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Fun Facts about Plants from Your Friendly Botany Major

• Cacti are some of the only plants to photosynthesize from their stems. Their needles are really just modified leaves.

• Avocados are only around because people pollinate and disperse them by hand. The large seed is indigestible to small mammals now. It was originally eaten by giant sloths who would poop them out far away from the parent tree so they can grow. This is called an evolutionary anachronism.

• Banana candy does not taste like bananas because it was designed to taste like the Gros Michel banana which was eaten in the pre-1950s. It was wiped out by a fungus called panama disease. Since bananas are asexual all of them are genetically identical making it easy to wipe them all out at once. However fungus is sexual so it evolves more quickly. This means eventually we may lose the modern banana, the Cavendish, to it as well.

• There are actually three different types of photosynthesis: C3, C4, and CAM. Which type is used depends on the aridness of the environment, and are increasingly more efficient as listed.

• Moss is amazing. The fuzzy part of the moss is called the gametophyte stage and it is haploid meaning it has one set of chromosomes like a sperm or an egg cell in humans. If you look closely, sometimes you will what look like little tiny seeds on stems coming out of the main body. This is the sporophyte stage and it’s diploid, or has two sets of chromosomes, like our body cells. Moss is the oldest type of plant.

• You can usually tell what animal pollinates a plant by the color and shape of its flowers. Red flowers are hardly ever pollinated by bees because bees cannot see red well. Butterfly flowers have long deep centers. Bird pollinated plants can bear weight and are wide and open. Bat pollinated plants usually smell strongly and are darkly colored.

• Almost all American native elms and chestnut trees are extinct because of fungi. Asian chestnut and elm have replaced them, because they are resistant to the strains.

• There is a type of fern that has over 1200 chromosomes. For reference, humans have 46.

• If you shine consistent low level red light on a plant it will grow extremely tall, because red light tells the plant it is being shaded by and competing with other plants. If you shine consistent green light on a plant it will not sprout or die (if already sprouted) because plants absorb red and blue light to use. This is also why plants are green, because the unused green light is reflected back out.

TLDR; Plants are frickin cool and should get as much love as our animal friends.

A Hard Bargain

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Request: “Can you do a Kylofic where it’s set during TFA when Kylo takes Rey but the Resistance takes his wife who is also force sensitive. And when when Finn, and Han go to rescue Rey they bring his wife as a bargaining chip???”

Summary: With the war between the First Order and Resistance raging more than it has before, things get personal. Kylo impatiently decides that Rey’s vision of the map is sufficient, taking her away from Han and Finn. The Resistance however plays the same game, taking the only thing Kylo holds dear in his life in hopes of getting information and Rey back.

It was quiet. Almost too quiet. The soft sound of various machines humming and keyboards clicking were all that could be heard. Something was off. The whole atmosphere around Starkiller felt odd. Tension wasn’t the right word to describe it, more like someone trying to withhold. There was something hanging in the air that nobody spoke of or thought loudly about today. Kylo could undoubtedly sense it. 

The attack on the Republic shouldn’t have left the workers phased enough to fear recollecting it in anyway. You had to be a certain kind of soul to work at the First Order, someone who even flinched at the sight of the red beam wasn’t it. No matter where Kylo stood in the control room he could feel the silent tension in those around him. Reaching the center of the room Kylo stopped, pondering this odd feeling in the air with his hands behind his back. Hux stiffly strode into the room, his faint scowl resting on his face as his eyes scanned over each of the workers and their consoles. He halted as he approached Kylo’s side. 

“Ren, my troops tell me you have the prisoner ready for a second interrogation.”

“Yes General. It appears our little guest not only has seen the map to Skywalker, she is also powerful with the force.”

At this Hux finally turned his icy blue gaze from the window to Kylo. He more than frequently underestimated Kylo, so the fact that he had actually achieved something was in short, surprising. 

“Surely we must tell the Supreme Leader.”

Kylo nodded. 

“Indeed. There’s…also something else General.”

Hux simply remained staring at Kylo, the same indifferent expression he always held with him.

“There’s something…off. I can sense it. It’s throughout the base…in this very room…at this very moment.”

Kylo felt Hux’s aura shift to an even more noticeably tense state as he adjusted his collar. Hux was now displaying the same tension that the officers and troopers had. This had to be something big. 

“Why would you say that Ren? Are you sure it is not the prisoner?”

“General I would have known if it was that girl. Something is-”

Suddenly he heard the faintest voice, or thought, towards the end of line of consoles. His masked head snapped in the direction. Marching to the source his boots thudded heavily against the metal. Stopping in front of one particular desk, Kylo glared down. Though the new young blonde male recruit couldn’t see Kylo’s eyes he knew they were burning straight into his face. The recruit obviously afraid gulped as he slowly looked up to Kylo, his green eyes trying not to shoot open any wider. 

“What did you say?”

The mechanical voice startled the young man a bit.

“W-what are you ta-….Commander sir.”

“Your thoughts…they’re quite loud.”

Reaching his hand forward he brought the blonde officer a pounding pressure in the front of his mind. As the young man’s eyes winced closed in pain, Kylo sifted through his thoughts. His bland breakfast, his fear in this moment, his family back on Takonda, his fellow officer and girlfriend on the base, and…(Y/N)? Kylo’s own wife? A memory of her gliding through the halls after training, in her tight black attire, head held high, her (Y/E/C) eyes sharp as daggers, (Y/H/C) ponytail bouncing behind her as his eyes obviously looked to her rear end. 

He clenched his fist a bit as the thought came up, the leather of his glove squeaking. He hated when other men or women thought of you, especially in any indecent manner. You were his wife. MY WIFE he thought harshly. To see this new recruit obviously watch you in a lustful way, discreet or not was unacceptable. Just as his anger bubbled the thought suddenly developed into something more detailed. Now it was a frantic admiral, sweat on his forehead as he ran into this very command room, panting. 

“General Hux!! Lady Ren…she’s gone.”

Releasing the recruit as he gasped for air and held his temples, Kylo turned to Hux aggresively grabbing the collar of his uniform.

“General Hux… if you want to live I suggest you answer me honestly.”

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Moss Fm, the first radio that works with electricity captures by moss during photosynthesis! 

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4. Beauty & the Beast: My muse takes the place of someone else in your muse’s prison. Pretty self explanatory. Most people know the story of Beauty & the Beast.

Genevieve wasn’t expecting to come upon her mother imprisoned by whoever had caught her. She also didn’t want to lose her mother to what man or woman had put her in the small cell with moss covered walls, a rusty door, cold wet stoned floors. The brunette was a little scared to come face to face with the person that trapped her mother.  “The beast is still down here Genevieve. just leave while you can” Her mother exclaimed. The brunette ignored her mother’s words and turned around.

“just come out whoever you are”