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Capt. James Conrad’s Logbook

TITLE OF THE STORY: Capt. James Conrad’s Logbook

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: One shot (for 1st may 2016 SSS edition)

AUTHOR: TomKurbikston

WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Capt. James Conrad /Tom Skull Island

GENRE: erotica, adventure

FIC SUMMARY: Capt. James Conrad prepares to lead a military operation to Skull Island with his men and a few scientists. The Anthropologist, Louise Page, seems to bit a bit problematic for him.


WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHOR NOTES:  Straight unprotected sex

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: I have no idea on the scenario of Skull Island. But MTV has provided me some ideas that I developed to create my own version. Thank you to my Beta-Readers Bobbie and @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks


Skull Island Operation—Day 0

      We’re finally all gathered here at the military base of Quang Ninh in North Vietnam. My team was ready and starting to get impatient. We’d been waiting for the last two scientists, Professors Sam Jackson and his colleague, Louise Page. Finally, the weather finally let up. They came in with the latest cargo jet tonight, bringing with them the rest of our needed material.

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