It’s a hot summer day here at home and this is all I can think of as I wilt like a dead plant in these stifling conditions. A few weeks ago in Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rain Forest, I was gazing down into the crystal clear waters of a spring-fed stream as water drips from curtains of moss. What a refreshing sight! The vivid green of the weeds in the water contrasts nicely with the blue-gray clay and silt on the stream bottom. The last photo shows the moss-draped temperate rain forest that the stream passes through.


Art + Science = Awesome

Today the Department of Extraordinary Embroidery is checking out the work of Maryland-based photographer and textile artist Emma Mattson. She uses felt, thread, and french knots to create pieces of embroidery that look like botanical specimens, sometimes finished with pieces of fake moss or lichen to make them appear even more lifelike.

Follow Emma Mattson on Instagram to check out more of her moss embroideries. And keep an eye on her Spectremma Etsy shop where she sometimes sells them as well.

[via Colossal]