like everybody says that mosses are ‘primitive’ and ‘lack complex tissues’ and all that but they have been around for like 470 million years and were amongst the first land plants and also they’re cute?? they’re like tiny little forests… mosses and bryophytes deserve a LOT more love from botanists and we should stop comparing to ‘more advanced’ vascular plants. We need more positive representation for mosses, liverworts and hornworts. I love you bryophtes keep rocking

#endbryophytediscrimination2k16 #mossdefensesquad


Neat, the dipping sedimentary layers at this spot have been totally overgrown by moss, creating this green alternating effect.


When the lobes of lava in Iceland haven’t been resurfaced in a while, this thick moss grows on top of them. So this is basically an old lava flow landscape..


Art + Science = Awesome

Today the Department of Extraordinary Embroidery is checking out the work of Maryland-based photographer and textile artist Emma Mattson. She uses felt, thread, and french knots to create pieces of embroidery that look like botanical specimens, sometimes finished with pieces of fake moss or lichen to make them appear even more lifelike.

Follow Emma Mattson on Instagram to check out more of her moss embroideries. And keep an eye on her Spectremma Etsy shop where she sometimes sells them as well.

[via Colossal]