Jet / Lapis Lazuli / Quartz  / Sugilite / Tigers Eye / Turquoise

Crystals for Peace

Amethyst / Aquamarine / Aventurine / Calcite / Carnelian / Chrysocolla / Malachite / Obsidian / Sodalite / Tourmaline

Crystals for Happiness/Optimism

Amethyst / Dolomite / Goldstone / Malachite / Quartz (Rose)

Crystals for Divination

Azurite / Haematite / Jet / Obsidian / Tigers Eye

Crystals for Wisdom

Chrysocolla / Hornblende / Lapis Lazuli / Sodalite / Sugilite

Crystals for Wealth

Aventurine / Bloodstone / Calcite / Lapis Lazuli / Peridot / Ruby / Tigers Eye / Tourmaline / Turquoise

Crystals for Clarity

Amazonite / Tiger Iron / Zircon

Crystals for Meditation

Azurite / Celestite / Dioptase / Eilat Stone / Fluorite / Larimar / Moss Agate / Quartz (Snow) / Serpentine / Sodalite / Thulite / Variscite / Wollastonite

Crystals for Friendship

Chrysoprase / Jade / Rhodochrosite / Turquoise / Vanadinite / Verdite

Crystals for Confidence

Astrophyllite / Bloodstone / Cerrusite / Corundum / Danburite / Sodalite /Spessartine / Tourmaline

Crystals for Imagination

Franklinite / Hickoryite


Hi hi my loves I made these forest pendants today and this is my first time ever using polymer clay for jewellery and I’m kinda pleased with how they turned out. The top one is clear quartz and carnelian and the bottom one is moss agate. If anyone is interested in purchasing them feel free to message me! Because they’re my first ones I’m selling them at £15 ono each (shipping not included). Have a nice day loves! 🌿

sailor-waluigi  asked:

What type of gem would be good for plant related powers?

Hey there! I would probably say anything that has a plant name (e.g. Moss Agate), a large historical connection to plants, or a gemstone that plants are a main component in. Here’s a list of some!

-Petrified Wood



-Baltic Amber

-Blue Amber

-Bony Amber

-Dominican Amber

-Pressed Amber

-Petrified Palm

-Mary Ellen Jasper

-Moss Agate

-Moss Opal

-Moss Jasper

-Cornflower Blue Sapphire

-Rose Beryl

-Rose Gold

-Rose Kunzite

-Rose Quartz

-Strawberry Quartz

-Tangerine Garnet

-Watermelon Tourmaline

I hope this helped!

-Mod Charoite

100 Follower Giveaway!

Thank you so much all for the love and the follows! As a small token of my gratitude, I’d like to give back to one of you! Included in this giveaway are:

-Rose Quartz
-Moss Agate
-Botswanaian Agate
-Tigers Eye
-Red Jasper
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🌱 Alternatives to Lavender 🍃

• Roses
• Oranges
• Coriander
• Basil
• Thyme

• Corn
• Sweet Basil
• Alder
• Saffron
• Apples

• Cinnamon
• Cloves
• Sweet Basil
• Ash
• Apples

• Ash
• Blackberries
• Birch
• Coriander
• Thyme

• Coriander
• Fig
• Purple Loosestrife (or any Loosestrife)
• Marigold
• Olives
• Violets

Crystal Alternatives:
Love: Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Garnet, Lepidolite, Sunstone
Fertility: Carnelian, Amethyst, Milky Quartz, Moonstone, Moss Agate
Visionary: Clear Quartz, Aqua Aura, Amethyst, Fluorite, Tourmaline Quartz
Protection: Tourmaline Quartz, Iron, Silver, Jet, Black Onyx
Peace: Blue Lace Agate, Sugilite, Kunzite, Rose Quartz, Purpurite
⭐️ Crystal Associations ⭐️

Some are not technically crystals, but shh no one cares

Bloodstone, carnelian, cinnabar, diopside, fire agate, garnet, pyrite, red jasper, rhodocrosite, sunstone, tiger eye, zoisite

Amazonite, aragonite, aventurine, calcite, chrysoprase, diamond, girasol, gold, herkimer quartz, jade, jasper, kyanite, labradorite, moonstone, moss agate, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, topaz, tourmaline, unakite

Apatite, chrysoprase, citrine, fluorite, fuchsite, garnet, hematite, kyanite, moss agate, rhodocrosite, rutilated quartz, scolecite, sodalite, sugilite

Aragonite, azurite, blue lace agate, borinite, chalcedony, copper, danburite, diopside, emerald, fuchsite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, manganocalcite, moonstone, obsidian, pearl, quartz, sapphire, selenite, seraphinite, silver

Amber, carnelian, cinnabar, citrine, copper, diamond, fire agate, garnet, girasol, gold, labradorite, moss agate, opal, pyrite, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, sunstone, tiger eye, topaz, zoisite

Agate, apatite, blue lace agate, botswana agate, chalcedony, danburite, emerald, fluorite, hematite, herkimer quartz, howlite, jade, kyanite, lodestone, manganocalcite, pearl, peridot, rhodonite, seraphinite, snow quartz, turquoise

Aquamarine, aventurine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, herkimer quartz, howlite, jade, kunzite, lepidolite, opal, pearl, peridot, pyrite, red jasper, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, sapphire, scolecite, sodalite, sugilite, unakite

Azurite, borinite, chalcedony, diopside, emerald, iolite, jet, lapis lazuli, larvikite, lepidolite, malachite, obsidian, onyx, rhodonite, ruby, rutilated quartz, selenite, serpentine, smokey quartz, sodalite, sulphur, sunstone

Amethyst, ametrine, apatite, bloodstone, chalcopyrite, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, cinnabar, citrine, copper, diamond, fire agate, fluorite, fuchsite, garnet, gold, iolite, lapis lazuli, moldavite, rhodonite, shiva lingam, tanzanite

Apache tear, aragonite, calcite, chalcopyrite, citrine, gold, hawk eye, hematite, jasper, jet, labradorite, larvikite, lodestone, malachite, obsidian, onyx, petrified wood, quartz, rhodocrosite, ruby, serpentine

Amethyst, aqua aura, azurite, diopside, hawk eye, hematite, jet, kyanite, malachite, moldavite, moonstone, moss agate, staurolite, tektite

Abalone shell, amethyst, ametrine, aqua aura, aquamarine, azurite, chrysocolla, danburite, emerald, girasol, howlite, iolite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, moldavite, onyx, opal, quartz, silver, snowflake quartz, tanzanite, tektite, turquoise