First GIFs of my favorite YouTubers

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Kubz Scouts:

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Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!!:

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Stimmy Youtube Cooking Channels

I made a list of some super stimmy cooking channels on youtube that I make a lot of my gifs from! A lot of you guys are already fans of Mosogourmet and Decocookie, so I figured I’d list some other channels that are similar! (instead of yelling into the void in my tags lol ^^;)  Most of them don’t have music or talking in their vids, so there’s more of a focus on the cooking noises!

  • Mosogourmet - fun, creative desserts with some savory recipes (the preview vid on their channel opens with a loud-ish electric mixer noise, just a heads-up)
  • Peaceful Cuisine - he posts a lot of travel vlog videos, but his cooking vids are A+++)
  • Cook Kafemaru - lots of baked desserts (and they always make me really hungry)
  • Bonobos25 - cute, character-themed desserts like pikachu toast (their intro vid has music but the rest don’t)
  • Sound Croquette - a balance of desserts and savory recipes, more ASMR focused (some of their vids have whispering, but they label which ones do and which ones don’t)

Feel free to add to this list if you know of other channels like these! They’re all super relaxing!

Grillby [ x Reader, sort of] Headcanon 2.5

I actually remember thinking about this before but I didn’t add it to any headcanon posts for some reason. But thanks to @ask-grillby‘s post, I remembered and I’m motivated enough to make this post. It might just be one headcanon but it’s in-depth enough that it might be able to count as more…? Hence the 2.5 label.

Grillby runs an online foods channel on the Underground’s social networking site, something along the lines of Mosogourmet, Bonobos25, Miniature Space, etc. He makes a combination of things from miniature foods, novelty food, and just dishes that look nice/really tasty once they’re done.

It’s perfect because he gets to prep food and doesn’t have to talk during said videos at all, as the medium doesn’t call for vocals at all, and there is no focus on anything but his hands so no need for facial expressions. He liked to do such things in the first place for self-relaxation purposes, so he didn’t need to practice too much either before getting a channel going. Sometimes he’ll incorporate the novelty things he posts videos of into his actual restaurant - usually tiny versions of food. 

And to go the extra mile and make this reader-insert-y, you’re often the one contributing to ideas for this channel; bringing food kits from the surface, sharing videos from similar human channels and such. In fact it was you that introduced the concept that he could even have a channel like this. Turns out not every successful food channel requires a loud, boisterous calculator host detailing every little step, and the atmosphere of simply watching food be prepared in silence save for the small sounds of the kitchenware is rather relaxing. Grillby’s natural ambient fire-crackling adds an extra layer of relaxing white noise to the videos.

You help with gathering up the appropriate ingredients and gear for future videos, editing the videos together, and managing all the technical stuff and the channel itself, as Grillby’s got a bar/bistro to run and might not always have time to do all that himself.


Watch this video of someone making a giant oreo cake.

God damn if this isn’t the most relaxing shit you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what to tell you.


Mosogourmet is a super duper popular Japanese YouTube channel who posts cute, whimsical recipes and snack ideas. The past couple of episodes they have done a series of snacks inspired by Jump manga.

This is an adorable and true-to-Beelzebub snack you can probably make yourself.  But you won’t know what it is until its done. ;)


Valentine Capsule Chocolate Meiji Deco Assort バレンタイン カプセル by mosogourmet

It’s so cute ^u^ The way he made the chocolate and all those tiny candles in them HSDKASLDKJASDJKH ;A; ♥


AHH!! This is awesome!!!


you have no fucking clue how much I need to make these >O<