etsyfindoftheday 1 | 3.5.15

theme thursday: let’s get crafty

origami lotus flower by fishandlotus

good morning, my dears!! most creatives love a cute or kitschy craft idea — so this theme thursday, i’m dedicating the posts to five (five!!) crafty finds. this origami lotus flower is folded from orchid and grape and moss green paper. wouldn’t it be a beautiful gift topper or centerpiece?! TONS of other colors and styles available!

"Where Science, Art and Nature Come Together."

Hey guys, so I am on the board of directors for our local nature center, and I have connived enamored the board with the idea of sharing cool nature stuff via social media. As a not-for-profit run by volunteers, the office ladies rarely have time to wrangle Facebook, so I am taking it over making posts to it. Mostly about nature, birds, and moss. Even if you are not local, I welcome you to watch the facebook page if you are so inclined and like your “feed” to be littered with moss and birds and nature and snails and stuff. I’ll do my best to make it mildly entertaining and at least a little educational.

And hey if you ARE local (Western NY / NW Pennsylvania)  I sure do hope you can visit the nature center, especially once the weather starts to get nicer, because it is really beautiful there! There are some really cool activities planned for this year (stay tuned as we iron out details) There are also some sweet Geocaches there if you Geocache. If you are in the area, make sure to stop at Spragues, which is just down the hill from the nature center, and tank up on super fresh, extremely local (like, on the same property) maple syrup and delicious foodstuffs.

I will try to cross-post really cool stuff once in a while, because hey I know not everyone has or likes Facebook (it’s cool yo). Maybe in the future I can convince them to let me set up a Tumblr just for Nature Center shenanigans. Until then, enjoy the FB!

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