صلاة خوف | Prayer of Fear (by Mosireen)

Turn on subtitles for the poem by Mahmoud Ezzat. Beautiful, chilling. 


…Are we winning?
Or in line for slaughter?
Is the question shameful?
Or is the silence worse?
Should we scavenge the spoils?
Or count the corpses?
Did we open the way?
Or is the path destroyed?…

VIDEO: Filmpoem “Prayer of Fear” Stuns Egypt


A Coup or a Continuation of the Revolution? | إنقلاب ولا استمرار للثورة, by the Mosireen collective in Cairo.

This short documentary really summarises what I imagine is a popular attitude in Egypt at the mo - fuck the Ikhwaan, fuck the army, and fuck the police. The revolution continues!

خرّجنا منها سُلام.. أكتاف على أقدام
خرّجنا منها نضاف ..الدم مش ع الكفّ
Deliver us from them unruined; Shoulders on feet
Deliver us from them pure; No blood on our hands