mosquito falls

Thirty Ears

Stan trudged up the road to the house, grocery bags in both arms. One held bread and butter, his meals for the next week. The other held simple mechanical parts and ‘borrowed’ library books. Shifting the bags to one arm he groaned and slapped at an annoyance on his left side. The motion caused a twinge of pain to run up his arm and to his shoulder blade where the burn was still healing. Stifling another groan, he went up the steps and entered the house. 

It had been 2 months since the…accident. Stan was resolved to do everything he could to get his brother back. But it was a hard start. After the locals got their first fill of the Murder Hut, it was harder to get an interest from tourists to go to some dinky town in Roadkill County Oregon and check his miserable place out.

On top of all that, he was busting his ass every night studying math higher than anything he could have ever dreamed of, and all with less than a full education, not even having graduated high school. Stan felt like a loser, one who’d always be behind, and like everything kept kicking him further back even when he tried to keep up.

And then there was the creatures around this freaky town. Supernatural crazies like the ones described in the one journal he had. And a whole bunch not in this journal. He had plenty of visits from the gnomes, and they were starting to get angry that there was never any food in his trash bin for them to steal. Tough luck, Stan thought. There’s hardly enough for me in the first place. Those little free-loaders can find a new garbage can to raid.

And, to top everything off, he’s gotten so many bug bites in the last couple of days, he could almost make out words in the pattern. But why a bunch of mosquitoes would spell out ‘THIRTY EARS’ on his arm was beyond him.

Some cool things that happened this week: went plein air painting on Monday (which was a much needed escape from regular class), and some of the most gorgeous stickers I have ever seen arrived in the mail <3 Seriously, check out @kikiface ’s stuff. Top tier artist and top tier person :) I can’t wait to put these on my next sketchbook~