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etsyfindoftheday | 7.19.15

miniature terrarium necklace // amethyst, lichen + moss by rubyrobinboutique

this terrarium is beyond beautiful … it’s so teeny you can wear it around your neck. irish lichen and moss pair with the purple amethyst with a lovely contrast, or you could go a little more earthy with their citrine version.

Pet Healing Spell

kroserivera asked for a pet healing spell, and here is one I found that I have tweaked a bit to fit her case specifically.

You’ll need:

  • black candle (annointed with lavendar, rosemary, and olive oil if possible)
  • brown candle
  • red candle
  • very small purple candle
  • healing stones (amethyst, citrine, moss agate)
  • your pet in your lap or in front of you (or a representation of them)

The brown candle represents your pet. The red candle represents strength and health. The black candle represents your intent to heal and to absorb the nagativity (illness). The purple candle represents infections, so as it burns imagine the black candle absorbing all the bad from the infection and let the purple one melt down to make it disappear. Citrine dispels negativity. Moss Agate restores balance. Amethyst is healing and soothing.

Light the candles in front of you with your pet in your lap, or the representation of your pet. Place the stones on you so they can be charged with your intent during the ritual and aid in the healing. Rub your hand together and imagine that the warmth is healing energy bulding up. Pet your animal and see the energy going from you to your animal and healing its illness. Then focus on the candles, while petting and imagine the strength from the red candle going into the brown candle and the illness going into the black candle. Keep petting until the purple candle is out. The purple candle should be melted by the end of your ritual to represent the infection going away. If you want to make a prayer to your diety of choice to bring your pet good health while the purple candle burns it can’t hurt, and it doesn’t have to rhyme. Just let it be a prayer asking for the good health and long life of your pets. You should keep the stones near your pet while they are recovering since they have been charged with your intentions during the ritual, and you can repeat it as many times as you like. Keep in mind that when anything is sick they need rest, so once a day should be max.

raining-static  asked:

Moss agate and amethyst!

moss agate: if my muse has a high or low opinion of themself

Jack used to have a high opinion in himself, he thought that he was a strong skilled warrior that contained a truthful heart and a the choice of justice. But as years passed Jack’s opinion on himself has lowered. He feels as if his skills and knowledge has not grown and he has learned nothing but the sorrow that Aku has brought to him and others. He has abandoned his purpose and his family. He now does not care about his health or actions. This is why he does not tend himself or keep himself clean. He fights with no reason and only uses his skill when he chooses to rather than what it right

amethyst: what my muse would most like to be able to shape-shift into

Jack has never really thought himself as anything else than himself but there are times ,when he is at his lowest moment, where he wishes for himself to just,,,disappear from existence. Where he does not have to hold his own burden or pain on himself. Where he doesn’t have to see his hallucinations and guilt every day. He is honestly just so tired.

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