I was telling songscloset that I got some AWESOME stuff for my birthday - one of the highlights being a pretty terrarium, and a kit for growing bioluminescent mushrooms.  8D

So here’s my pretty leetle terrarium:

Thing is, I also got a bunch of lovely moss and air plants - too much to use all in one terrarium - along with the mushrooms! So today I went on a little shopping trip to get another container of some sort and decide how to split things up. 

After much looking, I thought… where better to put glowing mushrooms than in a lantern? I found this: 

Bonus pic, because my dog couldn’t understand why my pictures didn’t require his presence, so he came over to kiss it:

Anyhow - gonna actually get things set up tomorrow, when I can get fresh logs cut for the mushroom spores, so I’ll post proper process pics after that. But I’m excited! 

large triangle glass locket with hand collected woodland usnea moss and selenite. You can feel the elementals energy just by looking at this beautiful piece! This lovely locket is waiting for it’s dearest admirer in our COVEN SHOP