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On Photosynthesis | 10.30.2016

On Photosynthesis

A home named
of love or
Reverence, surely
You’ve been
To many.
Breaking down
Doors and stairwells,
furniture of thought.
Some will light
Fire to hardwood,
Torching walls and
Charring bricks.
Yet still, they
Ideologies of perfection
And remorse and
Offense. Warped, They
call condemned
Or uninhabitable.

Left uneasy to snap
At the foundation or
Topple with seismic
Shifts, so steadfast
vine seals
Fractures of unending
Toil and burden.
Soft moss
Maps the barrel
Of a gun
Placed on
Soil draping a
Seventeenth floor
that is
Your heart.
Yet none, Built
Stronger than the trunk
Of the sequoia
Rooted beneath your
Foot, exceeding
A roof of
Contrition. You
Will tower for vibrancy
And life and placid
Thoughts of home.

Jordan Alan Brown


Natural history, natural, and political Madagascar; By Grandidier, Alfred, 1836-1921 Mabille, P. (Paul), 1835-1923 Saussure, Henri de, 1829-1905 Zehntner, Leo. by glenn
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Publication info Paris: Impr. nationale, 1885 

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