America: This Animal Crossing game is way more awesome than I thought it would be!!

Japan: Do you like all the cute neighbors I-

America: It’s like pure capitalism!

Japan:.. capitalism?

America: You can sell a mosquito, dude. A mosquito. And make money. That’s- That’s beautiful.   

Tupperware is generally a nice kid and the financial support

Call Girl is a Free Agent, knows who you are, and Coon doesn’t want her to play

Mysterion and Coon have a rivalry for coolness

Mysterion doesn’t trust you and is loyal/ (looks like defensive threats?), and there is a line between him and Chaos that says “play up villain/hero thing”

Fastpass, Mosquito, and SuperCraig hang out together

Mosquito has NO MOM and lemon bars and grossly flirts with Call Girl

Wonder Tweek is a Spaz and Paranoid. Ep. with Craig

SuperCraig only cares about guinea pig and Tweek (we know this already with what’s been shown)

SuperCraig and Wonder Tweek are dating but fighting

Coon is into Yaoi between SuperCraig and WonderTweek

Nyandwi Velelia lives in Tanzania’s Nduta refugee camp. She has just given birth to triplets at the camp’s MSF-run maternity ward, where almost 490 babies were born last month. Nyandwi and her new baby boys are all healthy. 

Challenges lie ahead for these precious guys- their new home is a tent that leaks when it rains, and their cradle will be a simple mat on the floor. 

Nyandwi is one of 89,000 people now living in Nduta camp - where overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions are contributing to a spike in diseases such as malaria.

Photo: Eleanor Weber-Ballard


 This Mysterious Remedy Might Cure One Of The Deadliest Diseases

A tree in Africa contains compounds that kill mosquitoes and the malaria parasite they carry. Could this be the key to ending malaria?