mosquito river

‘’One night, when they were fifteen, they were both in New York City, and they went out for a  dinner. Plimpton ordered soft-shell crabs. A horrified River abruptly left the restaurant. When Plimpton followed him, she found him walking down Park Avenue, crying.

‘’I love you so much – why?’’ he wept. He was devastated that she was eating animals, but even more, he was deeply wounded that he hadn’t been able to convince her that veganism was the better, more moral path.

‘’I love him for that’’, Plimpton said. ‘’For his dramatic desire that we share every belief, that I be with him all the way.’’

[Excerpt from Last Night At The Viper Room by Gavin Edwards].

“There is a certain breed of actor who can show you everything they’re thinking without uttering a word. They are like emotional gladiators, nakedly putting themselves on the line so the audience can achieve a catharsis. But they’re more than thin-skinned - they almost have no outer coating at all. With their heightened sensitivity, they walk through the world like someone with a hearing disorder - everything is a clattering phantasmagoria to them because they feel too intensely to have a normal life. They’re drawn to Hollywood, one of the most brutal terrains imaginable, where the price, but never the value, of their souls is understood”

- Reid Rosevelt (publicist, The Mosquito Coast)

Things people don't talk about enough

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• River Phoenix playing piano
• River Phoenix playing guitar
• River Phoenix singing
• River Phoenix laughing
• River Phoenix acting
• River Phoenix being an amazing human being
• River Phoenix’ beauty
• River Phoenix being an icon to gay people
• River Phoenix being vegan
• River Phoenix not giving a crap about fame
• River Phoenix not wanting people to know about his drug habits bc he didn’t wanted the young fans going down that way
• River Phoenix respecting everyone
• River Phoenix in glasses
• River Phoenix his smile
• River Phoenix his eyes that held so much love
• River Phoenix love for his family, friends and fans and the earth
• River Phoenix in fucking general???????

Things people talk about too much
• River Phoenix drug overdose


“And I’ve lost who I am and I can’t understand why my heart is so broken, rejecting your love, without love gone wrong, lifeless words carry on when I know all I know is that the end’s beginning. Who I am from the start, take me home to my heart, let me go and I will run, I will not be silenced.” 💔

When I think of you I think of August,
like when it’s still hot enough to go to the river at night.
We always went to the same spot and always forgot about the mosquitos.
August, like the sky is still pink but summer is almost over and we can feel it;
like newer things are around the corner.
I think of where we used to meet, down the street from the house I grew up in, on the bridge cascaded in dark greens, do you remember?
My palms behind my back, pressed against the wood. Your stomach and my stomach.
I think of how I would write poems about you kissing other girls and how I would pretend not to know.
I used to write about you like you were holy, did you know that?
Kiss your hands like that bridge was a temple; like the water was divine.
You were a saint, everything word you said was a psalm.
I devoted myself to river mosquitos, to your stomach pressed against my stomach.
The glory of a young girl is that everything is sacred.
The ruin of a young girl is that everything is sacred.
—  Lauren Bell (@laurenbellwrites)