mosque burnt

During the war, my granddad was beaten up by cetniks because he was an Imam. Because of this he didn’t leave his house for days.
Every night they would see another mosque being burnt down and sit in fear of their home being the next one.

Please don’t forget about the war in Bosnia; the genocide that occurred in my homeland goes with being unnoticed and it is not okay.


Not only should you keep the victims and their families of Paris in your thoughts, but PLEASE take extra measures to be protective of people you know who are Muslim. There are already people on Twitter and Facebook saying mosques should be burnt down and just advocating for general violence against them. They are not responsible for this. Please, please help keep them safe. 

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“Muslims Read Hate Comments About a Burnt-Down Mosque Daycare”

im screamingf i love this video so much i coudnt stop laughign @ the “waiting for the signal” part