Arbori Mini Planters - Now Available - PYO and Custom Painted - (link in profile)

Arbori make wonderful caretakers for baby plants and seedlings. Get your garden going with the help of these little Arbori. Perfect for planting succulent cuttings and seedlings. Each planter comes with a eyedropper for easy watering of your plants. Plants are not included.

Please remember this is a handmade piece of art. Indoor use is preferred, if possible. This will ensure that your figure lasts as long as possible. If you are using your pot outdoors, place in a covered area that is protected from rain and direct sunlight. Painted surfaces can become damaged from extended exposure to the elements. Urethane resin is not intended for use or storage in direct sunlight or heat.

Planters measure around 4" long and 2.75" tall. Plantable area of approximately 1" x ¾". ½" depth with a ¼" drainage hole. Figures are solid cast urethane resin.

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Today, I’ve been out product shooting for the beautiful @sunsarajewellery line! Loveliest soul and stunning jewels! I was also stopped by locals in the forest and had chats about places, life and animals. 💕🌿🌙


Neat, the dipping sedimentary layers at this spot have been totally overgrown by moss, creating this green alternating effect.


When the lobes of lava in Iceland haven’t been resurfaced in a while, this thick moss grows on top of them. So this is basically an old lava flow landscape..