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J2 NashCon 2017 Main Panel
  • Crowd starts singing Happy Birthday to Jensen. Jensen: It’s not my birthday!
  • Crowd is yelling: Show us the hair! Jensen *points to his own head* it’s all here. Enjoy.
  • Jared: The next time I see y’all I’ll have a daughter. Jensen: *points and laughs*
  • J2 are enjoying the swivel chairs lol. 
  • Jared: I’ll have a baby girl. Jensen: She’ll have two older brothers. Jared: True. And an uncle close by <3 
  • The boys are cracking each other up :)
  • Jensen slowly pulls off Jared’s beanie, smells it, and pretends to pass out :P
  • Best birthday/holiday gift? Jensen: this con.
  • Playing Dean WInchester has given Jensen brothers, friends, a life he only dreamed of and he’s very grateful. 
  • If Mary hadn’t died, Jensen says that Dean wouldn’t be a monster hunter. He’d be hunting the ladies. 
  • Jared makes “Mary Had a Little Lamb” jokes.
  • Jared says he enjoyed Sam having powers. It’s been fun to play different versions of Sam. Soulless!Sam was his favorite. Jensen: Yeah, he was a truckload of fun, that guy.
  • Jensen would have liked to explore Purgatory!Dean more. Jared jokes he wants an entire season of Purgatory!Dean so he can have days off.
  • The screen behind them keeps freezing and it’s cracking them up. They are very amused and are loving playing with the screen lol.  
  • Jared starts reciting Pi. 
  • Boys are asked what they are obsessed with and Jared brought up Kaleo. Jared: We’re big fans of music. Jensen: music festivals. 
  • Jensen: I have to get into an athletic stance before I sneeze.
  • Jared: It took Genevieve awhile to get used to my extreme sneezes. 
  • WinchesterBros: This panel is mainly Jared and Jensen being funny with each other and it’s awesome :)
  • Jared pinches Jensen on the screen. Jared: It’s fun to watch. Jensen: No it’s not!
  • After playing these characters for so long do you think you’ll have separation anxiety when SPN ends? Jared: Yes. Jensen agrees. Jared: I like Sam a lot so he’ll be missed.
  • Jensen says he and Jared still enjoy telling this story. They’ll continue the show as long as that lasts. 
  • Acting advice? Jensen: Be confident but gracious and be resilient. Jared: Do it because you love it, not for money or fame.
  • Any adventures: Jared: I like seeing homesteads and farms; we would take road trips when I was younger.
  • J2 talk about their Jack Daniel’s distillery tour yesterday again, and how they were giggling about the bungholes. Jared: They said the word bunghole a lot and it made me laugh. Jensen: And then I started laughing and it descends into chaos. 
  • Jensen: Tour guide would stop and give us the look so we then tried to keep getting him to say the word lol. 
  • How many miles are on the Impala? Jensen says he can answer that: I don’t know. Jared laughs: That’s not an answer! “I got it! I don’t know.” Jensen says that they have put a new engine into the number one hero Impala. Lot of parts that have been replaced, not an original. 
  • Jared fell out of his chair onstage. He was laughing so hard it fell but he’s fine lol. 
  • What’re your fears? Jared: Bears. It’s not funny it’s legit! What’s the point of them? They’re big! Jensen: So are you! You live in Austin where bears run rampant. Jared: That’s true. Jensen says he doesn’t understand the point of mosquitoes. Jared: They’re tiny! Jensen: But what’s the point of them? Jared: Bears and mosquitoes haha. 
  • Fan has a deep southern accent so Jared replies with same accent. 
  • Jensen says his new fear is Jared doing an accent lol. Jensen starts listing off accents for Jared to do. Challenges him to do Boston, New York and Chicago accents, then moves onto Minnesota, Australia, and Scottish accents; Jensen is cracking up and so is Billy. 
  • Jared says bunghole. Jensen cannot stop laughing. Jensen: When Jared laughs, I can’t help laughing, too. It just goes on and on, we feed off each other.
  • Jensen at one point walked off stage; when he came back he realized he was bleeding on his finger but doesn’t know how it happened; fan handed him a tissue. 
  • How did they cross the Canadian border with a trunk full of weapons? Jensen: Well we had Jody with us?
  • Jensen says Christo didn’t work as well as he wanted it to so that’s why Dean never uses it. Jensen reminds fans who have recently watched or binge-watched that older eps are fresh for fans, where it has been 12 years ago for he and Jared lol. 
  • Now Jensen says bunghole to Jared and Jared starts giggling again. 
  • Fan asks if they’ve ever been to Loretta, Kentucky at the bourbon trail. Jensen: My father and mother-in-law were. 
  • Jensen says he and brother-in-law, Gino, started The Family Business Beer company after a friend who had brew system gave it to Jensen. Building is going up now and should open this summer. They named it that because everyone involved with it are family members. 
  • What if Sam had died in the pilot and was just Dean’s imaginary friend? Jensen says it wouldn’t be an imaginary friend because Sam would have existed at some point before he died. Said he would be haunted by Sam’s ghost “but a friendly ghost, like Casper” and Jensen puts his hand on Jared’s shoulder :P
  • Last question: How do they think show should end? Jensen: leave it open…for a movie… says he doesn’t think there’s an ideal ending for SPN but would like it to be left open. Jared says he thinks Sam and Dean have to die at the end. But not anytime soon! If they’re still alive they’re still hunting. Fan calls out that they could die of old age, boys laugh. Jensen: We’re getting there! 

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“Eat slowly- it’s better for you,” River coaches, then orders another Thai beer in Spanish. Spanish, River tells us, was his first language, growing up in Venezuela. “It’s uncanny how closely your life mirrors the storyline in Mosquito Coast,” I point out, “right down to the corrupt clergyman.” “Yeah…ironic, isn’t it? Paul Theroux didn’t steal my life story. I just misplaced it”

- Movieline, September 1991

Day 5 Usha Village

I feel like somebody offered me either the red pill from one hand or the blue pill from the other hand, and people told me not to take either. Well I took the blue pill and guess what? It took me out of the ideology that America is the safest place in the world. Dont get me wrong, Ive left the country before but this trip was a lil different. I told people i was going to Central America for 30 days. Naysayers gasped and said I was coming to a third world country (what ever that truly means), I would get eating alive by mosquitoes, at this point I personally havent been bitten once. I couldn’t say that in Texas, the Matrix. I haven’t met one Honduran that knows someone who has died of the Zika virus, I might get sick from the food, yet food here is not hybrid and GMO. Heck I pick my dinner right off the trees and its cooked fresh with no preservatives, additives and everything is alkaline. So no extra cost for “organic” like I paid in the matrix. No one here has ever seen a gorrilla, tiger or bear come into the village. LMAO. So far I’ve met people from London, Chicago, Arizona, Dallas, Atlanta, Kentucky, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, New York and California. So Dr. Sebi isn’t some overnight quack that I found on the internet. This village has been here for 50 years and the people here revere Dr. Sebi with the utmost respect. Celebrities, politicians and world leaders have all called on Dr. Sebi for healing, nutrition and rejuvenation. I’ve heard the horror stories of people here who saw Doctor’s in the States and how they wanted to have million $ surgeries for symptoms but had no desire to identify what caused the ailments in the first place. I haven’t heard about people shooting people at airports, night clubs or protesting about bathrooms or shouting “Honduras Lives Matter” because of injustice an racism like in the matrix, not to say it doesnt exist but I saw it every day before I took the pill….. So yes, I’ve taken the pill and what did it do for me? It got me out of the matrix for a while…..maybe you too shouldn’t listen to all the walking dead and take the pill every now and then. ##LifeisblissoutsidetheMatrix!!##

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I know you made headcanon for the team legends in the beach, you could also do when they go camping?

Admittedly I don’t know much about camping, because I avoid it since I like indoor plumbing and the internet and not getting eaten by bison, but I DO know these goobers and I guarantee a few things would happen:

  • Ray would immediately animorph into Scout Master Ray and refuse to shut up about his time in the scouts and start trying to get the rest of the crew to play along. I love Ray but I acknowledge his flaws and he would be a absolutely unbearable. You know that one post?
    • Jax: Ray, the crew and I have found a snake, is it poisonous?
    • Ray: No, this snake is not poisonous at all.
    • *Jax picks up the snake which bites him. He begins to spasm and foam at the mouth*
    • Ray: However this snake is venomous. Venom is always injected, poison is ingested or absorbed through the skin. Let’s get it right next time, lads.
  • In response to Ray’s general existence and also the wilderness, which is disgusting, Len would most likely barricade himself on the Waverider. At regular intervals throughout the ordeal he’ll pop a window, observe how the situation has gotten improbably worse, cackle, and then retreat back into the ship. 
    • Oscar the Grouch. I just described Oscar the Grouch oh my god.
  • Sara is 100% that kid at camp who’s cool to play along for a while because she smuggled some weed with her. Ray sends her off to collect firewood and she’s totally chipper about it because she’s actually just gonna go get high back in the woods. She comes back an hour later with like three sticks. But she also probably tried to suck the venom out of Jax, so nobody’s too mad.
  • For the record it was like, a garter snake. The venom isn’t actually anything to worry about. I wouldn’t kill of Jax in a headcanon post. Sara made an ass of herself slobbering on his arm for nothing.  
  • I feel like Kendra comes from a family of Hearty Wisconsin Campers (that’s a thing, right?) so she just quietly and efficiently pitches all the tents while Ray was still trying to lecture everyone on the importance of proper tent pitching. Then she wanders off to make everyone flower crowns.
  • Rip and Martin are useless because they’re stopping like every 20 minutes to slap on more sunblock so it’s like hey, guys, help us move this heavy stuff and they’re like oh no… I have sunblock all over my hands… how unfortunate… 
  • Mick is a MOSQUITO MAGNET to the point that it’s unsafe to stand too close to him; eventually Kendra compromised by draping a mosquito net over him and calling it good. 
  • Mick is the reigning King of S’mores and never fucks up a single marshmallow. Compare and contrast Rip, who dropped three consecutive marshmallows right in the fire. 
  • Jax also isn’t much of a camper so he just hung around eating the team’s snacks. He went through an entire box of Capri Suns before noon and spent the next few hours peeing all over the woods. 
  • Ray definitely tried to get everyone to tell scary stories around the campfire but it just ended in a lot of heckling and mocking each other’s stories. 
  • Stein somehow managed to not get sunburned but he did get some sort of rash that he maintains is probably from Kendra’s flower crown. Kendra has never been so offended in her life. 

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dating headcannons for scoups ??? :-)

  • ok so firstly it takes seungcheol about 6 month to confessed to you after he clearly knows he likes you
  • his wingman is jihoon
  • “bro you gotta confess to her now ok you’re annoying me i need to study my calculus??? (lol jihoon who are you kidding) if you’re not gonna confess to her im gonna tell her so i can live in peace”
  • he ends up confessing to you with flowers and those cliche stuff but he also kinda like wrote you a song (with the help of jihoon)
  • you first date with was really awkward because he brought you to the hands on science museum and you’re so indulge in it but it’s okay because he likes seeing you smile as you enjoy yourself
  • he also kinda like got you flowers??? yeah he’s gonna do that for every date. different date, different flowers (and sometimes some cheesy notes stuck between because he hopes you don’t see them but you do)
  • the both of you only managed to hold hands and have a accidental kiss before actually kissing each other on the 5th date in the amusement park where you two also happen to have matching headbands
  • after the 10th date the both of you got lazy and decide to have indoor dates aka cuddling session, playing games (he lets you win them and when he actually loses he uses the excuse “nah i let you win. you so did not beat me to it”)
  • lots of kisses and cuddles after that
  • he also somehow manages to give you flowers too even for indoor dates??
  • one point the both of you have midnight date but like the both of you have no cash and end up sleeping in the park where there’s mosquitoes and at some point some elderly couple gave the two of you the eyes contact and called you homeless couple because the both of you were both penniless and dirty from rolling on the ground earlier (because seungcheol be like “i bet you i can get more dirt on you than you could on me” and tosses mud at you for no reason and the two of you end up having a mud tossing battle at 1 in the morning which is ungodly but you don’t mind because he tells you “you’re still beautiful even with the mud all over you” and kisses you there and then)
  • also after that the both of you agreed to never have midnight dates ever again unless it’s cinema nights because the few days after the midnight date the both of you are sore all over from sleeping on hard ground

Dear dad, I have spent over ten years and $94,000 putting together my mosquito costume and now I am pleased to announce that I have become a mosquito. The costume is quite realistic and I have even attached bladders to the nose thing so I can suck up liquids when I puncture them with my nose thing. I could be buzzing all around you on a hot summer day and you wouldn’t even recognize me as your son-child, you would just think “get away mosquito”. From my point of view you would be three thousand dads because of the way I’ve designed the eyeballs. I might be saying “dad it’s me, dad it’s me.” but you wouldn’t be able to understand my language because of its buzzing. I am also into plastics now and I am making plastic tubes that you can suck liquids through kind of like my mosquito nose but used for different reasons. Hope you’re doing well at camp, see you soon.

Mosquitor Mosquiling