Lloyd's Mental Age Rant

Okay so I’ve seen quite a lot of debate and fighting on whether or not Lloyd was aged up mentally.

Personally, I think he was.

I think the tomorrow’s tea aged him up both mentally and physically.


Because obviously his physical form is a lot older than before the tomorrow’s tea.

And have you seen the way he acts? He’s one of the most mature out of everyone! Especially now! Like seriously, have you ever seen a 9 year old little boy act so mature? I haven’t.

He acts like an adult, which he is. He leads the team very well and could a 9 year old do that? Not that I know of.

So any ships regarding Lloyd and another ninja or character, is completely okay.

Like go for it.

If you want to ship Greenflame, Greenice, Moss, Greenwhisp, Lloya, Morryd, Garmacest, Ronyd, and so on and so forth, ship it! Do be afraid to ship your otp!

So basically here’s the summary

Lloyd’s physical and mental are the same.
It’s okay to ship him with the others.