Arbori Mini Planters will be in the shop TOMORROW 8/26 at noon eastern.

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These came out so adorable!! Perfect for tiny succulent cuttings and seedlings. The Arbori will watch over your precious plant babies until they are ready to move into a bigger pot. Around 4" in length, cast urethane. If using outdoors, keep in a covered area protected from rain and direct sunlight. 

Available as blank PYO as well as custom painted, $20 and $35 respectively, per figure. They do not include plants, but they do include an eye dropper for easy watering. 

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Neat, the dipping sedimentary layers at this spot have been totally overgrown by moss, creating this green alternating effect.


When the lobes of lava in Iceland haven’t been resurfaced in a while, this thick moss grows on top of them. So this is basically an old lava flow landscape..