moso bamboo

Okay guys! Here’s a video of my bamboo/grow box. The plant next to the box is temple bamboo…


The Seeds I am using are Moso Timber Bamboo Seeds

 I have one ziploc bag that contains a few bamboo seeds, wrapped in a paper towel soaked in an  H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) + H20 solution

The next bag is the same except its just H20 (Water)

Then I have a pot with one side of the pot containing seeds that were soaked in H202 + H20 for ten minutes, and the other side contains seeds that were just soaked in H20. The soil in the pot is ¼ perlite, ¼ sphagnum moss. ¼ compost steer manure, and ¼ organic potting soil mix. 

There is also a small germination tray with bamboo branch cuttings with the cut part covered in rooting hormone.

The other small germination tray has Cilantro seeds that are beginning to sprout.

Tomorrow I get my Dwarf Banana Seeds, so that will be fun! 

Ill get my SD card from work and take video of where everything is at and slowly document the growth rates of all of these cool plants. Hope you enjoy these posts!

Suzuri or ink grinder, made from a section of bamboo pinned with gold, the lid of enju wood. Meiji era, late 19thcentury. With a storage box inscribed: Moso Bamboo Suzuri, the beloved object of Teacher Fukada Naoki.

Bamboo is a very rare material for a suzuri (stone and sometimes ceramic being typical). The literati felt very strongly about the ornaments of their desks and work, and often memorialized their appreciation on the storage boxes.