moss badger


“The next morning when the two girls got up, there was milk for the man’s daughter to wash in and wine for her to drink, but there was water for the woman’s daughter to wash herself with and water for her to drink. On the second morning there was water for washing and water to drink for the man’s daughter as well as for the woman’s daughter. And on the third morning there was water for washing and water to drink for the man’s daughter, and milk for washing and wine to drink for the woman’s daughter, and so it continued.

The woman became her stepdaughter’s worst enemy, and from one day to the next she did whatever she could to make the stepdaughter’s life more miserable. Furthermore, she was envious because her stepdaughter was beautiful and kind, while her own daughter was ugly and disgusting.

Once in winter, when everything was frozen as hard as a stone, and the hills and valleys were covered with snow, the woman made a dress of paper, called her stepdaughter, and said, ‘Here, put this dress on and go out into the woods and fetch me a basketful of strawberries. I have a longing for some.’

'Good heaven.’ said the girl. 'Strawberries don’t grow in the winter. The ground is frozen, and furthermore the snow has covered everything. And why am I to go out in this paper dress? It is so cold outside that one’s breath freezes. The wind will blow through the dress, and the thorns will tear it from my body.’

'Will you contradict me?’ said the stepmother. 'Be on your way, and do not let me see you again until you have the basketful of strawberries.’ Then she gave her a little piece of hard bread and said, 'You can eat from this all day,’ while thinking, 'You will freeze and starve to death out there, and I shall never see you again.’”

– excerpt from “The Three Little Men in the Woods” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

coat, parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

dress: Juliette et Justine

rose bow: Victorian Maiden

brown rosette: Moss Badger

brooches, necklace: Moss Märchen


“When he had crossed the water, he found the entrance to hell. It was black and sooty within, and the devil was not at home, but his grandmother was sitting in a large armchair. ‘What do you want?’ said asked of him, but she did not look so very wicked.

‘I should like to have three golden hairs from the devil’s head,’ he, 'or else I cannot keep my wife.’

'That is a good deal to ask for;’ said she. 'if the devil comes home and finds you, it will cost you your life. But as I pity you, I will see if I cannot help you.’

She changed him into an ant and said, ‘Creep into the folds of my dress, you will be safe there.’”

— excerpt from “The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Juliette et Justine
underskirt: Victorian Maiden
bag: h.Naoto GRAMM
corset, shawl: vintage
spider bow: Moss Märchen
rosette: Moss Badger


“In front of their house there was a courtyard where there stood a juniper tree. One day in winter the woman was standing beneath it, peeling herself an apple, and while she was thus peeling the apple, she cut her finger, and the blood fell into the snow.

‘Oh,’ said the woman. She sighed heavily, looked at the blood before her, and was most unhappy. 'If only I had a child as red as blood and as white as snow.’ And as she said that, she became quite contented, and felt sure that it was going to happen.

Then she went into the house, and a month went by, and the snow was gone. And two months, and everything was green. And three months, and all the flowers came out of the earth. And four months, and all the trees in the woods grew thicker, and the green branches were all entwined in one another, and the birds sang until the woods resounded and the blossoms fell from the trees. Then the fifth month passed, and she stood beneath the juniper tree, which smelled so sweet that her heart jumped for joy, and she fell on her knees and was beside herself. And when the sixth month was over, the fruit was thick and large, and then she was quite still. And after the seventh month she picked the juniper berries and ate them greedily. Then she grew sick and sorrowful. Then the eighth month passed, and she called her husband to her, and cried, and said, 'If I die, then bury me beneath the juniper tree.’ Then she was quite comforted and happy until the next month was over, and then she had a child as white as snow and as red as blood, and when she saw it, she was so happy that she died.”

– excerpt from “The Juniper Tree” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

skirt: Moss Badger

necklace, bag, blouse: Alice and the Pirates

floral crown: Moss Märchen

oversized pocket watch, velvet bodice: antique, thrifted