Dung Moss (Revisited)
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This is a revised version of a post that was originally published on January 14th, 2015. It includes excerpts from a chapter entitled, “Portrait of Splachnum,” in the book, Gathering Moss, by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Certain plants, like corpse flowers and carrion flowers, emit foul odors when they bloom. The scent is akin to the smell of rotting flesh, hence their common names. The purpose of…

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While visiting the famous #kiyomizudera #temple I veered off the beaten path and found this small #shrine that was dwarfed by #kiyomizuderatemple. #2 small #guardian #fox #statues guarded the #entrance and near the back of the tiny but lovely shrine was this……..#stone #box that is used for #offerings. I fell in #love with the #moss on top and the simple but #powerful #colours and the fact that it seemed to of been there for a #long #time.

#Japan #discoverjapancontest #asian #explore #photooftheday #photography #water #plants (at Kiyomizudera Temple)

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A walk in the forest

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Moss Agate sat on the back of their corrupted friend Iolite, as they scoped their usual parts of the forest. It was funny- they felt as though they could hear voices in the trees, yet when they checked there was nothing. Not to mention they hadn’t seen Dichroite in some time. 

Maybe being alone for so long had made them start to hear voices… no, that couldn’t be it. They were the reasonable, level headed one now, and that was the last thing they needed. So like the “level headed” gem they were, they threw that reasoning out the window.

“Di~ichro?” Moss called as they climbed up Iolites head a little held on to her horns. “Dichro, where are-”

They stopped, and even Iolite’s ears twitched a little. There it was again, the faint whispers of who knows who or WHAT was in THEIR forest!  They gave an annoyed huff and pointed Iolite in the direction of where the noise may have come from…


Neat, the dipping sedimentary layers at this spot have been totally overgrown by moss, creating this green alternating effect.


When the lobes of lava in Iceland haven’t been resurfaced in a while, this thick moss grows on top of them. So this is basically an old lava flow landscape..