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Strong Princess //Bellamy Blake imagine//

Request: Hi! Can you do a Bellamy Blake imagine, where (Y/N) used to be Atom girlfriend, but he cheated on her with Octavia, so she’s been down and Bellamy offers to help?

Requested by: anonymous

Warnings: swears…

A/n: sorry this took so long!! Hope you like it!


“Atom,” You called as you climbed the small hill that led to the special spot you and your boyfriend Atom shared. You had found it the first day the drop ship had landed on Earth and it was the only space you could really be together. But as you reached the top of the hill, all the words left you and your spirits fell. Atom sat on the moss covered rock, his arms wrapped tightly around none other than Octavia Blake’s waist as she sat on his knee.

“Y/n,” Atom said quickly as Octavia stood up, a devilish look on her face. “I can explain thi-”

“What the hell Atom….what is there to explain!? I think this is pretty self explanatory!” You shouted, all your words coming back to you at once.

“Yeah..” Octavia said with a sly smirk. “There’s nothing else to explain.”

“No, Y/n, please hear me out?” Atom tried as he stood up and started walking towards you, reaching a hand out to you.”

“Don’t touch me,” You spat as you stepped back. “How could you Atom.” You held back the tears you so badly wished to shed. “Fuck you. Fuck both of you.” With that, you turned on your heels and ran back towards camp.

“Let her go Atom,” You heard Octavia say. “You don’t need her anyway.”


The days seemed to go on forever, each one stretching out longer than the one before as the pain of Atom’s absence leaked into your soul. You hadn’t gone a day without damp cheeks and a weakened stature had replaced your confident stance. You spent most of the sunshine filled days inside your tent, staring at your hands wondering where you had gone wrong. Why weren’t you good enough for him? Where could you have fixed things.

Your head turned against you, turning each scenario and idea into a reason your existence was irrelevant to not only Atom, but everyone else. How could you get anyone but Atom. Who else would be able to love you the way he did? Would you ever find love again and how could you keep it from turning out the same way it did with Atom.

Five days you stayed hidden away in your tent, only making an appearance for meals and to use the restroom. You avoided interactions and any time you heard Atom’s voice or the mention of his name, you would bury your head in your pillow to muffle your sobs.

It was the sixth day your savior finally appeared.

“Y/n?” The low, husky voice of none other than Bellamy Blake rang through your tent. You turned your head to the entrance of your tent where Bellamy’s head stuck through the zipper, his eyes wide and concerned. “Can I come in?”

You bit the Inside of your cheek, debating whether or not to let him in, but you deliberately nodded your head, wiping the back of your hand across your damp cheeks.

Bellamy moved gracefully into the tent and sat himself down across from you, folding his hands neatly in his lap as he looked at you. His eyes were soft. Softer than you had ever seen them. They offered comfort and displayed his concern and you felt better just looking at him.

“I think you know why i’m here.” Bellamy said softly.

Your eyes fell to the ground as you nodded slowly. “I just don’t know how I can go back to work when I see him around everywhere. He cheated on me Bellamy…that hurts..” your voice trembled just enough to express the pain you were experiencing and you felt Bellamy’s sympathetic eyes bore into your head.

“I can’t pretend to know how it feels but I believe you. I am really sorry about what happened but you’re never going to get over him if you waste the days inside your tent sulking over the fact that he isn’t yours anymore.” Bellamy shrugged and you sniffled, holding back the river of tears that so violently urged to be released.

“It’s not just that he’s not mine anymore though,” you raised your head and looked right into his eyes, the tears making their way down your cheeks where they apparently longed to be. “It’s about me. Why did he cheat on me? Why wasn’t I good enough for him? What did I do to make him fall for someone else?”

Bellamy’s entire body seemed to soften as he looked at you, broken and hurting. He looked at you with nothing but sympathy and when he took your hand in his own, his touch was soft and comforting.

“You’re looking at all of this completely backwards Y/n. You’re only looking at how this is your fault when it’s actually more of his fault.”

“How?” You croaked, trying your hardest to keep your voice from breaking but failing miserably.

“Think about what he lost. Think about how his desires cost him one of the most valuable and precious things in this entire camp. He lost you.” Bellamy lifted his hand to your cheek, his dark but comforting eyes never once leaving your own.

“He lost someone who cared for him with all of her heart. He lost someone who was willing to swim oceans for him. He lost someone with more spirit and a heart as pure and caring than anyone I’ve ever known. The most the most beautiful girl, inside and out and for that, he should be the one wondering where he went wrong.” Bellamy smiled slightly which made you blush.

“You really think so?” You asked softly, wiping your eye and sniffling softly.

“Think so? I know so.”

You smiled, a pink tinge decorating your cheeks as you dropped your gaze to the floor again.

“Now how about we go and get you some food, then we can see if you’re up for some work.” Bellamy got to his feet and offered you his hand which you gladly took. He pulled you to your feet and you exited your tent together.

The sunlight hurt your eyes but you refused to let it bother you. From across the camp you saw Atom, his arm wrapped tightly around Octavia’s waist but at the moment it didn’t even seem to bother you. As long as you were next to Bellamy, you felt invincible. You took a deep breath before looking up at Bellamy who was already looking at you, a small smile on his face.

“Strong princess. Now let’s get some food.”

We Sleep In Pairs

Pairing: Dirk Gently/ Todd Brotzman

Rating: T

Words: 6.718

The sky is blue above him when Dirk opens his eyes, Black Wing has set him free, and there is just one way for him to get back home, to Farah, to Amanda. To Todd.
He walks.

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Beneath the Waves (Part 1)

A Mermaid!Snowbaz AU! This is a joint collaboration with @ismill, she’s done the AMAZING illustrations for the story which you can find at the end of each chapter! 



I felt the waves moving and crashing around me like a lullaby. It rushed in my ears, filling my insides and comforting me. It wrapped around my arms and slipped through my veins like blood.

I smiled, my eyes closed as I let the current play with me for a bit, twisting my tail about like the ocean wanted to dance with me. It was a pulse, a heartbeat I could hear pounding all around.

Words were useless, in my opinion, when you had water. Water didn’t need words, but people understood it better than they understood themselves. It’s so beautiful, if people just stopped to look.

I was deep down underneath the surface, far deeper than I dared bring Penny. Sometimes she insisted on being escorted though the waters, holding onto my fin, even when it was cold, but it was much too cold for a land dweller. It was frigid, the dark water capable of turning Penny’s blood into icy sludge.

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813 Month Day 11 - Warm (word from apawstatemage)

The night went by at a sluggish pace, but without any noise either, to Axel’s relief. He turned his head towards the boarded up windows and squinted, trying to check if there were any unusually quiet stragglers wandering around nearby. Through the blue hue of the moon streaming in, he couldn’t see anything but the silhouettes of lampposts and the flickering, rotating sign of the abandoned gas station across the street.

Axel breathed a sigh of relief. That sign would at least draw the attention of any wandering Infected like moths to a beacon, leaving Axel and his partner to sneak out the back. Still, it was still a big risk to set up a fire, and Axel had debated for a while whether or not he should. If the circumstances were different, he wouldn’t hesitate, but now that the only other person with him had a useless fighting arm, he was definitely not keen on setting up a flickering target inside a ransacked home improvement store. It was not until he saw Roxas shiver in his damp sweater did he immediately make the decision to gather a bucket and scraps to burn. The nights have gotten colder in the last few days, and getting caught in the rain just hours before didn’t help their plight. The fire blanket he scavenged felt like a gift from whichever remaining, merciful god that stuck around in this Hellhole.

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sofancydancy  asked:

Yellow :)

if you could have any view from your bedroom window what would you choose? 

Probably a forest. I’m a huge nerd for trees and nature, like one time I took a quiz to see what LOTR race I’d be and I got Ent so…

what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunny day? 

I love going on walks and if it’s not too hot I like going on a run. I also like reading outside. There’s this trail by my house that no one really walks and I LOVE it. It’s surrounded by a bunch of trees, has a little waterfall, and huge moss covered rocks. It’s v aesthetically pleasing imo. Pics cuz I walked it recently:

what do you consider lucky? 

hmm, when you buy used books and find bookmarks/notes/annotations from the previous owner. Or when you think you failed a test and end up getting one of your highest grades in that class.

what made you smile today? 

One of my nephews, Charles, who is 1 & ½ years old is staying at our house for the week and he came up to me and was snuggling with me and gave me kisses (he’s not usually super affectionate so it was kind of a suprise). Also, my professor in my English class is really unintentionally funny.

what makes you happy?

My family, I am the youngest of 14 and have 21 nieces and nephews, so they are a huge part of my life and for the most part make me feel all fuzzy inside :). Also, my friend @flannelblism she’s a good seed. Also, books, music, writing, and Hannibal.

Sorry this was so long, I got a little carried away when I thought about nature XD

tearoffire  asked:

Omg were have u beeen!!!!! I'M HAVING TUNS OF FUN ON YOUR BLOG!!!!

I’ve been hiding under a moss covered rock, which made me hard to find. ;)  I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog.  I hope it continues to amuse and entertain you.

For my anon and also naryamirie wanted me to notify her so here it is!!

It is Mereth Nuin Giliath; The Feast of Starlight and you managed to sneak away from the party and into the woods. No one bothered to come after you so didn’t bother looking back and carried on through the forest, treading soundlessly through the trees. You and Legolas had discovered a place where you could see the stars so clearly you nearly cried when you first looked. Ever since that day you both tried to find time to go back but you seldom got time alone. You looked for the arrow in the tree that you had left as a marking point. It didn’t take too long to find it and you ran your hand over the bark, your fingers twisting the arrow further in to the tree. You jumped up and started to climb the tree, hoisting yourself up branch by branch; when you got to the top you parted the branches and looked up at the sky. You didn’t look to long as Legolas was probably waiting for you. You carefully walked along the branch to the end, just to the left was a moss covered flat rock. It was bigger enough for three people but it only ever hosted two. You jumped of the branch and landed gracefully, you looked around and realised Legolas wasn’t there yet so you lay down. Your hands ran through the moss, it was like a soft bed and cuisines your body. There was no other sound besides your breathing as you looked up at the stars. Thousands littered the dark sky like small lights, illuminating everything. The moon was large and glowing spreading the glow across your skin. You never got to see the sky like this back at Mirkwood, there was always lanterns affecting the glow or too much sound. You loved it here, you never heard him approach and didn’t acknowledge him until he sat down next to you. You jumped slightly startled. “You’re late” “you’re early” he shot back. He was smiling down at you and you sat up. He moved so he was behind you. You scooted further back between his legs and his snaked his arms around you. Both of your heads were tilted up looking at the stars. You breathed in his smell and planted a kiss on his neck. “I wish we could stay here” he sighed “I wish for the same” it was rare for you to be alone with Legolas and it was torture. You raised your hand to his cheek and his pressed his face in your palm, turning his head to kiss it. You closed your eyes briefly just to enjoy being with him like this. You moved your hand and turned over so you were facing him. His stunningly blue eyes flicked over your face, a small smile on his lips, you ran you hands up his chest and rested on his shoulders. His grip on your sides loosened and his hands travelled up your back, he moved one away to brush your hair to the side and then replaced his hand on the small of your back. “I love you” he whispered as though it was a secret and you moved closer to kiss him. It had been so long since you’ve done this that it made your heart race as he kissed back. You tangled your hands in his hair tugging slightly as you fell back onto the moss, legolas falling after you landing above you. He started to kiss down your neck and that have you the chance to look at the stars again. You felt tears form in your eyes and when Legolas noticed he immediately sat up. “(Y/n)?” You shook your head. “It’s just so beautiful” “the stars?” “The stars. Being here with you like this” he leaned down gently and pecked your lips. “It makes your sad?” He asked wiping your tears away" “it makes me happy” he smiled and tangled his fingers with yours. “It makes me happy too” “I’m in love with you Legolas” you said seriously. “Can you see the stars?” He whispered. You nodded. “Good, I’m going to make love to you under them” you laughed and pressed your lips to his again.

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heilith || imagine from imaginexhobbit

To my dear sweet Averil with much love. Thank you for trusting me with this. :)

“Imagine having the ability to communicate telepathically with Thorin, usually discussing details about the quest, and one night he confesses his thoughts about wanting to make slow, long, passionate love to you.” 

“Noooo! No! Kili!”

The lightning tore up the boiling black clouds above you. You clawed into the crumbling wall, wishing you could strike roots on the place. The wobbling of the wet rock under your feet was making you nauseous.  

You had to hold on.

“Thorin, he’s fine. We’re fine. I’m watching him.”

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For @hiddenpolkadots​, who wanted something cute and fluffy in canon-verse. Hope you like it!!

They’re out exploring when they discover it.

It’s a combination of chance and curiosity more than anything, honestly. Bellamy’s not sure they’re going to find anything of interest, but Clarke’s just so eager, and he likes spending time with her like this. Just the two of them, outside in the warm weather, the sun beaming down bright and lovely, with nothing but time.

“Just a little bit further,” she promises, not for the first time this past half hour.

“You don’t even know where we’re going,” Bellamy points out with a laugh. She glances back to shoot him a grin and he just rolls his eyes. It’s all the acceptance she needs, and she speeds up their trekking with renewed vigour.

“We’re going to find something,” she says, determined, and he simply laughs again. He’s pretty sure she could make something materialise out of nowhere if her will alone allowed it.

“If you say so,” he responds, fond but doubtful.

And of course they do find something, following the sound of water until they step out from the thick foliage of the forest and onto the open grassy riverbank. Something that takes his breath away.

A waterfall.

“Holy shit,” Clarke breathes out as she takes in the view before them.

It’s maybe twenty feet tall, the stream of water tumbling over a series of boulders and pooling at the bottom to meet a wide and gentle river. The water is gorgeous, blue and green and clear enough to see down to the riverbed, the pebbles and the plants and the fish swimming through it, and the surroundings are just as much. Moss-covered rocks and trees standing tall and large and flowers he doesn’t think he’s ever seen before in bright and gorgeous colours.

It’s beautiful, serene in a way Bellamy forgot Earth could be, with how much death and destruction it seems to have delivered them. But this place feels untouched and perfect, a small pocket of the world that right now, is all theirs. He wonders if they’re the first to witness it since the nuclear apocalypse. It feels that way. He and Clarke, together.

“We found something,” Clarke says after a long minute, voice full of wonder, and when Bellamy glances her way her smile is wide and her eyes are holding nothing but awe.

“You did, yeah,” he responds, knocking his shoulder with hers.

“I wouldn’t have if you didn’t agree to come,” she points out, pulling off her backpack and setting it down on the grass. When she looks at him she’s beaming, and he falls a little more in love with her, if that’s even possible. “We can go in, yeah?”

Bellamy’s lips tick up into an amused smile. “Doesn’t look like there are any mutant water animals living in here, does it?”

Clarke laughs, throwing her head back with it, and Bellamy can’t help but grin at the sight. He loves seeing her like this, unabashedly happy and without a care in the world. It makes his chest bloom with warmth.

They set themselves up quickly, Bellamy pulling out the small mat they brought and setting their bags down on it. They strip with little fanfare, each tugging off their clothes until they’re down to their underwear.

He’s seen Clarke naked hundreds of times by now, but still his eyes move to trace her body almost reverently. He loves every single part of her, from the swell of her stomach to the stretch marks on her hips, from the curve of her breasts to the mole above her lips. She’s smirking when he meets her gaze, teasing and a little smug like she always is when he gets lost at the sight of her.

“Stopping there?” She asks with a pointed look down, a challenge, and Bellamy snorts, raising an eyebrow as he pulls down his briefs. Clarke laughs, delighted, but he sees the way her eyes turn dark and a little mischievous, too. She steps out of her panties and unclasps her bra, letting them fall to the ground. Then, “Come on,” she says with a grin, offering him her hand.

He takes it, and together they walk to the river edge. It’s only a few feet deep, and they lower themselves down into it.

“Oh, wow,” Bellamy laughs. The water’s warm.

“Hot springs,” Clarke says, her laugh coming out surprised and delighted.

He steps further into the river slowly, and Clarke follows a second later. They wade around together for a while, just enjoying the feel of the water on their skin, of it turning their hair silky smooth, exchanging easy words and soft kisses. Their smiles never leave their faces. Bellamy can feel his widen each time Clarke laughs heartily, or squeals when he tickles her sides, or looks at him in amazement as she discovers something hidden in the depths of the water.

He’s so fucking in love with her it’s ridiculous.

“We should go under the waterfall,” she suggests after they’ve grown accustomed to the gentle flow of the river, to the warmth of the water around them and the sun shining from above. “Do you think it’ll be like a shower?”

“With about a hundred times the water, maybe,” Bellamy says, earning himself a splash in the face.

“Shut up,” Clarke mutters, although she can’t keep the smile off her face. She pulls him under before he even gets a chance to think twice about it, her laugh turning into a surprised squeak at the cool rush of water over them.

It’s falling heavily, but Bellamy can’t say he minds the feeling. There’s something refreshing in the way it runs from the top of his head down the planes of his body to meet the water below, leaving his skin prickling. Peaceful too, the white noise of rushing water pushing everything from his mind, leaving nothing but this feeling of content rooted deep in his chest right now and the girl who’s experiencing it with him.

She folds herself into his arms, and they stay like that for a few minutes, together under the cascade of the waterfall.

Eventually they make it back into the open river, after Clarke gets cold and lets Bellamy know by tugging on his arm and spitting a mouthful of water in his face. He sputters and she laughs, and he challenges her to a water fight, and she does the same with an underwater handstand competition. They splash each other and they race around this little, wonderful space they’ve found together. They talk and they laugh and they kiss and they get carried away on the riverbank for half an hour or so, until their faces are flushed red and they’re too exhausted to do anything more than just float on their backs and enjoy the sun.

And when that begins the set, turning the sky shades of pink and orange he knows Clarke would love to paint, she swims up to him. It’ll be getting dark soon, and they’ll need to make dinner and put up a tent, but right now his thoughts are only for Clarke, naked and gorgeous and wading through the water to meet him. She locks her legs around his waist and curls her arms around his shoulders, and he pulls her closer, loving the feeling of her right here, skin against skin.

“I told you this was a good idea.”

Bellamy chuckles lightly, closing his eyes. He can feel Clarke’s smile between them, knows it’s wide and bright and full of love. “You did. And it was.”

She hums, nosing at his neck. “I love you.”

“Yeah,” he says, sighing in content when she presses her lips to his shoulder. He feels so full with her, with this easy happiness and with this day and with this place they’ve found. It’s enough to feel like it’ll burst from his chest, so he just holds her tighter, closer, and presses his smile into her hair. “I love you too.”

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Freedom, Truth Truth, Freedom

(Snowbaz AU)


I have a job. The Mage gave me a job. It is important for me to help fight for freedom.


I do not get a choice of my actions. I know what I have to do. The Older Families depend on me for this. This matters to me most. I need to find the truth.


The sky above me was an odd color for the sky. It was white. It wasn’t gray nor blue. It was white. The woods were illuminated by day light but I could tell that I was running out of time. The sun will set soon and I will find myself in the middle of the forest at night. Again. The Mage had thrown me into the forest at night before. It is not the darkness that gets to me, but the deceasing chance of success. Right now, how ever, it did not matter. My success did not depend on any skill or knowledge. It was luck. The Mage said a lot of big things about this mission but it only looked like chance.

I am searching for a wood nymph. Not any simple wood nymph. It is common knowledge that somewhere in these woods there is a blind nymph who answers questions. However, she is very picky about who she answers and her methods of answering question is a little unorthodox. The Mage told me about a woman who wanted to find out if her husband really loved her. The nymph told her to go hit her neighbor. She didn’t want to but it drove her obsessed and she attacked her neighbor. The first thing the neighbor asked was how did she find out that they were having sex. Lovely. Penny was really worried about me and gave me some other advice that I think could be more helpful. She told me not to ask about the Humdrum directly. The nymph does not like to answer questions that are not personal. I reached into my pocket and looked over the few ideas for a proper question. They focused on peace, which would affect me so it is personal.

When in doubt, make a list. Since my time away was very brief, I decided to make a list of things that would wait for me when I get back when I succeed. The good and the bad. The good first:

  1. Penny. She will be waiting for me. She will be happy to see me. If I succeed, she will be proud of me.
  2. My bed. I get to sleep in when I get back. Stay in bed an extra hour after waking up just because I can.
  3. Food. I ate before leaving and got a cereal bar in my bag but nothing else. So I shall eat myself asleep.
  4. Ebb. She wanted to see the nymph one day but she never got the chance. She asked me to tell her all about it when I get back.
  5. No Baz. Baz’s family got him out of school for a few days for something important. When I get back, he won’t be there. I won’t have anyone nag me about how long I sleep or how much I eat.

And now for the bad.

  1. Agatha. We broke up. I simply ran away at the opportunity to leave. I felt so wrong after we fought. Maybe we can work things out when I get back after she had some time alone.
  2. Classes. I was very late with all my school work and doing this is not really helping me.
  3. Baz. He will be there. He will find a way to undermine what I did. In one way or another.

Whatever I guess.


The light was fading. Darkness was creeping up. I did not really want to spend the nights in the woods but I do not have a choice. This is my mission above anyone else. The nymph answers any amounts of question and has no problem with answering selfish questions. I walked deeper in the woods. The rules of finding her are vague as the rest of old magic. “When in need, thy be found. When found, nothing needed.” I sneezed, not bothering to cover my mouth. I once I literally kicked Snow in his ass, causing him to trip over, when he did that  himself. In my defense, he did it in the direction of my books. The world is a constant set of disappointments for me. My greatest pleasures are a disappointment to me too. My greatest pleasure is Snow. He always disappoints me by being straight and clueless and amazing. How dare he.

I need to stop thinking about him. The seemingly similar trees and moss covered rocks must be slowly driving me insane some how. It is as if I can smell him. A breeze blew in my direction. No, I’m not insane (yet), I can actually smell him. I started walking forward, quietly and quickly. Maybe I was insane because basic logic would have told me that if it is Snow, I should be running in the other direction. I reached a ridge of rocks, standing on top and look down. There he was. The angel and devil in the disguise of one man. Simon.


I felt the hair on my arms raise a little bit. Something was different, I felt it before trouble himself called out to me. “Well well. If it isn’t Simon Snow, on a grand adventure.” I turned side ways but only saw him when I looked up. He stood above me on a ridge of rocks, leaning against a tree trunk. “Baz?! What the fuck are you doing here?!” I felt anger spike inside of me. He looks away from me casually. “Let me guess, Snow. The Mage has sent you to find the nymph, didn’t he?”
“How do you know that?”
“Is it not painfully obvious? I mean I have never heard of you having an eccentric hobby that involves ditching school to go hiking in the forest with night time approaching.”
He stood on the rock ridge for a while to physically and metaphorically look down at me, before jumping down. He is taller than me so he still gets to look down at me. “Well, you are one to talk! You’re here too.”
“Yes, but I was not sent. I am looking for the nymph and I don’t need someone to do this.”
“What exactly do you want to find out, huh?”
“For starters, what have I ever done to deserve such a bastardly moronic roommate?” He snarls at me. “I-uh-just-you… don’t.” He often does this to me. He has a wicked mouth and a cruel tone. I always get too nervous about it. I wish it would stop bothering me so much. I get really nervous and start to stutter. I don’t do well when I get yelled at. Once in the 1st year, he yelled at me so much that I started to cry, really badly. He didn’t see me, I just sobbed my eyes out in the bathroom later. Surprisingly, he never yelled at me like that again. I used to cry so much when I was younger and I hated that so very much.


Self control was very difficult right now. I had caught some large pray earlier and drank quite a lot. When he started to stutter and stumble again, I focused on breathing deeper, trying so hard not to blush. Always Snow. Always fucking Snow. He is a pain in the arse that I cannot do anything about. I can’t help but feel a little lighter now that at least I am not alone in these woods. The endless sea of green was getting to me and the haze was broken by the sight of the flame that is Simon Snow.

“Stop running your mouth, it is getting on my nerves.” That was a lie, my nerves were settling after seeing him. Yet I cannot indulge in this. I turn around and start to walk away with my head held a little higher. “Baz, wait!” I stop and turn around. Maybe I should have done a dramatic pause before turning but I always love it when he calls out to me. “It is almost night time and clearly neither of us are having any luck here. So why don’t we break camp.”
We?” I chocked out. “What is with this ‘we’, Snow?”
“Could you not for just a second?”
“Not what, Snow?”
“Absolutely anything that you do. Anything that is cruel and mean. We are both in a forest. It is going to be very dark soon. And you could lie to me and say you have a better plan than me, but I just won’t believe you.”

Sometimes he does occasionally throw out unbelievable lines. “That is where you are wrong, Snow, I certainly do have more of a plan that you do. Unfortunately you are right, what a rare occurrence.” I sigh and rub my forehead. “Follow me.”
“What huh?”


Baz marched ahead and I chased after him. “What are you talking about?”
“I’ve set up a temporary camp. I was heading there now. I set up then left to explore into the west direction. Tomorrow I was going to head north. If I was unsuccessful, I would return and go west the next day.” I didn’t want to admit that that was probably much better of a plan than anything I thought of. He walks ahead of me with the distance of 5 large steps. I actually feel kind of good that he is here. I did not want to spend the night alone. He is not the first person I would pick to spend the night with me, but I am used to him. It has been long enough to that I know how he sleeps. One leg raised a little, snuggled into his blanket, nose always out. His nose gets just a little if he slept a little too much, which makes him look much younger. He also yawns like a kitten.

We reach a small camp site, the was a small fire pit set up by a few oddly shaped stones that made a small cave. It was all set by a pond with a small waterfall. The pond was oddly mesmerizing. It was so very clean and pure that you can see the bottom so clearly as if there was no water. “Be useful and get some fire wood.” I didn’t argue because my eyes were focused on the water. There were broken twigs everywhere. I ate my lunch but Baz refused to eat anything in front of me.  We did not talk. I didn’t feel like I could say anything.

British weather is never really hard to guess. Rain. Baz and I made shelter under the stones and just fell asleep. It was cold and wet but the smell of nature was just deliciously amazing. Baz’s breathing next to mine was calming. It is not like I would truth him to help me if I was in trouble but I felt safer anyway.


I woke up because I felt like I was smacked by a leafy branch or something. I open my eyes to find Snow fast asleep next to me. I zip up my jumper all the way and get out of shelter looking around. There was nothing in sight.

Snow suddenly sat bolt up when I looked away from him. He looks at me, finding me 10 steps away. “Something just hit me with a branch.” He didn’t question it being me, if it was me, I would have done something a little more creative. He rubs his head and get up. My watch told me that it was 3 am but something felt off. The sky was much brighter with all the stars and full moon out. There was a white trail in the water from the moon. There was also fire flies. It was also much warmer. It was near summer but it felt a little too warm for a night in a forest. Snow walks over to me, clearly sleepy. His ears are a little puffy.

“Have you boys been looking for me?” Simon and I turn spin around and see a wood nymph. Her eyes are jet black with a white circle in the middle. Her hair was curly and going upwards through with branches. Moss grew around her legs and wild flowers acted as a dress. She was twirling a leafy branch in her hand. Even the most powerful nymphs are pranksters in some way or another. We walk up to her and she keeps swinging her legs. “What is it that you wish to learn, boys?”

“I want to know how I can bring peace to people and free them from the Humdrum.” The noble soul. She does not respond but looks at me.
“I want to know the truth. Of what happened to my mother and who is behind her death.” I was sent with a different task but I really don’t want to find out how to kill Simon. I am unable to. There is no point. I would not do it. I would kill myself before killing Simon.

The nymph looks up and rubs her head.
“Truth. Freedom.” She clicked her teeth together. “Freedom. Truth.” After a while, she looks down at us. “It is a funny thing. Truth and Freedom. Two of the three most valuable things in the world. It is truth, freedom, and love. Funny thing, isn’t it? Love works against the other two. Love blinds people from the truth and submits them to willing imprisonment. Funny funny.” We keep waiting for her to finish her little monologue. She slips of the rock and walks closer. It is like she is looking through us with her blind eyes.

“Love is quite an interesting thing for both of you.” She gestures to Simon. “You want to be loved, to be care for. A desire of any orphaned child. You want to love. You have a lot inside and you want to smother someone with it. Yet your heart cannot simply decide to love the right person. You are bound by this. You cannot be free until you are loved and loving.” Simon looks very very hurt. It is very visible in his eyes. I could feel my heart sting. I love you, Simon.


“As for you…” She turns her attention to Baz. “Love is your curse. You are in love. Your heart is consumed by love and it has turned into something to slowly burn you alive. Like they are living poison to you. A living flame.” Baz looked like he was slapped across the face and insulted. The misery I felt after hearing her words were immediately replaced by pure shock. 

Baz? In love?

I felt like the world titled side ways. I would not have believed if someone just told me that. Yet he looks so hurt. Angry, insecure, and frustrated. He was in love and I never noticed. Who could it be? When did it begin? How could I had never noticed this? I feel like I absolutely need to.

“The truth is that you treasure this person more than yourself. Their life matters to you more than it matters to them. Their life matters more than your own.” She smiles so happily even though she practically emotionally destroyed us. “You two are a beautiful example of why freedom and truth are linked with love.”
“What does this have to do with what we asked?!” Baz lost his patience. I don’t blame him. I cannot even look at him the same way any more. I can’t really explain how I feel about this. It did not matter to me. Or at least it shouldn’t matter to me.

“Young people. So impatient. Both truth and freedom is waiting for you. Both you. Simon.” She focuses her dead eyes on me. “Very slowly, you will discover the truths that will lead you to the freedom you seek. You shall not be free until the Humdrum is gone. Yet if it was gone, you would still be trapped. The path that leads you to freedom is with the help of someone who you will truly love. There is no need to rush. Just keep your heart open for it.” She turns to Baz. “As for you, you have been a prisoner of what happened to your mother and that day. Your love is true and pure. Your path lies with following your heart. Your love may never be returned but if you will follow them, you will find the truth you seek and your freedom. You spent years accepting rejection that you never want to hear. You may not find the truth on your own, as decided by fate.” She leans against the tree and began to merge with it.
“You can help each other take the first step. The water in the pond behind you has some magic abilities. Those in armor cannot enter. Neither of you can go alone.” She disappears into the tree. There is a long period of silence.

We slowly recover from that and look at each other. “What did she mean by armor?” I ask. I know Baz won’t tell me a word about the person he loves if ask. I try to focus back on the task at hand. “I think I know…” His voice is very low. I react to it as if I have never heard it before.

He approaches the water and starts to dip his hand into it. His hand goes in fine but when it reacher his sleeve, his sleeve would crawl up his arm away from the surface of the water. He pulls out his hand, shacking the water off. “Thought so. Creatures of the woods refer to clothes as armor. It protects humans as a mean of protection from the elements and an emotional buffer.”
“Emotional buffer?” I asked.
“Yes. It means that without clothes, humans find it more difficult to lie and keep their feelings hidden. You can argue just fine when you are standing in front of someone perfectly dressed. The situation would be very different if you were standing nude in front of the person.” He pauses, turned away from me completely. “Do you want to do this?” I did not understand what he meant for a while but then it hit me like a bolt of lighting. We have to go in the water together. Clothes are an armor. What the stupid nymph left us with: Go jump naked in the pond together.

I started to try and day something before I could even think of something to say. The result was a lot of incoherent stuttered sounds that sounded like hey were chocked out. Baz refuses to look back at me. I know we have been roommates for years now but we never change in front of each other. I finally got myself to shut up then say. “We must. Don’t we?”

Not another word was said. We turned away from each other and started to strip down. As I was almost nude, I couldn’t help myself and have a little peek. I was going look away right away but I was unable to look away for at least 20 seconds or so.

When I turned around to look at him, his pants and underwear was off and he was pulling of his shirt. He was perfect. I felt as if I was looking at a baroque master piece. His skin was pale and smooth. His legs are long and muscular. I hair fell in loose locks as it got out of the shirts neck. I finally turn away, feeling my heart racing and blood rushing in my cheeks and ears.


I turn back and loose myself for a moment. Snow was completely nude. Moles cover his entire back. His upper back has freckles. He was both a little chubby and muscular to the perfect extent. I just always wanted to lean against those broad shoulders and kiss his neck. They are just so much more defined than I ever imagined them to be. The fucking walking masterpiece. His body reminds me of a Greek marble statue. Hercules was less impressive then Snow. I just want to worship each inch of his body with kisses.

“Enough loitering around here, Snow. I am getting cold.” That is a lie. I am on fire. We walk up to the water and I get nervous about becoming too excited so I swan dive right into the water.


The fucking graceful bastard.


I open my eyes under water and watch Snow dive into the water. Maybe the only reason why this was a thing was because I needed to get over Snow and fall in one with someone else. Get him out of my psychotic system.

I wanted to swim back up. I couldn’t. I did not have my wand. I could no longer move. It was as if the water held me and was pulling me down. I could not breathe. I was drowning. I should have realized that this was a cruel trap.

I never thought I would have such a beautiful view as I was dying.

I closed my eyes, the only thing I could move and sank down. Down. Down. I was always too suicidal to fear death. At that moment, I felt Simon grab me by arm and pull me up to the surface. When my face was out of the water, I gasped for air and started to cough violently. I would have gone under water again if Simon did not pull me so close and held me up. By my waist, chest to chest. Something else was touching too.

“Baz?! What happened down there?” He held on me tightly and I felt so safe. I felt like I was loosing myself. I needed this so much. I put my arms around his neck and allowed him to think it was because I was so weak. I am. I am helpless.

“I couldn’t move. The waters must have been cursed.” I cough again a few times and relax into his touch. The waters changed. They were no longer so cold. On the contrary. They were warm. I felt warm. Simon relaxed too as he held me. His arms were protective over me. I kept mine around him. He is mine to hold.

After a moment, we looked at each other. His eyes were beautiful in the moon light. If I could have one thing in this world right now, it would be a kiss.

I got a kiss.

Simon pressed his lips to mine and we started to kiss. I am truly a selfish bastard. I do what more than just a kiss. We kiss each other with real desperation. I pull on his wet curls and gently rub his neck. His arm rubbed me across my waist and back. Heaven could not beat this.

    “ Nn? “ He made a small grunt in thought, deep blue eyes becoming FIXATED on the ornate design of an object he had NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Sandalled feet slid carefully down the moss-covered rocks and weaved their way over TREE ROOTS and FOREST BRUSH, until he stumbled out into the grassy clearing where the strange BEAST rested.

     It was a BEAST, right? It had long, spider-like limbs, which implied a form of movement it used. Yet it’s skin lacked fur or feathers and seemed cold and METALLIC, like the guardians of The Nest. Which made him wonder, if it had any connection with the place he had once been trapped inside.

      DRAWN TO IT CURIOUSLY, the marked boy cautiously approached, until he was close enough to trace the outline of the intricate pattern on its body with his fingers. | @sheikahmade

Bucky’s Freedom.

Concept: Bucky runs through the forest after freeing himself from HYDRA.

He takes one feeble step on the mossy forest floor. His smile ignites; it shakes the trees free of the birds and rustles the richly coloured leaves. He sees the birds travel amongst the sky with the clearest vision. Every speckle of dust in the air is acknowledged, the crisp air infiltrating his lungs. The rich soil under his bare feet is a sensation he’ll never grow tired of.

He is dressed in white; the sign of purity, the sign of rebirth. His buttoned down shirt is only half done up; his beige pants hug his muscular thighs with the type of warmth his previous dark attire lacked. His long hair rests on his shoulders; for once it feels light, a grave contrast to the heavy weight it used to bring.

He inhales the rich fragrance mother nature offers, the sky sharing a likeness to the colour of his eyes. His orbs twinkle the same way stars do when they are revived by the deep, dark night. His cheeks flush with vibrant hues, ones that resemble volcanic eruptions and the molten lava that explodes deep within. He digs his toes into the greenery beneath him. The feeling is welcomed, and a deep sigh of appreciation vibrates through his entirety.

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Yesterday was one of the best days of… ever. I was driving south on the 101 along the Oregon coast when I noticed people had pulled over to look at something and from the road I could see a beached whale. I was trying to emotionally prepare myself for it to still be living, helplessly stranded, but fortunately she died from what they believe to be natural causes at sea less than a week ago and her body had washed up. She was phenomenal and breathtaking and I can’t quite put into words how it felt standing next to a creature of this size. She’s a blue whale and from a couple people walking it out guessed to be around 70 ft. Since she was still mostly intact I was able to touch her, most fascinated with her mouth filtery things (baleen?). What appears to be white pattern along her back is where the sand is taking off the outer layer of skin. You can also see chunks missing, they suspect a shark was feeding on her postmortem. I spent the rest of the day making my way towards Sacramento driving through some of the prettiest scenery I’ve ever seen: through fog along the Oregon coast, into the redwoods, to following a raging river lined with moss covered rocks. I’m absolutely in love with trip. I do love sharing moments with others but it is quite incredible to be alone.